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Barry goes on an adventure in the jungle. He soon meets up with some animals and explores how they are endangered and why they are endangered.

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Exploring endangered animals with Barry

Lucy Smith

The sun peeked happily from behind a cloud, the trees danced back and forth in the wind and the breeze seeped through the Bunyip's mud window and kissed him on the cheek, as if to say good morning. Barry opened his eyes, sat up and yawned. "It's such a lovely day that I am going to have a picnic in the rain forest" yawned Barry. 

He got dressed and sat down to eat breakfast. He gulped it down in three bites! He started packing yummy things. Chocolate cake, grapes and lemonade. He walked out of his mud house and into the rain forest.

He walked for fifteen minutes and found himself in a clearing. "I will have my picnic here" he said to himself. Beautiful sweeping willows surrounded him in a circle. A waterfall roared next to him. He rolled out the picnic rug and started unpacking the food.He was munching on a piece of chocolate cake when a panda came up and asked for a piece.

Barry gave him the piece and asked where he lived. " I live five minutes from here" she said.