My First Visit to Kitsap Kid's Dentistry

Dear Parents,

This book was created to allow children to become familiar with the things they will see, hear, touch, smell, and taste during their dental appointment. This book is intended to answer any questions your child may have regarding their experience with the dentist and to prepare them for a fantastic visit with our office.



My brother and I are going to see the dentist today. It is our first visit, and we are very excited!


We are here to have our teeth cleaned, but neither of us have been before, and we are not sure what to expect.


When we open the doors to the office, we see a big orange van with a whale riding on top! My brother and I laugh at the silly frog that is driving the bus.

A nice girl greets us at the front desk. She asks us our names and I tell her that my name is Ben, and that I am here with my little brother, Evan, and that this is our first visit. The pretty girl tells us we will have lots of fun, and she tells me that there is a kids' play room around the corner.

Evan and I rush around the corner to see a play room filled with fun toys! There are several video game stations, and there is a huge sandcastle slide. We take turns on the slide, and I let Evan go first because he is younger than me.


Soon, a nice looking lady wearing a blue outfit comes to the door and asks for my brother and I by name. She says that she is our Dental Assistant and that it is time for us to have our teeth brushed and a picture of our teeth taken.  My mom and brother and I follow the Dental Assistant out of the play area to the back where she has more toys waiting for us.

We go to a room with a funny camera and a chair, and the Dental Assistant helps me  put on a heavy cape. She tells me we are going to take a picture of my teeth and puts a plastic cookie in my mouth. When she counts to three, I can see a picture of my teeth on the screen! The dental assistant tells me my teeth are beautiful!





After we take a picture of my teeth, the Dental Assistant takes me to a big chair that moves up and down when she taps a button with her foot. Evan is seated next to me, and the Dental Assistant hands us both some flashy sunglasses to wear so her flashlight does not hurt our eyes. 


It smells a little funny in the office, but the Dental Assistant tells me the smell is from the different things they use to keep everything clean and safe. 


When the Dental Assistant leans my chair back, it is like a big, soft bed. When I look up at the ceiling, I see a TV that is playing my favorite movie!


Some of the stuff on the Dental Assistant’s tray looks a little scary, but she promises to show me everything before we use it. She says if I feel nervous or afraid I can raise my hand for help, and we practice together before she brushes my teeth. 


The Dental Assistant shows me her shiny mirror which she uses to help see my teeth. 


The Dental Assistant has a whirling toothbrush that makes a funny sound like a race car. Vroom Vroom!


She also has several different flavors of toothpaste for me to choose from. My favorite smells are the strawberry and the bubble gum!


The Dental Assistant uses a special straw named Mr. Thirsty to help clean up any slobber or spit bubbles.

Once she has shown me all of her tools, the Dental Assistant puts on a mask. She tells me she wears a mask when she brushes my teeth because she does not want us to share germs. 


I know that underneath her mask, she has a smile just like I do!


Soon, Dr. Banks is by my chair. She is smiling and tells me how happy she is that I have come to visit her today. She looks very nice, and I can tell she wants to be my friend. 


I lay back in my chair and Dr. Banks counts my teeth. She is wearing gloves to keep her hands clean and everyone safe. I think the gloves taste a little funny, but I like them because they are soft.

When Dr. Banks is done counting my teeth, Dr. Banks and the dental assistant give me a high five and tell me I did a fantastic job. They say  they can’t wait until I come visit them again! 


After the Dental Assistant brushes and flosses my teeth, she talks to Mom about things we can do at home to practice our brushing and flossing. She also tells me I can practice my brushing and flossing right now, by using one of the dentist’s smiling dragons.

At the end of our visit, we get to visit the treasure tower. The Dental Assistant gives us a gold coin for being such good patients. When I put the coin in the treasure tower and crank the wheel, out pops a toy! 

Yay!  Both of us get a certificate for being in the "Cavity Free Club!"


Everyone is so proud of us. 


We tell our Mom that we had the best time ever, and that we can’t wait to come back soon!

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