We have always maintained a balance of fun and adventure with health and
safety in everything we do. But like everybody, in 2020 we faced unprecedented
challenges. We met them with hope and optimism, but also by rolling up our
sleeves and adapting to a new reality. We want you to know that our drive to
protect you, your family and friends is not unique to last year. We look forward to
serving you responsibly in 2021 and beyond!
"Best day ever!"
"That view!!! This was our first camping
trip with our dog. The campground
was pet friendly."
"We had 8 teenagers who did not
want to leave! Can't wait to
be back!"
In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains on the rim of the New River Gorge, you will find adventure.
If you are new to us or new to the world of outdoor adventure, were excited to lead you there.
Adventures on the Gorge is a beautiful outdoor resort located in the stunning New River Gorge area of
West Virginia. Mother Nature provides the backdrop, while our devoted staff provides the experience
to guide our guests to an adventure they’ll never forget.
Adventures on the Gorge is the base camp for a wide variety of outdoor activities for all ages. And, at
the end of the day, it is also the place where you can come home to casual dining with breathtaking
views, drinks by the pool, beautiful cabins or campgrounds and quality time with the people who matter
most—far from the stress and strain that fills everyday life.
Join us in the mountains, on the river, zipping through the fresh air or walking in the woods; let us lead
you outdoors.
"We skipped Disney World and the ocean,
and came here. You will have 10x more fun
and won't go broke in the process."
"Family escape to nature with
awesome adventures, views, food,
lodging, guides and rapids!"
"We went on the canopy tour and
it lived up to everything I hoped it
would and more."
New River
Gauley River
Adventures of a
Here at Adventures on the Gorge, we strive to connect people to
the great outdoors–which is a proven link to a happier, healthier
life. We truly believe in the power of play and that our outdoor
setting and activities help cultivate relationships–whether with
family members, co-workers or teammates. Whats better than
trading stories around the campfire after a big day of adventure
or taking time to unplug with the sounds of crickets in the
We will help customize your group’s outing with our 30+
adventures and a wide variety of lodging options–from tent
camping to deluxe cabins. Adventures on the Gorge also offers
dining options, meeting space, custom T-shirts and more. Contact
the Adventures on the Gorge Group Sales Department to connect
with a knowledgeable Adventure Specialist to begin planning your
next great adventure.
Group Adventures
Adventurous groups do adventurous things, so let us help
you take your company retreat to the next level. Right on the
rim of the New River Gorge, The Lookout Post, our boutique
conference center, features flexible interior space and
customizable options to fit your group best.
Once the meeting ends, let the adventure begin. A retreat
at Adventures on the Gorge provides you the choice of
individual or shared on-site cabins. Take advantage of
our delicious catering services and dining venues. And,
most important of all, choose from a vast array of bonding
adventures that will connect, engage and rejuvenate your
Conferences | Company Retreats
Adventure Days | Team Facilitation
Meetings and Retreats
Looking for a special location to create memories that
last a lifetime? Gather your family, friends or coworkers
together to celebrate. With both indoor and outdoor
venues, our Event Specialists will work with you to plan an
event no one will soon forget.
Special Occasion Events | Wedding/Baby Showers
Holiday Parties
Events and
Adventures on the Gorge will make your wedding
dreams come true. Whether you are planning the party
of the century or a small private service, we have
options to fit your needs.
We offer lodging, on-site catering and a preferred-
vendor list to help meet all your wedding needs.
Please visit
to find out more or request a tour.
Destination Weddings
and Elopements
Where To Stay
Bathroom in Cabin Towels & Linens
Use Bathhouse Wifi
Heat & Air Conditioning Cable TV
Full Kitchen Hot Tub
Fridge, Microwave & Coffee Pot Charcoal Grill
Washer & Dryer Campfire Pit
Cabins on the Gorge 4-Bedroom
Sleeps: Up to 12 4 Bedrooms + Loft Area
Breezy Hill Farm House
Sleeps: Up to 10 4 Bedrooms
Cabins on the Gorge 3-Bedroom
Sleeps: Up to 12 2 Bedrooms + Full Loft
Cabins on the Gorge 2-Bedroom
Sleeps: Up to 9 1 Bedroom + Full Loft
Outback Cabin 2-Bedroom
Sleeps: Up to 10 2 Bedrooms + Loft Area
Outback Cabin 1-Bedroom
Sleeps: Up to 6 1 Bedroom + Full Loft
Check out to
view our new lodging styles and the
interiors of each cabin style.
Group Camping
Site size varies.
Tent Platforms
Site size varies.
Sportsman Bunkhouse
Sleeps: Units Vary Up to 12
1 Bedroom
Country Cabins
Sleeps: Units Vary Up to 6 1 Room
Sleeps: Up to 4 1 Room
Kaymoor Suites
Sleeps: Up to 4 1 Bedroom + Living Area
Kaymoor 1-Bedroom
Sleeps: Up to 2 1 Room
Site size varies.
RV Camping
Site size varies.
New River Dries
Minimum Age: 14
The Dries section is tight and curvy, with towering cliffs
right at the waters edge.
Lower Gauley River Rafting
Minimum Age: 12
Dramatic scenery and the most wild whitewater we
recommend for first time rafters.
Upper New River Rafting
Minimum Age: 6
whitewater of the Upper New River offers gentle rapids
and scenic views of the New River Gorge.
Glade Creek Raft & Hike
Minimum Age: 8
This trip combines the splendors of Glade Creek
Canyon with the scenery, whitewater and wildlife of the
New River.
Upper Gauley River Rafting
Minimum Age: 15
The infamous Class V Upper Gauley, known as one of
the top 5 stretches of whitewater in the world.
Lower New River Rafting
Minimum Age: 12
This is our most popular tripa favorite among
everyone from first time rafters to whitewater
Rafting Trips
Visit for additional information and trips.
TimberTrek Aerial Adventure Park
Minimum Age: 4 Weight: Less than 260 lbs
Gravity Ziplines
Minimum Age: 12 Weight: 100-260 lbs
With speed, stunning views and side-by-side racing,
this high-flying adventure will not disappoint.
TreeTops Canopy Tour
Minimum Age: 10 Weight: 90-260 lbs
Get an up-close view of our private Hemlock preserve
on 10 zips and 5 sky-bridges.
Aerial Adventures
Visit for additional information and trips.
Enjoy 60+ tree-based platforms, bridges, ziplines and
other obstacles on more than 4 acres of woodland.
Mountain Biking
Minimum Age: 10
Our guided mountain biking tours are customized to
your skill level and your goals for this trip.
Whitewater Kayaking
Minimum Age: 10
Learn the basics on the New River as you get a taste of
the best kayaking in the eastern United States.
Flatwater Kayak
Minimum Age: 10
Take a scenic glide on the calm waters of local lakes
and enjoy a little exercise in the great outdoors.
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Minimum Age: 10
Explore local lakes on a paddleboard for a scenic tour
that combines balance, exercise and fun.
Minimum Age: 8
Whether you’re a first time hiker or an experienced trail
goer, you’re sure to discover majestic vistas and hidden
gems of the region.
Rock Climbing & Rappelling
Minimum Age: 8
Set upon the backdrop of the New River Gorge, you
are sure to get amazing views as you scramble up rocks
and rappel down.
Adventure Activities
Visit for additional information and trips.
Bridge Walk
Minimum Age: 8 Over 48" tall
Enjoy the adrenaline rush of your life as you cross the
New River Gorge on a 24-inch wide steel catwalk, 850
feet above the river.
Laser Tag
Minimum Age: 10
Play laser tag like you never have beforein the forest
surrounded by towering trees and natural foliage.
Minimum Age: 10
Put your strategic skills to the test as you play paintball
in the scenic mountains of West Virginia.
Escape-A-Torium NRG
Minimum Age: 8
You’ve pushed your body to the limits trying out
different adventures, but now its time to test your mind
with the Escape-A-Torium.
Horseback Riding
Minimum Age: 8
Explore the hills and hollers of West Virginia on this 2
to 2.5 hour trail ride.
Yoga On The Gorge
There is no better way to start the day of activities
or travel than warming up with yoga on the deck
overlooking the beautiful New River Gorge.
Canyon Falls Swimming Pool
With 3,000 square feet of water and a sprawling
15,000 square feet of patio and decking, the Canyon
Falls Swimming Pool is the perfect family venue.
Lake Adventure
Minimum Age: 8
The perfect balance of relaxation and thrills, our
Summersville Lake Adventure trip is the ultimate
summer experience.
Minimum Age: 8
Picture yourself casting the perfect line as you float
along the New River, enjoying the sun on your face,
waiting for that wiggle on the line.
Reservations and Deposits
To make a reservation, please contact us using
one of the following methods:
1. Call us at 1-888-806-0984 to speak to a
2. Visit to book
Payment Policies
To conrm a reservation, we require a
10% deposit at time of booking and 40%
additional payment within 14 days of making
the reservation. The full balance is due 30
days prior to the rst day of activity or arrival
date of lodging. No personal checks will be
accepted when you are within 21 days of
your trip date. Payment methods accepted
will be cash, cashier’s check, traveler’s check,
money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and
American Express. You will be required to
sign a damage deposit form at check-in for all
lodging options.
Cancellation Protection and Procedures
Cancellations within 3 days of the start date or
no-shows on the day of a trip will not be
considered for any reimbursement. All
cancellations must be made more than 30 days
prior to the trip start date to be considered for
reimbursement less a processing fee.
Trip Cancellation Protection (TCP)
Your trip is a big commitment, so you can protect
it with Trip Cancellation Protection. No one
plans on cancelling a great vacation, but this no-
questions-asked protection helps to ensure that
if an unforeseen event changes your plans, you
get to keep your investment. Up to 3 days prior to
your arrival, TCP entitles participants to cancel all
or part of the trip and receive a full refund, less
the TCP purchase price. Purchasing this option is
only available at the time of booking.
30 Days+
prior to
start date
Full refund
less 6%
Full refund
less $25-
$50 fee per
person for
activities and
3-29 Days
prior to
start date
Full refund
less 6%
given less
$25-$50 fee
per person
for activities
and lodging
< 3 days
prior to
start date
No Refund
No Refund
Advanced Reservations
Advanced reservations are preferred and
required for most activities. We are limited
in our capacities for several activities due to
regulations set forth by the Department of
Natural Resources. Other activities are limited
based on our guest-to-guide ratios that we
set forth to protect your experience and our
natural resources. Early reservations and
prompt payments are the best way to ensure
your preferred dates and accommodations.
Third-party Cancellation
Third Party activities and/or lodging are subject
to the individual businesses' or owners' policies
regarding cancellation.
Reservation Details
Tax Exempt Status
Tax exemptions apply to nonprot organizations participating as an
organized group. A West Virginia Certicate of Exemption must be
completed and submitted prior to payment. Payments must be made
through an organization check or credit card. Personal check, cash
or personal credit card payments will not be accepted in order to
maintain tax exempt status. Tax exempt status applies only to the 6%
West Virginia sales tax and does not include any resort fees, gratuities
or county lodging taxes.
Trip Ratings
As a trip organizer, it is important that you select a trip that is
appropriate for your group’s age range, ability, experience, and
tness level. Use our Trip Rating System to help you determine which
trip is right for your group. If you or any members of your group are
signicantly overweight, have medical conditions that may hinder
your ability to participate, or are in poor physical condition, please
seek professional medical advice about the risks of participation in
whitewater rafting and other adventure activities.
Participants must accept responsibility for these risks and agree
to sign a liability waiver and release prior to participation. Anyone
under the age of 18 must have a waiver and release of liability form
signed by his or her parent/legal guardian prior to participation in
any activity. Other age restrictions apply to each activity.
Inclement Weather
AOTG trips generally go out rain or shine. River activities such as
rafting, shing and kayaking still go in the case of thunderstorms,
as well. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone your adventure
activity, including but not limited to, Canopy Tour, Ziplines, Rock
Climbing and TimberTrek if we feel the weather will hinder safety.
Trip Transfers
AOTG reserves the right to change the trip time for any adventure
activity, river, river section, length of trip, boat size or number of
guests per raft due to adverse or changing conditions or extremely
high or low water. We also reserve the right to refuse participation of
any guest for any activity who, in our judgment, is not physically or
mentally capable of participating in the activity for which he or she
has registered. Please pay attention to restrictions regarding weight,
height or size for all activities. These restrictions are in place to protect
you, not discriminate against you.
Visit for additional information about
our policies and procedures.
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