Kia Ora Koutou te Whanau
Mangonui School is part of several initiatives. Some of these are funded by the Ministry of Education
and some we fund ourselves. We are part of a cluster of schools called the Te Hiku Manaiakalani
Outreach Cluster. There are eight Far North schools who are part of Te Hiku ‘Outreach’ which is
connected to other clusters all around New Zealand. It is a massive pool of teachers, students,
boards and schools that have chosen to work together. This means that we share our data, share our
practices and importantly learn from each other. Once a year facilitators go into classrooms from
each school and conduct observations of teacher practices. This year the focus is on reading. The
observation has been developed by looking at data and seeing what makes good practice. Which
classroom teachers have made the biggest impact on student progress. They then look into what are
the common practices these teachers share and use this to develop an observation. This research is
shared with all Manaiakalani Schools in a ‘Making Sense’ session. We bring this information back into
our schools and use it to strengthen teacher practice. Observations take place and this also provides
information on what we can do better. It is really exciting as it is authentic data that we can use to
improve our learning environments for our students. We use the Maniakalani learning process of Learn
Create and Share. Students Learn about ‘something’, then they use this information to Create (digital or
non digital) a resource/ tool to share this new information.Our students at the senior end of the school
blog their work to share with others. Maniakalani offers professional development opportunities, once a
term. There are online learning courses that cover a whole range of digital tools that can be used in the
classroom the next day. They also offer a nine day digital fluency intensive that ends with an exam to
become Google Certified. Top quality opportunities that Maniakalani offer our school. We are really
lucky to be part of this initiative. This is how we can offer students Year 4 and above the opportunity to
purchase a chromebook through our local Te Hiku Trust. Next term we have the Manaiakalani Film
Festival where we compete across all the NZ Manaiakalani schools where LEARN CREATE SHARE
hits our screens.
Mangonui School is also part of the Te Kahui Tai Kura o Te Hiku. This is a large cluster of Far North
Schools that are working together on two work streams - Tu Tangata Ora (Health and Well-Being) and
Tu Tangata Marama (Providing quality learning experiences that are rich in culture). These sound really
broad objectives but we are working on narrowing them down so that they fit into our context. Tu
Tangata Ora - A big part of this is developing relationships with all our stakeholders. As a result we want
to get a better understanding of iwi perspectives and aspirations for their tamariki. We are lucky to be in
the rohe of Ngati Kahu and have amazing people who have offered to support us on this journey. We
are hoping to learn about the history of our rohe, the stories, traditions, legends, whakatauki etc and
build the identity of our students through the attainment of this knowledge as we work on this indicator.
Feeling connected, knowing who you are and where you come from is one area we have worked on for
many years at Mangonui School. Our other goal Tu Tangata Marama is going to start with the Treaty of
Waitangi and getting a better understanding from a Ngati Kahu perspective. So much of what we do in
education rightly refers to the Treaty and the commitment to being a partner. We need to ensure we
have this understanding right from the start so we can be partners.
Now the job starts to develop a Strategic Plan that includes Manaiakalani, Te Kahui Tai Kura o Te Hiku,
our own vision actions based ‘Nga Rangatira Mo Apopo’ - Leaders of Tomorrow and 2 key Ministry of
Education documents Ka Hikitia and ‘National Education and Learning Priorities PLUS School Whanau
voice. This is a great challenge!
Broady Masters is the ‘MASTER’ of setting traps. He takes out the rats that are caught, re-baits, and
resets in the blink of an eye. Brody understands the importance of trapping and looking after the bush.
He was awarded the Kaitiaki of Papatuanuku. Thanks Brody appreciate your support on the trapping
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
Principal award 
Nga Ringa 
Kotuku Our Kaitiaki awards went to Anthony Tepania for being kaitiaki to himself and Jordan
Thoresen for being kaitiaki to others while we were coding at Waitangi. The Duffy awards went to Leah
Lloyd for being helpful and kind to others and Samuel Russell for his excellent problem solving skills in
Mathematics. The learning awards went to Luca Giorgetti for his determination and dedication to
coding and Josie Millicamp for her excellent engineering ideas when building her rocket.
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Pippa McPherson for being kaitiaki to herself by asking great questions
and Ella Greaves for being kaitiaki of herself by working hard in her reading and always trying her best.
The Duffy awards went to Heath Renata for leading our class in the karakia each morning and Titan
Broughton for his enthusiasm and collaboration when creating his rocket. The learning awards went to
Kylie Moyle for always giving 100% in everything you do and Brody Masters for his excellent ideas
and great enthusiasm when building his rocket.
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Ollie Wakeling for helping out the teachers after seated lunch by tidying up
the kai boxes and for looking after our new students . The Duffy awards went to Cordez Baker for
working really well independently to get his writing done and Mckenzie Ritchie for always staying on
task. The Ka Pai awards go to Kyle Gore-Easton for using his awesome ideas to get his planning done
for writing and Oliver Smith for settling in and contributing in class.
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Kingston Tai for being a great leader in our class and Khaiyah-Imani
Brass for always doing her class responsibility. Our Duffy awards went to Tyson Broadhurst for
working really hard with his writing and Ryder Roxburgh for trying hard with all his learning. Our Ka
Rawe awards went to Mia Giorgetti using lots of amazing describing words in her coral reef writing and
Alessa Giorgetti for sharing her ideas confidently to the class.
Our Kaitaki awards went to Jacob Harrison for always putting 100% into his Kapa Haka and morning
Karakia, Zoe Leonard for trying hard with all her mahi, Luke-Tyler Maika Paget for his effort in reading
and Carmen Popata for settling in well to our Kura.
Nga Ringa Awhina
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Keupa Nikora for amazing effort and progress in writing and to Cooper
Cadwallader for making our new class member feel so welcome. The Duffy awards went to Jda
Tukariri for her expert listening during our St John’s first aid sessions and to Amy Smith for an
outstanding first week at Mangonui School. Ka Rawe awards went to Finn Bridson for fabolous
attention to detail with his bee art and to Mere Leef for always putting in 100% into your mahi.
The Kaitiaki awards went to Aria Burns for working so hard to her letter sounds and Harper Yakas for
joining in and working hard in all her learning groups.
The Duffy awards went to Ollie Calder for trying so many new things and working through tricky
situations and Sydney-Rose Strongman for always being ready to learn and for always trying her best.
The Awesome Awards went to MJ Leatherby-Tipene for working hard to use her letter sounds in
reading and writing and Vera Diaz-Goodwin for always being willing to help.
Awards Term 2, 2021
Weeks 5 - 6
Kotuku News
Term 2
Kotuku Class have had an amazing couple of weeks at kura. We have visited the
Waitangi interactive classroom twice to learn how to make i stop motion animations and
how to use Scratch to code our stories. We have been making rockets with Maki and we
are excited to launch our prototypes this week. In literacy we have been reading about
space and rocket launching and in Maths we have been learning geometry. We are still
learning te reo Maori, now we know how to ask people how they are and tell others how
we are feeling. Kei te pēhea koe? Kei te ______ ahau. We are looking forward to tuakana
teina this week with Taonga and Tuatara Class. 
Tuatara News
3....2....1 blast off! Tuatara completed building their first rocket
(prototype). Our tamariki had lots of fun creating their rockets and
working collaboratively with their teams. We can’t wait to test them
this week!
Taonga Class News
Taonga have been lucky enough to have Kotuku class helping us
with blogging for the last 2 weeks. We love getting to share our work
for everyone to see!
Nga Ringa Awhina News
Over the last few weeks Nga Ringa have been planning and designing bug
hotels. We have been thinking about how we could create a place that bugs
might like to visit over the winter.
Kowhai Class News
Kowhai class are starting to look at the Moari legend of ‘Maui and the
Sun’. We are beginning to create some mythical characters.
Pukeko Class News
Pukeko class have been working with Nga Ringa to learn about
where bugs like to live. We have created plans for our own bug
hotels and created these to give bugs a place to live in our
environment. We are also enjoying watching our class
caterpillars turn in to chrysalis and can't wait to see the
butterflies emerge!