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Web Booklet Assignment

Girl Love was founded by Lilly Singh, a Youtube creator, in an effort to raise awareness and tear down girl on girl hate. Lilly believes that in an age of feminism, women should work on helping each other succeed, not tear each other down. Sponsored by an organization called "Me to We", Girl Love raises funds to send girls in Kenya to school and eventually establish a steady life.


Girl Love raises money by selling Rafiki bracelets made by the girls the organization sent to school. Different Rafiki bracelets have different purposes. For example, if you bought a "food Rafiki", the money would go to providing food for women in Kenya. Girl Love also provides jobs for the girls in Kenya after they graduate school. They make the Rafiki bracelets that Girl Love will sell to help the next generation of girls go to school.


Lilly Singh (center) helps the Kenyan women make a few Rafiki bracelets during her visit to Kenya.

How to contribute

On the Me to We website (, you can click on the tab that says fundraising and see all the different types of Rafikis there are.  Each Rafiki represents an aspect of women's lives that need help.