Philanthropy Report
50 Other Ways of Giving
51 Endowed Funds
56 Contributions to Endowed Funds
57 R. L. Brand Jr. ’35 Society
Gateway Society
Continued Support for Capital Projects
58 Georgia GOAL Participants
59 Matching Gift Companies
Gifts in Kind
We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions in
this Philanthropy Report. If you would like to make changes
to your listing in future publications, please contact the
Ofce of Advancement at 404.765.4030.
F. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D.
Christy Browne
Associate Vice President for
Human Resources
Lee Conner
Vice President for Operations
and Auxiliary Services
Christopher M. Freer, Ph.D.
Vice President for Advancement
Louise Mann
Vice President for Finance
and CFO
Nija Majmudar Meyer
Vice President for Enrollment
Marcia Prewitt Spiller
Senior Vice President for
Academic and Student Life
Robert E. Bowers ’74
Xavier A. Duralde ’76
Vice Chairman
J. Russell Welch
Vice Chairman
Madelyn R. Adams
Gerald R. Benjamin
Kenneth L. Blank
Ronald M. Brill
Mason L. Cardwell ’98
Alfred J. Cole ’80
Clarence Davis ’74
Michael S. Drucker
Russell K. Gore ’93
Ryan T. Gunnigle
Rodney Scott Harrison
Jo Cranford Hodges ’96
Nancy Howard Jennings ’84
Ben F. Johnson III ’61
Ian Lloyd-Jones
Tamara R. Jones ’88
Gregory S. Lewis ’92
Brad Marsh ’77
Gene W. Milner Jr. ’71
Mary S. Moore ’87
George S. Morgan Sr. ’69
Belinda M.J. Morris
Marie Lupo Nygren ’78
Vicki R. Palmer
Beth H. Paradies
Deepak Raghavan
Stephen E. Roberts ’65
Paul Shailendra ’97
Ricardo L. Simon
James E. Sutherland Jr. ’86
William W. Allison
Thomas J. Busey Jr. ’49
Chris Michael Carlos
A. Adair Dickerson Jr. ’71
Vicki Escarra
Daniel S. Ferguson ’68
W. Philip Gramm ’61
Phillip A. Grifths ’56
Waldo S. Kennedy ’57
Thomas L. Lyons ’66
Tim A. O’Brien ’61
Larry D. Thompson
1 A Message from the President
2 The Woodward Fund Supports
4 The Woodward Fund
24 Thanks to Our Volunteers
25 Gifts in Honor
33 Gifts in Memory
Table of Contents
Governing Board
Advisory Board
37 The Woodward Alumni Fund
by the Numbers
38 Alumni Giving
45 Senior Giving
47 Alumni Volunteers
48 The Big Chill
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Thanks to you, we raised $2,081,527
for The Woodward Fund in 2019-2020,
surpassing any annual giving in our
history and reaching an important
milestone at a time when it was more vital
to our success than ever. Without your
support, we would not have been able to
transition to remote school so quickly
and so successfully in the midst of the
worldwide pandemic.
During the spring, our faculty kept the
learning going virtually at the level of
excellence our families deserve while
showing great kindness and compassion.
Over the summer, they dedicated
themselves to preparing to teach both
remotely and in-person, a challenge unlike
any faced by educators in my lifetime.
Our parents, alumni, and friends joined
our faculty and staff in going above and
beyond for the Academy. Throughout the
2019-2020 school year, generous donors
like you answered our call for gifts to
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
A Message from the President
Dr. Stuart Gulley
The Woodward Fund with a resounding
yes. Our alumni alone contributed more
than $70,000 in a single day on 1 Day
for WA May 9, which would have been
graduation day for the Class of 2020.
Your support provided us with new
technology and professional development,
setting the stage for our rapid transition
to remote school. It also sent a strong
message: You believe in us, and you are
there when we need you.
Now, as we move forward into 2020-2021,
we’re facing new and previously unbudgeted
expenses for cleaning and sanitation
measures, more classroom technology,
and additional need-based nancial aid
to help Woodward families affected by
the economic strain of the pandemic.
Uncertainty remains all around us, but
your continued generosity will enable
us to work with renewed energy and
dedication toward fullling the mission
of Woodward Academy.
For your past and future support, we are
deeply grateful.
With warm regards,
F. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D.
President, Woodward Academy
Woodward Academy
The Woodward Fund
Total Donors
Total Raised for
The Woodward Fund
Participation by:
Faculty Development / Technology / Health and Safety Measures /
Classroom Enhancements / STEAM Resources / PE Equipment /
Art Supplies / Science Lab Supplies & Equipment
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Parent Participation
Thanks to our parents for showing you believe in Woodward Academy.
We reached a milestone in 2019-2020, the highest ever overall parent participation of 60 percent!
Woodward Academy
Woodward Academy
The Presidents Circle
$25,000 OR MORE
Anonymous (2)
American Endowment Foundation
JBS Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Christian G. Koch-
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Koch-
Donald Koch Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John P. R. Silvetz
Rhonda and Russ Welch
Welch Family Charitable Fund
Woodward Academy Parent Community
Woodward Academy-GMA Alumni
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Alston Sr.
Kirk W. Benson ’66 and Valerie Benson
Bobby Bowers ’74 and Cindy Bowers
Matt H. Brill ’91 and Staci C. Brill
Ron and Lisa Brill Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Casey
Mr. Jasper K. Cho-
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Cole Sr.
Frank and Sherry Cranford
Catherine W. Dukehart*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ferguson
Dr. Jeffrey M. Gallups
Susan C. and James S. Gantt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goodman
Mr. M. Hill Hammock Jr. ’64 and
Mrs. Cheryl Hammock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hastie
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Heller-
Dr. and Ms. Henry Holland
Dr. Nancy Howard Jennings ’84 and
Jack Sharp Jennings
J.C. Kennedy Foundation, Inc.
Sarah and Jim Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mills
Vicki and John Palmer-
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua S. Pechter
Deepak Raghavan and Priya Deepak
The Deepak Raghavan Family
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schlossberg
Cameron and Stuart Sherrill-
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Strain
Strain Family Charitable Foundation Inc.
Sue Mills, Inc.
James Sutherland Jr. ’86 and
Delee Sutherland
Mr. and Mrs. Jerel Verner
Glenn and Susan Warren
Glenn D. Warren Family Fund
Anonymous (2)
Calvin R. Allen Jr. ’67 and Carol Allen
Calvin and Marisa Allen Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Alston
Jeff and Sarah Arvin
William W. Ball ’78 and Roxella Ball
William Warren Ball Family
Foundation Inc.
Bell Family Foundation for Hope Inc.
Vicki S. and Gerald R. Benjamin-
Mr. and Ms. Douglas N. Beveridge
Mr. Jon Bloomeld and
Mrs. Bonnie Seabrooke
Mr. Nelson B. Boyce and
Mrs. Michelle Sanchez-Boyce
Mr. and Mrs. Burrell M. Brown-
Mason Lee Cardwell ’98 and
Leigh Shattles Cardwell ’98
Dan T. Cathy ’71 and Rhonda Cathy
Chick-l-A, Inc. Giving Fund
Mr. Alfred Cole Jr. ’80 and
Mrs. Kimberly Cole-
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Courts
Clay and Missy Courts Family
Foundation Fund
Mr. Thomas G. Dimitroff
Dimitroff Family Fund
Donkey Fund of the Community
Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. David Dorton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Drucker
Mr. Douglas Duncan
The Douglas A. Duncan Foundation Inc.
Feidler Family Foundation
Mark A. Feidler ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Gibbons
The John N. Goddard Foundation, Inc.
Senator W. Phillip Gramm ’61 and
Mrs. Wendy Gramm
Mr. and Mrs. Billy B. Greer
David and Debbie Cole Guest ’82
President and Mrs. F. Stuart Gulley
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney S. Harrison
Ms. Susan K. Hart and Ms. Maura A. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Ulf C.I. Henriksson
Mr. and Mrs. David Higgins
Jo Cranford Hodges ’96 and
Kevin M. Hodges ’96-
James F. Jones Jr. ’65 and Jan S. Jones
Mrs. Pamela Jones
Kulynych Family Foundation II, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Lee
Sigmund & Nancy Lee Charitable Fund
Erica Katz Lewis ’93 and
Greg S. Lewis ’92
Gregory and Erica Lewis Family
Foundation, Inc.
C. Brad Marsh ’77 and
Elizabeth A. Obenshain
H. Bruce McEver ’62
The Fred and Sue McGehee Family
Charitable Fund
Linda A. McGehee ’73
Mr. and Ms. Geoffrey Meacham
Dusty Milner Jr. ’71 and Rhonda Milner
Morris Family Foundation, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Palmer
Palmer Family Charitable Trust
Dorrie L. Paradies ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Paradies
Katie D. Paradies ’11
Molly H. Paradies ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reese-
Dr. Harry F. Rinker and
Dr. Anna M. Kalynych-
Mr. Curtis Ritter and Dr. Kelli Ritter
Rick and LaKesha Robinson
The Woodward Fund, which includes The Woodward Alumni Fund and The GMA Alumni Fund, is the
Academys annual giving program. Every year gifts from parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni,
faculty, staff, and friends directly support the experience of all students. Thank you to the following donors
who made gifts between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020. Your participation allows Woodward to fulll its
mission and helped reach historic totals this year.
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
The Woodward Fund
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Michelle H. and Jeffrey L. Rosenthal-
Mr. and Mrs. Aldyn J. Royes
Selig Foundation
SG Property Services, LLC
Mr. Lei Shi and Mrs. Shao Li
Mr. and Mrs. James Simpson III
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Christian M. Sodemann
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Speyer
Robert Speyer Advised Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Spinola
Janice and Ed Story III
Estate of James E. Sutherland Sr.
Mr. Pierre Thomas
Ms. Kimberly Umphenour
Mr. Russell Umphenour III
Mr. Zhijun Wang and
Mrs. Tianhua Cheng
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Williams
Mr. Jiacun Xie and Mrs. Ying Li
Mr. and Mrs. Taka Yamada
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ackerman
Joe M. Almand Jr. ’69 and
Gayle J. Almand
Mr. and Ms. John C. Ames
Vandana C. and Raj Anand
Ms. Shannon H. Anderson
Sharon and Bonneau Ansley Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Arnold
Simon E. Arpiarian ’94 and
Felicia Arpiarian
Tammy and Chad Bagwell
Mr. and Mrs. Gert Bekker
Mr. and Mrs. Bilijack R. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Benden
Dr. Kevin S. Berman and
Dr. Heather S. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Aditya Bhoopathy
Mr. and Mrs. Myra A. Bierria
Kenny and Nancy Blank
Mr. and Mrs. Derek W. Bottoms
Mr. and Mrs. Damien E. Boudreau
Helon W. Brewster*-
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Quaphard Brown
Christy Browne
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Brumbaugh
Karen Vaughn Burns ’81 and
William L. Burns III
Sally L. Burns ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Canzian
Mr. Paul Chancey
Mr. Mark B. Chandler
Bill and Diane Clapes
Dr. John D. Cochran and
Mrs. Ronda L. Cochran
Dr. and Mrs. Andre Cohen
Kathleen D. Collins ’78
Lee and Jenny Conner
Julie Davis Couch ’88 and Chuck A. Couch
Cary A. Coutant ’74 and Debbie Coutant
Coutant Family Charitable Fund
Ms. Mellissa Craig-
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Crow
Erin K. and Karl F. Dasher
Jack Davis ’62 and Joy Davis
Davis Family Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Chiquita T. Dent-
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Deupree
Deupree Family Foundation
Mr. Ralph Donaldson Jr. and
Ms. Chloe Barzey
Mr. and Mrs. Derek L. Douglas
Dr. Lisa R. Drake
Dr. Michelle R. Duckett-Hedgebeth ’86
and Mr. Reggie D. Hedgebeth
Dr. Xavier A. Duralde ’76 and
Dr. Mary E. Barrett
Susan Burnette Dutson ’97 and
Don Dutson III
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mercer Dye Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Yaman Z. Eksioglu
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Epstein
Jonathan and Laura Epstein Donor
Advised Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Dolan P. Falconer Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Feinstein
Dr. Jill M. Ferdinands
Mr. Paul Ferdinands
David R. Forquer and
Martha J. Clinkscales-
Mr. and Mrs. Marc M. Frediani-
Dr. Chris M. and Mrs. Amanda Freer
Mr. and Mrs. Jordy Gamson-
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Gardner
Ashley and Tyler Gardner Family Fund
The Rev. Dr. and
Mrs. Charles Z. Gardner-
Dr. Russell K. Gore ’93 and
Dr. Jane B. Gore-
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Gosch
Bill and Jennifer Gray
Dr. Phillip Grifths Jr. ’56 and
Dr. Taffy Grifths
Grifths Family Charitable Fund
Mr. Thomas E. Guillot Jr. ’73 and
Dr. Cris Glick
Dr. and Mrs. Neal A. Guttenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Regis W. Haid
Mr. George B. Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hardesty
Vesta and William Hardman Jr.
Vesta W. & William J. Hardman Jr.
Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hesskamp-
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Hightower-
Laurie and Chad Hood
Hood Family Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Darren K. Howard
Tatty and Harry Howard
Mr. John Hsu and Ms. Elizabeth Winterer
Mr. Andre P. Hylton ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Jackson Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Jacobson
Mr. Pallav Jain and Mrs. Rashmi Banthia
Kimberly H. and Matthew J. Jewell
Dr. Yong S. Jung and Dr. Alen C. Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kaufman Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Klumok
Mr. Dominique Lequeux and
Dr. Katarina G. Lequeux Nalovic
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Lesesne
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Levinson-
Michele and Ian Lloyd-Jones
Loomis Foundation
Margaret Parham Holt Loyd ’06 and
Jay Loyd
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Luke
Debbie and Joe Lundell-
William S. Magill III ’65 and
Nancy C. Magill
Louise Mann
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Marcet
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Marinac-
A. Wright Marshall IV ’91 and
Michelle Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Masterson
Mr. Matthew McGivern and
Dr. Debra Houry
David M. McKenney ’56 and
Sarah McKenney
Janine R. and John M. McKenney-
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McManamy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mercado
Nija and Joe Meyer-
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Mitchell
Jennifer P. and Brent W. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk C. Morris
Mira and Christopher Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muir-
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Muir-
Dr. and Mrs. Carlo Musso
Drs. Shirin J. and Kambiz Nayebi
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Nelson
Maribeth and Julian Nickell
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Noles
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Novello Family Fund
Mr. Matthew R. Nozemack and
Prof. Karie D. Davis-Nozemack
Mr. and Ms. Kevin G. Nuffer
The Ochiltree Foundation
Randall S. Owen ’78
Jason and Sylvia Pace
Dr. Rajendra Paladugu and
Dr. Naga Doddapaneni
Mr. and Mrs. Adam R. Pannell
The Parker Family Foundation Fund
R. Alan Parrish ’66-
Mr. and Mrs. Solon Patterson
Patterson Family Foundation, Inc.
Anita Douglas Phillips ’79 and
Andy Phillips-
Mr. Brian L. Pilger and
Ms. Laura Lee G. Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Pittman-
Mr. Craig R. Pohan and
Mrs. Kristen E. Picano
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Profumo
Tanvir and Naushabah Rahman
Mr. Kartik Ramakrishnan and
Mrs. Swarnim Kanth
Mr. and Mrs. Asif Ramji
Dr. and Mrs. Shahram Rezaiamiri
Dr. David Riggans and
Mrs. Lorelei M. Puebla
Elizabeth and Al Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Kareem A. Rogers
Missy Sanchez
Robert W. Schorr ’56 and Alice Schorr
Paul S. Shailendra ’97 and
Amanda Shailendra
Mr. and Mrs. Shi Shailendra-
Margaret and Greg Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Sloan-
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smalls Jr.
Marcia Prewitt Spiller and JP Campion
Ms. Angela M. Spivey
Dr. and Mrs. Dean T. Stamoulis
Kenneth D. Steele ’86 and
Tonya B. Steele
Dr. Douglas Stockel-
Susan and Eric Stoffer
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Stokes
Andrew and Donna Sullivan
Sullivan & Schlieman Wealth
Management LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas H. Surapaneni
Emmy Parker Temples ’91
Mr. and Ms. Tim J. Terry
Dr. Brian L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Thompson
The Jane and Wayne Thorpe Fund
Wayne and Jane Thorpe
Clara and Chuvalo Truesdell-
Truesdell Family Gifting Fund
Amy and Robert Vassey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Verheyden
Mr. James S. Walker Jr.
Lee Walker Fund of the Community
Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Mr. Robert Walker Jr. and
Ms. Dawn McNaught
Glenn D. Warren Jr. ’04 and
Caroline Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Weiss
Andrew J. Welch III ’90 and
Cara T. Welch-
Mrs. Mary A. White
Drs. Chelsee and Nicholas Whitling
Drs. Deborah and Joseph Wilkes
Christopher E. Williams ’89 and
Kendrick Williams
The KC William Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Wood
Dr. and Mrs. John Xerogeanes
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Yu
Yu Family Fund
Randi and Nigel Zelcer
Mr. Zhaoqin Zhou and Mrs. Lijun Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Franchot Chang
CLC Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Cline
Mr. William B. Dickerson Jr. ’75 and
Mrs. Patricia M. Dickerson
Mr. H. Hendricks Edgerton
Mr. Michael S. Elder and
Mrs. Tara A. Plimpton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Francour-
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hall III
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hanna
Nina and Glenn Howard
Ms. Jacqulyn N. Jackson
Mr. and Ms. Mark Jensen
Virginia Serrato Johnston ’78 and
Warwick A. Johnston
Mrs. Cecy Jones
Tom Jones ’63 and Judy Jones
Mr. Jiagao Liu and Mrs. Yan Feng
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel V. Livingstone
Mr. Murugesh Mayandi and
Mrs. Rashmi Thangam Malathy
Mr. and Mrs. Barry I. Medintz
Dr. and Mrs. Rohan V. Piyasena
Piyasena Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ricker
Alf Ruff Jr. ’62-
R. Ted Smith Jr. ’70
Society for Science & the Public
Mrs. Devin R. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Thompson
Summer S. J. Thompson ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walton Jr.
Dr. Dongjin D. Yoon and
Ms. Hayoung M. Park
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aaronson
Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Abes
Scott Abramson ’65 and
Pamela Abramson
The Abramson Family Trust
Madelyn R. Adams
Justin H. Alexander ’99 and
Tamu T. Brown-
Marc and Tanya Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. James Amick Jr.
Shelly C. Anand ’04 and Eric K. Erzinger
Kelly Brown Anderson ’92 and
Robert W. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William Ansley III
Anne and John Appleby
Mr. and Mrs. Sarfaraz M. Araz
Araz Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Baer
Tammy Bailey
Mr. Navin Balakrishnaraja and
Mrs. Nalini S. Raju
Kenneth F. and Cynthia E. Beard
Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Bernot
Deborah Bodenbender
Michael L. Bost ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bullock
Mr. John J. Callinan ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Bick W. Cardwell Jr.
Mr. Desmond Carter and
Dr. Kisha Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Caskey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Chapman
Mr. Gene Chayevsky and
Dr. Lina F. Chayevsky
Barbara M. and William R. Coats-
The William & Barbara Coats
Charitable Fund
Ann Askew Colin ’84 and Sam Colin
Ms. Lynette W. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Collins
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Nadine and Logan Cook
Paula Dyer Crawford ’78 and
Bryce A. Crawford-
Scott Crook
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Culp-
Dr. and Mrs. Snehal C. Dalal
Mr. Thomas A. Dalia
Robert and Kim Daugherty
Mrs. Mary Virginia Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Demetrops
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Deriso Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherard K. Dixon
Mr. and Ms. Nicolas S. Dufour
Ms. Jeanine K. Duke
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle W. Dunton
Dr. Rodrigo A. Duralde ’78 and
Mrs. Elizabeth Duralde
Nan and Ed Easterlin
Dr. and Mrs. Neil H. Edgerton
The Edgerton Fund
Mr. Michael L. Edmondson and
Mrs. Karen L. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ellis
Mr. Ronald Eustace and
Ms. Marcela Gomez
Mr. Rick Felt
Bobbie B. Fernander ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Fishman
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney “Pete” Fritts
Fulton County Fraternal Order of Police,
No. 64
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Funderburk
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford J. Fuson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gamson
Mr. Matthew C. Gelber
Linda Hixon Gilmore ’74 and
John W. Gilmore
Paulette and Kevin Greaney-
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Green-
Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Grice-
Mr. Paul Hagedorn and Dr. Julie Levine
Hagedorn Family Charitable Fund, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hanges
Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. Hartman
Mr. Kurt Hartman and
Ms. Sharon Warning
Ms. Glenda Harvey
Mr. Victor L. Haydel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Heming
Marian Wells Hemmer ’88 and
Eric D. Hemmer
Teresa Lewis Henderson ’77 and
Brian R. Henderson
Regina and Steve Hennessy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Herold
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hilkman-
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Holcom
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Inskeep
Dr. and Mrs. Leopold L. Jackson
Shannon and Thomas J. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight James
Mr. Ben F. Johnson III ’61 and
Mrs. Ann Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Raylani Johnson
Tamara R. Jones ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Kempinska-
Drs. Panyavee V. and Jeremy S. Khan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Kidd-
Dr. Joung Yon Kim and
Ms. Gloria K. Song
Mrs. Joyce Kjellgren
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kleinhelter
Linda and John Lane
Mr. and Ms. Bryan B. Lavine
Bryan and Sylvia Lavine Charitable
Gift Fund
Ms. Kimberly N. Lawrence ’00
Mr. and Ms. John Leddy
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Levy
Andrew R. Lewis Jr. ’74
Mrs. Henrietta J. Lewis*
Mr. David Li and Mrs. Jane Du
Thomas F. Lozick ’90 and Kay Lozick
The Lozick Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jonnie Lundquist
Dr. Saundra Maass Robinson
Monica B. and Simon J. Mainwaring
Ms. Jennifer D. Manning-
Alissa and Steve Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Marte
Daniel C. Martin ’64 and
Glenn Ann B. Martin-
Ms. Zahra Mas
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace B. Millner
Marci and Eric Mitchell-
Faiza F. Mohammed ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Moore
Mary S. Moore ’87-
George Morgan Sr. ’69 and
Candace Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morgan
Morning Star Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Edgar J. Mosley and
Dr. Mary J. Mosley-
Mr. Christopher T. Myers ’00 and
Mrs. Malia Raley Myers-
Debbie and Ed Notestine-
Garnie M. Nygren ’02 and Matt Adol
Marie Lupo Nygren ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Oprisch-
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Owen
Owen & Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Phani K. Paladugu-
Ushma N. and Tarun R. Patel
Cristale Brown Patterson ’93 and
Pickens A. Patterson III
Susan V. Patton
Susi Van Vleck Patton Family Fund
Felicia and Roderick Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. Roland L. Pinkney
Dr. and Mrs. Shevin Pollydore
Ms. Alison Rand-
Rand Charitable Fund
Jeanne Ann Ratliff-
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Raulet
Mr. Shaun Rawls and Mrs. Jeri Moran
Dr. and Mrs. Ashok S. Reddy
Greg Reynolds ’97 and
Tiffany Turner Reynolds ’98-
Timothy F. Robertson ’00 and
April Robertson-
Dr. Thelma Robinson-
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rodgers
Alexandria B. Roman ’07
Mr. Shiv Roy and
Ms. Sharmistha Das-
Mr. Kwame Royal and
Ms. Harneyca Hooper
Lovette and Michael Russell
Mr. Thomas G. Sampson II and
Dr. Sholah P. Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Schwartz
Jing Shi and Jerry Zhou
Mr. and Mrs. Merek Shoob
Virgil C. Shutze III ’85 and
Robyn C. Shutze-
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl E. Sistrunk
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Keller Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Soshnik
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Spiegel
Ms. Anne M. Spratlin-
Caroline Guest Stancil ’03 and
Josh Stancil-
John L. Stewart ’99
Mr. and Ms. Wesley Stockard
Storey Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes Taylor-
Dr. Jerry J. Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice V. Thompson
Mr. Robert C. Threlkeld and
Dr. Anisa B. Threlkeld
Ms. Darby Todd and Family
Susan and Troy* Van Aacken
Mr. and Mrs. Aleem Wadhwania
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wamser
Mr. Hao Wang and Mrs. Haiyan Ding
Dr. Laura L. Weakland and
Ms. Katina R. Asbell
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weathersby
Cathy Weaver ’73-
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Weinstein
Connie and David White-
Mr. Nicholas J. Widener ’09 and
Mrs. Leslie Stewart Widener
Mr. William T. Wiggins and
Mrs. Malissa A. Kaufold-Wiggins-
Drs. Jennifer and Byron Williams III
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Wilson III
Matthew D. Wilson ’99 and
Abby Wilson-
Drs. Kimberley E. and W. H. Wilson
The Kimberley E. and W. Hayes Wilson
Giving Fund
Mr. and Ms. Milton R. Wofford Jr.
Mr. Xiaoqing Yang and
Ms. Fang-Hua Hsu
Anonymous (2)
Dr. Lauren E. Abes
Dr. Kamar Alabi and
Dr. Rifquat Giwa-Alabi
Stephane and Amy Allagnon
Dr. and Mrs. George Andrews
Mr. Shepard Ansley
Dr. Brian S. Armour and
Dr. Marilyn M. Pitts-
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Aspes
Anya and Henry Bagley Fund
Ms. L’Erin Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Chester F. Beall
Dr. James C. Beall ’61 and
Mrs. Judy K. Beall
Philip H. Bienert ’86 and
Betty F. Bienert
Biggins Family Fund
Roger E. Blythe Jr. ’75 and
Connie Blythe-
Ragmar Boecher ’59 and Peggy Boecher
Ms. Paulette Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Braselton-
Christopher and Kaye Brinson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Brookes
Mr. Christopher Brown and
Dr. Charlene Brown
Mary Brown
Mr. Edward L. Brownlee and
Dr. Andrea B. Brownlee
Britton Burdette ’97 and
Elizabeth L. Burdette
Elizabeth L. and D. Britton Burdette
Charitable Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Burgess
Nancy Avans Bush ’72
Caroline and David Caldwell
Gus A. Callaway ’76 and
Lisa Callaway-
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun A. Campbell
Dr. Sheri Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cannaday
Connor Carey ’09
Mr. Henry Carey and
Mrs. Melinda Marrs
Adam S. Carll ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos J. Carreras
The Carrington Family
Elaine T. Carroll ’75-
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Cason
Tom Cavanaugh ’91 and
Jennifer Cavanaugh
Mr. James A. Chambliss and
Mrs. Laura A. McInnes-
Dr. and Mrs. William Chang
Mr. Austin Chase ’93 and
Mrs. Meredith W. Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Socheat Chea-
Mr. Thomas T. Chun and Ms. Cecilia D. Choi
Curtis C. and Kendra C. Clemons
Mr. and Mrs. Jamaine Coleman
Sybil E. Coley
Mr. and Ms. Jerome Connell Jr.-
Mr. J. Paul Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin P. Cordier
Jane and Bill Covington
Jennifer A. Cranford-Thomas ’95 and
James P. Thomas
Debra and Terry Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Deemer A. Dana-
Mr. Clarence Davis ’74 and
Mrs. Katherine Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Dawkins
Mr. and Mrs. David Dendy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Deriso
Alok V. Deshpande ’94 and
Nina Deshpande
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Devinney
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Diedrich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dierdorff
Diana and George Dietz
Ms. Angeline B. Dimitroff
Dr. and Mrs. George Doane
Mr. and Mrs. John Doane
Fernando A. Duralde ’73 and
Susan W. Duralde
Diana Sutherland Earwood ’83
Mr. Donald Edwards III
Garrick Edwards and Robbie L. Roberts
Dr. Cesar Egoavil and
Dr. Sara Mobasseri-Egoavil
Egoavil Family Charitable Fund
Thomas J. Ehrensperger ’78 and
Elizabeth J. Ehrensperger-
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eith
Ms. Sara C. Elliot ’07-
Shakeenah Faison and Alex Stafford
Walter and Michelle Falconer
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Farley
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Faulkner
Mr. Dexter S. Felix and
Dr. Beverly J. Stoute
John A. Ferguson Jr. ’69 and
Francesca F. Ferguson
Ferguson Charitable Gift Fund
Jose I. and Kristen L. Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Forchette
Mrs. Anna D. Franic
Taylor W. Fredericks ’00 and
Margrethe A. Fredericks
Adam W. Freeman ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frisch
Mrs. Stephanie Frost-Rocha
Dr. Joseph C. Galitzin and
Dr. Zia L. Khan-Galitzin
Mr. Anthony Gee and
Dr. Jennifer Christie-Gee
Paula E. Gentry
Arthur Gibson and Schenikka Davis-
Mr. Joseph Gilbert and
Ms. Padma Choudry
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Glover Jr.
Mr. Christopher Goode and
Ms. Carla Johnson-
Jessica Savitz Goodman ’97 and
Joseph N. Goodman ’99
Emily D. Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Anuj Gupta
Rupal P. and Vipul Gupta
Vipul & Rupal Gupta Fund
Dr. Ramin Haddad and
Dr. Tammy Zeineddin
Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Haig
Mr. and Mrs. Malik W. Hakeem
Mr. Woodrow A. Hall and
Dr. Glennda W. Hall
Timothy J. Hamling-
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammer
Kathleen and John Hanson
Mr. and Ms. Charles N. Hart
Jonathan P. Hayes ’90
Claire and Matt Hegarty
Jeffrey M. Hehir Jr. ’18
Sara and Jeff Hehir
Ryan and Jessica Heming
Blake Henderson ’04 and
Laura Alice Henderson
Mr. Drake H. Henderson and
Dr. Cecily L. Haught
Drs. Erin C. and Andrew M. Hendrick
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Mr. and Mrs. G. Lemuel Hewes
James F. Hill and Tanya Rowe-Hill
Anne Steele Fortune Hinshaw ’95 and
Mark P. Hinshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hord
Catherine and John Hufnes-
Dr. Tara D. Ingle
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Inman
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Isom
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Jackson
Amit D. Jagirdar ’08
Janie and Sheldon Jeter-
Benjamin F. Johnson IV ’87 and
Jennifer Johnson
Drs. Gary and Angela Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Darin Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jones
Robert N. Katz and Kathleen G. Kelly
Rev. Nan N. Kennedy and
Mr. Stephen G. Kennedy
Mr. Mark Kessler Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Niraj Khandelwal
Drs. Afsheen and Shazib Khawaja
Mr. Martin S. Kigudde and
Ms. Gwendolyn J. Lee
Dr. Joon Y. Kim and Dr. Michelle S. Lee
Kiley Hodgson King ’05 and Karl King
Kenneth J. Kirschner and
Elizabeth A. Lester
Dr. James C. Knoer and
Dr. Kristan V. Adams
Ross A. Kogon ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Kopcha
Kopcha Family Charitable Fund
Prof. Michael Landau and
Ms. Brenda Seiton
Dr. Jennifer L. Lanzer ’01
Robert W. “Buzz” Law ’79
Marianne Lecesne
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Lee
Drs. Julie J. and Benjamin C. Lee
Mr. Seung Ki Lee and
Ms. Soo Kyung Kwak
Erik and Traci W. Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levinson
Robert & Patricia Levinson Fund
Mr. Haiyong Liu and Ms. Xiaojia Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lohr
Mr. Charles H. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Lugo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Pravin D. Mane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Manuel-
Mr. LingXiao Mao
Ms. MariaElena Marcet
Beth and Mike Marien-
Drs. Fonda and Todd Martin
Mr. and Ms. Scott M. Martin
Prof. and Mrs. Clarence W. Massie Jr.
Michael J. Mayeske Jr. ’97 and
Anna Mayeske
Mr. and Mrs. Gary McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCool
Erin and Jim McCutcheon
Jo McIver ’66-
Doug McKay ’58* and Cookie McKay-
Peggy Dyer McNash ’73 and
Douglas McNash-
Lorrie McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Peyton McWhirter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McWilliams
Ms. Donna Meyer and
Ms. Cleo Meyer-
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Michael-
Mr. and Mrs. Dave A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Millican IV
Mr. and Ms. Christopher B. Millner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Montgomery
The Sara Giles Moore Foundation
Mr. Dave Moran and Ms. Amy Covell
Christy L. Morrison ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Morton
Louisa R. and Michael Mousadis-
Margaret Spratt Moye ’03 and
Matthew Moye ’03
Mr. Sathyanarayan Nagesh and
Mrs. Jyothsna N. Narayana Murthy
Mr. Joshua B. Nelson and
Mrs. Heather Tawes Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Nelson
Mr. Amol Nirgudkar and
Dr. Pranita Nirgudkar
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. O’Donnell
Frederick A. Olds ’54-
Claudia and Larry O’Neal
Mr. Randy R. O’Neil and
Mr. David R. O’Neil
Tom Owenby
Mr. and Ms. Suraj A. Palakshappa
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Parker
Dr. Mary Ann Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Jessica Parsons
Dr. Dinesh G. Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Mayoor Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Parth D. Patel
Salil Patel and Anju Bhushan
Leigh Ann Peek and Arthur Lee Peek
Dr. Janine Pettiford
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Piper
Gary Y. Poole ’64-
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. G. Pound-
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. L. Wayne Pressgrove Jr.
William B. Putman ’86 and
Dorothy Putman
Anuradha S. and
Venkata Kishore S. Puttagunta
Mrs. Jing Qiu
Ms. Lisa Ragan
Lisa Ragan Customs Brokerage
Dr. Ramesh Ramakrishnan and
Prof. Usha Ramakrishnan
Lakshmi Reddy ’92 and Paul J. Bernard
Susan and Trey Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Reid
Nancy and Vic Reinhold
Marjanita and Joseph M. Ripley
Linda and Kenneth Roberts-
Steve E. Roberts ’65
Mr. Jerry Rocha
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Rudzinski
Bryan Rutledge-
Drs. Ritu and Rajesh Sachdeva
Tad Sahara
Suzanna B. Sanchez ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sanders
Margo and Peter Savitz-
Todd M. Savitz ’00
Zachary R. Savitz ’05
Sheila and Joseph Schilliti
Drs. Julie and William Segal
Segal Family Foundation
Mr. Anurag Sharda and
Mrs. Mayuri Bhasin
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Shaughness
Helen C. Shean-
Kathy Duncan Sheesley ’78 and
Jeffrey Sheesley
Anis D. and Farah K. Sherali
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. A. Simpson-
Mr. and Ms. Jamie R. Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Smith
Gregory J. and Kit Smith-
James E. Smith
Mr. and Ms. Keller P. Smith
Thanayi and David Smith
Mrs. Nancy Snell
Mr. Carlos Solomiany
Ms. Sabrina Solomiany
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Solomon
Mr. Kevin M. Spindel
William F. and Kelli C. Stanyard
Ms. Marissa H. Stephens
Stephanie Stephens and
Kevin Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Stewart
Mrs. Nan H. Street ’88 and
Mr. Phillip Street-
Thomas C. Stribling ’67
Mr. Walter Strickland ’88 and
Mrs. Katherine Strickland
Sunshine & Sunrise DBA McDonalds
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Mr. Jun Tan and Mrs. Hua Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Tarveres Tate Sr.
Katie Watt Tinsley ’04 and
Charles T. Tinsley-
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Tompkins
Mr. and Mrs. Quintin R. Tookes
Mr. Leo J. Tucker and
Ms. Rachel L. Spasser
Amy and Luke Underwood
Dr. and Mrs. Sreekanth Vemuri
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Verduci-
Mr. and Mrs. Mihaita A. Virjoghe-
Sarah Wigbels Volling ’97-
Stacie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. L T. Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Watkins
David L. Watson II ’76 and Laura Watson
Anthony M. Webb ’99 and
Rachel Webb-
Susan Oliver Weiss ’77 and
Walter D. Weiss
Mr. Ben L. Wenegar
Charles K. Werk ’69
Elizabeth B. White ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt White
David and Beth Widener
Mr. Damon Wiener and
Mrs. Kim Handleman
Dorothy P. and John W. Wiggins
Dr. Martin F. Wilkes ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Wolff
Kristin Johnson Woods ’04
Mrs. Jennifer Wu
Mr. Jingzhong Yao and Ms. Yue Song
Ginny and Todd Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Young
Mr. Guo Hua Yu and Mrs. Shuqing Yang
Mr. Russell Zaring ’73 and
Mrs. Amy Zaring
Mr. Yao Zhan and Ms. Chunman Yu
Anonymous (2)
Maya L. Abbott ’02
Mr. William S. Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemi Adiatu
Hamidah S. and Salmaan S. Ajani
Mr. and Mrs. Shahin Alavi
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Alexander
Mr. Syed Ally and Ms. Karen Jackson
The Alvord Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Andrew
Applegate Bros., LLC
David V. Applegate ’57
Thomas E. Applegate ’58 and
Marsha Applegate
Julie J. Askew-
Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh K. Attra-
Mr. and Ms. Jim Augustyn
Dr. Matthew T. Aycock and
Mr. Jimmy R. Magness
Mr. Seth A. Bader and
Mrs. Ana A. Guadalupe
Jamaul and Christine Banks-
Terrell W. Barden ’76 and Nancy Barden
Andrew C. Barker ’03 and Ries Barker-
Mr. Kevin Baumgard and
Mrs. Margaret Betzel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beebe
Danny Beerse
Deaton Bell ’86
Victoria M. Beltran ’01 and
Timothy F. Teck ’01
Russell B. Bennett ’96 and Sarah Bennett
Alexa Lieppe Bernstein ’07 and
Daniel J. Bernstein ’03
Lauren B. Bernstein ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Bess
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Bethea
Mr. Abhishek Bhatnagar and
Ms. Richa Kumar
Mr. Robert W. Bickerstaff
Michael O. Blackstock ’93 and
Tara B. Blackstock
Leroy W. Blankenship ’64 and
Susan R. Paoli
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Boswell
Dr. Robert L. Bowers ’02 and
Hayley S. Bowers
Ryan W. Bowers ’04
Dr. James Boyd and
Mrs. Ying Feng-Boyd
Mr. Lee Bradley and Dr. Nikki Bradley-
Alexandria C. Bragg
Taylor E. Brandon ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Brannon
Ms. Roberta Braverman
John S. Bretch ’69 and Shirley S. Bretch
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Brevard
Jenny Broad
Mr. and Mrs. Bret A. Brooks
Dr. Judy Brown
W. Lawrence Brown ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Bulson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Burnat
Mr. Claudio M. Burtin
Ernest T. Cain ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cameron
Javier and Noelle Cañas-
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Carnes
Mr. and Mrs. Kwame Carr
Penny Carrington
Mr. and Ms. Michael Carswell Sr.
Carri Carver and Nancy Frey
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Chapin
Mr. Michael A. Church and
Mrs. Jennifer L. Sekel Church
Ms. Mary Clapper
Clarence and Jacinda Clark
Tim Coats ’11
Jeff Cobb ’87 and Ann Cobb
Susan Bunker Cobb ’90 and
Dillon P. Cobb ’90
Caryl and Howard Cohen
The Caryl and Howard Cohen Donor
Advised Fund
Alfred J. Cole III ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Connolly
Dr. John P. Connors III
Barrett N. Cornelius ’09
J.R. and Sarah Cottingham-
Carol Cottrell
David Q. Cross ’94 and Denise H. Cross
Anne Barr Cruz ’97
Clay and Cheryl Cushman
Kelsey R. Darden ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Suvajit Das
Mr. and Ms. DAndre Davis
Mr. Harold A. Dawson Jr.-
Mr. Lloyd Dean
Roman P. Dean ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Deutsch
Deutsch Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Tracy Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dowell
Mr. Carlos L. Drayton and
Dr. Dekisha P. Drayton-
Julia Bonds Duke ’92 and Lee Duke
Carrie and Jacob Edmison
Mr. and Mrs. Brantley Edwards
Dr. Kemberly Edwards-Williams and
Mr. Rae Williams
Robert D. Evans ’56
Kathryn N. and John R. Faison
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Faison
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Farnum
Sally M. Faulkner ’85 and
Shawn D. Smith
Ms. Barbara Felt
Naylene and Rob Felt
Mr. Yunfang Feng and Ms. Shan He
Holly Ferguson
Matthew M. Ficken IV ’05 and
Leah G. Ficken
Danise Gunter Fields ’83 and
David W. Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell K. Finney
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Lawrence R. Fischer ’68
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Trammel Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Thierry J. Francois
Patrick K. Franks ’04 and Kate Franks
Mr. Jonathan Freeman and
Mrs. Jennifer L. Kjellgren
Dr. and Mrs. Kenny Frontin
Newton M. Galloway
Dr. Shivaprakash Gangappa and
Dr. Vajreshwari Shivaprakash
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Gary
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Gibson
Franklin T. Glover ’97
Alison Bell Goodman
Carrie Schwartz Gordon ’99 and
John Gordon
Mrs. Holly Gordon
Jane Graham
Chris Greenway-
Ms. Erin C. Greenway ’00
Leslie and Hal Greer
Tucker H. Grifn ’12
Kelly M. Guest ’13
Susan and Sam Guest-
Didier Guillaume and
Robin M. Jones-Guillaume
Ms. Aoyue Guo
Julian S. Hailey ’79 and Holly Hailey
Mrs. Maureen A. Halford Spillane and
Mr. John M. Spillane
Mr. and Ms. Jonathan T. Hallett
Mr. and Ms. Paul M. Hamrick
B. Amrey Harden ’72
Mary Leslie Hardy-
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Harris
Linda and Jeff Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Harris
Samuel F. Hart ’51
Dr. Robert D. Harvey and
Dr. Christine Kempton
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Hasen
Mary Margaret and David Heaton
Mr. Nagaraja Hebbar and
Dr. Supriya Rao-
Chato B. and Douglas Hendrix
William A. Hennessy ’03
Jodi Hester
Morgan Guest Hicks ’11 and
Ben H. Hicks
Mr. Trevor Hiestand and
Ms. BryAnn Chen
Aaron T. and Tina L. Hill
Chip and Adrienne Hill
James F. Hill III ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett A. Hines
Ms. Monique R. Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Hood Jr.
Miss Lauren C. Hood ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Z. Hovigimian
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Humphrey
Gordon Hunter and
Sandra Broad Hunter-
John Hurston
Heather C. Hviding-
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Isaacs
Lyn and Bob Isaacs
Dr. and Mrs. Srikant Iyer
Daphne Bryson Jackson ’81
Mrs. Joanna Jardina
David S. Johnson ’12
Pamela and Antonio Johnson-
Ms. Shareeta Johnson
Mrs. Jasmine Johnson-Wakeel ’11 and
Mr. Muhasibi Wakeel
Frank and Jada Jones
Mr. Gerald F. Jones and
Dr. Karen D. Godette
Shannon K. T. Joyner ’04
Jamy Lea Juhan
Mr. Nahashon K. Kamau and
Mrs. Margaret W. Kimani
Mr. and Mrs. Vipul H. Kapadia
Mr. and Mrs. Dawood Kapasi
John R. Kendall ’61
Meri Khoury
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kight
Jane and Wayne King-
Mrs. Jennifer C. Knox ’95 and
Mr. Jonathan Grainger
Mr. and Mrs. Gopi K. Koganti
Dee Koscik
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kremkau
Arthur F. Krueger Jr. ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kukler
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lackey
Patty and Robert Lamb Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Landgraff-
Melissa and Gary Lawhon
Danielle M. LeFevers ’08
Susie Lightner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lignos
Margie and Bill Lineberry-
Nazima A. and Waheed Malik
Ria Meade Malinak ’81 and
R. Jeff Malinak
Malinak Family Charitable Fund
Kourtney Few Mance ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Vikram R. Mandadi
Michael E. Mandl ’08
Andrea B. and Randal A. Mangham
Christopher G. Marshburn ’05
Mr. John K. Massey
Ellie and Claude Mays-
Ty McCard and Melissa Sneed-McCard
Mrs. Carrianne B. McCormack
McCreery Family
Drs. Cecily B. and Michael L. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt McDonald Sr.
Mrs. Laura M. McElveen
Kellyn O. McGee ’85
Ms. Kimberly J. McIntosh and
Ms. Nichole R. Stallworth-
James W. C. McKay Jr. ’57
Mr. Ernest C. McLean III
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. McManus-
Kathleen McManus
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. McMillian Jr.
McMillian Fund
Eileen and Terry McWhorter
Dr. and Mrs. Brandon Mednick
Mr. and Ms. Mitchell Meekins
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mercier
Jonathan and Amy Merrill
Bob E. Miller ’58 and Patricia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Milton Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Mitchell-
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Mohan
Araminta and Jason Montague
Jessica and David L. Moore
Donald R. Moorhead ’68
Joseph and Marci Morettini
Andrew G. Morgan Jr. ’74 and
Susan L. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Mori Sr.
Mr. Marcus Moring and
Dr. Anisha Moring
Jennifer Briggs Morris ’00 and
Dan Morris-
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mulcahy
Jenna Murphy
Mr. Jay Nagar and Dr. Ritu Nagar
Viji and Ram Namburar
Mr. and Mrs. Shams S. Nanji
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Neff
Jessica Ziegler Newth ’97 and
Ryan Newth-
Ian E. Nicholson ’05
Hina B. and Amirali W. Noorani
Dr. and Mrs. Muhamad K. Obideen
Rev. Katie O’Dunne-
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall A. Olson
Mrs. Elaine T. O’Neill
Andre Oosthuizen and
Bronwyn Coetzer-Oosthuizen
Dr. Kelly D. Organ
Ms. Emily O’Sullivan
Drs. Agnes P. and Abraham A. Oyewo
Dr. Sri Palacharla and
Dr. Radhika Mudiyala-
Chetan and Rupal Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Gene W. Patterson-
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Dr. Allan Pickens and
Mrs. Abraxas Abrams-Pickens
Mrs. Kenya T. Pierre, Esq.-
Jeffrey S. Plageman ’02
Drs. Chudamani R. and
Pritam R. Polkampally
Mr. Kenneth Potsic and
Ms. Jennifer Barlament
James Potts ’64
Joella Mercer Potts ’93 and
John M. Potts III ’93
John R. Prall ’97 and Krista N. Prall
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron H. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas A. Preuss
Progressive Endodontics
Jeffrey M. Putnam ’04 and
Kathryn K. Putnam-
Mr. Tongqing Qiu and Mrs. Wei You
Mr. Mohammed Ra and
Mrs. Nazeeya Kokinti
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Raines
David M. Rainey ’91 and Stacey Rainey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reale-
Dr. Stacy T. Reynolds
Jack Rhodes III ’92 and Virginia Rhodes
Katie Richards-Hutchison
Richdotcar Properties, LLC
David B. Ridgeway ’83 and
Andrea Ridgeway
Selma and Ray Ridgway
Mr. Hugh Rivers
Ms. Malaika Rivers
Marques P. W. Robie ’01
Katherine Wells Robson ’01 and
James A. Robson
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Ross
David-Aaron Roth ’10
Jennifer Welch Rueter ’04 and Nick Rueter
Mr. Pramod Sajja
Stacey and Brett Sandifer-
Charles W. Schulze ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Scott
Sean M. and Kerry A. Scroggs
Douglas Seeb and Jeanne Derderian
Amanda Bishop Sells ’99 and Josh Sells
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Semaan
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Seta
Donald E. Shamp
James Z. Shanks Jr.
Ms. Sylvia Sharif
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sherman
Charles L. Shew ’53
Miss Jessica D. Sibley
Cindy and Stan Silvert
Dr. Lorenza Simmons and
Dr. Charis Trench-Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Simpson
Mr. Paul Song and Mrs. Ellen Shim
Ms. Ann M. Speer
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Stancil
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stegall
Breanna L. Stein ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Stoeckel-
Drs. Samantha G. and Steven C. Storey
Mr. and Mrs. William Stratton Jr.
Ms. Krista A. Straughn ’90
Taylor B. Strawn ’12
Mr. Sou-Pen Su and Mrs. Bernice Lin-
Mr. and Mrs. Micheal D. Sullivan
Anthony Swann ’77
Mary Lou Swann
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Swartwood
Mr. Larry Switzer
Dr. Faye R. Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thibo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Tilman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tonneson
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Tovin
Drs. Cassandra R. and
Antwan L. Treadway
Gina Marshall Tucker ’94 and
Fred Tucker
The Twiss Family
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tye
Kirsten B. and Jack L. Vangrofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Waddell
Mr. Robert J. Waddell and
Mr. Gregory L. Smith
Mrs. Tracy Wadhwania
Mr. and Ms. David D. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Waites
Dr. Adam T. Waksor and
Ms. Shetaye G. Gulelat
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Walker Jr.
Ms. Sabrina B. Warden
Ms. Shani Washington
Anne and Garland Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Watkins
Joseph A. Watkins ’98-
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Watts Sr.
Tonia R. and Andy Webb
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Webster
Robert G. Weinstein ’63
Mr. Stephen Weinstein and
Ms. Elizabeth Searcy-
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Weiss
Roger C. Whigham ’73-
Tonya Tolleson Whitmire ’91 and
Scott A. Whitmire-
Mr. Cecil C. Whitmore and
Dr. Simone S. Whitmore
Darien D. Wiggins ’17
Pelham Wilder IV ’01 and
Kathryn Wilder
Michael B. T. Wilkes ’70 and
Harriet Wilkes
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua R. Williams
Wanda and Scott Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Charles I. Wilmer
Erica Forniss Wiltshire
Tally M. Wisenbaker ’70
Linda S. and Mark S. Wyatt
Kelli D. Wyble
Dr. Andy Xu and Dr. Li Zhang
Ronda and Bruce Zents-
Mr. Donald S. Zhou and Ms. Ying Song
UP TO $249
Anonymous (45)
Keenan Aaron-
Alec D. Aaronson ’20
Samuel K. Abakah ’99 and
Yashika Abakah
Mr. and Mrs. Luqman Abdur-Rahman
Mr. and Ms. Andrew S. Abend
Kevin D. Abernethy ’95
Kristin L. Abernathy ’20
James P. Abrams ’20
Mr. Shane Acker
Sandy and Jerry Adamek
Cassandra and Ozie Adams Jr.
Nicole Adams ’76-
Ozie D. Adams III ’20
Ms. Teresa L. Adams
Dorsey K. Addicks ’13
Mrs. Caren Eisenstein Adler ’95
Kara Nygren Adler ’04 and Micah Adler
Lacy Adolph
Alexander P. Agle ’92
Miss Chantay Agnew
Rohan Agrawal ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Agurkis-
Armaan S. Ajani ’20
Brian Albanese ’97
Jean Verdel Alexander ’76 and
Bill Alexander
Dr. Margaret E. Alexander
Martha and Steven Alexander Sr.
Dr. Ahmad H. Al-Hajj and
Dr. Abeer N. Abouyabis
Romi Sarif Alhalel ’99
Roba Ali
Titilayo Tinubu Ali ’99
Kelly Alladina
Ethan D. Allagnon ’20
Dwight F. Allen ’20
Mr. Dwight F. Allen and
Dr. Shelley M. Dunson
John R. Allen III ’09
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Judith C. Allen ’79
Roy F. Allen
Lee Altheimer ’67 and Evelyn Altheimer
Lindsey Richardson Alvarez ’05
Frank L. Alverson Jr. ’59 and
Mary C. Alverson
Mr. Nasser M. Amane and
Ms. Zebiba T. Delil-
Pamela Allen Ambler ’99 and
Stewart Ambler
Ms. Amanda Ambrus
Ms. Allison Ford Anderson ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Clay E. Anderson
Mr. David Anderson
Marisa Amick Anderson ’96 and
James R. Anderson
Tisa Anderson-
Aspen G. Andrews ’20
Ms. Deanna Andrews ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Andrews
Dr. James and Rochelle Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Andrews
Mr. Sengiri Angkawijana and
Ms. Angela Cui
Dr. Irfan Ansari and Mrs. Rabia Khan
Matthew Anthony ’11
Barry D. Applegate ’83
Dr. Ali A. Araghi and Dr. Mozhgan Zafar
Kate Armstrong
William C. Arnold ’09
Myles C. Ashe ’20
Robert L. Ashe III ’93 and Blake Ashe-
Bonnie Aspinwall
Eddie Atkins-
Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics
Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Auffant
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ausman
Samantha Mann Avent ’07
Kalen V. Axam ’10
Dawn Axam-Hocker
Vernon S. Aycock ’58 and Ann Aycock
Gail Ayers
Michael N. Azadi ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Bachmann
Drs. Wendy M. and Jeffer T. Baer
Mr. and Mrs. Boris Baeta
Sierra J. Bagwell ’20
Lavern Bailey
Matthew B. Bailey ’92
Joanne and Grant Baker-
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Justin S. Baker
Wayne Ballard
Shannon Sheesley Balthaser ’05 and
Spencer A. Balthaser
Katherine Bandrowski
Christopher F. Bankoff ’99
Ingrid Banks-
Nan and David Banks
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Banks Jr.
William W. Banks ’20
Katharine A. Barber ’94
Lauren Crim Barclay ’08 and
Kayin Barclay
Mr. and Mrs. Rashidi D. L. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Bob A. Barnette Jr.-
Jenifer and Harold Baro
Maria Barrera
Leo Barrios
Mr. and Mrs. John Barrow
Mr. and Mrs. Olyn Barrow-
Suzanne Barton
Angela Bass
Bill Batterman-
Audrey Baugh
Mr. and Ms. Derek Baugh
Catherine L. Baxter ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Bazemore-
Lindsey Beard
Drs. Joan F. and Nicholas J. Beaulieu
Mia R. Bechara ’20
Mrs. Anne Beebe
Mr. and Mrs. Amir Hossien Behnia
Mr. Edwin T. Bell and Dr. Tampa R. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Kendrell A. Bell
Traci E. Bell ’84
Heather E. Benamy ’09
Steven E. Benatar ’09 and Taylor Benatar
Jenna J. Benedict ’20
Robert H. Beneld III ’20
Erik M. Benjamin ’14
Charles A. Bennett ’20
Elizabeth T. Bennett ’04
John E. Bennett ’62 and Beverly Bennett
Michael T. Bennett Jr. ’88 and
Abigail Ashworth Bennett ’88
Sylvia Bennett
Arthur J. Benoit ’99
Jean Soracco Berger ’78 and Steven Berger
Justin D. Berger ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Berkowitz
Kaitlyn E. Berkowitz ’20
Dr. Keith M. Berland and
Ms. Joan L. Berland
Danny Bermel
Virginia B. Bernot ’20
Joanne Berry-
Maggie Berthiaume
Roger Bertossi
Dr. and Mrs. Raheem Beyah
Drs. Sheetal and Vishal Bhalani
Ms. Rashmi Bhatt
Dane C. Bielfelt ’99 and Anu Bielfelt
Anandi A. Bien-Aime ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Ulrick Bien-Aime
Mr. Paul R. Billingsly Jr. ’99
Kelsey J. Bilthouse ’11
Lindsey Keadle Birdsong ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Bishop
Charles B. Bittinger ’11
Mr. and Ms. James Black
Mr. and Mrs. John Blackie
Mr. Walter Blackmon III and
Mrs. Michael J. Heard-Blackmon
Alysson Vogt Blackwelder ’99 and
Matthew Blackwelder
Mr. Dejuan Blair and Ms. Angel Davis
Susan F. and Paul M. Blair
Dr. Alda M. Blakeney-Wright ’82
Max G. Blank ’20
Paul Boenig
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Bombeck
Joseph S. Bond ’48 and Margaret A. Bond
Mrs. Audra Bonds and Mr. Cory Cox
Ryan Boone
Chance B. Bootstaylor ’20
Sarah A. Bortnick ’20
Macada Boston
Nancy and Bud Boston
Steve Boston
Jennifer Bostwick
April Atkins Boswell ’94 and
Michael Boswell
Lance W. Bottoms ’20
Jill Bounds
Thomas L. Bourne ’94 and
Ann Whitten Bourne
William B. Bourne IV ’92 and
Emery Bourne
Amanda Swint Boutelle ’92 and
Brian Boutelle
Gregory Bowden-
Jesse Bowen
Joseph C. Bowers ’20
Dr. and Mrs. James Boylan
Jeane Smith Brackman ’73 and
David A. Brackman
Mr. Tommie T. Bradley and
Mrs. Althea Philord-Bradley
George Bradshaw
Scarlette Branch-Godwin
Julia Branger de Guerra and
Alvaro Guerra
Emma E. D. Brantley ’20
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Breitzke
Karyn Brelloch
Alex Brennan ’97 and Kathryn Brennan
Brian O. Brennan ’96 and Dana Brennan
Matthew S. Brennan ’02
Mary Jane Stacy Brent ’04 and
James Brent
Moyia Bridges
Mr. Robert Brinson and
Ms. Michele Howard
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Kathleen Britto
Trevon E. Broad ’92
John H. A. Brogdon ’09
Erin N. Brooks ’20
Jacqueline and Eric Brooks
Ms. Antonne V. Broussard
Annie Brown
Ms. Bethany Brown
Brandie Brown-
Chelsey Brown
Christian M. Brown ’20
Garnet E. Brown ’17
Jennifer and Eric A. Brown
Jordan A. Brown ’20
Kimberly Andrews Brown ’83
Mr. Robert Brown and Ms. Melissa Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon E. Brown
Kelly Broyles
Robert W. Bruce III ’11
David T. Brumby ’71 and Jane Brumby
Mr. John Brumeld and
Ms. Alicia K. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bruneau
Tereena A. Bryan ’10
Angie Bryant and Rebel Wesley
John F. Bryant ’14
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Buchanan
Mrs. JoAnn Buggs
Mr. Alan Bugler
Madeline Bulleit
Mr. Kenneth R. Bunch and
Mrs. Angela J. Boggs
Elizabeth and Tyler Burbridge
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Burford
Mr. John E. Burgess and
Dr. Elizabeth H. Burgess
Gwendolyn Burnett
William R. Burnette ’03
Arthur Burns
Mr. Greg Burns and
Mrs. Irene Leyva Burns
Riley J. Burruss ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Bursian
Lyndsey Miller Burton ’01 and
Daniel Burton
Margaret Burts
April N. Bush ’03
Cathy and Alan Butler
Thomas F. Byars ’92 and Leslie H. Byars
Mr. Justin Byczek
Mr. Kevin P. Byers and Dr. Sarah L. Cook
Samuel K. Byers ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Byrnes Jr.
Connie Cabe
Athena P. Cahill ’14
Camden S. Cahoon ’20
Mr. Harvey S. Cain II and
Ms. Michelle A. Williams
Ambe’ E. Caldwell ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Caldwell
Caroline Calix-Castro
William P. Calloway ’70-
Andrew Cameron ’83
Laura and Charles Campbell
Mr. Asa Candler
E. Rod Caneld ’67 and Elizabeth Caneld
Kimberly Canty
Richard Cao ’20
Winston B. Cardwell III ’91 and
Jenn Cardwell
Lesley A. and Judgeston A. Carnes
Mason A. Carnes ’19
Rebecca A. and James D. Carpenter
Brooklyn R. N. Carr ’20
Ms. Keisa Carroll
Dr. Kevin L. Carson and Dr. Nicola C. Chin
Jessie H. Cart ’09
Drs. Alexis and Shawn Carter
Elizabeth G. Carter ’11
Lin Price Carter ’74 and Barry Carter
Ryan A. Carter ’11
Shelley and Kwesi Carter
Veronica Cato
Edward N. Caylor ’70
Naomi S. Censullo ’20
Larissa R. Chagas ’20
Brenda and Dave Chandler
Mark B. Chandler ’09
Prescilla Chang
Michael C. Chapin ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Chatman
Octavius Chatman
Bineeta Chatterjee
Mr. Muhammad Chauhan and
Ms. Jessica Bennett
Sherry Cheng
Dr. Tom Chiller
Vikas M. Chinnan ’94 and
Supreet B. Chinnan
Ramana Kumar R. Chittoor Govinda
Reddy and Madhavi L. Iguturi
Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed Chowdhury
Farahnaz and Casey Chranya
Shalina and Malik Chranya
Alisa and Mark Christensen
Nancy Harris Christensen ’76 and
Ken Christensen
Grant F. Christians ’89
Mr. and Mrs. George Christy
Vernie Cincotta-
John F. Cioci ’91
Jeremy E. Citron ’89 and Deborah Citron
Carley E. Clapes ’16
Jason Clardy ’96
Mary and Steve Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clarke Sr.
Debra B. and William G. Clay
Kathryn and Jonathan Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clemo
Harrison A. A. Cobb ’13
Ms. Lynn P. Cobb
Patrick K. Cobb ’20
Timothy F. S. Cobb Jr. ’17
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Cobb III
Brenda E. and David C. Cochran-
Hannah F. Coetzer ’20
Jimmie Lee and Rich Cogburn
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Coggeshall
Dr. Genna R. Cohen ’03
Stanley C. Coker ’65
Andrea Newsome Cole ’96
Heather and Blake Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Cole
Kelly Usilton Cole ’04 and Woody Cole
Susannah S. Cole ’17
Yolanda Coleman
Bailey K. Collings ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin D. Collins
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer A. and Matthew P. Collins
Ken B. Collins ’74
Lauren Collins
Teresa M. Collins ’01
Mr. John M. Companiotte and
Dr. Catherine M. Lewis
Joshua Comprosky
Benjamin Condon ’07
Greer Connolly ’11
Amelia R. Connor ’20
Walter W. Constantine ’99 and
Elizabeth G. Constantine-
Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Cook
Jonathan C. Cooke ’04
Lillian Davis Cooper ’78
Mary-Elizabeth M. Cooper ’15
Susan Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cooper
Emily Bent Corbin ’08 and
Thomas L. Corbin ’09
Karen and Mike Corbin
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Corley Jr.
Darby S. Cornelius ’20
Mr. Andre Cottle and
Mrs. Roxanne Woodley-Cottle
Arnae P. Cottle ’20
Sherald Y. Cotton
Mr. Terrance Cotton and
Ms. LaShonda Fuselier
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Coty
Ms. Angela C. Couch
Jackson W. Couch ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Errol Coutain Sr.
Cyclone Covey ’97 and Afe N. Covey
Willie Covington and Denetra S. Bates
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Margie and Tom Cowden
April L. Craig ’83
Claire B. Crawford ’12
Mr. James F. Crigler and
Mrs. Shymeka L. Hunter-Crigler
Mr. and Mrs. John Cronin
Mr. John A. Cronin
Madelynn M. Cronin ’20
Lauren Cronon
Sally Crouse
Mr. Brandon T. Crumby and
Ms. Angela Crumby
Riley C. Cullen ’09-
Jordan A. Culley ’20
Andrew L. Cunningham Jr.
John Curran-
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Czerwinski
Mr. Edward Dacey and Ms. Denise Koo
Megan E. Dacey-Koo ’20
William M. Daly ’20
Ms. Amanda J. Dam ’11
Amy Y. Dam ’13
Vuthanary H. Dam
Mr. Gary Dandridge and
Ms. Charmelle C. Harris-Dandridge
Carolyn D’Angelo
Mrs. Donica Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Daniels
John Z. Dannehl ’13
Mary and Karl Dannehl
Mr. and Mrs. Karlos Dansby
Lauren McClelland Darden ’07
Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Daugherty
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald K. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Davis
Dr. Cedrice Davis
Clarke M. Davis ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Luther C. Davis-
Robin Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Davis
Susanna Thomas Davis ’95
Mr. W. Ryan, Inda, and Zyan Davis
Kevin Dawkins
Allison P. Day ’90
Sara Notestine Day ’04 and John Day
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. De Simone
Karen McCleskey Dean
Rebecca I. Dearolph-
Jalen C. Dedeaux ’20
Mrs. Tonya Y. Dedeaux
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Deller
Larry DeMarcus ’72
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Demarest
Olivia G. Demarest ’15
Kathryn K. Demorest ’20
Ms. Lawrie Demorest and Dr. Lee Kyser
William K. Demorest ’20
Alford J. Dempsey III ’02
Dr. Yi Deng and Dr. Henian Zhang-
Drs. Laura C. and Adam T. DePoe
Kristen Williams Derk ’98 and
Daniel Derk
Shreya R. Dhanani ’20
Charles R. Dickerson Sr. ’75 and
Janet E. Dickerson-
Charles R. Dickerson Jr. ’08
Ms. Monica Dioda
Michael D. DiPrima ’99
Drs. Dabney W. and W. Thomas Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Doherty-
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dorsett
Justin C. Dorsey ’20
Jerald B. Dotson ’84
Dr. and Mrs. Abdul Doughan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dow
Mr. Andrew G. Doyley Sr. and
Dr. Cherice M. Doyley
Nia M. Doyley ’20
Trinity M. Dozier ’20
Meredith Draper
Kimberly Dresbach
Christopher Drew
Michael R. DuBose ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Dunaway
Scott Dunbar ’65
David A. Dundee
Elena T. Dunkel ’20
Erin Dunkle
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dunman
Sarah Weinstein Dunn ’04
Lillian X. D. Duong ’14
Monica X. T. Duong ’16
Connie T. and John R. DuPre
Mr. William A. DuPre IV and
Judge Leigh M. DuPre
Elena P. Duralde ’05
Yolanda A. Duralde ’74
Elizabeth Ponder Dykstra ’89 and
Jay L. Dykstra
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Easterling
Kim Edens RN
Clark L. Edmond ’09
Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds ’96 and
Joseph Edmonds-
Ms. Ann Edmondson
Mr. Franklin R. Edmondson Jr. and
Ms. Bernetta Waller
Cherise Winston Edwards ’99 and
Brian Edwards
Gabrielle L. Edwards ’20
Maxwell S. Eidson ’20
Stephen A. Eith ’20
Patricia and Jeffrey Elam
Isan-Monet Elba ’20
Mrs. Kim N. Elba
Carl B. Eleazer ’76
Mr. David B. Eller
Benjamin T. Ellis ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Dorian Ellis
Helen W. Ellis ’98
John B. Ellis III ’99 and Mindy Ellis
Suzy Ellis
Stephen A. Elmore Jr. ’94 and
Demetria Elmore
Kelsey Quillen Emerson and
Benjamin L. Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Emslie
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Englert
Hope E. Englert ’20
May Engelhardt
Yosmin English
Mr. and Mrs. Tauheed Epps
Terrance D. Epps ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Erdmann
Walter C. Ernest IV ’85 and
Teresa Ernest
Rebecca Steinmark Erwin ’93 and
Ryan Erwin
Marcela Espinosa ’08
Dr. Taj K. Eubanks and
Ms. Allyson C. Coleman
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Evans
Mr. Meyiwa Eyione and
Ms. Mamie C. Clarke
Mr. Chris Faircloth and
Mrs. Lina Bowman
Dolan P. Falconer III ’16-
Ryan N. Falconer ’20
Leo J. Falkenstein ’09-
Ms. Laura C. Fanucchi ’96
Sara S. Fanucchi ’00 and
Thomas E. Taylor
Denise and Bob Farmer
Arrington W. Farrar ’15
Sarah S. Farrar ’10
Alyce and Mike Farry
Derrick F. Faur ’92
Ayron R. Fears ’20
Michael J. Fedack ’67-
William J. Fedack Jr. ’70
Hannah Feldman ’20
Annalise Felt ’30
Timothy Fenner
Tyrone L. and Wanda Y. Fennie
Lori T. and Paul M. Fenzl
Brian Ferguson
Alison S. Ferst ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ferst
Bette Schlossberg Fialkov ’03 and
Jason Fialkov
Janie Swanson Finch ’74
Jordyn D. Finney ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fischbach
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fisher
Stuart Fisher ’07
Rosella Fisher
Susan Fisher-
Jordan Arkin Fishman ’05 and
Matt Fishman
Jonathan S. Fitch ’18
Samantha R. Fitch ’20
Richard Fitzpatrick
Madeleine Flournoy
Julia H. and Jeffrey K. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Fluker
James S. Fluker ’94 and Lindsay Fluker
Ms. Kimberly O. Foodman
Andrew J. Ford ’05
Linda and Don Ford
Mr. and Ms. Brandon Forde
Maya E. Foreman ’17
Morgan A. Foreman ’13
Greg Foster
Dr. Temitope Foster
Marcus B. Foston ’99
Lori Daniel Fowler ’82 and C. D. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Fox
Mr. Cecil R. Francis and
Ms. Natalee K. Pessoa
Olivia N. Francois ’20
Mr. George Frangos and
Ms. Annabelle M. Freeman
Ms. Jamilah Freeman
Liann M. Freeman ’98
Linda L. Freeman
William H. Freer ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Jason French-
Gavin K. Frey ’20
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Frick
Marquita Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Friese
Ms. Tracy Friess
Peter J. Fritts ’83 and Susan A. Fritts
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Fryburger
Ms. Tamika Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fuller III
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fulton
Ryan L. Furlough ’05 and Katie Furlough
Summer Goldberg Gabriel ’07 and
John Gabriel
Amanda and James Gaddy
Reynolds W. Gaddy ’20
Bobby P. Gaillard ’04
The Honorable Crystal A. Gaines and
Mr. Eric C. Bond
Stephanie Galanti
Anjali N. Gamble ’20
Dr. Ashish R. Gandhi ’09
Begona B. and Jose Garcia-
Claudia Garcia and Jorge I. Fonseca
Maria E. Garcia
Maria G. Garcia
Cara A. Gareld ’02
Kimberly Stembridge Gary ’95 and
Thomas W. Gary IV
Sherry I. and Tom W. Gary
Sydney C. Gaxiola ’12
Mrs. Ashley R. Gelber
Ashley Gelber Charitable Fund
Zoe E. Gelber ’20
Haowen Geng ’20
Whitney Dickerson Gerkin ’03 and
David Gerkin
Ashwin Ghanate and Prasanna L. Chodey
Nishita Ghanate ’20
Dr. Abhijit Ghatak and
Mrs. Deblina Chatterjee
Rebecca Giacchino
Kathleen Lawton Gibbon ’99 and
Brendan Gibbon
Morgan Plank Gibney ’07 and
John Scott Gibney
Armari J. Gibson ’20
Christina Sabol Gibson ’09
Mr. Marlon L. D. Gibson and
Dr. Sheree L. Gibson
Sabina Miller Gilbert ’78 and
Murphy P. Gilbert
Mr. Lamont Gill and Ms. Ayanna Hill-Gill
Kathryn Autry Gilman ’02 and
Michael C. Gilman ’03
Promis Gimeskel ’20
George H. Ginn ’54
Thomas R. Giornelli ’13
Agustin Giron
Russell and Kathy Gladding
Amy Crouse Glass ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Jante T. Glenn
Marie Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Glenn
Ricky Glenn
Stacie Shattles Goins
Mrs. Lindsey Kahnweiler Goldberg ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Golden
Mr. and Mrs. David Goldschmidt
Emily N. Goldstein ’14
Katherine E. Goldstein ’13
Drs. Krishna and Venkata Goli
Judith Golick
Frank Gomez ’81
Marla Edwards Goncalves-
Juan Gonzalez
Ma Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez
Lisa Henry Goodbread ’86
Julia E. Goode ’02
Ms. Rebekah L. Goode
Wesley Goodwin ’52-
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Goodwyn
Charlotta A. and Jason F. Gordon
Grayson H. Gordon ’05
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gordon
John S Gordon Family Charitable Fund
Madison Weiss Gordon ’09
Rachel Fruchtman Gordon ’06 and
Michael Gordon-
William R. Gore ’20
Leonhard H. Gorgens ’09
Sophia V. Gorgens ’11
Ulrike R. and Lutz Gorgens
Pramoda R. and Srinivasa K. Gorjala
Eric Gorsline
Andrew F. Gosch ’18
Jenny Gould
Mr. Deepak Goyal and
Mrs. Rekha Choudhary
Katie O’Daniel Graham ’99 and
David Graham
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Grant-
Nathan Grau
Sydney E. Graves ’20
Andrew L. Gray ’15
Joyce G. and Jerry L. Gray
Dorothy Allen Green ’73 and
Michael Green
Mr. Gailand Green and
Ms. Nikole M. Crow
Jennifer E. Green and Robert A. Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Green
Mr. and Ms. Mark J. Green-
Perry Green
Mr. Quinton Green and
Ms. Shanqueta Bradford
Mr. Wayne A. Green and
Dr. Scott D. McManus
Dr. and Mrs. Alton R. Greene
Avery L. Greene ’20
Leah M. Greer ’20
Erin Owens Gregoire ’11
Stefan L. Gresham Jr. ’14
Ms. Halle G. Griffee
Elizabeth Grifn
George C. Grifn II ’79 and
Carroll H. Grifn
Mrs. Melodie Grifth Poindexter
Tiana N. Grissom ’13
Kelly Gronka ’07-
Tim Grooms
Melissa Lockwood Grovenburg ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Grubbs
Susan Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Gruenewald
Robert T. Grumbles ’01
Seth D. Gudger ’03
Marshall S. Guest ’00 and Sarah S. Guest
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Andrew B. Gulley ’15
Matthew M. Gulley ’17
Miss Pamela E. Gunby-
Megha Gupta ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Rishi Gupta
The Haber Family
Angela Hackler
Richard B. Hadlow ’70 and
Cynthia E. Hadlow
Chelsea Hagan
Claire A. Hailey ’20
Carolyn and John Haldeman
Dr. Kim Hall
Michael T. Hall ’12
Anna Mize Hammer ’03 and
Carson C. Hammer ’03
Leah H. Hammett ’14
Alice Hammock ’74
Mr. Kirk Hammond and Dr. K. D. Posey
Lena M. Hanchard
Bryan A. Hancock ’93 and
Maryanne Q. Hancock
Lindsay P. Handelsman ’01
Amari T. Hanes ’10
Ms. Morgan Hannah
Courtney Guest Hannan ’09 and
Patrick Hannan
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hannon-White
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hansen
Ms. Jennifer L. Hanson ’00
John A. Hanson ’06 and
Stephanie Hanson-
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Harben
Brandy and Christopher Hardin
Deborah Hardy
Peggy and Jeremy Hardy
Beth Teital Harris
Clifton T. Harris ’54
Guy M. Harris ’04
Holly E. Harris ’01-
Sadreka Harris
Mr. Willie H. Harris and Dr. Sandea Harris
Brenda Harrison
Keisha Wynn Harrison ’90 and
Craig Harrison
Fern and Richard Hartnig
Mr. and Mrs. Damon M. Harvey
Linda Haskell
Haley E. Haskins ’14
Caroline V. Hatcher ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Stephon Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Hayes
Risa N. Hayet ’12
Khadija J. Head ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Phenus Head Jr.
Katherine Healan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heard
Sarah I. Heaton ’20
William M. Heaton ’11
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Hebert
Meredith Hegarty
Emily Heilker
Hannah C. Heller ’10
Robbie S. Helms
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Henderson
Olivia P. Henderson ’19
Sara and Kyle Henggeler
Alison Burns Henning ’03 and
Sergej Henning
William S. Henwood Jr. ’95 and
Claire R. Henwood
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Herold
Hal J. Herring ’14
Mary Hesskamp ’20
Lorri Hewett
Gail and Lyons Heyman
Bailey A. Heywood ’16
Lisa and Forrest Hibbard
The Hickox Family
Mr. and Mrs. David Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hicks
Highlands Historical Consulting, Inc.
The Hildebrand Family
John G. Hiles Jr. ’74 and Diane Hiles
Alexis B. Hill ’19
David L. Hill II ’05
Hali A. Hill ’08
Jennifer Vinson Hill ’95 and Tom Hill
Otway B. Hill ’62 and Gail Hill
Shanequa Hill
Laura Accardi Hillman ’99 and
Brad Hillman
Jesse Ben Hines
Mr. Timothy Hipp and Family
Jeffrey R. Hirsh ’10
William G. Hitt ’20
Mr. Kenneth Hobmann and Ms. Lori Sims
Robin Hodge
Margaret Hodges ’74 and George Hodges
David B. Hodgins ’98 and Kate Hodgins
Pamela D. Holder
Mr. and Mrs. Shun Holder
Max J. Holland ’05
Mrs. Regina Hollis
Jason T. Holloway ’98
Scott R. Holman ’02 and Amy N. Holman
Allison White Holmes ’03 and
Darrell A. Holmes
Kadija Holmes
Mark A. Holmes ’03
Matt Holmes
Harbin Hong ’20
Casey E. Hood ’05
Rosalyn Hood
Kira L. Hooks ’09
Melissa Dupre Hopple ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hopson
Lindsay J. Hornecker ’14
Ms. Phylena D. Houde
Maria and William Houser
Cecil H. Houston III ’20
Rachael A. Howard ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Howell
Mr. Jun Huang and Mrs. Qiuen Xia
Hannah M. Hubbard ’07
Julie A. Hubschman ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Hudson
KiAndra Hudson
Dr. and Mrs. Jarrod Huey
Kelsey Schmidt Hufnes ’10 and
John W. U. Hufnes Jr. ’10
Neta and Martin Huggins
Ralph J. Hughes ’94
Roarke T. Humphrey ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Humphrey-
John S. Hunsinger Jr. ’75
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hunt
Lauran Hunt-
Kevin Hurysz
Dr. and Mrs. John Huston
Brian Hutcheson
Grant A. Huyghe ’20
Mr. and Ms. Steven A. Huyghe
Monica L. and James H. Hyder
Jennifer and Jeremy Inmon
R. Chris Irwin ’62
Caitlin Ishibashi
Drs. Erica and Joel Isom
Brian Keith Jackson and
Regina Leigh Calloway
Egypt I. Jackson ’20
Kristin Jackson
Mr. Marcus Jackson and
Ms. Alicia Cunningham
Prof. Regine Jackson
Vernetta Jackson
Kia J. Jacobs ’17
Ms. Sonji A. Jacobs-
Kristin Overcash Jaen
Mr. Evan C. Jahn and Ms. Gay H. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard James
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. James
Stuart A. James ’20
Ms. Susan James-
Mr. John P. Jamilkowski and
Ms. Julie E. Klappas
Alice Yeh Jamison ’89 and
Daniel L. Jamison
Kelly Nichols Janicki ’04-
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Jarman
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Jarrard
Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Jarrett
Mr. Sultan Jasani and Ms. Farha Jiwani
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Dana Jefferson ’87
Traci T. Jefferson ’05
Hamilton A. Jenkins ’14
John P. Jenkins ’91
Artesha Ervin Jenrette ’00 and
Kendall Jenrette ’97
Wynne Rosenbleeth Jerris ’09 and
Caleb Jerris
Ms. Michon Jeter
Jack H. Jewell ’20
Mr. Sathish K. John and Dr. Priya D. John
Mr. and Mrs. Artis Johnson
Christopher S. Johnson ’04
Jason R. Johnson ’20
Lauren D. Johnson ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Johnson
Ms. Sara E. Johnson
Frank Johnston ’96
Alie Jones
Andrew Jones
Briggs H. Jones ’45
Mr. Cary Jones Jr.
Ms. Corinna Jones and
Ms. Cherie Caldwell
Evita Rogers Jones ’99
Janice Boswell Jones ’98 and
William B. Jones ’98
Jennifer Chrisman Jones ’02 and
Tim Jones
Jennifer L. Jones
Ms. Jo Elliott Jones
Mr. John E. “Ed” Jones ’57
Lance E. Jones ’02
Richard Jones, USNR, Ret. ’57
Sawyer B. Jones ’03 and Susan Jones
Seth A. Jones ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Theron M. Jones
Thomas A. Jones ’99
William H. Jones ’82 and Laura M. Jones
Dee Jones-Hendricks ’77 and
J. W. Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. Ravindra Jonnavithula
Meg Jordan-
William Ju ’20
Paul and Joyce Jurik
Gobind Kala ’14-
Jayshri Kala
Adem Kaleshi
Mufail Kaleshi
Shyhrete and Halim Kaleshi
Dr. Arun Kantamneni and
Mrs. Pratima Ravi
Dr. Varnada A. Karriem-Norwood
Tejal Desai Kassatly ’90 and
Robert Kassatly
Gildea O. R. Katz ’20
Michael G. Kaufman ’07
Tonya Keen
Mr. and Ms. Derek K. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Kelly
Lisa C. and Richard E. Kelly
Matthew J. Kelly ’08
Lauren E. Kendall ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kennedy Jr.
Tess A. Ker-Seymer ’10
Walker R. Kessler ’20
Henley Kibler ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kilduff
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Kilduff
The Kilduff Family Living Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Babur Kilic
Erin Kim ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Eunho Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray Kimbell II
Justin W. King ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. King
Malik A. King ’91
Patricia A. King-
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kirschbaum
Steven T. Klimaszewski ’79 and
Linda Klimaszewski
Andrew W. Kline ’99 and Sara Kline
Charles J. Knight ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Knox
Deepika Koganti ’05
Vishnu P. Koganti ’09
Wyatt Kopcha ’20
Siddharth Koppaku ’20
Andrew S. Koransky ’91-
Chelsea L. Korski ’10-
Mollie and Robert Korski
Steven and Monica Kuhlman
Kim Kulka-
Mona and Salil Kulkarni
Hyuk J. Kwon ’88
Calder R. LaBriola ’13
Vondrila Lacey
Lake Spivey Civic Association, Inc.
Anjiya Lakhani ’20
Imrana and Aftab Lakhani
Karen Lakin
Michelle T. LaLonde ’79 and
Brian E. Feldman
Frederick Poole Landers Sr. ’67
Anna L. Landgraff ’20
Sydney Horne Langdon ’03 and
Joel Langdon
Mr. and Mrs. Drew T. Lanham
Joy Lanier-
Mr. Rob A. Lanier and
Dr. Dayo N. Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Gareld Larmond
Donald L. Lassiter ’74 and
Sharon Lowe-Lassiter
William C. Lathem ’72 and
Donna Lathem-
Carrie Gibson Lauchlan ’97 and
Alex J. Lauchlan
Mr. Richard Lauth
Masheena Lavely
Brian L. Lawler ’11
Mr. Robert N. Lawrence Jr. ’03
Tyice and Robert N. Lawrence Sr.
John S. Laws Jr. ’66
Blake S. Lawson ’93
McKenzie Lawson
LBMB Holdings Inc.
Christopher R. Lea ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leake
Rebekah A. G. Lecesne ’20
Amy Goldsmith Lee ’99 and
Jonathan R. Lee
Mr. Harry Lee Jr. and Ms. Ashley Burgess
Liz and Michael Lee
Margaret Lee
Mary K. Lee ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee
Michael J. Lee ’89 and Ji Y. Lee
Thomas E. Lee ’68 and Hyon H. Lee
UnJung Lee-
Valaurie Bridges Lee ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Mc Alee Lemene
Taryn D. Lesniak ’03
Thomas D. Lesniak Jr. ’01
Alex T. Levensalor ’05
Deborah S. and David A. Levine-
Joshua S. Levy ’16
Calvin W. and Tanisha L. Lewis
Dr. J. Richard Lewis
Jeremy D. Lewis ’96
Mr. Lloyd Lewis and
Ms. Darlene D. Baltimore
Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Lewis
Taylor D. Lewis ’09
Lissandra Li ’20
Mr. and Mrs. James Lignos
Mason J. Lin ’15
Patrice Williams Lindo ’90
Judge Charles R. Lindsay ’54
Ms. Amy Little
Hailey Little
Louis Liu ’20
Kevin Lockett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lockett
Linda Loff
Jessica S. Lofton ’20
Ms. YuShonda Lofton
Mr. and Mrs. Stan W. Logan-
Mr. Keith Lollis and Dr. Kirsten M. Lollis
Michael J. P. Lomax ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lonergan
Paul M. Longino ’83 and
Catherine M. Longino
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick H. Lopez Jr.
Orlando F. Lopez ’74
Paul A. Loughlin ’20
Alyson Lovingood
Kara Hoffman Lowery ’99
Ms. Adrienne Lance Lucas
Kenyatta K. Lucas II ’16
Mr. Grady A. Luckey Jr. ’99
Sandra Lee Lucus-
Dr. and Mrs. William Lyday II
Nick H. Lynton ’00
Yimeng Ma ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maas
Mr. Jacob D. Mach
Cathy Mack-
Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Mack Sr.
Tiffany Mack
Ms. Margaret Madden
Rosemary Ford Madden ’09 and
William S. Madden ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Madere
Jaylin D. Mae ’20
Jessica Hood Mahle ’03 and Scott Mahle
Kayla Mahoney
Lindsey and Ibrahim O. Majekodunmi
Emanuel D. Major ’09
David Makkers
Parvin Malcolm
Alicia Maldonado
Carla and Greg Malever
Eric P. Malever ’20
Kate Adornato Malone ’03 and
Chris Malone
Anne Marie and David S. Maltbie-
Sydney A. Mance ’20
Randal A. S. Mangham ’13
Teresa Lopez Mann ’78 and John S. Mann
Vincent J. Mannella ’20
Dr. Keith Mannes and
Dr. Catherine Dekle
Peter G. Manning ’88 and
Jennifer Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Manous
Ashley Graham Marchman ’04 and
Ben Marchman
Mr. Donell Marecheau and
Dr. Portia Siwawa
Caroline G. Marinac ’20
Drs. Kimberly and Bryant Marks
Ann O. Marmo
Stratton E. Marsh ’18
Ms. Annette M. Marshall
Chuck Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Rasheed B. Marshall
Angela Martin
Henry Martin
James Martin ’07
Nicole Rivers Martin ’99
Liliana and Javier Martinez
Chris Marxmiller ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Tsukasa Mashimo
Edis Masic
Darryl S. Maslia ’86
Anthony A. Mason ’20
Ms. Corey E. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Masters
Nicholas C. Masters ’20
Ms. Kristin Masterson
Grace M. Mata ’20
Maj. Adam P. Mathes ’99
Anna C. Mathis ’86
Thomas J. Matre ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Matthews
Sally and Sandy Matthews
Branden A. May ’07 and Brittany May
James S. Mayeld ’20
Mr. and Mrs. William Mayeld
Mr. Charles Mays and
Dr. Maria Mazzillo Mays
Matthew P. McAdam ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McBath
Mrs. Carol D. McBath
Mr. Cornell McBride
Cornell McBride III ’20
Joann McBride
Mrs. Mary McBride
Miss Leticia J. McCadden
Michael C. McCann ’53
McCann Family Fund
Christelle and Cory McClean
Dennis M. McClelland Jr. ’02
Lucy Fender McCloud ’02 and
Lyle McCloud
Ms. Kim W. McClure
Madeleine F. McCook ’20
Samantha A. McCool ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Ollie L. McCoy
Tamika S. and Joe T. McCoy
Shomari R. McCrimons ’92
Bill McCullough
Bennett E. McCumber ’99
Antoinette McDonald
Dana A. McDonald ’11
Eric B. McDonald and
Dawn Atkins-McDonald-
Mr. and Ms. Ronnie McDonald
William W. McDonald ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McEntee
Elizabeth Gray McEver ’04 and
Hayward McEver-
Summer E. McFadden ’13
Nancy Hogan McFerrin ’11 and
Wesley B. McFerrin ’09-
William M. McGarrah and
Paige E. McGarrah
Mary D. McGonigle ’15
Mrs. Sherrie McGrady-Johnson
Scott G. McGregor ’78 and
Teresa O. McGregor
Michael D. McGuire ’73-
Madeline G. McHann ’20
Dr. Belinda J. McIntosh
William J. McIntosh ’94 and
Michelle McIntosh
Mr. Reggie McKenzie-
Thomas McKenzie
Ms. Morgan D. McKinnon ’12
John P. McLane ’94
Jack McLaughlin Sr. ’52 and
Lynn McLaughlin
Mr. Emil Mehovic
Julie Hodges Melton ’95 and
Craig Melton-
Rabit Memeti and Hyrije Ajeti
Ms. Melissa A. Merchant
Dr. and Mrs. Alson E. Mercurius
Erica S. Merritt ’02
Lisa G. Merritt ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meuris
Hans Meyer ’19
Darin Mickel and Ruth Bonnevie Libo-On
Karen Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Milam
Mr. Jason Miles and Dr. Kia Miles
Lauren M. Miles ’13
Boone Miller ’30
Elizabeth and Billy Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Emmett H. Miller Jr.-
Miller Family Chiropractic
Gayle and Tracy Miller
Greg and Elizabeth Miller
Jeffrey T. Miller ’85
Mr. Joshua A. Miller-
Kirkham Miller ’28
Lawrence B. Miller Jr.
Lisa Miller ’05-
Morgan Y. Miller ’20
Mr. Nathan Miller and Mrs. Erin Murphy
Ty L. Miller ’04
Mr. and Mrs. William Miller
William C. Miller Jr. ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Bant Millichap
Megan R. E. Millner ’20
Ms. Melanie Millner
Ivan A. Mills ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Millward
Ashley Ellis Minetti ’94 and
Ryan Minetti
Minor Family
Kechia Minter
Shah J. Mirza ’13
Drs. Chanté W. and Davin G. Mitchell Sr.
George Mitchell
Jerry Mitchell
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Marvin G. Mitchell ’01
Maya L. Mitchell ’20
Parker A. Mitchell ’20
Richard A. Mitchell-
Mr. Clyde E. Mize Jr. and
Dr. Ida L. Rose-Mize
Vanessa Vance Moncure ’74 and
Withers Moncure Jr.
Laquinta M. and Bill Montgomery
Kelly Rice Monts ’05
Nikki and Hayes Moody-
Gregory Mooneyham
Gigi Moore
Jessica S. Moore ’20
Mrs. Laketa Moore
Phillip A. Moore ’14
Mr. William Moore and Dr. Carisa Moore
Alison May Moran ’79 and
Thomas G. Moran
Blythe E. Morgan ’20
Valerie and Harrison Morgan
Amy and Tony Morris
Frances Morris
Margaret and Andy Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Morris
Maureen and Angus Morrison
Ms. Sankeshia D. Morrow
Mortgage Connection
Torrance J. Mosley ’94 and
Jocelyn Mosley-
Mr. Francis W. Moyer and
Mrs. Holly R. Henson
Angelica C. Mugg ’20
Barbara and Jon Muirhead
Marshall T. Muirhead ’20
Clifford K. Murphy ’15
Michael L. Murphy-
Wight E. Murphy ’10
Dr. Thippeswamy H. Murthy and
Dr. Geetha S. Rao
Vijay H. Murthy ’20
Ja’kiya A. Myrick ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Myrick
Mr. and Mrs. John Myslik
Sahiti R. Namburar ’18
Sathvik R. Namburar ’14
Isabella P. Nardone ’20
Kristy Thomas Nardone ’88 and
Alexander R. Nardone
Dr. Khaled Nass and Dr. Rania Jabi
Mr. and Mrs. Viresh Nayar
Alexandria K. Needle ’20
Carmen G. Negrete
Mr. and Mrs. Nikkia Nelson
Michelle and Paul Nestlehutt-
Diane M. Neumann
Ms. Monique Newsome
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Newton
Ms. Zanele Ngubeni
Ms. Carolyn Nichols-
Mr. and Mrs. Grady T. Nichols-
Michelle Nichols
Timothy Nichols III ’83 and
Sonia R. Bell-Nichols
Susanne Nicholson
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Nicholson-
Amy B. Nikolaou and Hugh Kronitz
Ms. Deborah Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Y. Njem
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Noble
Alexandra N. Noeltner ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Norman
Jennifer Norman
Lynne Davis Norman ’75 and
Scott T. Norman-
Bernard Norton-
Drusilla Norton
Ms. Heather A. Norton and
Mr. Yancey Martin
Madison V. Norwood ’20
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Novak
Kimberly Eason Nubel ’91 and
Ryan E. Nubel
Jean Nuttall
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Nye
Quinn Nygren ’06
Drake F. W. Oakhill ’20
Anthony P. Oberti ’12
Daniel J. Oberti ’15
Jonathan D. Oberti ’12
Michael E. Oberti ’12
Gail and Robert O’Brien-
Dr. and Mrs. Abdul Odemuyiwa
Adele Hagedorn Ogilvie ’71 and
Robert J. Ogilvie-
Jennifer Toon Olsen ’79
Dallas S. Olson Jr. ’91 and Ashley S. Olson
Jordan Olson
Patrick L. O’Neal ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Neill
Theodora A. Oprisch ’20
Jasmin Ordaz
Zachary C. Orig ’16
Mr. Shawn Orth and Ms. Marcia Moore
Carlos Ortiz
Matthew P. O’Stricker ’20
Mr. Winston D. O’Stricker Jr. and
Mrs. Shannon Perry-O’Stricker
Patricia Lee O’Sullivan ’83
Ms. Kim S. Outlaw
Marcia and Alphonzo Overstreet
Alicia Owens-
Elizabeth R. and Martin F. Owens III
Dwayne Owensby
Calvin C. Oxford II ’00
Ms. Caryn E. Oxford
Necie Elizabeth Young Pable ’90 and
Lawrence J. Pable Jr.
McCoy A. Pace ’20
Taylor Driskill Pafford ’01 and
John M. Pafford Jr.-
Mrs. Ashley M. Page
Alexandra F. Paige ’14
Jamal A. Paige ’08
Mr. Sabetay Palatchi and
Mrs. Jennifer Gold Palatchi
Jennifer Bridgers Palmer ’03 and
Bo Palmer
Sangeeta Panicker
Mr. and Mrs. Marcos Paredes
Mr. and Mrs. George Park
Swannee Park ’97
Christopher Parker
Jennifer Dye Parker ’92 and
Kelly L. Parker-
Koury and Teleza Parks
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor P. Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Partin
Sydney P. Partin ’20
Chris Pate
Ayesha U. Patel ’11
Devan Patel ’20
Ethan Patel ’20
Dr. Jasmine U. Patel ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Jigesh Patel
Mansi C. Patel ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Mehul G. Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Milan R. Patel
Moana and Amar Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Paresh M. Patel
Usha and Umesh Patel
Zayyen B. Patel ’20
Abbi E. Patterson ’20
Andrea and Eric S. Patterson-
Tinsley Patterson
Barbara Paul
Mr. and Ms. Cecil V. Payne
Mrs. Deborah Payne
Ms. Adele A. Pearson
Ms. Laquetta Pearson
Stuart M. Pearson ’04 and
Allison L. Pearson
Brent M. Pease ’01 and Erica S. Pease
Evan D. Pease ’03
Mary E. Peek ’11
Dr. Shanthan Pendem
Ruth I. and Ricardo A. Pereira
Clara Q. Perlis ’18
Caitlin R. and Noah Z. Perlman
Justin C. Perlman ’98 and
Morgan Nugent
Ms. Linda D. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. William Perry
Ms. Patience E. Peterson ’96
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Robert J. and Michelle E. Petitto
Glenn W. M. Philen ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Graham G. Phillips
Joy Mayeske Phillips ’95 and
Stuart Phillips-
Ryann Phillips ’20
Josie K. Pickett ’20
Mr. and Ms. Levi J. Pickett
Mr. and Ms. James S. Piepho
Kathie and Richard Pierce
Martha and William Pierce
Kalyn L. Pierre ’20
Katherine T. Pilch ’20
Lauren Floyd Pilliner ’99 and
Kirk Pilliner
Mr. Dieter T. Pinner-
Carolyn C. Pittman ’20
Jordan L. Plank ’09
Thomas M. Platt ’08
Sydney M. Poe ’20
Mykal M. Poindexter ’20
Mr. Maxim Poliashenko
Martha Polk
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Pollard
James W. Pollard ’01 and
Catherine A. Pollard
Kathryn S. Pollard ’05
James Ponder
Ben and Carolyn Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Poole
James T. Porter ’05 and Megan Porter-
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Victor O. Prall
Susan D. Pratt ’86 and Chris Pratt
John M. Pressgrove ’20
William H. Pressgrove ’20
Charlotte E. Preuss ’15
Susanna M. Preuss ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Truth O. Price
Jeanne Weaver Pridgen ’79 and
Michael D. Pridgen
Margaret Primrose
Damian O. Pryor ’99 and Whitnei Pryor
Caroline R. Ptacek ’11
Emily E. Pugh ’20
Stephanie Lee Pugh ’90 and
Reuben Pugh Jr.
Mshon K. Pulliam ’07
Jay Pullin ’89
Brock J. Pumphrey ’02 and
Cristina Pumphrey
Randi Retter Pund ’99 and
Nathan Pund
Coleman T. Pusateri ’10-
Mr. and Mrs. Caperton D. Putt
Mr. and Mrs. Quader Quddoos
Eduardo Quiroz and Yolanda Martinez-
Syed Ali R. Rab ’20
Joseph M. Rafshoon ’17
Randa C. Ragab ’98
Jeffrey W. Ragan
Matthew A. Rahn ’00-
Anna C. Raines ’12
Nitya A. Rajeev ’20
Nancy Tribble Ralston ’07 and
Harris Ralston
Arun G. Rama-Krishnan ’20
Arturo Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfredo Ramos
Manlanyo Rapley
Laura Putman Rappold ’94 and
Carl W. Rappold
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher L.
Kristin and Robert Reagan
Jacob R. Reams ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Immanuel Reed
Kerin and Mark Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed
William H. Reese ’20
Ms. Beverly Regan
Ms. Danielle S. Reid
Patricia D. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Reid
Dana E. and Christopher E. Reker
Kamaljit and Gurvinder Singh Rekhi
Jacques Remy ’20
Timothy P. Resuta ’20
Candace and Richard Rhinehart
Allison Jackson Rhodes ’95 and
Bartly D. Rhodes ’96
Joe A. Rice ’64 and Mary K. Rice
Alexis Anzo Richard ’04 and
Brent Richard
Mr. Alphonso L. Richard and
Mrs. Helen D. Barber Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Richard
Alexa M. Richardson ’20
Bettie G. Richardson
Metria and Brian Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Richardson
Dana Richmond
Jennifer M. Rieck ’87
Ashley E. Riggs ’09
Ava M. Rincon ’20
Matthew D. Rinzler ’99
Robert L. Rinzler ’60 and
Reneé B. Rinzler
Dr. April M. Ripley ’92-
Heather M. Ripley ’02
Jenny Byars Ritchie ’88 and
David L. Ritchie III
Alejandrina Rivera
John T. Rivers ’65
Steven B. Rivers ’78 and Angela Rivers
Addie G. Riviere ’20
Jared S. Roach ’00
Amy and Aaron Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. James Roberts
William P. Robertson ’10
John W. Robey ’01 and Nicole Robey
Mrs. Calita E. Robinson
Hannah C. Robinson ’05
Quentella Robinson
Drs. Tina and Rod Robinson
Raul Rocamora
Ernest Rochester-
William Rodie ’84
Miguel N. and Ana Rodriguez-
Yesenia Rodriguez
Tiffani Roegiers and Kelcey Roegiers-
Gregory L. Roesel ’78
Anna Thomas Rogers ’07
Darnella Rogers
Ms. Janice E. Rogers
Mr. Lawrence L. Rogers
Luann Rogers-
Malik Rogers
David J. Rogie
Mr. and Ms. George Rohrig
Isabelle J. Romero ’17
Mary A. Romero ’14
Ms. Stephanie Roppolo
Christopher Rose Sr. and
Crystal M. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rose
Robert A. Ross ’82 and
Virginia Andre Ross ’84
Virginia A. Ross ’20
Blair I. Rothstein ’95 and Lisa Rothstein
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rotz
Regenia and John Rovsek
John T. Row Jr. ’50
Brandon G. Royes ’20
Dr. Juan F. Rubio-Ramirez and
Mrs. Ana M. Luengo-Romero
Benjamin E. Russell ’13
Michele and Brian Russell
Lakisha J. and Jeremiah Rutledge
Bailey Blair Sabulis ’05 and Sam Sabulis
Saint Andrews Society of Atlanta
Noemi Salgado
Salina Salim ’20
Jennifer Gussoff Salmenson ’99 and
Mark Salmenson
Mr. Patrick A. Sampson and
Dr. Toi L. Sampson
Ms. Erica Sams
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sams
J. Scott Sanchez ’91 and
Christin Carone Sanchez
Claire L. Sandberg ’08
Arielle C. Sanders ’12
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Sanders
Taylor Sanders ’10
William M. Sanders ’20
Dr. Massimo Sapone and
Mrs. Barbara Naso
Alec J. Sard ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sard
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman H. Sawyer III
Julie F. Sawyer ’71 and Chris G. Sawyer
Skiles Sawyer Family Fund
Ms. Samantha A. Saykaly
Cierra G. Saylor ’12
Charnan Cooke Scarborough ’00 and
James Scarborough
Robert A. Scherer ’79 and Susan Scherer
Brian P. Schiltz ’95 and Jody Schiltz
Sydney C. Schirra ’14
Cindy Schneider
Darin Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Schoefer
Scott S. Schreiber ’81 and
Kathy D. Schreiber-
Jacob P. Schroeder ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Schub
Paula Thornton Schutz ’78 and
Mark S. Schutz
Brittany Hillman Schwartzwald ’99 and
Alan Schwartzwald
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Scocos
Lewis E. Scott ’58
Ms. Marcye M. Scott ’93
Ronald Scott-
Ms. Sophia L. Scott ’01
William K. Scott ’03 and Meagan Scott
Mark Seal
Ann and Stanley Seeb
Dr. Brandon S. and Dr. Wendy Seigler
Ashley L. Self ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo M. Sellers
Ms. Betty Jean Sellers
Hunter Sellers ’20
Lisa and Lee M. Sellers
Todd Sentell ’79
Mr. Juha Seppanen and
Ms. Melissa B. Madison
Mr. and Mrs. James Seserko
Mary Sessions ’01 and
Antonio Salazar Cardozo
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford F. Seyler
Scott R. Shaffer ’86
Ms. Laura M. Shamp
Jessica G. Shantha ’03
Duane Shaver ’88
Ina and David Shaver-
Ena A. Shaw ’88
Mr. Lion S. Shaw and Dr. Lori D. Shaw
Dr. and Mrs. Nakia Shaw
Leigh O’Neal Shelor ’98
Stan Shi ’20
Debbie and Andy Shipp
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Shlien
Jenny Schneider Shoemaker ’89 and
Brad Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn B. Shuler-
Ian L. A. Shulterbrandt ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Temano K. Shurland
Elana Bornstein Sibble ’01 and
Samuel Sibble
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Sibilsky-
Cyndi Siekmann
Alexander X. Silva ’20
Mr. Xavier A. Silva ’89 and
Mrs. Julie Oliver Silva ’86
Bridget G. Silvert ’18
Althea Simmons
Frampton E. Simons Jr. ’13
Devon Simpson
James H. Simpson IV ’20
C. Paul Sims Jr. ’69-
Michael C. Sinagra ’02
Mrs. Isabel O. Z. Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Singleton III
Richard H. Sinkeld III ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Skinner
Brandon A. Smith ’20
Mr. Brent Smith and Dr. Margaret Smith
Carol Cambra Smith ’73 and
Kenneth P. Smith
Cathleen Leonard Smith ’03 and
John Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne L. Smith
Dwight Smith ’71
Edith Smith-
Elizabeth M. Smith ’09
Ms. Elizabeth S. Smith
Hunter H. Smith
J. Warren Smith ’82
Jennica Justice Smith ’07
Mikayla S. Smith ’20
Romona X. Smith
Sarah Anding Smith ’80
Scott R. Smith ’79
Spencer R. Smith ’20
Sylvie Smith
Kimberly Smith-Fausset
Mr. Christopher R. Smurda
Smyrna Medical Associates, PC
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon W. Snipe
John K. Sodemann ’20
Mrs. Kaethe Solomon
Mr. Joseph S. Somers Jr. and
Dr. Wanda D. Bareld
Richard Rhodes Sommers
Mr. Michael F. Sorrow Jr. ’92 and
Mrs. Meredith Greene Sorrow ’91
Perrin L. Sorrow ’20
Staci Freeman Spangler ’10
Kimberly Y. Spear-
William L. Spencer ’64 and Susan Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Winston E. Spencer
Ms. Sarah B. Spicher Esq.-
Patrick J. Spillane ’20
Elaijah K. Stachelrodt ’20
Leslie Forsling Stalder ’05 and
Johnathan Stalder
Lynette Stanley
Rachel Corbin Stanley ’07 and
Dennis Stanley
Kristin Petty Staunton ’94
Joseph M. Steed ’69 and Rita K. Steed-
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Steele
Mary C. Steele ’20
Maxwell J. Stein ’04
Jason A. Steinfeld ’20
Katherine G. Stepanian ’14
Angela Stephenson-
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Stewart
Micaela M. Stewart ’20
Ms. Michelle R. Stewart
Robert L. Stewart ’91
Ms. Kathleen Stockman
Cole E. Storey ’20
Kerrington E. Stratton ’20
Shawn Stratton-
John Strickland
Joshua R. Strickland ’09
Gabriella C. Stripling ’20
Joseph H. Stuhrenberg ’13
Jason Stump
Ms. Gwendolyn Styles
George N. Suddath ’51
James E. Suddath ’77
Charles W. Sullivan IV ’09
Chelsea-Symone Sullivan ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Norris C. Sullivan
Timothy Sullivan ’84
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Sullivan Jr.
Eldridge Surianto ’20
Alexandra J. Sutherland ’13
James E. Sutherland III ’15
William C. Sutherland ’17
Mr. Christopher Swain and
Mrs. Shawana Sanders-Swain
Mr. Rameshbabu Swarna and
Ms. Vineela Ghanta
Micki and Derek Sweatman
Rebecca Clapes Sweet ’10 and
Justin Sweet-
Kristina Swim and Samuel Miller
Ms. Maryama Swindell
Jennifer Swope ’99 and Tobias Swope
Rachael Szymanski
Mr. and Mrs. Ngano Takawira
Xiaobin Tang ’20
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Katherine Simpson Tarokh ’04
Roseta Tarrasó
Rockale and Yvette Tatem
Mr. John H. Tatum and
Dr. Samantha C. Ricks
Kim Tatum
Jacqueline Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Taylor
Mr. Randall Taylor
Mr. and Ms. Robert W. Taylor
Margaret Redmond Teed ’98 and
Ron Teed
Forrest A. Tennant ’10
Mr. Sidney S. Terhune ’56 and
Mrs. Herbena Terhune
Arie S. Terrell ’20
Jessica A. Terrell ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Ryshawn Terrell
Ms. Kimberly Terry
Mark J. Terry ’01
Mr. Robert L. Tharp Sr. and
Dr. Mary A. Tharp
Jasmin M. Theard ’00
Bill Thoma ’75
Margaret E. Thoma, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Andre F. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thomas
Lauren S. Thomas ’20
Winifred Wilkins Thompson ’88 and
Richard D. Thompson
Ms. Latonya Thornton
Alexander L. Threlkeld ’20
Ronette Bloom Throne ’88 and
Adam E. Throne
Nattakiat Thungsunawan ’20
Mrs. Bonnie B. Thurmond
Robert E. Tidwell ’94
Ms. Erica Tillery
Joseph D. Tilman V ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo E. Todd Jr.
Daphne A. Tolentino ’99
Hudie Toles
Stephen M. Tolleson ’08
Elise M. Tong ’20
Drs. Phyllis S. and Frank C. Tong
Mr. and Mrs. Barckley W. Toole
Barckley W. Toole ’20
Larissa and James A. Toomey
Sharon Torres
Jared E. Touchstone ’04
William J. Tribble ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Tritt
Mendy Trotter
Linsey Whiteside Troutman ’00 and
Tony Troutman
Mr. James Tubo and
Ms. Jennifer Coppler
Kathy and Gary Tuchman
Lindsay I. Tuchman ’09
Rebecca R. Tucker ’15
Melissa Tulgan ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Tulloch
Lakshmi S. Tummala ’02
Maria Tuohy
Amy S. Turner ’05
Carol A. Turner
Jacorrei Z. Turner ’20
Ms. Deidra Turnipseed
Mr. Jameson T. Turpening and
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Hanback-Turpening
Natalie Plowden Tyler-Martin ’99 and
Clinton Tyler-Martin-
Kevin A. Underwood ’82 and
Deborah Underwood
Dr. Ashish Vakharia and
Mrs. Angele Rishi
Mr. Matthew L. Valdez and
Ms. Jennifer P. James
Allie Vallecillo
Andrew J. Van Epps ’94 and Maria Pagan
Jyotsna Vanapalli ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Varner
Dr. LeAnne H. Varner
Brandon C. Veale ’20
Mr. Lakshmanan Venkatesan and
Mrs. Ally Pannirselvame
Jake Vettoretti ’20
Oliver Vettoretti ’20
Lauren Dupre Vick ’04 and Carter Vick
Cheryl and Larry Vitek
Lauren Troutman Vogler ’99
Paul Angelo Vogt
Craig L. Vroom ’64
Mr. Hanumantharao Vuyyuru and
Mrs. Sailaja Ravi
Jake E. Waddell ’20
Mr. John D. Waddy III
Joel and Elizabeth Wade
Marybeth Wade ’10
Daniel Wages
Kathleen Varner Wagner ’03 and
David W. Wagner
Lisle Nunnally Waits ’79 and
Edward J. Waits Jr. ’79
Alexis Walker
Amy and William M. Walker
Mr. J. Frank Walker and
Mrs. Kathleen O. Chapman
Lauren Hendrix Walker ’03
Mikaela A. Walker ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Khamisi Walters
Howard Wang ’20
Mrs. Yan Wang
Dr. Christine Figiel Ward ’04 and
Mr. Kevin Ward
Emily Warden
Aaron A. Ware ’07
Andrew S. Warren ’15
Stephanie H. Warshaw ’99
David W. Washington Jr. ’94
Mr. Jermel Washington
Ms. Paris L. Washington
India L. Waters ’06
Jordan W. B. Watkins ’12
Sandra D. and Dwayne L. Watkins
Kelli Watling
Mr. and Mrs. Corey C. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Watson
Anne Peden Robertson Watts ’02 and
Robert C. Watts ’02
Evan V. Watts ’03
Paul and Molly Weathington
Jane Webster
Mr. Dustin Weeks and
Dr. Elizabeth-Ann Weeks
Kordrey D. and Keya E. Weems-
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weintraub
Addie Mae Spongberg Weiss ’94 and
Ryan Weiss
Alison Weiss-Remillard
Charles G. Wellborn ’14
Mr. Harry T. Wells ’57 and Mrs. Lisa Wells
Andrew P. Wener ’04
Annie and George Westlund-
Rev. and Mrs. Jack Westlund
Meghan J. Whaley ’05
Isabelle R. Wheeler ’20
Sam and Anna Wheeler-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheelock
Ms. Deborah G. Whitaker-
Abigail M. White ’20
Alisha White-
Barry C. White ’93
Caroline G. White ’12
Mr. and Ms. Chris White
Gayle White
Ms. Mary Katherine Thrash White ’91
Michael T. White ’20
Ms. Elizabeth I. Whiteld ’91
Grace D. Whitmire ’20
Michael C. Whitmore ’20
Mr. William K. Whitner and
Ms. Tanya N. Hairston-Whitner
Sydney N. Whittinham ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Ray K. Whitty
Mary Raine Winfree Whyte
Andrew D. Widener ’04-
Zackary Wilder III
Kevin S. Wilensky ’99
Malachi D. Wiley ’20
Mr. Malcolm D. Wiley Sr. and
Mrs. Deana L. Timberlake-Wiley
David R. Wilkes-
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Woodward Academy
Reginald J. Wilkins ’98 and
Catherine R. Wilkins
Adam Williams Jr.
Alexandria V. Williams ’14
Ashley Williams
Carl F. Williams III, D.D.S. ’70
Lauren D. Williams ’06
Mr. Mark A. Williams
Naima and Adrian A. Williams-
Ms. Patricia D. Williams
Clarence T. Williamson III ’01
Erica Williamson-
Hugh Bruce Williamson III ’72-
Ms. Tremesha S. Willis
James U. Wilson ’20
Sylvester Wilson
Mr. Eugene B. Wimby III ’11
Meredith Kendall Wince ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. and
Nancy E. Wineld
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo R. Winslow
Cassandra Wiseman
Lori Beth and James Wiseman
William Z. Withers ’54* and Sally Withers
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Wombough
Samuel A. Wombough ’20
Jeff Wood ’93 and Megan Wood
Randall Wood
Stacie Shirley Wood ’94
Mr. John D. Woodall and
Mrs. Dawn Gonzalez-Woodall
Lauren Shantha Woodling ’05 and
Frank Woodling
Suzanne Dunn Woodruff ’77 and
Timothy R. Woodruff
Dave Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Woods
Robert H. Woodward ’11
Wesley G. Work ’20
Chase K. Wright ’20
Erin Wright
Ms. Lishi Wu
Mr. and Ms. Cornelis W. Wurth
Kathryn and Michael Wylder
Brad Yakots ’03
Jane and Steve Yakots
Nyneishia Yancey
Mr. Charles J. Yarbrough ’77
Mr. and Ms. Steve Yarmowich
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Yon-
Ayanna Groves Young ’09
Mrs. Carrie M. Young
Glenn and Dykie Young
Joshua Young ’94
Samuel R. Young ’65
Mr. Xavier L. Young
Mr. Marwan O. Youssef and
Mrs. Rasha A. R. I. Ahmed
YTG Technologies LLC
Mr. Leonardo Zachery and
Ms. Michelle Williams
Trina Zackery
Ms. Meredith A. Zaring ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Xinglong Zhang
Yuli Zhao ’20
Hao Zhou ’20
Aidan J. Zigler ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Zola
Amy Zweng
The Woodward Fund Cabinet
Laura and Michael Drucker
Woodward Fund Chairs
Carla Johnson
Parent Community Advancement
Committee Chair
Julissa Sullivan
Parent Community Advancement
Committee Vice-Chair
Jenny and Lee Conner
Faculty and Staff Chairs
Matthew Wilson ’99
Woodward Alumni Fund Chair
fallIN for WA
Parent Volunteers
Terri Alston
Sharee Clarke
Cedrice Davis
Katherine Dierdorff
Tom Dierdorff
Melodie Grifth Poindexter
Erin Hendrick
Jo Cranford Hodges ’96
Laurie Hood
Miriam Leake
Erica Katz Lewis ’93
Katie Marcet
Rochelle Marte
Kim McClure
Stacey McCoy
Todd Miller
Hina Noorani
Carolyn Patterson
Lakesha Robinson
Michelle Rosenthal
Heather Weiner
Cara Welch
Chelsee Whitling
Valerie Yu
Faculty and Staff Volunteers
Bonnie Aspinwall
Lavern Bailey
George Dietz
Deborah Hardy
Mary Leslie Hardy
Jennifer Jones
Anne Marie Maltbie
Karen Middleton
Chris Myers ’00
Kerin Reed
Thank you to the following volunteers who collaborated with Advancement staff during the 2019-2020
school year. The Academy is grateful for each individual’s role in advancing the school’s mission through our
fundraising efforts.
Thanks to our volunteers!
If you are interested in serving as a
volunteer, please contact the Ofce
of Advancement at 404.765.4030 or
= Year milestone in consecutive giving
Philanthropy Report 2019-2020
Many donors choose to make their gifts in honor of specic individuals who have made a positive impact on
their lives. These gifts support The Woodward Fund, The Woodward Alumni Fund, The GMA Alumni Fund,
endowed funds, and capital projects, beneting all of our students.
Gifts in Honor
Sandra V. Adamek
Kathryn Autry Gilman ’02 and
Michael C. Gilman ’03
Amy Allagnon
Ethan D. Allagnon ’20
Stephane Allagnon
Ethan D. Allagnon ’20
Bowen Tan ’21
Nattakiat Thungsunawan ’20
Yuli Zhao ’20
Christopher S. Alexander ’26
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Alexander
Carr A. Anderson ’28
Mr. David Anderson
Kathryn S. Armstrong
Sydney E. Graves ’20
Prof. Michael Landau and
Ms. Brenda Seiton
Brett A. Schlossberg ’26
Lilly P. Schlossberg ’28
Julie J. Askew
Ann Askew Colin ’84 and Sam Colin
Peggy Dyer McNash ’73 and
Douglas McNash
Farideh Azadi
Michael N. Azadi ’20
Sierra J. Bagwell ’20
Ms. Sara C. Elliot ’07
Tammy R. Bailey
Naylene and Rob Felt
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Yu
Jenifer Baro
Egypt I. Jackson ’20
Mary C. Steele ’20
Alexander L. Threlkeld ’20
Suzanne C. Barton
Paul Boenig
Caroline Guest Stancil ’03 and
Josh Stancil
Jonathan Beard
Hannah F. Coetzer ’20
Kenneth F. Beard
Hannah F. Coetzer ’20
Anjiya Lakhani ’20
Erik M. Benjamin ’14
Christopher R. Lea ’14
Stella Berkowitz and
Daniel B. Berkowitz ’95
Richard E. Berkowitz ’50 and
Lynn R. Berkowitz
Anu Bielfelt
Anandi A. Bien-Aime ’20
Anthony A. Mason ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Profumo
Morgan K. Black ’23
Diana and George Dietz
Bo Bobinski
Stuart A. James ’20
Ryan A. Boone
Naylene and Rob Felt
Richard A. Borth
Matthew M. Ficken IV ’05 and
Leah G. Ficken
Jill Bounds
Megha Gupta ’20
Caroline G. Marinac ’20
McCoy A. Pace ’20
Malachi D. Wiley ’20
Bobby Bowers ’74
Scott Crook
Paul D. Brackman ’10
Jeane Smith Brackman ’73 and
David A. Brackman
Ronald M. Brill
Matt H. Brill ’91 and Staci C. Brill
Jennifer R. Broad
Brett A. Schlossberg ’26
Trevon E. Broad ’92
Alec D. Aaronson ’20
Anandi A. Bien-Aime ’20
Justin W. King ’20
Barckley W. Toole ’20
Isabelle R. Wheeler ’20
Michael T. White ’20
Erica D. Brooks ’17
Jacqueline and Eric Brooks
Erin N. Brooks ’20
Jacqueline and Eric Brooks
Jacqueline Brooks
Erin N. Brooks ’20
Jalen A. Brooks ’15
Jacqueline and Eric Brooks
Madeline S. Bulleit
Grayson S. Pechter ’24
Truen F. Pechter ’24
Elizabeth Burbridge
Jason R. Johnson ’20
Seth A. Jones ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reese
Anne Clark Byars
Thomas F. Byars ’92 and Leslie H. Byars
Jackson Byars ’22
Thomas F. Byars ’92 and Leslie H. Byars
Lanier Byars
Thomas F. Byars ’92 and Leslie H. Byars
Gina Calloway
Camden S. Cahoon ’20
Alexander L. Threlkeld ’20
Lesley Carnes
David R. Forquer and
Martha J. Clinkscales
Woodward Academy
Mark H. Carrington
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Drucker
Ayesha U. Patel ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reese
Shelley Carter
Connor R. Rosenthal ’21
Carri A. Carver
Jaylin D. Mae ’20
Prescilla G. Chang
Prof. Michael Landau and
Ms. Brenda Seiton
Sherry Cheng
Megan E. Dacey-Koo ’20
Sharee Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Yu
Class of 1974
John G. Hiles Jr. ’74 and Diane Hiles
Class of 1976
Nicole Adams ’76
Class of 1977
Anthony Swann ’77
Class of 1978
Jean Soracco Berger ’78 and Steven Berger
Class of 1988
Jenny Byars Ritchie ’88 and
David L. Ritchie III
Class of 1990
Necie Elizabeth Young Pable ’90 an