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Emerging Technology - Smart footwear



By: Asia & Jimeriya

How it works

Smart Footwear

The emerging smart footwear is an concept where shoes have the ability to perform different actions.

Different footwear will function differently. One shoe is a fitness shoe. The shoe has to the ablitly to keep up with steps, calories, and etc. Another shos has a tracking device, mainly for kids. There are mutliple shoes will the ability to instantly changle colors and designs by an app.

Benefits Business/Humans

  • Ablilty to multi-task 
  • Helps shoes stay comfortable with changable insole
  • Keeps up with calories burned, steps, etc.
  • Allows eyes-free interaction
  • No need for batteries, walking generates power
  • Way to multi-task


Smart shoes is just an idea right now, therefore there is no price.

A competitive product would be activity trackers. The features in a activity tracker are featured in the smart shoe. However, the smart shoes has more features therefore, you should buy them instead. 

Competitive Products



I don't think the footwear will last. People can just buy a activity tracker for a so much cheaper price. I'm pretty sure the shoes will cost a lot, so people would rather buy different shoes. To begin, the shoes may do good, but the hype will began to die over.

Will it last?