by opXL Learning Systems.
Finally Your Customers Can Really
Become Proficient on Your Products.
You’re a vendor selling
…to telecom service providers in a growing market, but with
less true “customers” due to consolidation. So every minute
– every sales call – every follow-up – every task – needs to be
focused on sales, not follow-up service and training. Every
service and training call is a lost call to a new prospect. We’ve
seen it. We understand it. And if your rep has to travel to the
customer with a sales engineer in tow, the travel-cost doubles.
Meet Xpert.
Get selling again.
This is why opXL Learning Systems has created Xpert –
customized online training and proficiency and certification
courseware that is specifically built for your product – one at a
time. Combining slideware, animation, video and interactive
testing, as well as post-course assessment, Xpert helps keep
your reps in sales-mode, not training mode. Closing deals.
And when your engineers are on the road, it’s necessary travel.
Boosting your top line and productivity. Keeping your reps
where they should be – selling. And greatly decreasing your
travel costs. That’s what Xpert is about.
Can Leave
and Go
Back To
the Lab.
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
the amount of money you spend a year
sending a sales engineer and rep on the
road each year to conduct training
Your Equipment is Awesome.
Do Your Customers Know All
the Features and Benefits?
You have a new product loaded with features. The customers love it. But to understand
its full potential, they need training and proficiency. But it needs to be timely, consistent
and retained. Now, you can simply guide them to your new “academy” to train for
proficiency for that product. Each Xpert training course is step-based, with regular
“test-out” intervals where your new user cannot move on to the next step without
passing the proficiency step. We build this for you in cooperation with your key team.
Proficiency. Expertise. Certification.
That’s how deep we get. But can we get deeper? You bet. We will help you create a
product-certified force that will have strong functional skills using your equipment. And
proficient users can help new colleagues learn.
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
Heavy T&E and lost sales-time cost when an
account manager and sales engineer must
travel to customer site to conduct training
Sales Team Should be
Selling, Not Training
Customer has an
issue and needs
Lost travel
& expense!
A Custom Training Company
of Broadband Pros.
Broadband is what we do. Creating your online
product training through Xpert from opXL Learning
Systems is what we develop - using our decades of
Xpert has been created by the best in the business. Broadband and training
professionals with decades of experience in both the vendor and operator community.
Working with opXL Learning Systems to develop yourproduct training not only gives
you the confidence that you’re hiring a blue-ribbon training company, but a company
that is specific to broadband.
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
One Sales Engineer x $2180
(average T/E for three day business
trip) x Two in-person training
events per month x 12 months =
If your Sales Rep joins in these
sessions x 2 =
Large Vendor Training and Certification Looks like This.
for vendor
Training Course
Increased Sales
for the Vendor
However…much online “university” company
courseware educates on a specific technology (i.e.
DOCSIS, PON, GPON,) and not products. While
this is a powerful strategy, what about products? Of
course creating an online “university” also requires
huge capital and infrastructure. Not every company
has that scale.
We help you overcome that too.
Why Does Product Proficiency
Training Help Your Customers?
Again, simple math.
An average service call “truck roll” costs almost $100.00.
The average technician conducts 240 service calls a year – 20/month
If just 5,000 tech ops personnel from a customers’ workforce are trained on a
specific product discipline, and reduces one repeat call per technician per month…
= 5,000 x $100.00 x 12 Months = $6M/year!
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
How Xpert Works
You provide us with information
on a product or product line
that you feel needs online
courseware to help move your
users towards proficiency.
We meet with you to determine
depth, length, level of
proficiency needed. We can also
review your current available
knowledge to integrate into the
Depth of
Integration of
existing assets –
brochures, product
spec sheets, how-to
guides, video
The Student Learns –
and Becomes a Loyal User
When a customer becomes proficient on your equipment, the loyalty to that
equipment grows. As the user becomes more proficient, he or she will also (whether
they know it or not) likely become an “evangelist” for your product and as they grow
or possibly switch to other companies that loyalty will follow them and influence other,
newer users.
How Xpert Works
We determine your timeline.
The average development for
a product takes approximately
8-10 weeks.
We develop your product
training and integrate the testing
and proficiency elements.
Animation Choices
Testing Intervals
Creating Animation
Site visit, collect
Testing Elements
Loading to LMS
Delivery to client
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
Spread knowledge
in new company
spread knowledge
in existing company
The two ways Xpert helps –
Top-down and Bottom-up.
The two ways Xpert helps – User
to Purchasing, Purchasing to User.
Vendor offers
as value add
System level
System level
User User
Info relayed to
Manager influenced by
users’ productivity
Manager Reinforces
Helps user of product learn
features and benefits
Xpert courseware delivered and
implemented. User benefits
Xpert Courseware
Better experience for customer, increased
loyalty, increased plant efficiency for
customer. Increased sales.
Supervisor relays
positive experience
sees value in online
courseware for product
Executive reviews and
approves pending
supervisor input
What Xpert Product Training
Development Can Include:
1. Pick your product and determine the
elements needed. Products differ. Style,
length, depth and format will differ
accordingly. We’ll help you navigate this.
2. Pick Your Style. Style choices include such
things as:
Line drawing/Chalkboard
Voice-over or talking head
Product animation (3D)
3. Pick your length and depth.
Not all products need the same depth of courseware
4. We work with you to determine your
in-course assessment intervals and post-
course assessment
5. We start your courseware development,
which includes [GP but will need to be
revised to your style]
Meeting with your key team
Site visit and asset collection
Assessment interval determination
Regular update meetings
Quality control
Delivering and hosting
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
How Xpert Works
We create your post-
assessment test in order
to determine retention by
the user. This information is
presorted back to you.
We work together on quality
control to your complete
Your Xpert training courseware can integrate a variety of
styles – here’s a black-and-white comic-book style slide
from a recently developed Xpert module
Meeting with your team is critical to understand your
training development goals for your product. We make
the extra effort.
When We’re Done,
We’re Not Done.
Sounds weird. But once we deliver and set your hosting up, we can track the learner’s
progress through our system, and provide to you updates. This gives you a great
reason to stay in touch with your clients – and let them know how their employees are
progressing through the training. It’s a great touch point and a good way to recognize
their employees who pass with “flying colors.”
opXL uses the premier Learning Management System in the industry with tremendous streaming, CDN, hosting and statistic
The Good Stuff. Hosting Your Product Proficiency
Your product proficiency training is only as good as
the Learning Management System (LMS) it resides
on. opXL Learning Systems uses LearnUpon™,
the leading LMS platform in the online education
community. LearnUpon has tremendous technical
Brand-able portals for multiple clients
Rich e-commerce features
Strong SCORM-compliance and support of
learning standards
Uses Amazon CloudFront CDN supporting streaming media
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
How Xpert Works
We load your courseware
into the opXL Learning
Management System.
(or you can load into yours.)
Done! You now have a
complete online proficiency
course for your specific
Z500 Product Proficiency Course
opXL uses the LearnUpon hosting and
eCommerce platform
Making Your “University” -
Making You Money.
opXLs Xpert platform is unequaled in quality of development. In
fact, in tandem with hosting on our LMS, you can charge on a per-
seat or “all you can eat” basis to your customers. And we can handle
the transactions for you. Now, you can build your own “Training
University” like the big vendors, without the mammoth cost.
how much money an operator with 5,000
technicians could save by reducing just
one call per month, per tech
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
Out of the Box. Out of the Plant.
Another feature of the Xpert training platform is a stand-alone smart-device training
and on-site platform called Xpert QRG. The QRG is developed for companies who
want to provide an “instruction manual on steroids” to their customers no matter if
they’re in the headend, outside plant, or customer premise.
The QRG interfaces a smart device with “binks” to create a deeper-dive into the
product so an engineer, field technician or installer literally has your key product
information in the palm of their hand. The “depth” of your content can be customized
to fit the technical intricacy of the product. This tremendous utility will enhance any
product and will cut down on calls to your customer support team, and will increase
the performance of the user which saves money for your customer.
The QRG is
perfect for:
Out-of-the-box instructions
Quick start
Data specs and settings
Technical information (like ideal
WiFi placement, proper connector
prep, proper fiber cleaning)
The user keys
on specific
“page dips” for
information they
The user gets
technical specs or
instruction from
the binks
The Quick Reference Guide (QRG)
Don’t Take Our Word for It….
What the Industry Says
We surveyed several dozen broadband technical professionals from major carriers in
the US. Their answers shouldn’t surprise you:
Their biggest business
Biggest personnel
State of vendor-provided product training
Top responses by order:
1. 24/7 online product training is needed to get personnel trained and more
effective in the field
2. High-quality online training reduces calls and service interruptions
3. I’m more likely to buy a product supported by online product training supplied
by vendor
of survey respondees said product
training on a mobile device would
be extremely valuable/valuable.
Minimize customer
down-time when an
outage occurs
Hiring qualified
personnel and
Training and
The New Dynamic
24/7 access, online,
no waiting, designed
More time, less
travel, more sales
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
Online Training
and Proficiency
Customer has an issue
and needs proficiency/
Monetize: The Big Guys Do It,
Why Can’t You?
Unless you’re a huge company with a large infrastructure, in-house training development
team and a huge platform of products to allocate the cost center, chances are you
haven’t created your own “university” of training. Now you can!
By leveraging our Learning Management System, you can now charge your customers to
take your product training. Whether or not you choose to do so, or offer it as a “value-
add” is up to you. But we have the functionality!
Just 100 learners paying for your courseware at $295 each over the year will probably
pay for your training development. At some point with enough developed training, it
can become a profit center.
Your Team is On-Site.
Your Product Info is Not.
Until now.
The Paradigm Shift in Technology Training. Welcome to the “Follow-Me” World.
Part of the Xpert platform is the ability to access our courseware from any smart device.
There’s no need for a classroom, no need for a set time, and the learner can access, absorb,
and learn at their own pace. In the past, on-site training was often unwieldy as it required
pulling personnel away from task for set amounts of time, to one specific location. The
dispersing them after the training concluded. If there were field techs taking the training,
they’d need to drive to the training, then go out to their jobsite – expending more time and
more expense. This is the remarkable capability of the Xpert online courseware strategy.
Not only is access 24/7, it’s accessed remotely, with consistent, high-powered and retained
content. Both Xpert and the Xpert QRG make this “new dynamic” reality.
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
What it Can Cost?
One sales/trainer
Avg trip cost (2 days) - $981
(Source: Travel Leaders Group 2013)
Daily Salary of sales/trainer - $600
($75/hr X 8) X 2 days = $1,200
Total trip & salary - $2,181
Annual trips spent training – 25
Annual training cost – $2,181 X 25 =
Not factored:
Additional sales/trainers’ costs
Lost sales opportunities
Customer’s workforce not timely
Pricing - We Were Waiting for You to Ask.
Ahh, the big question. We knew you’d get to it.
Creating training is complicated enough. Hiring your development company, training them on your
business, and entering and finishing the development cycle can be costly, time-consuming and fraught with
“landmines.” There are too many variables to count. We minimize that by giving you the comfort that we
already know your business and the industry you serve, and can help consult with you during the process to
make your development timeline shorter and your end product more thorough and effective for the learner.
By minimizing much of the process due to our telecom expertise, we can reflect this in your development as
a cost reduction. Not only is opXL Learning Systems the elite courseware firm in the telecom space, we are
also affordable. But to make it even easier, we provide three basic options.
Xpert Custom. We go all out. If you have a highly technical product that took hundreds of thousands of
dollars to develop, you’ll want powerful certification courseware to match. Included in your development:
Multimedia graphics and video
Interval-based proficiency testing, custom developed based on need
Course-time to fit scope of project
Site visits and consultation
Post-course assessment, custom-developed
Certification issuance
Learner proficiency course tracking and analytics
200 seats per month on our Learning Management System (built into your package)
Branded template “wrapper” with your company name and logo
Xpert Quick Reference Guide (QRG) included
Price: We would need to know more…
so ask us for a quote!
We’ll make it work!
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
Xpert – by opXL Learning Systems
So What Now?
Get in touch! Let us do our thing to help your customers do
their thing – just better! opXL Learning Systems’ Xpert platform
will enhance your customers’ experience with your products,
and will create a more loyal customer as well.
Visit us online at,
Or reach out to us at:, 703-200-1474