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My First Swim

Charades, a game where a family or a group of friends have a person stand up and use their body to convey an action. My family and my friend, Jordan, were sitting on the couch watching my brother Jay finish act out swimming, suddenly my mom instantly gets up for her turn and out of the blue says, “ why don’t we go swimming tomorrow?” my gut instantly turns, I have never been swimming before and I have heard so many terrible stories about things happening to people in the water.

A little while later I go up to my parents and tell them all of my concerns, I say that it it’s going to be hard to stay afloat that I’m too nervous. They say I will be fine and that they will help me every step of the way, and it’s not as dangerous as I may think. 

Fast forward an hour later and a couple of scary thoughts Jay placed in my head, we get to the beach. My nerves are through the roof I step out of the car and see the waves crashing on the soft stand, I get even more nervous.

Stella, my dog happily jumps out of the car and sits right next to me as we wait for everyone to get out. Next comes Jay and snickers and he says,

 “Did you know that there’s Octopus and jellyfish that go under people and grab their legs and drag them underwater to sharks that eat you for dinner?”

I don’t know what to believe but either way I still am so nervous my palms are sweating and my knees are trembling. Jordan is finally out of the car and laughs at Jay’s joke and tells me it’s not real and how fun it’s going to be. I try to fight through my nervousness and build up enough courage to get into the water.

I now stand just barely at the edge of the sand where the water can’t touch me and ponder if even being here is a good idea. My dad walks up and says that I’m going to be fine, he leads me into the water, it’s cold and almost feels like a huge giant is pushing me every time a wave hits almost as if it doesn’t want me in the water.

I make it past the worst parts and now I’m chest deep, still very nervous, I let my feet go up off the ground and struggle a little bit to stay above the water; then my dad grabs me and keeps me up.

Then the worst part, putting my head under water, my dad says that he got he’s got me so I very slowly submerged my head in the water. A few seconds, that felt like two days, later I flip my head out of the water and suck in a large amount of air I look up and smile at my dad and  thank him for bringing and helping me.

I tell him to let me go, I slowly get better at swimming as the hour goes on;Jordan and joins me and we have a lot of fun.

My mom calls everyone over to leave and we all tightly packed in the car including Stella who continuously shakes, flying water in every direction.

Jay starts talking I try to ignore him because he was being mean. But he surprisingly said that I did good and that he was glad I came.

As we return back I think about how I was so scared to do something so small and how glad I am to be able to swim today and that I can conquer my fears. I now am a little wiser as I know not to trust everything people say and to be smart and always try new things.

My name is Missy Green and that was my first time swimming.