rst United Methodist Church - Victoria, TXrst United Methodist Church - Victoria, TX
I hope you had an opportunity to watch my “State of
the Church” address that was emailed a while back.
In it, I wanted to convey how proud I am to be the
senior pastor of a church that didn’t let COVID or any
other obstacles derail us from BEING THE CHURCH.
I am genuinely proud of all of your eorts… that goes
for all of the church sta as well as laity.
This newsleer is designed to give you an idea of
what the church has been up to over the past year,
and what to look forward to in the coming year.
The vision I have for First United Methodist Church
is to be a lay-driven church. Actually, I believe all
churches should aspire to being lay-driven. If we look
back to Moses’ ministry, we see that his father in law
set him straight on his limitaons. Moses had made
a fairly common mistake among clergy; he tried to do
too much. He tried to keep the ministry to himself,
but it wasn’t working out too well. In Exodus 18:17,
Jethro, Moses’ father in law, says to him, “What you
are doing is not good. You will surely wear yourself
out, both you and these people with you. For the task
is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone.
Basically, he told Moses that clergy have
ministry responsibilies, and laity have ministry
responsibilies… let the lay people do theirs! Even
Jesus sent out the disciples on their own.
Ephesians 4:11-12 says, The gis he gave were
that some would be apostles, some prophets, some
evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the
saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body
of Christ.” That seems like prey clear direcve for a
lay driven church…. “to equip the saints for the work of
ministry, for building up the body of Christ.
While I’m in a quong mood, I’m reminded of one
of my favorites by the founder of the Methodist
movement, John Wesley, “We are not as smart as the
laity think we are; and they are not as dumb as we
think they are. Now, I don’t think you are dumb, but
the message that Wesley was sending to the clergy
was the same as Jethro’s counsel to Moses: The task
is too heavy for pastors to do it alone, and the laity are
not only capable, but called.
In the book, The Lay-Driven Church, by Melvin
Steinborn, he lays out an old vs. new mindset shi that
needs to happen when it comes to ministry. Let me
share a few with you:
Old: The pastor is called by God to be a minister.
New: Every Chrisan is called by God to be a minister.
Old: Ministry is the task of the pastor, supported by
the people.
New: Ministry is the task of the people, supported by
the pastor.
Old: The people assist the pastors in doing what they
believe God is calling the pastor to do.
The State of The Church
New: The pastors assist the people in doing what they
believe God is calling the people to do.
Old: The pastor has all of the gis required to nurture
and care for a congregaon.
New: All of the people together have the gis required
to nurture and care for a congregaon.
Old: The pastors bear the burden of the ministry. The
people hold the pastors up in prayer.
New: Both people and pastors bear the burden of the
ministry. They hold one another up in prayer.
DISCIPLESHIP are essenal. Remove any one of these
and the church becomes severely out of balance.
When fellowship, outreach, and mission are nurtured,
discipleship grows.
Brief denions
Fellowship: Builds community within our church
Outreach: Reaches beyond the walls of the church to
introduce others to Jesus Christ.
Mission: Extends the love of Christ through works of
Discipleship: Is a journey in which we grow in faith
and relaonship with Christ.
Key Scriptures
Fellowship – And let us consider how to provoke
one another to love and good deeds, not neglecng
to meet together, as is the habit of some, but
encouraging one another, and all the more as you see
the day approaching. – Hebrews 10:24-25
Outreach – “For everyone who calls on the name
of the Lord shall be saved. But how are they to call
on one in whom they have not believed? And how
are they to believe in one of whom they have never
heard? And how are they to hear without someone to
proclaim him?” – Romans 10:13-14
Mission – “Lord, when did we see you hungry and
feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?
When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or
needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see
you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ The king will
reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for
me.’” – Mahew 25:37-40
Discipleship – “Go therefore and make disciples of
all naons, bapzing them in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching
them to obey everything that I have commanded you.
And remember, I am with you always, to the end of
the age. – Mahew 28:19-20
And, nally, INVITATION. Invitaon is essenal in all
aspects of the church. When Jesus called his disciples,
it began with an invitaon, “Come, follow me. We
must be invitaonal in all that we do. As we connue
in 2021 and ancipate vaccinaons to clear the way for
us to get back to normal, we are going to have to work
at re-building relaonships and engagement. It is going
to take intenonal invitaon to welcome people back
to in-person worship. There is nothing more important
than having a relaonship with Jesus Christ, and if we
have that relaonship, and seek to follow him, we must
also love our neighbor by inving our neighbor to come
along, too. As things get back to normal, we cannot
sit back and lament that our worship services are a
fracon of what they were a year ago… Lets INVITE
everyone we know to join in the beauty of worship
and ministry with us! In fact, lets begin inving
NOW. If you’re acve on social media, share a link to
the livestreams. Post a photo of ministries or small
groups that you are parcipang in and extend the
invitaon for others to join you. Share something that
parcularly touched you in worship on Sunday… Invite,
invite, invite… your friends, family, and neighbors are
depending on you.
Wow, this has goen to be a much longer arcle than
I intended for it to be. Sorry about that! I’ve got a lot
more to say, but I suppose I had beer save up some
stu for next me.
God bless you,
Pastor Wade
The State of The Church
The year 2020 started o with a bang. We were busy,
busy during January, February and the rst part of
March. We started out with a Board Member work
day to clean the shop and get ready to reopen aer
the Christmas holidays. We also spent a full day
planning for 2020. Plans included our Semi-Annual
Sale, Volunteer Luncheon, teaching cooking skills to
the teenagers in our church and preparing dinner for
Dinner Church. At Dinner Church we also handed
out “cheater eye glasses” and large print Bibles to
anyone in need. We were moving along great unl
COVID-19 came to town, and then everything came
to a halt. Twice Blessed closed down on March 19th
and remained closed unl June 2, 2020. Closing down
and reopening at a me sensive consignment store
created a huge technological challenge for this group of
older” women, but with God’s help and a lot of work
and prayers, we persevered. In August, we managed
to give $500 to Christ Kitchen along with boles of
water that our awesome customers and volunteers
donated. We also donated $250 to VCAM, $250 to
Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, and $250 to the
Telferner Food Bank. We connued to the 10% of
our prot throughout the year and make our loan
payments. In September, we started selling pumpkin
bread for the pumpkin patch commiee. The pumpkin
bread was a big hit, and we connued to sell bread
into November. October, November and December
are always busy with seasonal items and holiday gi
giving. This year was no excepon and we had great
sales. In December, we collected coats and outerwear
for children and donated them to VCAM. Considering
all that has taken place this year, those of us working
at Twice Blessed truly feel twice blessed. If you have
some me and would like to be a part of this wonderful
ministry, please stop by and talk to us.
Kathy Bowen
Twice Blessed Showroom, Board President
Twice Blessed Showroom
Youth Ministry
As you can imagine from the other complicaons we’ve
faced as a church with rethinking worship, Sunday
school gatherings, and events, these last 10 months
have been quite a bit dierent and a bit challenging for
our youth ministry. We made signicant aempts in
the spring at moving to a virtual ministry with the onset
of the coronavirus, but those were short-lived as we
struggled to gain tracon and to maintain the interest
of our young people. It also became apparent that our
mission trips along with other summer plans were just
not going to be possible this year. As COVID connued
to keep us apart, we worried about what kind of toll it
would have on the momentum we had been gathering
since last fall and if we’d essenally have to start over
again once we were able to start meeng in person.
But God has been incredibly faithful in the midst of
everything going on and has given us much to celebrate,
especially these last 4 months. As summer was coming
to an end, we decided to try a few outdoor events to get
our youth back together again, and we could not have
been more surprised at what we saw. At our 1st of 2
movie nights we had 23 people show up, including 12
youth! We followed that up with a Splash Bash event
with a bunch of water games to welcome our new 6th
graders, and we had 7 new youth get connected! And,
at our 2nd movie night, we had 19 youth show up! 19!
And what was even beer was that we knew we had
more coming because that number didn’t include all of
our regulars or all of our new 6th graders!
The start of school slowed us down a bit again as we
chose to briey resume virtual youth ministry while
waing to see how the schools would fare, but we have
been back in person now for over 2 months and things
are going great! We’ve got our group on a 4-week
rotang schedule with about half of our group meeng
each week (high school, then middle school, then
boys, and then girls), and we connue to see lots of
parcipaon. We’ve had 26 youth parcipate at some
level in the program this fall, some regulars and some
friends that they have brought with them, which is huge
considering that we had only half of that last fall and
averaged only 7 on a given week! And since we began
meeng in person, we’ve also averaged more youth with
only half of our group meeng at a me than we did last
fall when we had our whole group meeng every week!
On top of our regular numbers, we have 16 youth
signed up and commied to aending our mission trip
this coming June! We’re heading to Alamosa, Colorado
in 2021 to do some hands-on service with some local
ministries there, and we’ll be doing things like working in
gardens to meet food needs, doing home repair projects,
and running a kids club in a rural community in the
Valley. Its going to be a great discipleship opportunity
for our youth, and we look forward to bringing the
congregaon into partnership with us as we ramp up
our fundraising eorts to help get them there.
One more excing thing that we’re working on with
our youth ministry is that we’ve been revisioning and
strategizing to take our youth ministry to a whole new
level. Pastor Wade and I met with several folks earlier
this fall about the future of our youth program and how
we can begin moving it from being an isolated, stand-
alone ministry within the church to one that becomes
a truly whole-church, relaonal ministry. We began a
conversaon around solidifying our mission and core
values—our purpose—for this ministry, and about how
we can connue to strengthen and grow what we’re
doing by increasing our points of connecon between
the youth and the rest of the congregaon. And as this
vision develops more, we look forward to bringing the
congregaon alongside us as an integral part of helping
to love on and grow these amazing young people in
their faith.
We are so excited about what God is doing in this ministry
with our youth right now, and about the growth we are
seeing in spite of this pandemic. Its been a strange
and challenging year, but God has sll been doing some
amazing stu within our youth ministry!
Rev. Ryan Jenson
Associate Pastor and Director of Youth Ministries
Youth Ministry
Children’s Ministries
began with a couple of dierent surveys
through email to gather informaon on
children’s ministries.
The ‘Women 2 Women’ ministry group formed and
was able to meet several mes before everything shut
down. We even managed to do a couple of studies via
Zoom unl we broke for the summer.
Not being able to do anything in person, technology
has been a huge piece of my job since March. I started
with daily challenges and bible verses on Facebook.
One of my favorites was to paint a rock from your
yard with a message of hope and love and leave it for
someone to nd. The Bible verse was “The Lord is my
rock, my fortress, and my savior.” Psalms 18:2. I did a
photo scavenger hunt in April, where families would
take a picture of an item they thought answered the
clue and upload it to the post. I later did one for Easter
the same way. There was a month of Prayer for Kids
and 31 Days of Prayer for parents, teachers, sta and
school administrators leading up to the rst day of
Back before Easter I started mailing acvity packages
to the kids to try and stay connected (i.e. worship
bullens, a COVID-19-me capsule packet, sermon
notes, coloring books, sckers, a monthly acvies
calendar for the family, masks, candy, etc.) One of the
biggest challenges is that children’s ministries covers
children age 0 through 5th grade. In other words, one
size doesn’t t all. Finding material relevant for all
ages doesn’t exist, so I had to get prey creave with
what I put in them. Some families have mulple kids,
some have girls, and some have boys or both with all
dierent ages, so no two packages were the same. We
have nearly 70 kids spread out over 40 families in our
church directory.
In June, about 20 families registered for our quaranne
friendly virtual vacaon Bible school. With minimal
preparaon, easy-to-follow instrucons, and a video
that led parents and kids step-by-step through each of
the 3 days, BOLT was easy and super fun for families to
do at home. They parcipated in games, cras, music
and lessons that illustrated what it means to listen to,
focus on, and follow Jesus.
For Sunday School I found some really great video
curriculum that I would post on Facebook on Sunday
mornings. Materials were mailed that would help
families go deeper into the lesson.
Our friend, Scooter, made his re-appearance in April.
He was a regular during children’s Sunday School three
or four years ago, but I thought it would be fun to
invite him back. Together, he and I made a bunch of
children’s sermon videos. He and several friends also
helped me with a special Easter video, “The Virus that
Stole Easter,” and a Mothers Day video greeng. Pastor
Wade built him a really cool puppet theatre – of course
I had to give it my creave nishing touch. And if that
wasn’t enough, Scooter started wring a Blog in July
that can be found on the FUMC website.
I was thrilled to be able to have promoon Sunday in
person in September. Two of our seven 3rd graders
received their new bibles in worship. We weren’t able
to send our 5th graders o into youth as we normally
do, so bags were delivered with a special gi for each
student. We also did a blessing of the backpack tags
before school started - the tags were mailed with the
acvity packages for September.
When in-person worship started back I decided to
change the way I was doing children’s worship packets.
They are now in Ziploc bags that can be picked up on
the way into worship and taken home aer the service.
I connue to serve on the Board of Methodist Day
School. Acvity is limited, but we were able to do our
MDS prayer partner cards in September and deliver
cookies to the sta prior to school starng.
Liz Parker was hired in November as our new Nursery
Coordinator, and together, we have hired three new
caregivers for the infant and toddler nurseries. We
hit the ground running on November 29th when we
opened the nurseries and re-started children’s Sunday
School with a series on Advent, which will run through
December 27th with a birthday party for Jesus.
Brooke Mercer
Director of Children’s Ministries
*New email address: brookemercer@fumcvictoria.com
Children’s Ministries
The Pumpkin Patch
at FUMC Victoria
enjoys a 28-year
history. Originated as
a fundraising acvity
for the youth groups in
the church, Pumpkin
Patch has expanded
the outreach to include
food pantries and
specic idened needs
within our church and
community. By far, the
largest percentage of
funds earned go to support children and youth.
In the last few years, The Pumpkin Patch Team has
returned 60% of the revenue to Pumpkin Patch
USA who supplies the pumpkins grown on a Navajo
Indian Reservaon in Farmington, New Mexico. In
cooperaon with the Navajo Naon, they grow 1,200
acres of pumpkins, employing over 700 workers
during harvest months of September and October
and keeping some full me o-season sta comprised
enrely of Nave Americans in a region with a 42%
unemployment rate.
Funds from The Patch have supported children
aending summer camps, youth aending mission
trips and spiritual retreat weekends in the winter.
Funds have supported the scoung acvies of our
church sponsored scout troop from helping scouts
meet the rising cost of parcipaon/registraon fees
to purchasing tents, Dutch ovens, lanterns, and other
camping supplies to helping fund high adventure trips.
The Patch on
Opening Day
2019 with over
3,500 pumpkins
in our yard! In
2019, FUMC
Victoria returned
while prong
(including sales,
donaons, and
Pumpkin bread)
The Pumpkin Patch
Many non-prot organizaons and churches
experienced nancial dicules in 2020 due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. Our church did not and for that
we are grateful to every one of you.
FUMC Victoria applied for and received a payroll
protecon program loan for 89,249.39. This loan was
forgiven because we were able to maintain our payroll
and sta throughout the loan period. Our Wesley Nurse
ministry applied for and received two grants totaling
$51,000 so that those in our community could connue
to receive medical and prescripon assistance while
keeping our Wesley Nurse and volunteers safe.
The overwhelming generosity of our congregaon is
amazing. We stayed current on loan payments with Texas
Methodist Foundaon and paid our apporonments in
full in November. Not only were we nancially stable
during this me of uncertainty, we also were blessed to
be able to make many updates to our campus, expand
our ministries, upgrade our technology and connue to
spread the word of Jesus throughout our congregaon
and community. Ministries connued, albeit in a very
dierent way.
In addion to supporng our church and ministries, the
response of our congregaon to other organizaons
was heartwarming. Examples include $14,762.50 to
Christs Kitchen, $4,387.50 to VCAM, $2,950 to FUMC
Orange for Hurricane Laura recovery eorts, $2,240 to
UMCOR and many other communion oerings.
Our 2021 Mission Plan was approved by Church Council
and we look forward to expanding and deepening our
ministries in this new year. Your connued support
enables us to Be The Church in so many ways. Blessings
to you all this new year!
Finance Committee
2020 has been an eye opener for Methodist
Day School and one the sta, students, and
parents will never forget. In March of 2020,
the MDS Board of Directors were tasked with
the tough decision of the school's fate. Aer
deliberaon, meengs, and LOTS of prayers
the board decided to close the school doors
for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school
year. The health and wellness of ALL involved
at the school was the key focus and leading
decider of what the school should do. During
the summer, the board connued to meet and
formulate a plan to reopen in August 2020 and
was successful with a plan. With LOTS of new
state COVID regulaons and guidelines, MDS
successfully reopened on August 19, 2020
eager and excited to connue to share God's
love with the students. The sta deep cleaned
each class, prepared for the new normal, and
has taken the school year day by day. We are
thankful and so happy to say the health and
wellness of the sta and students has been
overwhelmingly posive. We ask that you
connue to pray for the sta and students and
look forward to the opportunity to connue
MDS tradions in the future.
Methodist Day School
was certainly a year unprecedented.
When COVID 19 hit our service areas
we were asked to stay dedicated by MHM and be
paent. With this we remained steadfast in serving our
communies for the least served with great exibility
amidst a constantly changing landscape. My phone
from the oce was transferring all calls to my personal
cell phone at home in Cuero the enre me during the
pandemic and connues connected to me. This meant
elding calls all days of the week as well as aer hours
as individuals were stressed and in dire need of various
services with unemployment and some with no income
means. Methodist Healthcare Ministries contacted all of
their Wesley Nurses and inquired as to what was not
being provided as services to our clients and I replied that
our Free Clinic with Texas A &M was being closed and
access to care for the underserved was not available as
well as other services from the clinic. This was of utmost
importance to MHM to provide nancial assistance to
access care. We then were asked to apply to the grants
department. I was blessed with two very generous
grants from Methodist Healthcare Ministries to support
our Victoria community during the past 8—9 months.
I thank them for their dedicaon for our ministries to
the 72 counes of the district. MHM has granted over 4
million during the pandemic to the 72 counes and this
includes a grant to Christs Kitchen and the Victoria Food
Bank. I have been humbled and proud to witness the
way each of us at MHM responded to this crisis. Each of
us created soluons and demonstrang an unshakable
commitment to connue providing access to care
for those that need us most. Whether we delivered
diabec supplies to homes where transportaon was
unaainable, mailed supplies to homes out of town, or
le supplies outside the WN building where no contact
was at risk, diabec supplies were not halted during
this me at all. Our free clinic was not held for over 8
months with Texas A &M Medical School residents and
therefore the WN accessed funding for many individuals
with no insurance to go to the residents that pracce
at DeTar Family Clinic and MHM covered the visits as
well as MHM covering the lab studies at CPL lab for
these underserved individuals. Prescripon Assistance
was overwhelmed for the past 8 months at the local
pharmacy during this pandemic. Our pharmacy bill has
been averaging over $4000.00 a month during this me
and this has also been covered with the WN grant from
MHM as well.
In support of our services, the mission to build a healthier
community together, we were proud to partner with
local non-prot organizaons and provide nancial
support to improve the health of the Victoria community.
These organizaons included Be Well Victoria, Victoria
Homeless Coalion, Christs Kitchen, Victoria Chrisan
Assistance Ministries. These organizaons were
instrumental in locang the underserved individuals
that rely on the emergency room for their medical needs
and have no access to care otherwise. A great majority
of the referrals to the WN had not seen a doctor in
many years and suered with mulple chronic disease
states. Through the grant funding the community was
impacted with medical visits to a Primary Care Provider
totaling hundreds of paents. Many of these individuals
have resided in molded rooms of a motel for the past
three years since Hurricane Harvey and have not seen
a doctor for many years, one individual remarked it
was over a decade. These individuals have not only had
inial visits but with funding and aer lab studies done
had follow-up PCP visits and medicaons that have
desperately been needed, especially those that were
diabecs. The number of paents that were accessed
an ophthalmology visit was over 100 with glasses also
being received. Most of the paents that needed a visit
to an eye specialist were diabecs and had not seen
an eye doctor in years and had developed renopathy
The challenges of my ministry during this pandemic was
keeping abreast of all the paent visits, rescheduling
appointments, making sure paents received
transportaon to visits, and geng checks to these
mulple enes daily. I found myself wring check aer
check and traveling over several mes a week for paent
needs. I was reimbursed by Heather weekly. Our church
ministry reached so many new uninsured paents with
the incepon of Be Well Victoria.
As we remain diligently focused on how best to care for
the most vulnerable in our community amidst COVID
19 public health concerns, we want to provide all of
you with informaon on how Methodist Healthcare
Wesley Nurse
Ministries is priorizing team member and paent
safety. With everyone’s health as a primary goal, we
screen all paents prior to being able to enter the
building. We as Wesley Nurses must do a prescreening
on the computer prior to leaving our home daily. If
no indicators are found paents as well as the Wesley
Nurse can report into the building.
On top of the standard cleaning performed in our oces
we are now performing extra cleaning daily and aer
each paent visit. We are equipped with a hand sanizer
staon as well as implemenng industrial disinfectant
sprays. Mandatory masks are required of all those
entering the building and keeping 6 feet or greater.
Our lives have dramacally changed with COVID 19 but
we persevered, stayed strong, and the commitment to
serve connued. As of December 1,2020, I have over
1500 paents entered in the computer for this year and
one month to go. Prescripon Assistance is once again
at the forefront of the needs to these individuals that
have no insurance and numerous disease states.
Although the uncertainty remains, the constant is how
each of us connue to press forward to fulll our mission
of “Serving Humanity to Honor God” in remarkable
ways. May we each connue to be used by God as we
work to improve the wellness of the least served. I am
so very blessed to serve here at FUMC and the enre
Victoria community. Many connued blessings to each
of you and your families in 2021.
Grace and Peace,
Kathy Frels BSNRN
Wesley Nurse
Congregational Care
One of the goals of the Congregaonal Care
Commiee (CCC) is to communicate with church
members. Members of CCC have stayed in touch with
phone calls, texts, emails, ecards, cards and hand
painted postcards.
The CCC helped with the New Members Luncheon
aer church on February 23, 2020.
Homebound Communion came to a halt in April, 2020
due to COVID 19. A modied homebound communion
started back up in September. Rev. Wade Powell,
Rebecca Thornbury, Becky McKenzie, Linda and Hugh
Hanes have been delivering communion and "The
Upper Room" safely to peoples doors.
Normally, the CCC would have had a breakfast for the
graduang high school seniors and their families in
May. Hopefully we will be able to honor the graduang
seniors in 2021.
CCC members wrote personal notes that were
included in care packages Pastor Ryan sent to all the
college students. We hope to connue this ministry.
Christmas bags for the homebound were dierent
this year This year we suprised many people of
the congregaon with beauful poinseas at the
beginning of December.
Although we are not able to visit in person or hug you,
you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Wesley Nurse
• Schedule of required annual reviews ap-
• Service contracts reviewed, updated and
• Handicap Accessibility Audit of the entire
campus was documented
• Electrical Power Assessment was complet-
ed to provide a thorough safety and func-
tionality survey of all incoming power and its
distribution through out our entire campus.
Minor issues were corrected immediately,
while more extensive work required on the
Education Building main power equipment
will be planned, funded and completed in
• Investment funds at Texas Methodist Foun-
dation and Prosperity Bank have been
reviewed and documented. Distributions
have been placed in new, usable accounts
that mature in 2021 and 2022 and will be
utilized to grow our church and our mission.
• Exterior repairs of the bay windows were
• Trees were trimmed
• Interior received new plumbing xtures and
• Wesley Nurse entrance security system is
in place
• Wesley Hall entrance light is now on a timer
for safe entrance & exit
• An 8-foot cedar fence will be erected be-
tween the Children’s Ministry Center and
the 505 Bridge Street property
Interior Improvements
• Sanctuary HVAC system was replaced.
• First Connect room was remodeled and is
ready for use
• All tile oors in the main building, Christian
Life Center and Education Building have
been stripped and waxed
• Wesley Hall and downstairs areas of the
Education Building were painted
• The ATTIC has been painted and is ready
for the youth this coming year
• The kitchen received a new stove and is
ready for service to our congregation
• Wesley Nurse facilities – the two-room suite
has new furniture, more electrical outlets
and has been painted. The area has been
streamlined to handle the increasing needs
of this excellent ministry
Exterior Improvements
• Parking lots were re-striped, handicap logs
and tire stops repainted.
• Steps and external handrails repainted
• Fire Escape cleaned and repainted
• External doors inspected, repaired, sanded
and repainted as needed
• Ramp at the north end of the Education
Building porch replaced
• Sidewalks, steps and ramps pressure
• Education Building porch and walkway has
a new anti-slip surface
• Three new benches are in place at the main
entrance generously purchased by the
Pumpkin Patch.
• Main parking lot peninsula was cleaned out
and replanted
• Alley cleaned and accessible after shower
trailer was removed
With fewer in-person activities due to COVID-19 this past year, the Trustees took the opportunity to
complete needed updates and repairs to our facilities. As the new year begins, we are pleased to report
the following accomplishments:
Trustee’s Report
We hope to see you all in 2021 and that you will all enjoy our beautiful campus!
United Methodist Women
Social Distancing
We could not meet in April – August because of the
pandemic. The teachers at Shields School wanted stued
animals for all the Kindergarten and First Graders aer
they returned to the classrooms. Many of the children
had had traumac experiences and the animals would be
a way to give them some security. The UMW purchased
these animals and they were delivered to Shields on the
rst day of virtual instrucon in September. Because the
animals were small, the children were able to put them
on their desks.
With no meengs nor worship services, Joyce Brown
President sent out leers to the members as a way to
keep in touch since some do not have computers. They
contained informaon about what members were
doing, illnesses, and church news. These leers were
well-liked, so she connued sending them aer we
resumed meengs in September.
Our church hosted the Crossroads District UMW meeng
in September both in-person and by Zoom. Cindy Powell
was elected Treasurer for 2021 and 2022, and Kathy
Hunt from our church was elected President.
School Ministry
We started this year with big
plans and then a pandemic
showed up. Its hard to
imagine a school ministry that
involves social distancing.
Our ministry has always
been hands on at Shields
Elementary. This year was so
very dierent, but sll so very
As teachers scrambled to gure out how to educate
children when schools were
shut down in the spring, we
stepped up to support our
teachers by treang them
all to lunch delivered from
Jason’s Deli and providing
them all with gi cards
from Vela Farms for Teacher
Appreciaon Week.
With high hopes that the
2020-2021 school year would be back to normal,
we connued to plan for the new school year. Since
we couldn’t all gather in Wesley Hall for our annual
Teacher Luncheon, we
decided to have a Teacher
Breakfast at the school for
all teachers and sta. They
enjoyed breakfast tacos and
a wide variety of breakfast
rolls and snacks. The next
week, we delivered back to
school boxes for the teachers
lled with goodies. And because we are all sll children
at heart, Kona-Ice visited
the school next and we
treated everyone to sno-
cones! We joined with the
United Methodist Women
in providing back to school
gis of stued animals
and prayer rocks for the
students. As the teachers
and students adjusted to
new schedules and new
technology and new ways of
learning, we provided snacks
for the students and had
a coat drive for those that
were without warm jackets.
We closed out the year with
our annual Christmas Store
and giving tree. Children
shopped for their loved ones
in our Christmas store and
their gis were wrapped and labeled for them to take
home. One lile boy picked a cross necklace for his
mom because she had a serious illness and had been
hospitalized. He told us
that he wasn’t scared,
because he and his mom
had faith that she would
be okay. Santa arrived
at Shields to read the
story of baby Jesus and
to pass out all the gis
purchased from your
generous donaons. Every child received a gi……
Every child was thankful……Every heart was full.
Even during these strange mes of
2020, FUMC connues to spread the
love of Jesus through the halls of
Shields Elementary. We are looking
forward to many acvies at the
school during the new year. Your
faithful support of this ministry is
changing lives, lling hearts and
impacng so many.
They Zoomed the Conference Men’s
They are Building Ramps!
They are Building More Ramps!
They are Building Ramps and More Ramps!
They Taught Youth Car Repair & Maintenance
Methodist Men
They are Working at Christs Kitchen
What have the Methodist Men been up to?
January - December 2020
Wade Powell ..............................................................Senior Pastor
Ryan Jenson ......................................................... Associate Pastor
Will Durham ..................................Contemporary Worship Leader
Ashley Hunter ..........................................................Music Director
Keith Cox................................................. Associate Music Director
Brooke Mercer ............................. Director of Children’s Ministries
Liz Parker ............................................................. Nursery Director
Rebecca Thornbury ......................................................... Secretary
Heather Linville.................................................. Business Manager
Jennifer Burriss .............................. Methodist Day School Director
Harlan Greene ................................................................ Custodian
Kathy Frels ..............................Methodist Ministries Wesley Nurse
Cameo Mead ............................... Methodist Ministries Counselor
Your thoughts for the coming year