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What's News at EMS Insurance Solutions leading up to Christmas and the new year.

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Food for Thought
Do you have a rental property? Do you insure this for rent default and damage by tenants?
Just a few titbits of information to keep in mind when renting out as this will affect Insurer decisions at claims time:
Bond ensure that this represents 4 weeks of the current rental amount. If you increase the rent, you must also collect the
additional balance for the bond. Certain claims will first deduct your bond amount which represents 4 weeks of the current rent.
If you have not collected this difference you will be out of pocket.
Breaches the Residential Tenancies Act explains how these notifications must be issued. These also need to be issued in a
timely manner or it could be seen that you are not mitigating your loss. A simple email to a tenant will not suffice, the correct
format must be adhered to so that you are compliant with the Act. Insurers have been known for reducing rent default claims
because notices have not sent out in a timely or correct manner.
Say Hi to MIK!
Have you been curious who this fella is?
Allow us to introduce you to MIK, a new member of the team at
EMS Insurance Solutions. He is our resident KISS (Keep Insurance
Simple Specialist).
You will see MIK pop up from time to time providing some
insightful information so if you do come across him, take a peek
and see what he has to say.
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Christmas Time
We would love to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and a
safe festive period.
The EMS office will be closed from Thursday 22
December, 2016 until the 3
January, 2017. Please
know that if you have anything urgent you can contact us on our mobiles.
Being a time to celebrate and appreciate our dearest, we too will be spending time with family and
friends. If we do not answer when you phone, please leave a message so that we know you have
called and we can come back to you.
We have moved
As of 1
December, 2016 you will find us at Suite N, Unit 5, 86 Inspiration Drive, Wangara. We love to visit our clients regularly
so we ask that if you would like to come and visit to please just phone ahead to make sure we are in the office.
Our postal address and phone numbers remain the same however we will have a new fax number which is (08) 6245 2989.
This is a great facility offering training rooms and open spaces so watch this space as events may pop up next year!