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Evaluation Meeting Checklist

Evaluation Meeting Date: ____/_____/_________


Meeting Venue: _____________________________________________________


To ensure all procedures are adhered to as per the RDP LEADER Operating Rules the following questions should be completed at the beginning of all Evaluation Committee Meetings.  This sheet should then be signed by the chair and attached to the relevant meeting minutes.


1)  Is there a sufficient quorum present?     YES   /   NO                                 


2)  Are there any Conflicts of Interest with the projects being brought for Evaluation?    YES   /   NO


If yes, please list the project, the Evaluation Committee Member who has the conflict and whether a quorum will contiune to be met.


Project No.  Committee Member                    


Still Met


Has the member

completed a

Conflict of

Interest Form (YES/NO)


3)  Does any member of the Committee have updates to include on their Register of Interest? YES / NO



Signed: __________________________________ (Chairperson)     Date: _________________________



Print Name: ________________________________________