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IN-HOUSE Transfer Gallery
Choose to customize your chocolates with artwork from our
in-house gallery at no extra charge to you.
Fill out one Drop Ship
form for all your
Gifting to multiple recipients? Choose to ship your confections with our multiple recipient
Drop Ship service. Our Concierge team is ready to assist you in arranging the details of your
order. Call 800.500.3396 or e-mail to start your order.
Benefits Of Drop Ship
Send a unique product
and gift note to each
Use your own FedEx
or UPS account, or we
offer flat rate shipping.
Venezuela Varietal
Lake breezes in the Sur de Lago
region of Venezuela provide a unique
growing climate for cacao and result
in a distinctive flavor. This varietal
exhibits delicate caramel and nut
Colombia Varietal
Single origin cacao from the San
Vincente de Chucurí region of
Colombia. Balanced wine and spice
notes with a long, slow finish.
Ecuador Varietal
The straightforward intensity of
this chocolate made using single
origin cacao from Ecuador, exhibits
remarkable persistence of flavor.
Smoky tobacco notes with a hint of
earthiness and rich coffee.
Madagascar Varietal
Single origin Criollo cacao from the
island of Madagascar. Criollo is known
for its complex flavors and aroma as
exhibited by the notes of tart cherry
and fruit in this chocolate.
Burnt Caramel
Michael Recchiuti’s signature piece.
Dark, smoky caramel blended with
70% dark chocolate ganache.
Enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.
Force Noir
Silky 70% dark chocolate ganache
infused with whole vanilla bean.
Enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.
Lemon Verbena
Locally-grown lemon verbena
steeped in whole cream, blended into
decadent chocolate ganache and
enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.
Spring Jasmine Tea
Delicate jasmine blossoms and
green tea leaves infused in pure dark
chocolate ganache. Enrobed in our
milk chocolate and marbleized with
semisweet chocolate
Choose a Box Size and Type
Two-Piece Box Option: Clear Top with Ebony Bottom
Four-Piece Options: Clear or Ebony Top with Ebony Bottom, or Clear Top with Platinum
Nine-Piece Options: Clear or Ebony Top with Ebony Bottom
Gift Idea: Customize the Black or Burgundy Box with a custom truffle or ribbon
Choose A Ribbon Color
Red, White or Black satin ribbon with Recchiuti logo, or; Create your own custom ribbon in
a color of your choice with a special message or company logo.
While you can choose to include nearly any of our truffles for your box, only
certain truffle flavors are customizable. See below for customizable flavors.
Order Minimum: There is a 20-unit minimum
per order
Artwork: When providing your own decoration,
please send artwork as either a high-resolution
PDF or an Adobe Illustrator file (v. 10 or
higher compatible). Full-bleed designs are not
Lead Times: 4-6 weeks on all custom truffle
Shelf-life and Storage: 4-5 weeks with proper
storage in a cool, dry place as you would store
red wine. Refrigeration is not recommended.
Includes warehousing of unused prints for up
to 24 months. A 50% deposit on product cost
is required to place and process orders. The
balance, including set-up fees and any shipping
charges, is due when your order ships.
Recchiuti Confections is more than chocolate –
It is an experience in ingredients, service, and value.
Recchiuti Confections Custom Chocolate is a gift that engages all the senses. Contact our
Concierge team at or 800.500.3396 to begin telling your story through
personalized gifting.
Artwork & Ribbon Pricing
Transfer Setup Fee: $150 (1-color image, set of
500 transfers)
Additional Colors (up to 4 colors): $50
standard best-match; $100 per custom color
Reprint transfer set of 500: $75
Custom ribbon: $150 (1 roll of 100 yds)
Additional/reprint ribbon: $75 (per 100 yd roll)
Additional ribbon color: $100 (per 100 yd roll)
Truffle Box Pricing
2-Piece Box: $9 each
4-Piece Box: $14 each
9-Piece Box: $28 each
Speak with Concierge
Call 800.500.3396 or e-mail
Start a Corporate Order
Call 800.500.3396 or e-mail
Stock your Shelves
If you are interested in becoming a
Recchiuti Wholesale partner, contact
us at
Recchiuti at the Ferry Building
One Ferry Building, Shop #30
San Francisco, CA 94111
Recchiuti Online
Visit to shop online,
and to learn more about our products,
culture and upcoming events!