M a g a z i n e
B E A U T Y + W E L L N E S S
Stay naturally Pur.
Unforgivingly Pur. Inc. is bold, natural and authentic. We are
bold in the way we formulate high quality natural products
with key ingredients from around the world and delicious
natural fragrances. We specialize in delivering modern
solutions for various ethnic skin type concerns, yet we are
more than just products. We aspire for you to live an authentic
lifestyle; redefining your values and prioritizing wellness.
We are committed to inspiring
customers to prioritize wellness
through creating high quality products
and unique experiences that advance
the standards of beauty and wellness in
a bold and unapologetic way.
To create a wellness space that will
change how people manage stress in
their everyday lives, to provide global
customers with tools, products, and
services that promote a well-balanced
life, and to have industry leading
Beauty You Can Trust.
If I could sum up our last 4 years
in business in one word, that word would
be grateful. Starting a business was
never in Cola nor Is life plan but
entrepreneurship was in our DNA long
before we even knew what it was. I mean
growing up all we heard from our parents
was go to school, go to
college/University, and get a good job.
I mean it was like a mantra. Meanwhile
we witnessed our dad get involved in
various business ventures including
running his own counselling practice and
writing his own book. I think because
he knew the difficulties of
entrepreneurship is why he didn’t
encourage that path for us but God knew
better and led us to that path anyways.
Fast forward to our first year of
business, we had no idea what we were
doing, I mean no business degree or
formal business education just passion,
a vision, determination, and God. The
best thing we ever did was to just
One thing that couldn’t be taught but
is crucial is having confidence in
business. People will always want to
give you their advice, solicited or
unsolicited because they just want to
‘help’. Confidence allows you to
discern which advice is for you and
which advice is just that, advice. Most
often the advice is coming from people
who dont know or see the vision for
your business but you know your vision;
stick with it.
It took us 4 years for us to mature
into the businesswomen we are today and
we are still learning every single day.
We are grateful for all the lessons we
have learned along the way and we are
even more grateful for you, our tribe.
For all the kind words of encouragement
and support we have received, THANK YOU.
We could’ve given up long time ago but
we have a purpose to fulfill that is
bigger than just us. So here’s to the
first 4 years and many many more to
come. CHEERS!!!
"The greatest
glory in living lies
not in never
falling, but in
rising every time
we fall."
Honestly not enough people are
taking an interest into what’s
going on around them today but
from talking to you I believe it’s
definitely a part of your purpose
to go against the norm and we
need more people like you
around. What is your favorite part
of what you do?
Rondail: Connecting with people
has to be the best part of what I do.
My platform is heard in 19 countries
around the world. And to know that
my voice and messages can be
heard in places I never thought it
could is amazing.
Cola: Isn’t the internet such a
wonderful place? People make it
seem sometimes that the internet
is such a horrible invention but
that’s how we were able to
connect. I can only imagine how
dope that must feel. So with the
blessing of many voices getting
to connect with you, what are you
hoping to establish with this
Rondail: The overall objective of my
podcast is to enlighten and help
others, predominantly in the black
Cola: That’s a great objective
cause I think an educated and
informed person is the most
detrimental, even better if that’s
our own people. We need to arm
ourselves with the knowledge
they tried to keep from us.
Unfortunately sometimes we
aren’t just fighting people outside
our community but we’re fighting
the very same black people who
claim to be helping their
community. In our case that’s
how we connected, sorting
through the messy scandal
happening in philly, most people
turn a blind eye; so why did you
want to do the interview with us?
Rondail: I have eight years working
in finance, I have first hand
knowledge of the economic
disadvantages and lack of financial
literacy that exist in the black
community. I understand how hard
small black businesses work to
break barriers. And the fact that
many huge black platforms
continued to ignore or not address
powerful Instagram influencers
taking advantage of the community
angered me.
My name is Rondail but many people
who know me personally call me
Ronnie. And if you know me via
YouTube, you’ll know me as Rondail’s
Unpopular Opinion.
By day, I’m a full-time mom and
operations manager for one of the top
banks in the US. And I am also a digital
content creator for YouTube, Apple
Podcasts, Anchor, and Spotify.
I have always been opinionated as a
child and growing up and I felt that
knowledge is indeed power. I honestly
just started my platform because I
wanted to talk and provoke thought. I
believe that in this very unprecedented
time the world is living in, it is highly
imperative to stay informed.
Cola: High five to being a full time
mom and operations manager and
still want to keep people informed.
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are
called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 I believe God uses many situations around us
that may look negative for our good and meeting Rondail has definitely been a God
appointment type of situation. We had the pleasure of doing an interview with her on her
Youtube channel and she keeps it 100. She’s real, to the point and points out what most people
would say is an unpopular opinion, so let’s dig deeper and find out more about her.
Rondail's Unpopular
Hey Rondail, please introduce
yourself and tell what your
motivation was behind creating
your channel? And how important
is it for people to stay informed?
The best thing you
can do is listen to
your body
I Have Always Been
I felt that these small black
businesses mattered thus the reason
I took the courage to conduct an
interview with you guys-Unforgivingly
Pur, my first interview as a digital
creator . We can’t say only black
lives matter, and not think of black
livelihood. It helps determine our
legacy. What generational wealth we
leave behind to our children and
families. As a collective, black
peoples have 1 trillion dollars in
spending power. There’s no need to
take advantage of your own, the
loyalty will sustain us as consumers.
Rondail: I love Memorial Day
weekend and Fourth of July.
Memorial day weekend is the
unofficial start to summertime fun.
And Fourth of July because my
birthday is July 2nd, so I know it’s a
holiday where I know I’m going to
have a good time.
Cola: Summer time is definitely
my favorite season so I feel you.
Everyone in Canada knows that
July is when the real summer
starts. Well this has been
amazing and I want people to
connect with you so tell our
Puristas where they can hear
more of your interviews and
unpopular opinion.
Rondail: My Youtube is Rondail’s
unpopular opinion and on instagram
it's @rondail_theunpopularopinion
You can be proud that you are
bout action and not jus talk talk.
That being said, this type of work
can be overwhelming so how
important is wellness and how do
you balance it?
Rondail: Wellness is everything.
Mental and physical. The best thing
you can do to balance wellness is to
learn yourself and listen to your
body. What is it telling you ? What is
normal or not normal for you ? In
the times we are living in, it is highly
imperative for people to understand
that what you put in or on your body
matters. From the foods you eat to
what you consume from media.
Wellness is about moderation and
putting your well being first !
Cola: See this is why you’re so
awesome. Not everyone has that
mentality, it seems to be more and
more rare. I have been through a
lot in life more than most and
sometimes I jus have to ask life
like wassup? How much more
pressure are we gonna endure,
how much more hits are we gonna
Everything you said is exactly
why we want to build a wellness
center. It’s about legacy, it’s about
building our community up, it’s
about shifting that 1 trillion dollar
back into our own and watching
us flourish..
We can’t say only
black lives matter,
and not think of
black livelihood
Great So If you’re looking for
thought provoking material, if
you’re looking to not just follow
sheeple but learn for yourself
what’s going on from different
perspectives, then Rondail is
who y’all need to connect with.
Stay Blessed.
Cola: Agreed! Wellness is about
learning your body. I’m learning
to ensure that even when I’m
busy, wellness doesn’t jus get
pushed aside. Sometimes it’s
harder to navigate emotions
when holidays come around
because we’re often so busy
hosting and celebrating. This
being the holiday edition, I gotta
ask, what is your favorite holiday
and why?
This book is the final light
guiding through a path of
mistrust, abandonment,
emotional abuse and grief.
Her sadness and anger is
tainted by peace, acceptance
and love. A soul so colorfully
dark, that only forgiveness
could uplift it. Meshed with
storytelling, reflections and
poetic interludes this is Cola's
Love is like a drug. It can be addictive, we can
become codependent, we can die for love,
sacrifice for love or we can live in a truly happy
bliss. So what happens when love is toxic?
Poisonous? Life threatening? How do we
balance love? What I’ve learned about love is
that it must first start with me. Love is a language
that I’m learning to become fluent in. Love is
unconditional, love is a journey, love is God and
God is love. He sacrificed for love so that I can
keep on loving others. That agape kinna love.
Even still, it’s a balance and I’m still journeying
I’ve been trying to figure all of this out as well.
Everyday I wanted to tell you but I was jus so
far into it I didn't know how or where to start. I
know you hate lying and I had lied so much to
you. As much as I was lying there where a lot of
parts that were true. Romeo’s personality and
how I am is true . My heart and the connection
you felt with me is true . I might not have been
the person in the photo or that voice that you
fell in love with . But mostly everything that
was me was real . So because you loved the
voice and the idea of Romeo I just kept it going.
This is the beginning of the email I received from
my love when I found out that he was actually a
I was in love with a ghost. A shadow. A catfish.
The pictures, the conversations, the phone sex… all
lies. We had been dating on and off for 11 years,
but we had never met in person and never skyped.
Don’t get me wrong, we tried, but something
always got in the way, car accident, phone died,
and then he moved from Toronto to Vancouver.
For years we just kept it going, I dated other guys
whenever we broke up, but no one seemed to
measure up to him. Besides the fact that he told
me no one else would ever love me or that I was
difficult to love and that only he could love me; he
was my match and time and time again when I
tried to prove him wrong, I was let down and my
shame led me back to him.
The day I got this email I texted my therapist for
an emergency session. I was stunned. Mute. I cried
silently. I had no words. I describe the moment as
what I believed it feels like to go insane. My brain
felt split trying to process but also trying to protect
myself from feeling everything so intently. I
wanted to ask questions, but didn’t want all the
answers. I would hold my breath cause I didn’t
trust myself to breathe. My therapist helped me
rationalize that yes obviously she lied but that she
was obviously going through her own pain to do
that to me.
Hurt people hurt people. He also pointed out
that it wasn't all malicious. I mean she sent me
gifts, paid for my son’s birth certificate and
helped with his headstone after he passed,
surely this was a gesture of love.
Unseen was the emotional abuse, the way she
threatened suicide multiple times to keep me in
the relationship, the psychological abuse or
the way she always got my number every time
I blocked her. Even with all that, as I was
driving one day she came to my mind and as I
thought of her and why she did what she did,
my heart started to hurt but in a way that felt
like it was being mended.
Love is compassion.
Two weeks after that, she mentioned she was
back in town and showed up to an event I was
at. I was moments away from the clock
striking 12 am to ring in my birthday and as I
stood before her I didn’t hate her, wanna hurt
her, or have anger towards her, nothing.
Love is forgiveness.
Forgiveness for her set me free from the
weight of so much and we not only cultivated
a friendship but remained close friends till this
Right before Covid she asked me to help her
move back out of the province, which I did.
Love is support.
Shortly after I returned from helping my spirit
started to shift. I asked myself, had she not
shown up at the event and physically placed
herself in my life, would we have become such
close friends? My answer? I dunno.
What I do know is that in the last two years
she has been an great friend, my best friend
even. She understood me better than anyone
else and has been supportive. She's funny,
caring, nurturing, great at listening and overall
cool. We couldn't have been friends otherwise
and although my forgiveness for her will never
change, I also know that forgiveness is a
process and I started feeling like there was
something more that I wasn’t dealing with.
During the season of #relationshipgoals at
Transformation church, pastor Mike Todd
mentioned that God was changing
relationships around us that were started in
the wrong way. God is a God of strong
foundations and He can't bless things started
in the wrong way, but he will turn a mess into
a blessing. Sometimes you can’t heal from the
person that hurt you while still in the same
space as them; and I didn't even know the cut
was still so deep. Just cause I didn't smell
smoke doesn't mean it wasn't there.
Love is Acknowledgment.
We haven't spoken in months, I don't even
know where we stand but I got my own
Netflix account. In the absence, the memories
and everything I surpressed has been coming
back. I can't run. I gotta deal with it head on,
;and it has not been easy.
Somedays I can’t mentally take it all in. I
need breaks. Other days I’m fine. I was mad
at myself. But confronting it has been what
I needed in order to let it go. So I give space
for the thought, I let the emotion run, I let
the tears, anger, and fear... run.
I write myself letters and I take a lot of naps.
For me, recovering from trauma means
giving my brain more than usual rest.
Love is balance.
I remind myself that friendships are
relationships and relationships need nurture,
balance and a good foundation; even the
relationships with myself. I also remind
myself that I'm not perfect. While healing
sometimes I ignore people. At times I avoid
confrontation to limit the stress on my
head. I even push people away. I still got
work to do. But I'm committed to showing
up and doing the work to ensure I'm not
inflicting the same pain that I'm running
Love is unconditional
Healing properly means I have to see my
own value, my own beauty, and own my
confidence. I learned that I am resilient. I
am enjoying re-learning myself so that
when my new love shows up, I will already
be whole, happy, complete, in balance and
in love with myself.
What do you love about yourself? Is your
love balanced or is it tipped too far on one
side? If it is, readjust and start again.
P October  2020  U  R . Magazine Holiday  B E A U T Y   W E L L N E S S  Edition
Too many nightcrawlers
With tall secrets
I found messages of I Love you and I hate you
Synchronizing my heart and mind to understand that
l.o.v.e can be the same as h.u.r.t
Even when it's not done intentionally this hurt
becomes a blinding poison
Injected by words
digested by taste
This quest for love got me slowly dying Trying to
make sense of how I abused f.u.c.k confusing it with
Following everything I see on t.v thinking damn this
must be the reality
This must be love
This must be the l.o.v.e that I've been searching for
Gimme more Gimme more More of this love that
takes little effort
More of this t.v idea that produces a happy blissful
life full of money, sarcasm coincidences and
Imagining I'm in a world where Nikki and professor
Oglevee are an everyday reality without the chase
Facing reality forces me to break free from the
stigmas and run in the opposite direction
Forging connections between my soul and restoration
My desperation for truth brings me to
another level of understanding that the definition of
is synonymous for m.e
2-1 Face & Body Wash
The blessing of Ombré brows
They say that eyebrows are 90% of your selfie and
if that’s true then my selfies have been missing out on
a large percentage. If you are anything like me, then
you know that the struggle of having to fill in your
brows everyday is...too... real. Between genetics and
over plucking, my brows just never seemed to have hit
puberty lol
One fateful night, during one of my random social
media dives I found it... the solution I’ve been
yearning for. I was introduced to this service called
Ombre brows aka microshading that gives you
smooth powdery brows that can last anywhere from
1-5 years (average 2 years).
My mind was blown to say the least. After much
consideration, research, and encouragement from
my sis, I decided to get it done and I honestly have
no regrets. The brow artist who slayed my services
is Daniella Osman aka Danie from Brow Fuel. She
shared with me that she got into Ombre brows by
first wanting to have the service done for herself
but not being able to find someone who she felt was
confident in dealing with melanated skin in
Canada. By what seemed like fate, she was able to
get trained by a US brow artist and has never
looked back.
Now this is a semi-permanent procedure so
some consideration needed to be had about such a
decision but in my opinion this was a true solution
to my personal brow issue. On the day of, I was
more excited than I was nervous. Since I’ve already
gotten a tattoo in the past, I was pretty familiar
with the whole process. Danie’s personality though
did make the whole process comfortable and
smooth which was awesome. She definitely took
her time on the brow mapping which I appreciated
to ensure that she got the right shape and size
before starting any shading. Not gonna lie, It is a
long procedure about 3 hours and I definitely fell
asleep halfway through but these results totally
exceeded my expectations and now I wake up with
true confidence everyday. And that feeling is...
Head over to Browfuel.com for more information
and to book your brow services.

"Hydrated Skin
Is Healthy
I ' M D R E A M I N G O F
"I allowed
myself the
space to make
my own
I t s a l i t t l e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( a d j e c t i v e ) t o s e e a
w o r k s h e e t o n m y T h a n k s g i v i n g p l a t e w h e n t h e r e
s h o u l d b e n o t h i n g b u t a t r i p l e s e r v i n g o f
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( f o o d ) . B u t I a l s o r e a l i z e t h i s
h o l i d a y i s t h e o n l y o n e w e t a l k a b o u t f e e l i n g
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( f e e l i n g ) . I w a n t e d t o b e s u r e
t o t a k e t i m e t o r e f l e c t o n t h e l a s t y e a r , a y e a r
t h a t h a s b e e n f i l l e d w i t h _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
( a c t i v i t y ) , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( a c t i v i t y ) , a n d p r o b a b l y
w a y t o o m u c h _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( f a v o r i t e a c t i v i t y ) .
I c o u l d h a v e d o n e w i t h o u t t h e
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( n o u n ) , a n d I w i s h w h e n I
w o k e u p a t _ _ _ _ _ _ ( n u m b e r ) A . M . t h a t I h a d n ’ t
w o r r i e d a b o u t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( s t r e s s f u l n o u n ) .
B u t t h e r e ’ s a l o t t o c e l e b r a t e a s w e l l .
I m g r a t e f u l
I s t i l l h a v e m y _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( n o u n ) a n d I
f i n a l l y h a d t h e c h a n c e t o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( V e r b ) . B u t
m o s t l y I m t h a n k f u l f o r t h e p e o p l e a r o u n d t h e
t a b l e , w i t h o u t w h o m I w o u l d p r o b a b l y b e
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( a d j e c t i v e ) .
H a p p y t h a n k s g i v i n g ! !
For Limited Time Only
[rəˈlaks] verb
Rest and allow yourself to
become calm: rest from work
or engage in an enjoyable
activity so as to become less
tired or anxious.
Get In Touch
Hael Wellness
- immune booster
- expectorant (breaks up
- antiseptic
- decongestant
- helps w/ hypertension
- anticoagulant (blood
- helps lower blood sugar
Follow @melaninraven &
@3wyldravens on IG for
more herb highlights
Here’s a herb most of us if not all are
familiar with, GARLIC!
Allium sativum or common garlic is a VERY
aromatic herb to say the least. Its in the
same group of plants as onion and can often
be found growing together. This herb is so
strong in scent that it’s said to have the
power to keep evil away (vampires I’m
looking at you lol).
Garlic is one of the most powerful immune
boosters out there! It’s loaded with a crazy
amount of antifungal, antibacterial,
antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.
One of my favourite ways to get the
medicinal benefits of garlic is to ferment it
in honey! The honey also has its own
amazing health benefits, which makes these
two a great pair. Also, it helps with the taste
lol cause garlic is not for the faint of heart.
Allen Avenue
Original Sophisticated Style
There ain't nun sexier than showing up
confidently clothed like royalty. For this
fashion section we are bringing y'all 2
bombtastic designers who’s items are
definitely unique and challenge the
standard norms.
We caught up with them to ask all about
their collective and individual goals. Let’s
jump in. Hey Ladies, please tell us more
about your collective.
I think this is genius because it’s essentially
one place where we can shop local, shop
black and shop multiple styles. That’s
awesome. Ok let’s check in with The Allen
Avenue first. What is the Allen avenue style?
What we’ve known you for is your kimonos
but you have since evolved to include many
other pieces including headwraps, mask
and you even have stuff for the man dem in
people’s lives. What we want to know is
what goal do you have for yourself?
Hand snaps, yass, legacy is a word we don’t
often talk about but it is necessary because
there are generations coming after us that
need to be put in a better position than what
we started with. But building legacy takes a
great deal of consistency and will power
which can also be stressful so how do you
balance wellness?
You speak about something that most
people don’t. It’s true that most times when
we talk about wellness it involves feeling
good, and living stress free, but there’s that
other part of wellness that is discomfort. The
discomfort that we are growing and doing
everything necessary to set up a better
future. I heard this statement that has stuck
with me, “two ounces of pain is greater than
two tonnes of regret” It’s better to work now
through the pain than regret later not doing
anything. You are well on your way with
creating legacy and leaving impact. I love
how you talk about family cause we are in
the season of family gatherings so tell us,
what is your favorite holiday and why?
Agreed, well, I’m navigating a time in my life
where I’m cool being solo and working out
my traumas but I do look forward to the
times when my family has intentionally set
time to be together. Well it’s been a
pleasure, let’s see what Stylz Afriq has to
say, another designer part of the collective..
ey Hun, we're am such a fan of your style
and the way you blend modern trends,
Ankara prints and bright bold colors. Your
story of how relocating to Lagos sparked
your journey into the fashion industry is
inspiring. Where there is no vision, the
people perish -proverbs 29:18 but you have
had incredible vision. We would like to know
just one of the goals you have for yourself?
That’s a great goal and your clothing fully
embraces the culture, the style, the colors,
the cheer and pride that comes with being
authentic to oneself. So often we try to leave
culture behind but it’s really the beauty that
keeps us unique. Uniquely we all go through
our own journey’s that will test but how we
emerge is what matters. As you climb to your
goal how do you balance your selfcare?
Self care takes time to build and it is even
more challenging when managing family, a
household and a business so whatever
you’ve able to do for yourself is a step in the
right direction. Tea time is a great way to
start small.
My sister and I have been getting into tea
and turmeric lattes that come with a world of
benefits for us. Soul changing, the warmth
hits our souls and gives us such a renewed
appreciation for the small things. Our
favorite final question is what’s your favorite
holiday and why?
Christmas lights are such an extravagant
thing in Niagara falls, we used to go see
them a lot more when we were kids but
haven’t been in a while and I don’t know if
they are going to do them this year with
admit lights are a fun part of Christmas. For
some people I get concerned for their
electricity bill cause they deck the halls
while adding all the bells and whistles but
God bless those people cause it brings so
much joy.
My sis and I would drive Kaykay around just
so he could see the lights. Breathtaking.
Well ladies, thank you so much for
expanding our minds to the flyness which is
your collective. We personally can’t wait to
order some more pieces but we’re hoping
this season treats each of you extremely
well. Puristas you can follow up and get
more information on their collective from
their Instagram @designers.studio.four
Happy shopping!.
Everything you need for everyday living...Naturally
Let's normalize Luxury
12 Days of Black
On the 12th day of Black
Owned Christmas my true
love gave to me...Kofi's Art
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On the 11th day my
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gift certificate to Yoni
Spa cause he knows
how much I like to
keep it tight and
12 black
owned brands
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On the 10th day my
true love gave to
me...this gorgeous
handmade flat hat
from JV accessories.
On the 9th day my true love
gave to me...a custom eye
shadow palette from Paba
Cosmetics because who
know our skin better than
PUR. Magazine vol 2
12 Days of Black
Christmas cont..
On the 8th day of Black
Owned Christmas my true
love gave to me...A sexy
satin robe from Stylz Afriq
to add some luxury to this
home quarantine life
On the 7th day my true
love gave me... some
goodies from Black
Owned Toronto because
supporting local
businesses is important.
12 black
owned brands
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On the 6th day my true love
gave to me...Fire headwraps
from The Allen Avenue so
that I can slay like the
Queen I am.
On the 5th day my true love
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12 Days of Black
Christmas cont..
On the 4th day of Black
Owned Christmas my true
love gave to me... Some
dope prints from
M.Falconer to add to my
On the 3rd day my
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On the 2nd day my true
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Certificate so I can get my
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Triple Butter Hair & Body
Buttercreme from
Unforgivingly Pur. because
he loves to touch silky skin
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PUR. Magazine vol 2
Available in Two Scents
Vanilla Mint
Sweet Talk Kiss, with a twist
Crab salad isn’t something I eat on
the regular but this recipe has opened
up my mind to the possibilities. This
is a really quick and simple way to
enhance your meal.
Shopping list.
- 1⁄2 or 1 pound imitation Crab
- Fresh dill- necessary this makes a
- Garlic powder, Salt, Black Peppa,
Paprika-non negotiables, season to
- Corn
- Celery-optional
- Red Pepper-adds a nice crunch
- Mayo-brings it all together
- Onion-I prefer green onion, the
taste isn’t as strong
First grab a bowl. You’re off to a great
start. Next grab a knife to cut up the
desired amount of crab into smaller
pieces. Following that, proceed to
chop,1/2 red pepper, 2 green onion
stalks and 1-2 stalks of celery if
using. Throw everything into a bowl. If
using corn, measure out 2-3 tablespoons.
Here is the most important part, this
will make or break your salad. Add the
Now for the second most important part,
Season you salad. Again, let your
ancestors guide you, salt and season to
taste. For measurements 12 teaspoon
paprika, 14 salt. 1⁄4 black peppa, 1⁄4
garlic powder. Last step is to add some
dill. (Or 1⁄2 teaspoons) Mix together
and you have made a slamming dish.
As much as I am not tied to timing,
this dish is all about timing so that
the food is not overcooked. Have you
ever had over cooked shrimp?
Shopping list
- Seafood of choice: shrimp, lobster,
mussels, craw fish, scallops, crab etc.
- Andouille or kielbassa Sausage
- corn
- Potato (optional)
- 2 medium onions
- 8 pegs of garlic
- Lemon
- Lemon butter or reg butter
- Bay leaf
- Seasonings: Paprika/smoked paprika,
salt, black pepper, lemon pepper,
cajun, seafood seasoning, parsley
- White wine- half to whole bottle
We had no clue how to cook this so we
found a dope video on youtube. Were
all about supporting others so click
the link to check it out.
To prep we thawed all frozen seafood and
chopped the sausage, onions, garlic
(pegged), lemons (cut in half) and corn.
Next put large pot on the stove on high
heat, fill about half way with wine and
water depending on how much seafood you
have. Add all chopped ingredients and
all seasonings. Bring it all to a boil.
Taste the pot along the way to ensure
there is enough seasoning.
Once boiling, time to add seafood.
Start with crawfish and mussels, cover
and let that cook 5-7 mins. Next add
shrimp/crab let cook another 3-5 mins,
then scallops last. Once cooked drain
water and transfer to serving dish.
Last step, melt butter/lemon butter, add
seasonings, stir and pour over seafood.
Can also use as a dipping sauce.
Grab a couple gloves and ENJOY!
Sea Food Boil
To be honest I used to hate salmon.
You could not pay me enough to eat it.
Since salmon has such great nutrients
I looked for different ways to enjoy
it and stumbled upon salmon
Shopping list:
- Butter or oil- grease the pan
- Salmon fresh or frozen
- 1 puff pastry pack
- 3-4 tbsp Cream cheese- herb and
garlic taste the best
- Spinach- as much or little as you
- Onion- 1 med size
- Garlic 2-4 pegs- yes please!
- Bread crumbs 1/3 cup– try Italian
- Egg wash-substitutes are butter or
olive oil
- 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
- Salt, pepper
- Fresh dill- garnish (optional)
First, remove puff pastry from fridge
and let stand until room temp.
Remove from package and lay on flat
surface. 1 pastry per salmon fillet.
Next we want to season the salmon so that
it has time to marinate. Use seasonings
of choice: salt, black pepper, garlic,
onion powder etc. 1 wellington serves 2
people. Once the salmon is seasoned, put
it to the side.
Filling: Chop onions and garlic and add
to medium pan with butter/oil and cook
over med heat until onions are
transluscent. Add spinach. When
shriveled, add cream cheese, bread
crumbs, and parmesean. Stir until well
Preheat oven to 425F. Lay salmon in
centre of pastry and spread a med layer
of filling on top. Fold over pastry
ensuring all sides closed then flip and
place on baking sheet lined with
parchment paper. Brush top with egg
wash/butter, make crisscross slices in
pastry then brush again. Bake in oven
for 20-25 mins or until top lightly
browned. Bon Appetit.
Growing up in a Caribbean household
meant that rice was something we just
ate...often. So to have seafood rice as
a variation has been such a needed
change to my system.
Shopping list:
- Rice
- Seafood broth
- Lobster bisk- find in soup aisle non-
- Sesame seed oil-Yes it is necessary
- Butter/Oil to grease the pan
- Seafood toppings-shrimp, oysters all
additional but not necessary
-Seasonings (cajun, smoked paprika,
garlic, basil, seafood seasoning)
- Garlic pegs
First, measure out your rice about 2
cups for a smaller dish, 4 cups if
feeding a family. Next, wash your rice!
Don’t skip this step. (To wash your
rice, pour enough water to cover it,
swoosh it around, then drain.)
Instead of cooking the rice in water, we
are going to replace it with the seafood
broth. Place rice in pot and pour in
broth until rice covered. (2 cups rice =
2 1/4 cup broth) Add dash of salt, 1
tablespoon butter and thyme (optional).
Cover and cook on high heat.
Once pot starts to boil, turn dowm to
low heat and let simmer. When most of
the water has evaporated, add lobster
bisk, stir, then cover pot and turn off
stove and allow steam to finish cook
rice approx 5-10 mins.
To complete this seafood rice dish, add
a little oil/ to a skillet and add the
chopped garlic pegs and/or
seafood toppings. As it starts to
soften/cook, transfer either all or a
portion of the rice. Add 1-2
tablespoons of sesame oil then season
to taste with cajun, smoked paprika,
basil and seafood
With Oysters & Musrooms
By choice, I spent Christmas 2019 at
home by myself and this beautiful recipe
was birthed. It only makes sense we
bring it back for the holiday season
cause Ive been making it ever since.
Shopping list
- Rum overproof is the best
- Wine- whatever you got on hand
- 8 Bananas -ripper the better
- Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, almond
extract is it banana bread without
- Coconut milk powder (optional)
- Brown sugar
- Honey- yum, winnie the pooh style
- Chia seeds- great protein (optional)
- Butter-really pulls it all together
- Baking soda-essential
- Baking powder-essential
- Egg (substitute: applesauce)
- All purpose Flour (gluten-free works)
Let’s start with the bananas: in a bowl
mash bananas then add 1 cup rum, 1/3 cup
wine, and dash of cinnamon then stir.
In another bowl, mix all dry ingredients
4 cups of flour
1⁄2 cup chia seeds (optional)
1⁄2 cup coconut milk powder (optional,
but I love it)
2 cups brown sugar
2.5 tsp baking soda
2.5 tsp baking powder
Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, almond
extract about 1 teaspoon each
In another bowl combine 1⁄4 - 12 cup
honey (to taste), 2.5 eggs or egg
substitute (1 egg = 1⁄4 cup applesauce)
and 1⁄2 cup butter or MTC coconut oil if
ya fancy.
Add egg mixture to banana rum first,
then add to dry ingredients. Mix well.
Pour into lightly greased loaf pans.
Bake for 1 hour in the oven on 350F
Melt butter in saucepan, once melted add
brown sugar, stir, then add rum (to
taste) Should be like caramel. While the
loafs are still hot, saturate the tops
with the sauce.
Arts & Healing
Christon Gray
Christon Gray
Christon Gray
Christon Gray
2014 was a rough year for me to
say the least, but music has always
been my love language. Started
playing piano at age 3, gifted,
music runs in my blood. It’s not just
the lyrics but it's also the vibrations.
Some of us have specific songs
that get us through challenges, but
me? I have a whole album. It’s no
coincidence that one of my favorite
albums, School of Roses was also
released in 2014. Soothing beats,
relatable stories, Christian
influences and a beautifully silky
voice, helped heal the many ways
in which my heart had been
To then find out that not only did a
dear friend of mine, Shabby, know
the singer but that he was also a
writing partner and part of the
process of making this album come
alive; had me looking up like “God
really?” I think back to how many
dark moments I broke free from. I
think of the nights suicide plagued
my mind with this album on replay.
So if you ask me if I think music is
healing? My answer would be
I met Shabby & his wife by God
appointment a year before my
son died. To me they exude what
I call a Jesus life. They are so
perfectly imperfect but dripping
with Jesus’ love, compassion,
swag & a passion to follow Him.
This type of passion influences
the music in the best way
The School of Roses artist
Christon Gray, is an American
R&B singer and rapper born and
raised in Columbus, Ohio. He
has found a way to combine
R&B + Christian music together
to create songs that are about
being human. His approach has
allowed him to have mainstream
success.- which is huge for
Christians. I first got to meet
Christon Gray in 2016. It was
extremely important for me to
meet him and tell him how much
his music meant to me, and how
it set me free. How do you
express gratitude to someone
who couldn’t possibly know how
great of an impact they had on
you? For this Arts & Healing
section, I wanted to have a
conversation with both of them
on the effects of music and
Does music play an important
role in mental health/ wellness
for you?
Shabby: For me, it's important
and plays a two fold role. First,
writing songs is like mapping
out the journey of your life.
Even when you feel like what
you're writing is meant for
someone else. It's a diary and
it allows me to grow personally
which is huge for my mental
health and wellness.
Second, when you know that
what you're doing is being
used by God to help others the
same way, it can almost
become addictive. I know that
sounds a little rough, and it
can become a problem, but the
feeling you get when someone
tells you that a song you wrote
stopped them from committing
suicide or improved their
marriage, it's wild. No credit to
me, all credit to the Lord, but
it's still wild.
Shabby: My friends Pete and Shez
have an awesome project called
Thank You Music which speaks to
exactly that. Even in the music
course I teach we speak about the
true and real healing qualities of
music. Whether it brings a
dementia patient back to their
family for a moment as a powerful
memory takes over to someone in
a coma who has their favourite
music played in their hospital room
to stabilize their heart rate. Music
is a wonderful gift from God that,
when used well (cause we know it
isn't always used well), can
change peoples lives for the
Christon: It does both. Sometimes,
hearing an older song or writing
about a memory or feeling can
take me to a darker place. That's
okay, we need that sometimes and
I'm usually with safe people and
we go through it together. But
hearing some great old Gospel
tunes or listening to some Stevie
can bring me out of almost any
emotion or feeling.
Agreed, I believe that music is
not only healing (the process of
making or becoming sound or
healthy again.), but it’s
therapeutic benefits are
underrated. (relating to the
healing of disease)
Not in just becoming healthy but
in literally shifting diseases and
the way our bodies internalize
them. I know y’all mentioned
that music is healing, but do you
find the act of singing or even
writing to be therapeutic as
Shabby: For sure. Mostly worship
music, but sometimes an up-tempo
song can also kick start some
therapeutic emotions as well.
Christon: Yes I do. Especially
when I'm performing for an
audience of One. Being a worship
leader for so many years has also
shown me the glory God receives
when His people sing to Him. The
faces in the congregation tell the
Telling the story is what it is all
about because essentially our
lives are on going stories. With
such successful albums what
has the writing process been
like for you?
Christon: Well, it's been the same
for the last few albums. I don't feel
any pressure to perform, God just
gives me the words and melodies.
I feel pressure as a man, as a
husband, father, breadwinner, etc,
but not when it comes to writing.
Usually we sit together in a room,
whether it's me and Shabby or Bird
or whoever I'm with at that moment
and we establish a sentiment.
From there we map out a story and
find the right melody. After that, it's
off to the races.
If you could state one thing
about you, what is it that you
wish people knew about
Shabby: Even with all my
mistakes, everything I do is for
Christon: Ditto to Shabs
Who are your musical
influences? How have they
influenced you?
Shabby: It all started with the
Beatles and the Motown
sound for me. My parents
listened to 1050 CHUM when
I was young and with a strict
music policy in our Christian
home, listening to the hits
from those artists, as well as
the Beach Boys, Joni
Mitchell, Bill Withers and the
like developed the foundation
that my song writing style is
based on. And with the new
generation looking for shorter
songs than my generation, it
takes us back to those older
days and how great and 'to
the point' their hits were!
What are your experiences with
music/mental health and
When the pandemic hit, we dropped
'See You Soon'. That was in April
and as I write this in September, the
song is still in the top 25 at Christian
CHR/Rhythmic radio. As racial
tensions and hatred rose in my
country, we dropped 'Beautiful
Dreamer' and then when it kept on
going, we dropped the remix with
Prop. It's been real, but God is
faithful. Nobody has it better than
Yass, I love that, I’ve spent time
pluggin into God and making
sure I stay inline with everything
going on and I’ve been listening
to your new songs on spotify
which has been soothing. With all
these new songs I’m curious to
know what you have coming out
Christon: I'm finishing up work on
my School of Roses 2 album. I've
released about 5-6 songs since
the pandemic hit, so my fans
should have some tasty treats to
hold them over.
I CAN’T WAIT for this new
album. I already mentioned how
School of Roses is hands down
my favorite album, so this is
absolutely amazing. I remember
when you sang at my book
launch in 2018. That gesture
gives me so many layers of
appreciation for you and your
music. It’s one thing to hear
your songs on my phone but to
hear them live??? That moment
was something only God could
have Ordained. Years later here
we are doing this interview.
Amen, I’d much rather make
mistakes and have God love me
then live life trying to be perfect
and Miserable. Push Pause, I
want to do a quick wellness
check in, how are y’all doing in
this crazy 2020?
Shabby: I feel wonderful. The Lord
has used to this time to speak into
my life and my family. We have had
ups and downs of course, this has
been a wild year, but God's
provision and plan are still at the
Christon: Like Shabs said, ups and
downs for sure. I have a great wife
and 2 beautiful daughters to keep
the smile on my face. Putting out
music has helped also.
My final question since it’s
holiday edition is what is your
favorite holiday and why?
Shabby: Christmas. I have great
memories and I love celebrating
the Saviour's birth
Christon: Christmas because
Santa is not real.
Listen Here
Very true, lol Santa ain’t
real. Jesus is. Thank you
both for living in purpose
and using music to
Transform lives. The
correlation is undeniable.
My current replay song is
Closer (restore my sight)
Y’all go check it out and
let it bless you.
For Him
We’ve talked about Music and wellness but what about the
healing properties of art in general? One thing a lot of
people don’t know about me is that I hold a Bachelor of Fine
Arts degree-specialized in classical piano. This is why I’m
so passionate about how art and wellness relate because
it’s ingrained in me. It’s where I experience the most
freedom and where I feel the most comfortable. By the
amount of paint parties that have popped up in the last few
years I can only assume that more and more people are
understanding the peace that comes from letting creativity
There’s a Toronto artist who I am truly a fan of, his work is
beautiful and I couldn’t be more excited to jump into this
conversation with Kofi. First lemme tell you more about him
and his accomplishments.
Kofi Frempong (Kofi's Art) is a Ghanaian born, Toronto based
visual artist, community health worker and founder of Freedom
Fridayz, a movement rooted in the belief that community can
build community. Kofi has a passion for creating safe spaces
which are conducive to love, learning, laughter and endless
possibilities. He is well known for his use of vibrant warm colours
and free brush strokes in depicting narratives of black love and
beauty. I believes that art is a conduit of love and creating art is a
form of expression and healing. “Love the world with all your
art” is one of his guiding philosophies.
As a professional artist, Kofi has been able to build a successful
art career that has opened many doors for him. Through his art,
he has been featured in various blogs, exhibited at the Art
Gallery of Ontario, and participated in Art Basel Miami. In
addition to this, Kofi has also had the honor of having his work
featured in multiple galleries in Ontario, Miami, New York, and
Atlanta. Kofi has experienced many things and have
accumulated many successes but perhaps his biggest
accomplishment is being able to inspire his two wonderful
daughters to develop a love for art.
I think that’s a great philosophy. When we love the world
with our talent and gifts we open people up to a whole
new world of possibilities. The world is full of vibrant
colors and I love tackling them one brush stroke at a time
because to be inspired or inspirational is to experience
another level of love. On the topic of inspiration, my
question to you is what inspires you?
Everything inspires me ! People, music, colours,
conversations.. everything.
A good conversation can stimulate the brain in many
ways. There’s nothing greater than using the brain for
which it was intended for and to pull from it to create
masterpieces. When treated right with water, rest, and
exercise the brain can unlock plenty. Kofi, your art is not
only mesmerizing but looking at your art connects to
deeper emotions for me. Most recently I saw some
exciting news about CBC art. Can you tell me more about
it please?
A few months ago, CBC contacted me to be their featured
artist for the month August. They asked me to do the logo
design for that month. I decided to incorporate my favorite
piece from my collection. I chose the Safi piece, a piece that
represents all the love that I have received from black women
throughout my life.
In partnership with 5 local black designers, 10 black owned
businesses, and a custom frame shop. I can't really say too
much until it launches but what I will say is that it will involve
spreading my art across the GTA.
That’s awesome! Especially since the piece has such
significance. We’re looking forward to the launch and
celebration of different businesses working together.
#blackjoy #blackisbeautiful Another time people
come together and celebrate is the holidays, so what
is your favorite holiday and why?
In regards to my favourite holiday, I don't have a favorite.
Any opportunity to celebrate with family is cherished !
Another great philosophy, live everyday cherishing
what is around, family, friends, life and purpose. No
need to wait till the holidays, just wake up and see the
value in what’s been placed before you. Thank you! I
love getting different perspectives. You recently did a
video on Youtube that was powerful so hey Puristas
please check out his art and check out his video.
Remember, art is healing.
On this journey of entrepreneurship we’ve gotten to meet
some really amazing people. I always believe that if you do
good, you'll receive good and that has certainly been true this
year 2020. Being a business owner sometimes means lifting
others up at the same time that you’re building yourself. I am
inspired not just by other business owners but by boss women
doing their thing. In our time of need these next two
businesses have extended their hands and helped us out in
ways that not only highlighted us but raised our confidence
and restored our belief in good people. I hope you are as
inspired as we have been because the future is female.
One of the 99
most influential
style blogs in the
My mission is to cover
fashion from hood to
haute couture
That's genius! cause for me to see fashion by our people
is really inspiring because not enough people celebrate us
on a continuous basis. We as a community dominate arts,
entertainment, beauty and fashion and we are
trendsetters therefore we need a space to be represented.
As you have been building your brand for the over a
decade what 3 tips can you share for entrepreneurs that
would help them be and stay successful?
I would say to stay consistent, learn how to build a strong
team, and understand the fundamentals of business (i.e.
keeping costs low and profits high!). Also, your reputation
is everything. Try your best to do the right thing, always.
Treat people with respect and go over and above if
someone invests in you.
I agree, reputation is everything. Its about what people
say about you when you arent in the room. Its also about
how they remember interacting with you. Its been a
blessing for us to have connected with enough people who
believe in our brand and journey. That being said, this
journey can also be filled with challenges that make
things feel overwhelming. Thats why we prioritize
wellness in everything we do, so how does wellness play a
part in your day to day life and how do you balance
One of the things I love is fashion. Curvy fashion is where
its at, stepping out confidently and finding a brand that
celebrates fashion is a win win for me. Lets explore more
about fashion bomb daily and how fabulously theyve built
up their brand. Claire Sulmers is a Speaker, Author,
Media Executive and the brains and beauty behind
Fashion bomb daily. We reached out to ask more about
her company and what they do.
I began Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006 to create a place for
fashion lovers of color to see the stars they wanted to see,
daily. With a focus on diversity, we find celebrity looks,
post street style, and answer all your fashion questions,
from What to Wear to Brunch to What A Character Was
Wearing on your Favorite TV Show. We are a resource for
fashion enthusiasts and style lovers: Fashion for the
people, by the people.
I balance it all by making sure I am spiritually fed. I make
it a point to 'have church' everyday by listening to
preachers I love and admire, from Joel Osteen to TD Jakes
to Joyce Meyer. I have learned to detach myself from the
idea of perfection, and given the reins of my 'baby' to my
super talented and capable staff, allowing them to run the
day to day so that I can make time for myself. I am
disciplined, but make sure I treat myself in small ways,
from getting my nails done to taking a long walk, to
watching a trashy reality show (with zero guilt!). Set aside
time for yourself every single day. Take those walks,
breathe in fresh air, gaze at the sky and thank GOD for
the gift of life! Those are just a few ways I balance it all.
Faith, Exercise and self care, thats a powerful trio to
incorporate. Its those same tools that will help a lot
people get through these next few months. Im sure people
cant wait for 2020 to end. The final question we have is
what is your favorite holiday and why?
I love Christmas because I love to give (and receive)!
Yass, giving and receiving is a great concept. Sometimes
thats the first thing to get cut as an entrepreneur but its
definitely a blessing to be able to be a part of. Im excited
for our Puristas to follow your page and be inspired by
such dope fashion concepts, like I have been. As you said
its fashion for us, by us, & right now were killin the game.
We connected with the next Boss woman at the beginning of Covid and her
spirit was so warm and bubbly, it was refreshing. Not only that, but when it
came to her business she was really knowledgeable and super efficient. One
of the things she talks about is weddings!! Who doesn’t love a good wedding?
When I get married it’ll be somewhere in Jamaica, and I will certainly need a
planner to get me through. This isn’t just about weddings, Jody-Ann is well
versed in a lot of subjects. I honestly get so excited when I see black women
thriving, so let’s jump into this next conversation. Hey hey! Please tell us
more about you and what you do?
I'm Jody-Ann Rowe, I'm the Founder of The Event Certificate &
EventPlanningTemplates.com and I'm an Online Marketing Consulting.
Essentially I work with clients to streamline their online processes, get their
business more visible, and generate new leads/customers.
That’s awesome Jody, cause as a business owner I feel like I’m constantly
asking myself that question, how do I get my business more visible and how
do I generate leads and new customers? It’s like this math equation that is
constantly changing its variables. Knowing our audience has definitely
helped, but it’s been a journey of ups and downs along the way hence why
one of my favorite questions to ask you would be to tell me one success and
one failure since you started your business?
One successful moment in my business that truly impacted me was the first
month that I was able to match the salary at my highest paying corporate
job. That solidified all the vision and goals I had when I first started. I just
wanted to scream "Mama I made it!". I've had many successes since then, but
that one remains a highlight.
One failure I had was creating a product I thought everyone needed, without
properly researching, and did not even make $1. This was such a hit to my
ego, but a much-needed lesson to always survey my audience before
spending the time to create a product.
First, that’s amazing! Congrats! It’s definitely exciting to have your business
be validated by monetary gain and even the failures turned to lessons for
future growth. Continuing with the path of success, please tell me 3 tips that
you would give other entrepreneurs like ourselves to be and stay successful?
My three tips for any new or existing business owners are:
1. Feel the fear but do it anyway - Everything new or different in your
business will have you feeling fearful, excited, or even uncertain - and that's
ok. Being uncertain about something doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a
shot. I tell my clients all the same thing "You can choose fear or progress.
But I suggest going for progress and bringing the fear along with you".
2. Listen to your clients - This is one lesson I had to learn the hard way, but
the easiest way to a profitable business is understanding what your clients
need and giving it to them. It really is that simple. Don't make assumptions
based on what you like or think, let your client's preference drive your
business decisions.
3. Get your business online - I wouldn't be a digital marketer if I didn't
include this one. If we've learned anything during this pandemic it's the
importance of having your business products and services accessible online.
If you're a hairdresser accepting bookings over DMs - set up an online
appointment scheduling system. If you're a catering company accepting
orders by email - get your catering menu on your website and set up a
system where people can submit their orders electronically. If you're an
event planner - set up an online consultation booking calendar so potential
clients can meet with you.
No matter what your business is, ensure that your customers have a way to
connect with you that helps to streamline the process for you and them. This
is also one of the easiest ways to free up your time so you can grow and
scale your business.
Phew, those tips are fire. It’s funny cause we’ve always had a website but
when covid hit we really realized that we weren’t truly online and had to do
everything necessary to make the shift. Now we are figuring out how to
create the same in person experience online.
Long nights are a cause for pause to focus on our wellness, so how does
wellness play a part in your day to day life and how do you balance
I'll have to admit that I'm a workaholic at heart. I can sit at the computer for
24 hours and work until my fingers and eyes are tired. But knowing this
about myself I do my best to schedule activities that support my wellness.
That can be a walk, a bike ride or just turning on Netflix and zoning out. I
know I'm more productive, creative, and generally more pleasant to be
around when I take these breaks, so I do my best to incorporate these daily.
Girl, if a workaholic had a picture my face would be front and center as well.
This is why wellness days are even more important for me to prioritize. I
literally jus had a Netflix zoning session and kilt the whole 8 seasons of
girlfriends. (Joan was hella frustrating the whole show) but I agree that
creativity flows when our brains take a break. With the holiday season
coming up there should be more time to rest, so my final question is just as
important as the rest, what is your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday is definitely Halloween. I'm a huge scary movie buff with
an insane sweet tooth, and Halloween merges both my loves into one perfect
There’s a saying in Jamaica “Duppy kno who fi frighten” …that’s me, I’m the
frightened. I couldn’t possibly watch any scary movies cause my spirit can’t
tek it, but kudos to you for being able to not jus stomach the scariness but
enjoy it too. This has been awesome, getting to dig deeper into your success,
you have some awesome videos that we have gotten many tools from and
we can’t wait for our Puristas to take it all in.
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and joy
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