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Emergency Bank Act

Our program is to make the banking and economic structure a whole and more stable

"The bank is breaking we must fix it."


Tristen Ramer

The Banking Relief Act


The Emergency Banking act was a way for the government to help balance the economy after the crash of the stock market and the end of the great depression. It was able to help balance how much money you could take out of the bank so there would be money in the bank to take out unlike when everyone emptied their bank accounts when the stock market crashed. 

In today's time of 2017 it pretty similar. You have a limited amount of money you can take out all at once, although all the money is put together and it just metaphorically separated by numbers on a computer so it could cause problems if you take out multiple withdraws of money of small amounts but taxes should smooth it out especially if the bank takes out a holders fee of like 0.03% that should help as well

Franklin D. Rosevelt Facts

  • FDR had a half brother named Rosy
  • FDR loved collecting letter stamps and was a deep passion
  • FDR dropped out of law school and never went back
  • FDR actually married his late 5th cousin that was later removed from the family
  • FDR's first attempt to win national office was a flop
  • FDR made history when he appointed Frances Perkins to his cabinet in 1933
  • FDR holds the record for the longest term served as president 
  • FDR was the only president elected 4 times 
  • In 1896, FDR attended Groton School for boys, a prestigious Episcopal preparatory school in Massachusetts. The experience was a difficult one for him.
  • FDR was finding personal as well as professional success. He took to Washington politics and thrived on personal relationships. He was often seen at the most prominent parties and was considered by women to be a very attractive man.