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Emotions and Picture books

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Melissa Jordan Twitter: @melissacreate Emotions and Picture books: Exploring big emotions: worry, fear, loss, sadness, hopeFor a decade before my daughter was born (she is now 11) I worked for a forward thinking targeted youth support team. Amongst friends I got a reputation for seeing things differently and thinking out of the box. For the last 7+ years I have explored the power of picture books in my role as an independent children’s bookseller. The very best children illustrators are highly skilled at conveying emotion through picture books. With the arrival of #Covid-19 in our lives, we living in exceptional times. Educators have a central role to play in helping all children understand and process their emotions. What we are living through is too big for this to be only for children who have recently lost someone close to them. The hope is that these books will be used with groups of children to give them and adults tools to understand and process difficult feelings. The target age range for these books is year 3 to year 8. They are all ‘primary age’ books but I do hope secondary schools will consider using them too. Many are also suitable for younger and older children.

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Melissa Jordan Twitter: @melissacreate15One of many things I have learnt as a youth worker (and a parent) is that a young person was far more times likely to tell you something if they were in the back of the car or the minibus that than if you were in a one to one chat. I firmly believe that we need to give every child a ‘back door’ into exploring feelings. These collections offer children the opportunity to explore big feelings through a variety of characters in a range of situations. At the same time children and adults can learn some of the picture book techniques illustrators use to convey their message. The 8 titles are available for a bundle price of £50 (includes one copy of Tomorrow) £40 a term members can purchase them at discount of £40 (they can use one terms membership if they wish or buy as an additional purchase). Other books that specifically deal with grief and the loss of a loved one are also available. There will be a power point presentation available soon to introduce these books to teachers and gives some examples or how the illustrators employ certain techniques to convey emotions. I also hope to run an online session too.

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Melissa Jordan Twitter: @melissacreate15Set 1: Emotions and Picture books (Colours) Emotions: worry, sadness, fear, hope Picture book techniques explored: use of greyscale and colour to convey emotionsSet 2: Emotions and Picture books (Frames and space) Emotions: sadness, fear, loss, being lost Picture book techniques explored: use of frames/framing and blank space to convey emotions and information to the reader Please note: Two of the books are just fun brilliantly told stories (Not Lost and Wolves) added to give more examples of the technique and provide some fun/distraction