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Beacham & Company
UniPro Foodservice, Inc
Atlanta Braves / Atlanta Hawks
Company Capabilities
Marketing & Technology
Creative Services
Oset & Digital Printing
Direct Mail......................
Beacham & Company
e Beacham Series is a semi-annual publication of Beacham & Company, REALTORS®
showcasing the nest homes for sale in Atlanta. e recipient of numerous national
real estate awards, e Beacham Series™ is a coee-table quality piece with a spring
and fall distribution of more than 25,000 copies to the most auent Atlantans. e
magazine is also distributed to more than 600 real estate brokerages in more than 50
countries. More than 80 percent of homes featured in recent issues of the magazine
have sold before the next issue!
Tucker Castleberry is the best printer we have
ever used. We love working with Kent and his
team on e Beacham Series.
- Blayne Beacham Macauley, Director of Creative Services
at Beacham & Co
UniPro Foodservice, Inc.
UniPro Foodservice, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is
the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States.
e calendar, which features colorful, detailed photography showcasing
culinary artistry, has been the recipient of numerous awards from PIAG for
six consecutive years.
Okabashi is a shoe manufacturer in the Atlanta area, founded on the Japanese idea of
reexology. ey produce an all American made product from recycled materials, which
oers a healthy experience. eir focus was on being “green” before it became popular.
e Oka-B line oers stylish details and embellishments for any occasion. e catalog
incorporates original watercolor art and shoe photography to create the true Oka-B
Atlanta Hawks
Each season we print 400,000 programs for the Atlanta Hawks. e 44-page program
changes entirely for each game with the front cover highlighting a Hawks player. e
programs are given away as fans enter the game. We have been printing the programs
since 1984 and have been a corporate sponsor of the Hawks since 1997.
Atlanta Braves
Each season we print 2,000,000 programs for the Atlanta Braves. e program changes
entirely for each home stand with the front cover highlighting a Braves player. e programs
are given away at the gate as fans enter the game. We have been printing the programs since
1979 and have been a corporate sponsor of the Braves since 2003.
We were excited when we were selected to print this “leave behind” book for John
Portman & Associates. e book is 180 pages and contains many of the Portman projects
from around the world. As the Portman team is soliciting new business, this book is given
to prospective clients highlighting all the fabulous projects they have created over the years.
e book was printed on our digital press with over 20 cross-over pages. e highest quality
standards had to be maintained.
Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists
e roots of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) go back to 1957 when the painter
Erich Stegmann and a small group of disabled artists from eight European countries
created a self-help association in Britain.
A polio survivor, Erich Stegmann grew up without the use of his arms, yet built a highly
successful career in Germany by painting with a mouth-held brush. It was his belief that
if painters with similar impairments formed a cooperative it would be possible for them
to live by their artistic eorts and enjoy a sense of work security that until then had
eluded them.
is aim was to be achieved by selling their work in the form of greetings cards,
calendars, prints and illustrated books. e result has been a unique worldwide art
movement and commercial cause.
Tucker Castleberry prints tens of millions of greeting cards, calendars, gi tags and gi
wrapping paper each year for not only the United States but also Brazil and Spain.
Marketing & Technology
At Tucker Castleberry, printing has evolved. We no longer print solely with ink and paper.
Movable type is prehistoric. Our world has embraced the digital revolution at every turn.
Now, in addition to quality four-color process printing, we “print” with pixels on computer
screens. We compose with sophisticated soware, manage customer databases and mailing
lists in multiple digital formats, and move both proofs and nished product through the
internet and across the world.
We understand that knowing how to use the latest technology can mean the dierence
between failure and success. It can mean the dierence between an eective mailer and one
that is ignored. It can make the dierence between staying within budget or not. It can mean
making a deadline or missing it.
We are a leader in the use of technology to make production and distribution of your print
or digital marketing communications both eective and economical. From short run digital
printing to ecient long run oset printing, from e-Blasts to interactive PURL websites, we
have the knowledge and the systems to give you what you need, integrated and coordinated,
on time and cost eective.
We are “printers” who understand today’s marketplace and the technologies that can make it
work for you.
Storefronts have “taken o” over the past several years allowing customers to easily fulll
their needs for “Inventoried” goods or “Print on Demand” pieces. Instead of sending an
email or calling someone to place an order...it can all be done online...instantaneously via
the web.
For Print on Demand we can set up templates where you merely drop in new copy (or even
images) as needed. Plus, we will build the template to your requirements. Once everything is
set and you are ready to print...hit the submit button and the rest is done automatically.
We inventory in our warehouse almost anything for our customers – from binoculars,
portfolios, personalized pens and t-shirts to M&Ms, Santa chocolate bars, etc. As orders
come in, we pick, pack and ship daily. You have the ability to view your “live” inventory on
hand at any time by simply logging into our system.
We can add your credit card account into the equation for easy payment.
We develop our own storefronts in house using XMPie and can create something simple and
functional or something wild and crazy using HTML. e decision is up to you.
Creative Services
Excellence in design is at the core of good communication. Good design captures attention,
reects the sensibility of a product or service, and speaks of intelligence and style.
Many of our clients have established relationships with creative agencies, or they maintain
superb in-house creative capabilities. But sometimes, when conicting schedules or peak
demands make it dicult to get the job done, its smart to have another option available.
At Tucker Castleberry we maintain a rst quality, full-service design studio equipped with
leading edge hardware and soware. Plus we are staed with a highly talented design team
available to meet any need.
Whether its a direct mail piece, newsletter, brochure, annual report or a Point of Purchase
display, our experienced creative sta will design pieces that get your project noticed. And
we’ll do it with the hands-on knowledge needed to produce your piece eciently and cost
From concept to nal product…we’ll take care of it.
Prepress is where it all begins. We understand that you need the “latest and greatest” of
everything for top quality and lightning speed.
At Tucker Castleberry we oer prepress services that include:
• Design and Color Manipulation
• Automated PDF Workow & Trapping System
• New Web-Enabled Proong - Preview Pages Via Internet-Online Collaboration
• New Web-Base File Transfer - Non FTP - Automatic Stung & Encryption
• Digital Color Proong and Archiving
Today, prepress communiqué can be sent via email to clients for evaluation and approval.
With our Kodak Insite online proong, customers can collaborate online, mark changes, and
sign o for approval 24/7 from anywhere in the world where internet access is available.
is way, the client becomes an integral part of the process and therefore has more control
of the nal outcome.
Oset & Digital Printing
Although we have evolved to become a single source marketing services provider, putting
ink on paper is at our core. It is the heart of everything we do.
With more than a half century of experience with the printers art, we have become one
of our regions most capable and respected printers. We have earned a reputation for truly
exceptional quality, unmatched customer service and an extraordinary range of
print capabilities.
Our equipment list is comprehensive. View our full equipment list at
www.tuckercastleberry.com or scan the QR code to the right with your smart phone.
We use a Ricoh C9110 (2016 Model) variable-data digital press, oering both cost-eective
short run capabilities and customized variable printing allowing targeting and personalized
marketing communications.is new press also has nishing capabilities where we can print
and nish saddle stitched books up to 120 pages in-line!
e breadth of our equipment assures precisely the right press for your job and your budget.
It means long run or short, we can assure you both quality and economy.
But the equipment is only part of it. Our press operators and supervisors are seasoned
professionals who undergo extensive, ongoing training. It is a training process involving
every employee in the pursuit of exacting quality control and customer satisfaction.
Said simply, whatever your print needs…we’ll take care of it.
Scan this code on your
smart phone to view our
complete equipment list.
No matter how well a project is printed, if the nishing isnt well executed and well
orchestrated, the overall impact of the piece can be irretrievably lost.
At Tucker Castleberry, we take pride in our ability to provide impeccable nishing: from
inserting, stitching, trimming, die-cutting or automated padding and in-line gluing, we
provide the most ecient, cost-eective solutions to produce the nal presentation for your
Whether your nishing needs are simple or complicated, or have never been done before,
our on-site bindery and nishing team can handle it all.
Direct Mail
Eective marketing today frequently includes a direct mail component. Direct mail
advertising targets specic market segments and when carefully executed can produce high
rates of return on your investment…higher than any other marketing vehicle.
At Tucker Castleberry, we maintain a comprehensive suite of capabilities to ensure our
clients’ direct mail campaigns are ecient, economical and eective. With four inserters and
three inkjet machines, we have the re power to “make it happen.
Its not unusual for us to nish a 10,000 piece postcard mailing then jump to 5,000,000
letters that have to be addressed and inserted into envelopes that were previously addressed.
We can inkjet, sort and mail up to 1,000,000 a day! Our capabilities are endless.
Depending on your needs, we can provide any or all of the services you require, from mail-
ing lists and data management to conventional and variable printing, promotional branded
products and extensive postal expertise.
Over the years, we have earned a reputation among our clients as a knowledgeable source of
information on emerging techniques, new trends, postal requirements and informative tips.
Whether its your new brochure or a direct mail piece containing a time-sensitive
promotional product, it does you little good unless it gets to your target audience.
If it gets there late it can mean disappointing results or even disaster.
We will securely store your inventory on-site, restricting access to safeguard your
material and maintain condentiality. Well ship it where it needs to go, anywhere in the
country, even worldwide. Well do it all from our Atlanta location, perfectly situated for
national distribution.
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