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Mom Dad ENDDD ORG I love you but I don t feel safe when you drive me and look at your phone Provides presentations for middle high school and college students Provides presentations at businesses community events and conferences Developed the first of its kind elementary school distracted driving lesson plans Teaches students to effectively speak up in a non confrontational manner when their drivers are distracted Casey Feldman 1988 2009 KILLED BY A DISTRACTED DRIVER To find out how you can help e mail us at info Enddd org 75 More than 75 of students tell EndDD org speakers that their parents regularly drive distracted EndDD s Mission to save lives from distracted driving through advocacy education and action Teens whose parents drive distracted are more than twice as likely to also drive distracted 9 It shouldn t have to take a crash or your child telling you your driving scares them for you to put down your phone Be the driver you want your teen to be and model safe driving every time you drive Your children are worth it Learn how you can work with us to save lives Visit https www enddd org EndDD org is a campaign of the Casey Feldman Foundation 32 Brighton Place Swedesboro NJ 08085 info EndDD org 215 735 3716 Because of Casey thousands have stopped driving distracted What about you

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Distracted Driving Crashes and Tragedies Continue Unabated Since 2010 distracted driving has killed approximately 3 000 and injured nearly 400 000 every year 1 Among drivers involved in fatal crashes those 15 19 years old were more likely to be distracted than any other age group 2 Distraction is responsible for nearly 60 of serious teen crashes More Reasons To Put Your Phones Down 1 2 If you are looking at your phone you can t protect yourself or your passengers from other distracted drivers 3 First responder deaths attributable to distracted driving have increased from 2019 2021 and 2021 will be the most deadly year in terms of first responder casualties 4 3 It s time to stop blaming others and look at our own driving Distracted drivers can t be defensive drivers First responders are there for us when we need them Putting down your phone will help ensure the safety of those who keep us safe What You Can Do Now To End Distracted Driving Putting your phone down when you drive shows respect for others Speak up when your driver drives distracted 90 Teens 85 Adults Ninety percent of teens 7 and more than 85 8 of adults would put their phones down while driving if a close friend or family member asked them to Treat others the way you would like to be treated 4 Our brains don t allow us to safely multi task while driving Hands free phone use drastically reduces drivers side to side scanning of the road resulting in tunnel vision 5 Even after you stop using your smartphone it takes up to 27 seconds to completely return our full focus to driving 6 Hands free is not risk free No phone use Hands free phone use Avoid being tempted to use your phone when you drive Commit to drive safer with family friends and co workers Turn your phone off Invite others to join you Put your phone on airplane mode Reinforce your commitment by using our Family Safe Driving Agreement and download an app that scores your driving performance In settings engage Do not disturb while driving Download apps that block notifications while driving Find More Simple Steps at www enddd org simple steps 1 NHTSA 2010 2019 2 NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts 2018 3 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and Lytx 2015 4 Emergency Responder Safety Institute 2021 ERSI CVVFA 5 Transport Canada 6 Strayer et al University of Utah and AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 2015 7 AT T and Connect Safely Survey 2012 8 AT T Peer Influence Survey 2015 9 University of Michigan TRI and Toyota 2012

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