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The Cat and The  Fox

Dedicated to: KITKAT

st. jerome

Date: May, 23, 2017

One day Emma and Kitkat went outside. Emma said to Kitkat "let's go to the park." Kitkat said "meow." "oh Kitkat lets go to the park" said Emma

"Is the park fun Kitkat ?" said Emma. "meow" said Kitkat. we saw a bush and the bush was moving. A fox jumped out from the bush. " i am hiding behind you." said Kitkat.

I said to KitKat "I am going to put the fox in the water. I am using my magic wand to put the fox in the water.

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I got the fox in the water and we went home. Kitkat and emma lived happily ever after. OR SO THEY THAUGHT!

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           About the author

Name: Emma Rivard

AGE: 7

What i like to do the most is to play tennis.

My favourite book is Cat's

My best subject at school is science because I like it.

Hobbies: painting

When I grow up I want to be a cat veternarian