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Health First Quick Guide to Energy and Clarity

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HEALTH FIRST QUICK GUIDE TO ENERGY AND CLARITY NEW TO THE WORLD OF NATURAL HEALTH TRYING TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE Then the Health First Network series of quick guides is for you In this issue we talk about effective solutions to support your energy and mental clarity

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ENERGY AND CLARITY OUR BRAINS NEED ENERGY TO FUNCTION FATIGUE AND FOGGY THINKING CAN MAKE IT DIFFICULT TO ACHIEVE OUR FULL POTENTIAL Low energy brain fog and that overwhelmed feeling You keep reaching for another cup of coffee to get you through that presentation deadline test or traffic jam Sometimes coffee just won t cut it anymore and you need to look a little deeper Restful sleep foundational nutrition and exercise can help When that s not enough why not try some of these lesser known interventions and get back to feeling sharp and energized KEY MICRONUTRIENTS FROM MORINGA Adequate nutrition is key to keeping our energy up While carbohydrates fats and proteins are the building blocks of sound nutrition micronutrients vitamins and minerals are important too Plants provide us with these key nutrients but not all plants are created equal Moringa known as the tree of life or miracle tree is top of shelf The leaves of this special tree are packed with nutrients including iron calcium magnesium vitamin A B6 and more vitamin C than oranges MENTAL CLARITY WITH MUSHROOMS Adaptogens are herbs or functional nutrients that can help to reduce stress provide energy when needed or calm you down when overwhelmed Medicinal mushrooms are starting to get a lot of attention for good reason These adaptogens support many different areas of health Lion s mane is a medicinal mushroom known to enhance memory focus and brain function It may be useful for improving focus and creativity without the use of caffeine REFRESHING ROUTINE A morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day You may think your morning coffee is the best way to put a pep in your step What you may not know is that our olfactory senses can really contribute to overall energy Give yourself a lift by adding scents like ginger lemongrass and citrus to your morning shower or diffuser Take a moment to breathe in the uplifting refreshing scents to get you energized for the day ahead ENERGIZE WITH ELECTROLYTES Did you know low energy may be a result of dehydration Good hydration habits are key to keeping our mind sharp and our energy up You may find that water alone is boring or not enough to keep you satisfied When you need a pick me up consider adding a pre workout drink to give you the energy to go on It s not only a boost for your workout but can also help you out of that mid day slump while keeping you hydrated RELAXED AND ALERT WITH L THEANINE Feel like you keep filling your coffee cup but aren t getting much lift from the caffeine Or worse you re getting the jitters One key amino acid has been shown to help improve mental clarity energy and even counteract the negative impacts of too much caffeine Naturally found in tea leaves L theanine helps to promote alpha brain waves to help keep us calm yet alert throughout the day LIVEHEALTHFIRST

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PRODUCT INGREDIENTS Organic moringa with green tea for a crisp and refreshing adaptogenic beverage Free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives this uplifting body wash starts your day off right Electrolytes naturally derived caffeine from yerba mate and green tea and ginseng A delicious to support Contains whole food immunity Suntheanine blend of coconut L theanine backed water powder by over 70 human lion s mane clinical studies mushroom and black tea FIND THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FIRST MEMBER STORE PLEASE VISIT HEALTHFIRST CA TO LOCATE THE STORE NEAREST YOU

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