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Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
5809 Snake Been MB833
5822 Snake Been Shanboo Green
5820 Snake Been Yulin Green
5810 Dwarf Snake Bean
50+ Years in the Seed Business
This price list canels all previous lists and is subject to change without notice May 2021 No. 593
Ensure you read and understand our following statement of limitation of liability and terms and conditions before purchasing. Once
seed is purchased Asian-Seed Ltd understands you have read, understood, and agreed to our terms and conditions. No liability will be
In the event of any seeds sold or agreed to be sold by Asian-Seed Ltd not complying with the express terms of the Contract of Sales, or
any seeds proving defective in variety purity, we will at our option replace the defective seeds free of charge to the buyer or will refund
all payments made to us by the buyer in respect of the defective seeds and this shall be the limit of our obligation. We hereby exclude all
liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of any seeds supplied by us, and for any consequential loss or damage arising out of
such use or any failure in the performance of or defect in any seeds supplied by us, or for any such replacement or refund as aforesaid.
The price of such seeds would be much greater if a more extensive liability were required to be undertaken by us. On all sales made
the obligation is on the purchaser to cover the insurance, we do not insure unless requested to at each purchase. Minimum packet
cost is $7.00 + gst. (R)=registered item (AS)= Asian Seed line. All seed must be trial grown rst before any commercial production is
undertaken to asertain its purity and suitability for you before each sowing. Any picture depicting our product is an indication of type only
you must grow any seed line to test each purchase to check the items for your own use on each purchase.
Our Seed is prohibited for use as seed for reproduction. Minimum $10,000.00 ne plus all costs will be applied for each violation.
All sales are made on the basis of the above terms, which are accepted by all buyers when placing orders or purchasing seed.
1. Seed is prepaid before delivery. If after this time the invoice has not been paid, interest will be charged at 5% per month or portion thereof until all of
the outstanding debt has been fully paid. Debt collection and recovery costs and fees are extra and will always be at the Debtors expense. No cheque
payments allowed payment through Bank only. International clients can either TT the payment or arrangements made to cover Invoice in advance.
Insurance is buyers care as usual. Pro forma Invoice issued on request. All seed must be trial grown rst before any commercial production is undertaken
to asertain its purity and suitability for you on each sowing. With each purchase you must trial grow each lot before commercial planting.
n = special price no discount is allowed and is a prepaid price = payment before seed is dispatched, all prices are plus freight & GST.
2. If these conditions are not acceptable immediately return the unopened seed for credit and your account will be closed. All new customers are required
to complete a credit application before accounts can be opened. Credit checks both personally and for a company will be carried out to assure us that
applicants wishing to purchase from us do have the ability to pay their accounts. Indents are non-returnable. AS= asian-seed select.
3. Discount of 15% will apply for prepayment on seed. This oer is made on the Invoice issued with the seed at time of delivery, provided all previous Invoices
have been paid.
Minimum Invoice amount is NZ $100.00. The discount amount oered is on the seed cost excluding freight or gst/taxes. Retail packs of most items are
available @ NZ$7.00 plus carriage and tax subject to availability, order asking for retail packet. Retail small packets payment must be sent with the order.
There is no discount on NZ$7.00 packets. All seed, commercial or home garden, must be grown on a small scale rst to ascertain the suitability and purity
in your area before full scale planting or commercial plantings are undertaken on each sowing.
4. Any Discounts oered are strictly on prepayment specied on each Invoice. After the specied Days the amount reverts to the full current price. Discounts
do not apply to any special net arrangements for bulk customers or packet seeds. Discount only applies to the Net Seed cost.
5. Asian-Seed Ltd reserves the right to accept or decline the return of any seed, and to credit the Client’s account for the cost thereof, in the event of any
seeds returned. Specially indented orders (for items not usually stocked by us), cannot be cancelled after they are ordered from our supplier, they also
cannot be returned after delivery for credit or replacement. Authorised returns from wrong ordering of regular lines attract a 20% restocking
fee. Opened packets are not allowed to be returned. Merchants account are current if used monthly to minimum trading amount. All
seed must be tried rst to see if the line is suitable before commercial planting, on each purchase.
6. The cultural notes, pictures and descriptions given are given as a GUIDE ONLY. Dierent climatic conditions, personal growing habits, soil conditions and
geographical diversity may not yield the same results described, and Asian-Seeds, or any of its representatives will not be held liable for any direct, indirect
or consequential loss resulting from the use of the descriptions/notes/seeds contained herein. All sales are based on these conditions, growers must try
items in ones own area to determine any seed crop suitability before commercial planting. Seed count if mentioned are a general guide only.
7. Updated price catalogues are issued to regular purchasers. Ask for an updated copy as new items are being added all the time or look at our website which
is regularly updated. Most seeds are imported from overseas, new crop rates, exchange rate uctuations, along with many factors beyond our control will
alter prices. Prices are subject to change without notice. GST will be added to all New Zealand invoices. Carriage, Customs charges, Agriculture fees,
etc will be billed where applicable at cost. All prices have been established as at the current exchange rates on arrival of crops. New crop rates and other
factors will alter all prices beyond our control. Special prices for bulk purchases are readily available on request. Freight charged at courier cost + $9.30
plus rural delivery. Minimum price per packet is $7.00
Seed Treatment: Should treatment be used on some seed lines it is used because of the wide belief that it will enhance the eld germination of such lines or
be helpful in pest management. T= treated U= untreated.
No Seed Treatment and Organic Seeds: We sell many non-treated seeds entirely suitable for organic growing. If you require seed untreated just ask for its
availability. Organic Seed lines are available, but due to excessive high cost of the certied paper work associated with organic seed we oer the grower a wide
range of non treated seeds giving the grower value for money and enable them to make a prot from their crops.
Seed Quality: Seed quality is going to give you the best result, quality and vigour will shine through, this type of seed may be more expensive but in the end
it is far more cost eective. Anyone can sell low cost seed but a few like ourselves can oer quality seed. Take the time to understand the dierence it will be
worthwhile. All seed must be tried before commercial growing, variability is expected and accepted due many factors involved in growing. All seed must be grown
on a small scale for suitability before commercially grown.
Seed Production: Items marked # are items we have produced from selected stock seed, or we are exclusive distributors.
Seed borne disease: All seed could possibly carry seed borne diseases. This is another reason to trial grow each lot prior to commercial planting of any seed
crops. The most modern testing facilities are still unable to detect some diseases. All growers hereby accept that a risk of soil, seed, wind, mechanical, outside
inuence and more may all contribute to such crop diseases and loss of crop. Growers must accept responsibility. We accept no responsibility as stated in our
limitation of liability.
Genetically Modied organisms: We sell only normal seed practice breeding that is by old seed breeding selection of parent lines then standard parent
crossing to make the hybrid. No engineered altered material is used to the best of our knowledge. All F1 Hybrid material we sell is marketed in good faith.
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All orders are to be pre-paid b
internet banking before dispatc
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Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
6200 Bittermelon F1 Big Top
6224 Bitter Melon - JADE F1
7262 B Japanese Cucumber 7262 C Japanese Cucumber
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
6230 Bitter Melon
5817 Snake Bean
5817 Snake Bean
7257 Sponge Gourd
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
ai Egg Plant
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
7411 Egg Plant Supreme Pink 7576 Kwong Sum F1
7521 Wax Gourd Guang Dong
8952 Butternut F1 hyb
9004 Supermarket F1
7515 Wax Gourd 5909 Yam Bean
5700 Amaranthus
8453 Spring Onion
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
6584 Green King F1Cabbage
6583 Red King F1Cabbage
Minimum acceptable purchase is NZ $100.00 per invoice
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Bank acc # 020766 0133827 000 BNZ, Taradale, Asian Seed Ltd (you must put your name on any deposit)
All Seed must be prepaid for before being dispatched.
“Seed quality before price”
6446 Unicorn F1 Cabbage
6477 Winter Beauty
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
9039 Butternut Kuri Red AS F1
8524 Pak Choy Green F1
7278 Gherkin Cucumber type
5825 Winged Bean/ Goa Bean
9156 Radish Green Misato F1 Hybrid
9188 Radish Large Red
9225 Radish Glory Round Red F1
7934 Green Oak Lettuce
7915 Iceberg Great lakes
7988 Celtuce Lettuce
7950 Baby Leaf Lollo Biondo
7955 Lollo Rossa dark red coral
8112 Melon Qinmi F1
8112 Melon Qinmi F1
8122 Melon Hami
8114 Melon Long Gold
8113 Green Flesh Melon F1
8124 Melon Striped Yellow
8123 Melon Round Gold
8113 Green Flesh Melon F1
9694 Watermelon Zaojia F1 Hyb9680 Watermelon Queen
8530 Red Lady 718 Paw Paw
8535 No. 703
8532 No. 709
8532 Papaya F1
8530 Papaya
8535 Papaya 71
8535 Papaya 71
8530 Papaya F1
Papaya / Paw Paw
8800 Bell Pepper Wonder Bell
8839 Bell 5133
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
m=1000 seeds 500sds 1m 5m
5600 Imperial Star very early, highly productive, excellent item, grow as an annual. 125.00 185.22 686.00
25g 100g 500g
5650 Rocket regular tangy salad spiker excellent item 10.66 28.44 94.80
100g 250g 500g kg
5700 Green/Red Round leaves No 1 very good line . 73.70 122.81 163.75
5701 Red, ideal for micro use or baby leaf excellent vivid colour 29.00 48.40 64.50 86.00 NEW
100g 250g 500g 1kilo
5825 Winged Bean/ Goa Bean, delicious old cultivar Chinese favourite. High Protein 40.50 67.50 90.00 120.40
20%, also almost all of the plant can be eaten. What a great health food. Produces
four winged edges, the leaves can be cooked like spinach and the roots have a
delicious nutty avor. Tropical item grow in hot protected area.
updated seed lines new arrival Jan 2021
100g 250g 500g 1 kilo
5817 Taiwan Five, re selected strong disease resistance, wide adapability and early maturity.
suitable for open eld and greenhouse. growing temp15-32 deg celsius, 80-110cm
Red/Brown Seed. New improved line 2021. No282 87.20 145.20 193.50 258.00 NEW
5820 Yulin Green/ Zhe Cai No9; Green pod crisp tasty very nice, productive, red brown seed 87.20 145.20 193.50 258.00 NEW
High yield new line for 2021,sister line to Taiwan Five 2021. Zhe Cai No9.
5822 Shanboo Green, snake bean 80-100cm productive tasty 15-33 growing temp 87.20 145.20 193.50 258.00
5810 Dwarf Snake Bean Green pod on bush plant/ stickless, try it long pod MB811 87.20 145.20 193.50 258.00
YAM BEAN / Jicama
5909 Yam Bean special (Jicama Chinese Mexican much improved productive line 83.00 138.40 184.50 246.00 NEW
very early maturing better yield great improvement for commercial production.
Cynara scolymus - 6 grams for 100 seeds approx. m=1000 seeds **= untreated seed
Eruca vesicaria 15,000 seeds per 25 grams approx; wild is about 105,000 per 25 grams untreated seed
Amaranthus (edible) Chinese Spinach, Yung Choy
Amaranthus tricolour - untreated seed 2000 seeds/gram approx
Bean Yardlong/Snakebean (Yardlong Asparagus) Vigna unguiculatas
Winged Bean,(Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) Goa Bean, Yi Dou, Shikaku Mama, Dau Rong, Kacang Botol.
Hyacinth Bean, Soy Bean Glycine max 4 sds/g approx . Yam Bean Pachyrhizus tuberorus
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
BUSH DWARF BEAN 500g 1kilo 5Kilo 10Kilo
5882 Supreme No1 Dwarf Bean, dark green wondeful long harvest period very heavy
yield upright habit straight long pod, easy pick quality Bean for fresh or freezing,
holds well, no hair on pod. Excellent eating avour. approximately 3390sds per kg 50.14 74.26 275.06 407.50
5884 Golden Cherokee Wax round golden yellow pod, (untreated seed line ) 55.68 74.25 247.50 330.00
5885 Golden Cherokee Wax round Golden Yellow pod, great NZ standard item T 32.80 50.10 188.70 275.00
500g 1Kilo 5Kilo
5945 Fardenlosa Shiney climber treated seed imported seed T 56.70 75.60 252.00
5947 Fardenlosa climber ( untreated seed line ) 68.04 90.72 302.40
5950 Scarlet Runner TENDER, re selected old favourite stringless style 68.04 90.72
500g 1Kilo 5Kilo
6000 Broadbean Exhibition Long Pod, productive NZ item 1.5m ** 20.50 27.00 89.20
6001 Broadbean Super Pod, highly productive 35-38cm long pod, 8-9 seeds perfect size 20.50 27.00 89.20
25g 100g 500g 1 kilo
6045 Detroit round dark red stood the test of time good all round item** 12.60 33.68 112.30 149.70
6065 Cylindra long dark red, Asian-Seed selected item, ideal for bottling ** 12.60 33.68 112.30 149.70
100g 500g 1Kilo
6120 Supreme compactum silverado Asian-Seed select great commercial 72.84 242.81 323.75
6110 Fordhook regular Asian strain dark green white ribbed tall growing Home Garden 21.65 80.19 118.80
6130 Ruby Red Silverbeet good baby leaf as well as whole plant harvest (untreated) 38.30 141.75 210.00
6145 Yellow Golden Sunrise nice colourful item 38.30 141.75 210.00
6160 Bright Lights mixed good mixture of all colours 72.84 242.81
6125 Perpetual spinach/beet cut and will regrow excellent item 34.55 115.17 153.56
Bean Broad (Broad Bean)
Vicia faba: sow Autumn to Spring **=untreated seeds
Beet Red (Beetroot)
Beta vulgaris : sow spring to late summer approx 30 seeds per gram unsized seed. **=untreated seeds
Beet Silver/Swiss Chard
Beta vulgaris 5000 seeds = approx 100 grams all are untreated seed
Bean Climbing/Pole
Phaseolus vulgaris (POLE BEANS) **=untreated seeds
Bean Bush
Phaseolus vulgaris DWARF BEAN **= untreated seeds
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Bitter Melon F1 10g 25g 50g 100g
Genuine Commercial Seed, true F1 hyb
Asian Style
6230 Verdure AS F1 broad shoulder tapered 550g-800g popular item returned **. 127.10 236.50 350.40 519.00 NEW
6213 Glossy Green F1 excellent dark glossy green for taste avour 30cm x 600g-800g** 127.10 236.50 350.40 519.00
seed sowing temp 16-32 degrees pre soak seed seed prior to sowing.
6200 Big Top2 F1 161 conical shape 20-25cm long, 8-12cm wide. wide shoulder weigh
500-800g green skin do not grow in previous growing melon ground MB609 ** 127.10 236.50 350.40 519.00
Indian Style
6224 Jade F1 Indian dark green, prolic, 26 x 7cm prickly ** 127.10 236.50 350.40 519.00 NEW
NZ Government requires very expensive seed Testing before these seeds can be imported into NZ, these cost must be passed on.
Germination 14 days 75-80%., give all Bitter Melon good conditions for optimum germination results, plugs/plants booking available growing
conditions has a vital eect on the fruiting ability and nal fruit size. Best minimum 23deg-30 over 24hr period temp variation will eect the
plants ability to ower and set and ultimately the resulting crop. Pre soak seed. Grow Bittermelon in ground not growing Bittermelon or Egg
plant before is best for a good crop. Being tropical seed lines they may require good cultural habit to replicate tropical conditions.
Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon/Balsam Pear Fu-Kwa
Momordica charantia (approximately 5 grams = 20 seeds) **= untreated seeds
1m 10m 50m
6270 Marathon F1, sow for year round growing excellent item avoid very hot periods (T) 59.00 439.42 1627.50
6271 Marathon F1 untreated seeds for organic use 59.00 439.42 1627.50
6275 King F1 best choice try for late Spring planting through to early Autumn try it 59.00 439.42 1627.50
against your favourite item our line could be far superior money maker item large
head, ne bead, domed deep green head, superior proesional item try it (NEW)
6286 Diplomat F1, released for early and main summer crop medium bead dark green
semi domed head, replacement for Decathlon compare. (Treated seeds) 59.00 439.42 1627.50
6310 Arcadia F1 so popular its still around and very good commercial line sow Winter for
spring summer harvest domed head ne deep green bead. 59.00 439.42 1627.50
Try all items in your own location as climatic and many factors eect the end result.
Brassica oleracea (m=1000 seeds) TREATED & UNTREATED SEEDS
Arctium lappa - 64 seeds/gram approx untreated seed
10g 25g 50g 100g 500g
6410 Minto Shirohada Early, White, ner surfaced Root 80-90cm, 150 days 41.97 63.45 84.60 112.80 372.00
very good crop for your health. Sow Spring harvest Autumn through to spring.
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Chinese Cabbage vernalization type seed. The bud dierentiation and bolting result from low temperatures of 5deg C for a week or 10deg
C for 2 weeks.In the spring cultivation under low temperature it is important to select suitable varieties and the right sowing time. For the
Spring harvest transplant seedlings with 5-7 true leaves and raised at 23-24C during the daytime and 12deg C. Make plants grow quickly
with enough water and fertilizer after transplanting. All information is a guide only, rst try before any commercial planting as usual.
10g 25g 100g
6496 MiChihili upright growing older variety still very popular Autum Winter cropping 47.34 78.90 210.40
6450 JAZZ F1, yellow interior Korean style, sowing late winter for harvest Spring to through
Summer 2.5kg slow bolting type, excellent taste, approx 60 days from sowing, some club
root tolerance to some pathojen, large frame, try it. 47.34 78.90 210.40
6457 Summer K, 2.5 kg slow bolt medium green, Sow mid to late Winter for Harvest spring to
early summer tolerant to Virus, Downey Mildew, Bacterial soft rot 47.34 78.90 210.40
6486 Winter King F1, Bright Green, sow Autumn good cold resistance for winter 3.4 + kg
good idea to try this line clubroot tolerance to some pathojen large frame. Yellow inside 33.30 55.50 148.00 NEW
dark green outer leaves. Excellent Taste, Downy Mildew and sof rot tolerant.
6500 Winter Giant F1 3kg Autumn to Winter sowing, cold tolerant grows large size 47.34 78.90 210.40
6451 Kukai F1very strong against cold tolerant to certain races of club root Autumn cropping 47.34 78.90 210.40
and winter cropping in milder regions try it 2.5 kg.
6476 Spring Beauty F1, MB341 Spring early summer harvest large size 3-4kg 47.34 78.90 210.46
6477 Winter Beauty F1 MB342 Autumn to early Spring harvest cold tolerance Large 3-4 kg 47.34 78.90 210.46 NEW
Special 2 new Chinese Cabbage (see photo ) 100g 500g 1Kilo
6446 Unicorn F1 hyb No1 special very quick 20-30 days for production after sowing baby or
mature, grow 15-30degC. Upright beautiful crop idea Summer to Autumn. (see photo) 106.30 354.40 472.50 NEW
6447 Perfect F1 hyb II special very quick 20-30 days for productions after sowing baby or
mature suitable for winter production very nice crop to try 10-28degC (see photo) 106.30 354.40 472.50 NEW
1m 5m 10m
6581 Red Jewel F1, 1.5-2kg popular possible year round cultivation Sakata item 64.30 214.20 285.60
6570 Savoy King, F1 grow year round 75 days, large to 2 kg genuine Savoy King 64.30 214.20 285.60
6591 WINTERCROSS GREEN F1, AS item for the winter slot medium early 85 days after transplant.
Weight around 2kg+ semi attened globe shape to oblate, late bursting good holding 25g 100g 500g best
ability, try it at your place against your best item for a true test, deep green, untreated. 96.10 256.20 854.00
SPRING SUMMER to AUTUMN drum & oblate cabbages UT= untreated
6583 Red King F1Cabbage nice colour, shape good item to try in your area UT 72.90 194.40 648.00
6584 Green King F1Cabbage nice shape colour eatingquality,try in your area 72.90 194.40 648.00
6554 Easy F1 very easy to grow 65 day.40 after transplant high black rot tolerant, 2kg medium
deep green semi upright summer to autumn cropper oblate head holds well in paddock. 86.20 255.30 945.60
Daucus carota: approx 385 seeds per gram (All carrot seed is untreated)
100g 500g 1Kilo
6679 Manchester Table small core excellet for jucing multi use carrot 34.40 131.25 177.00
Cabbage Chinese
Brassica campestris (m=1000 seeds) average 350 seeds per gram
Brassica oleracea (AS= Asian Seed selection) (m=1000 seeds) ( All Cabbage seed is untreated ) 1m = 1000 seeds
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
1m 5m 10m
6723 Cauliower Denny F1 excellent self cover pure white smooth no hollow stem good for 132.30 441.00 588.00
Spring, Summer into Autumn production excellent leaf cover can grow year round, try it.
100g 250g 500g 1kilo
6875 Chinese celery light green 131 popular chinese for cooking(quality new line just in) 62.77 104.62 139.50 186.00 New
10g 25g 100g
6838 Holland regular variety grows to a nice size holds well (around 2000sds/g) 30.00 54.60 120.00
Garlic Chive (250 seeds per gram) germinate 20-25 degc. 25g 100g 250g 500g
6977 Super Broad Belt dark green excellent quality ( wide leaf) AS speciality. 27.00 72.00 120.00 160.00
6975 Flower Super Broad Leaf Garlic Chive 42.52 113.40 189.00 252.00
Choysum 100g 500g 1Kilo
7019 25 days best in hot conditions quick nice line 40.88 136.30 181.70
7030 60 days dark green suitable early summer 40.88 136.30 181.70
7033 70 days Shantou AS Autumn to Winter Spring Summer growing 40.88 136.30 181.70
7035 80 days for cold times old likeable variety 40.88 136.30 181.70
NEW proven selections for Choysum from Choysum breeder
Good varieties for NZ conditions
7036 50 Day Round Leaf shiny dark green (grow 20-30 deg) 40.05 133.50 178.00
7037 70 Day Round Leaf shiny dark green (grow 15-30 deg) possibly can grow all year 40.05 133.50 178.00
7038 80 Day Round Leaf shiny dark green (grow 10-25deg ) 40.05 133.50 178.00
7043 50 Day Pointed Leaf better shiny dark green (grow 20-30 deg) superior taste 40.05 133.50 178.00
7044 70 Day Pointed Leaf better shiny dark green (grow15-30 deg) superior taste 40.05 133.50 178.00
7045 80 Day Pointed Leaf better shiny dark green (grow10-25 deg) superior taste 40.05 133.50 178.00
7048 GreenStar F1 hyb No1 late growing variety,3-4cm thick, grow all year but 104.85 349.50 466.00
prefers cooler growing excellent taste unique variety grow 10-24 deg.
Choysum growing Teperatures given are the optimium outside these the growth is slow.
7055 Tsai Fun-Jen F1, light colour, open habit, excellent quality, Taiwan Pak Choy. 40.63 135.45 180.60
Cress/ water
7195 Watercress lge leaf 140.00
7196 Watercress Standard type 140.00
Apium graveolens approx 2250 seeds per gram untreated seed **= untreated seed lines
Allium tuberosum * Allium schoenoprasum + Chive untreated seed
Brassica chinensis Choysum untreated seed
Apium graveolens/rapaceium
Brassica oleracea (AS = Asian Seed selection) (m=1000 seeds) (All Cauliower seed is untreated )
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
normal germination is around 65% 100g 250g 500g 1Kilo
7095 Chrysanthemum Broad Leaf, Japanese quality line Dark green 114.83 191.40 255.20 340.26
7100 Serrated-cut leaf Shungiku No1 Japanese style, dark green 114.83 191.40 255.20 340.26
250g 500g 1kilo 5 kilo 10 kilo 20 kilo
7145 Siam Morn, strong avour good untreated line 21.93 29.25 40.11 148.58 220.12 325.50 NEW
high viability germinating line new line just arrived 1/21.
Gherkin for pickling 1000sds 25g 100g
7278 Cucumber Gherkin type F1 Strike very good new breeding material (CU7855) - 95.60 252.00
7277 Cucumber Gherkin Euro F1 hyb new European tasty 140.00
Telegrapgh cucumber 1000sds 5000sds 10,000sds
7260 Telegraph /Early Perfection op,28-32cm smooth dark green 153.20 510.35 680.46
Asian style Cucumber Burpless easy to digest 10g 25g 100g
7262B Japanese Cross F1 new line No1, 21cm,135g nice shiney dark green tasty. 48.30 80.46 214.55 NEW
easy to grow and digest. (AS) grow 10-28 deg cool growing
7262C Japanese Cross F1 new line No2 as above grow 10-33 deg warm growing. 48.30 80.46 214.55 NEW
Lebanese style Cucumber perfect size popular world over
burpless great new very productive items worth trying, direct from Breeder. 10g 25g 100g 500g
7271 Lebanese F1Cutie great new breeding material worth trying (CU7055) 56.70 84.00 224.00 744.00
NZ Short Green Cucumber excellent for summer 40 seeds per gram approx
7281 Genuine F1, large excellent commercial item widley adapted. 10g 25g 100g
Resistant to CMV and tolerant to mildew, predominantly female owers,
early setter. 18cm x 5cm great slicer. Great item try it, popular all over. 99.96 168.20 448.50
7285 Jazzer F1 AS, extra early 18. 5 x 5, 370g blunt round ends, black-green.
very productive, female owering. resistant to CMV,PRSV-W, WMV-2, ZYMV Best
very few seeds excellent item try it, nice dark green colour, indoor or outdoor. 99.96 168.20 448.50 very good item
Protected greenhouse Korean style Cucumbers (approx 1000 seeds= approx 25g)
7263 Korean style No2 F1, White Green low temp growing 143.10 236.50 636.00
7264 Korean style No1 F1, White Green warm growing conditions 143.10 236.50 636.00
Outdoor /greenhousegarden types (untreated) 25g 100g 500g
7305 Crystal Apple op popular item productive old world item. 30.37 81.00 270.00
quality seed you will not nd a better seed line. (AS)
Cucumis sativus most cucumber seeds are untreated
Coriander Yuen Sai Chinese Parsley
Coriandrum sativum 80-96 seeds per gram untreated seed
Chrysanthemum (Garland) Tanghau/Tong Hao
Chrystanthemum coronarium untreated seed
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
1g 5g 10g 25g
7390 Kermit F1, genuine, small round fruit white with green striped very productive. (T) 35.34 117.80 156.00 260.00
7401 Ho Chi Minh F1(AS) pink violet colour popular 22-25cm cylindrical very good 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00
tolerant to Anthracnose, TMV,CMV. 210 grams per fruit
7411 Supreme Pink F1, nice new variety 20-22cm lovely colour, very high yield 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00
7383 Purple Judy F1 Asian speciality good shape 27cm x 4.2cm x 300-350g breeders line 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00
7405 Farmers Long purple F1 30 x 3.0, 100g, tolerant to bacterial wilt 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00
7434 Knight Bonica F1 new nice shape 200+ grams great looking and tasteing fruit 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00
7410 Turbo F1, long green waxy smooth skin, 25-30cm long 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00
NEW Thai Egg Plant lines
7445 Egg Plant F1 hyb Thai No3 see picture 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00 NEW
7446 Egg Plant F1 hyb Thai No4 see picture 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00 NEW
7447 Egg Plant F1 hyb Thai No94 see picture 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00 NEW
7448 Egg Plant F1 hyb Thai No89 see picture 30.24 100.80 134.40 224.00 NEW
untreated seed 25g 100g 500g
7482 Fennel Florence Fino mid maturity type open pollinated good bulb size 30.40 81.25 270.50
Minimum germination temperature 24 deg C constant per 24hr until germination underway
10g 25g 50g 100g
7521 Guang Dong F1 hyb Long dark green 8kg + no wax disease resistant productive 93.50 155.25 207.00 276.00
7515 Guang Dong F1 hyb Round grey with wax 4kg disease resistance, productive 93.50 155.25 207.00 276.00
5g 10g 25g 100g
7570 Kwong Sum Condor F1 hyb uniformity great production and taste nice ecks 62.10 82.80 138.00 368.00
7576 Kwong Sum Cordy F1 hyb, nice productive uniform item lovely white inside esh
popular item for inside or outside growing. 62.10 82.80 138.00 368.00
10g 50g 100g
7621 Ever happiness / Ever Rich cyclindrical shape F1 hyb ( Loki / Lauki ) 102.40 341.25 455.00 NEW
8055 Gourd No 3 F1 hyb 102.40 341.25 455.00 NEW
7527 Sponge Gourd Star F1 56.30 186.75 249.00 NEW
8050 Sponge Gourd special long F1 45-65cm 102.40 341.25 455.00 NEW
Gourd haired (Tsit Kwa) Minimum germ temp is 24 deg C constant / 24 hr until germination underway 7-14 days
Egg Plant (aubergine / brinjal)
Solanum melongena approx 5 grams per 1000 seeds germinate at 19-26degC
Gourd Wax-Ash Gourd, (Tung Kwa) (Dong gua) Benincasa hispida
Foeniculum vulgare ; approx 280 seeds per gram
Gourd lagenaria siceraria
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
100g 250g 500g 1Kilo
7654 Yaming No4 F1 hyb, white ower thick stem cut and come again more shoots 67.83 113.00 150.75 201.00 NEW
likes Autumn, Winter Spring growing very good productive item. quite hardy
ideal growing tem 10-25 deg c, possible all year round growing try it out.
7657 Yaming No7 F1 hyb white ower thick stem cut and come again more shoots 67.83 113.00 150.75 201.00 NEW
likes Autumn, Winter Spring growing very productive item 15-25 deg growing
as ideal conditions try this item all year round growing possible.
7658 Kailaan Canton F1 thick stem dark green easy to grow multi cuts high production 67.83 113.00 150.75 201.00
white ower good commercial line. a must to try and compare.
7646 Dark Green 148 Autumn winter spring very thick stem Cantonese, Swatow type. 61.80 102.94 137.25 1 83.00
Excellent variety growers want this line new crop now in store, many side shoots
this Kale is our most popular line. 148 can be grown year round. OP.
7666 Kale Di Nero Black Toscanno, dark green leaf, most popular garnish. 16.20 26.88 35.85 47.80
Spring sowing, loves hot conditions, early growing under plastic very productive 1Kilo 5 Kilo 10 Kilo
7705 “Mekong” Dark Green, Broad Leaf type, highly productive. (untreated) 201.80 672.75 897.00
7710 “Bamboo Dark Green Narrow leaf type, highly productive. (untreated) 201.80 672.75 897.00
7706 White stem Kang Kong very desirable item 201.80 672.75 897.00 NEW
1g 5g 10g 25g
7755 Winner F1 large size, green, up to 530grm quality line, try it (quality uniform) 11.00 32.90 43.86 73.10
10g 25g 100g 500g
7770 Komatsuna F1 hyb KMN superb variety 20.00 35.50 105.00 387.50
10g 25g 100g 500g
7805 Musselburgh asian-seed 1-1.1/2” x 7-10” long excellent nursery line AS selection 10.00 15.00 39.90 133.00
7811 Winter, 20cm+ long white shaft, almost no basal bulbing productive late variety
strong against frost and disease, good commercial line. 10.00 15.00 39.90 133.00
7810 King Richard (AS), Reintroduced by popular demand. Extra long white shaft.
Hardy upright high yielding and very suitable for baby leek, excellent
popular item full sized leek 30cm white shaft. Wonderful commercial item. 10.00 15.00 39.90 133.00
Brassica oleracea approx 210-250 seeds per gram untreated seed
Kangkong (ong choi) Water Spinach
Ipomoea aquatica approx 22 seeds per gram untreated seed
Allium porrum approx 320 seed per gram untreated seed
Kohl Rabi
Brassica oleracea ; approx 205 seedsper gram
Brassica campestris ; approx 65 seedsper gram
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Raw seed in weight , all lettuce seed untreated. ***= Professonial commercial growers seed line far superior***
simply the best lettuce seed available, compare with your item.
Cos/ Romaine type lettuce = upright semi open habit 10g 25g 100g 500g
7860 Paris Cos “Saker” widely grown in the usa excellent a must to try,this is a nice *** 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
nice green compact framed Cos ideal in cold weather year round crop from the USA.
Butterhead/ Boston or Bibb lettuce = buttercrunch type
7870 Little Gem, old variety but very popular baby buttercrunch 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
Crisp Head, Iceberg, Great lakes types = Hearting types rm heads
7900 Miramar, excellent dark green, large, downey mildew resistant good size and colour.
Good holding ability superb, free mosaic virus; Spring Summer to Autumn cropper. 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
Excellent commercial material from specic breeding material widley grown, try it.
7912 Winter Triumph 352(MI), great winter item, great lakes, crisp head, new breeding
some frost tolerance mosiac free (MI). Nice large size, excellent green colour.
Direct from the breeder excellent commercial item for winter to spring cropping. 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
Oak leaf types
7935 Robles Royal, Green Oak leaf superior selection 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
Lollo Biondo & Lollo Rosa
7950 Lollo Biondo Green Coral 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
7955 Lollo Rossa Dark Red Coral 31.50 52.50 140.00 ***
Chinese style 50g 100g 500g 1kg
7975 Muck Chow Chinese/narrow leaved (mukchow) fast maturity popular item 48.40 64.60 215.00 286.72 ***
7987 Celtuce Green No1,high yield,long leaves,oval skin white tender grow Summer 63.00 95.45 335.00 489.00 ***
weight per plant 1.2kg strong disease res.
7988 Celtuce Green No2 strong cold and disease resistance grow 0-18C same details 63.00 95.45 335.00 489.00 ***
as 7987. the spacing between rows is 35cm-40cm & 40-45cm for both.(7980)
7978 Chinese Speciality Italy style Lettuce try year round 37.96 50.62 168.75 225.00 ***
Luas - Angled Lua
Lua acutangule/Ridge gourd/Sponge gourd/Size Kwa (approximately 4 grams = 20 seeds) . untreated seed
Germination is conditional on 24 hour controlled temp of 26-28deg C 7-14 days must grow Lua in warm/ hot conditions
10g 50g 100g 250g
8030 Super AAA F1 hyb AS, ribbed, dark green 50-60cm, new selection excellent quality
straight fruit. Popular commercial item. ( Daylength Neutral )This is quality line 123.63 412.12 549.50 NEW
8032 Ba Leng F1 hyb Lua Dark Green, 20-28cm x 200-400g regular type 52.11 173.00 231.60 386.00 NEW
new line due in January 2021 Super AAA F1 is a Day length neutral super cropper item
NZ Government requires very expensive seed quality conrmation before these seeds can be imported into NZ, these costs must be
passed on you can be assured of genuine high class quality seed line on Lua/ Ridged.
Lactuca sativa (best germinated at soil temp of 16-18 deg c) approx 27 seeds per gram m=1000 (MI = mosaic indexed)
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
100sds 500sds 1m
8111 Netted Orange Qinmi F1, 45.23 150.75 201.00 NEW
8112 Netted Orange No2 F1, Disease tolerance, nice netted esh deep orange sweet. 45.23 150.75 201.00 NEW
8113 Netted Green No1 F1 hyb disease tolerance, nice netted Honey Dew type 45.23 150.75 201.00 NEW
5g 10g 25g 100g
8114 Korean Melon Long Gold F1 89.95 119.90 198.60 528.00 NEW
8124 Korean Melon Striped yellow F1 89.95 119.90 198.60 528.00 NEW
8123 Korean Melon Delight F1 89.95 119.90 198.60 528.00 NEW
8122 Hami Melon, Famous crisp sweet orange esh very nice eating melon keeps well. 89.95 119.90 198.60 528.00 NEW
100g 500g 1kilo 5kilo
8220 Mizuna op tangy taste for salad nice green popular item 10.66 35.55 47.40 158.00
100g 500g 1kilo
8265 Suehlihuang No2 very strong, well branched quick growing excellent salad item 47.16 139.73 207.00
8276 NAN FONG AS suitable grow year round fast growth nice leaf, 10-32deg C. 29.30 100.50 160.60
8287 Jixin 458 popular quick item non heading Tai Ping Po/Bau Sin heat tolerant 56.36 187.87 250.50
very good commercial line. Try it. grow 10-30 deg C.
8285 Tai Ping Po/ Bau Sin( heading) popular pickles/raw original good line T 36.14 120.45 160.60
large head 500g+ grow 14-25C degree is ideal but will produce year round.
8288 Southern Giant, serated leaf mustartd popular tasty 32.85 109.50 146.00 NEW
25g 100g 250g 500g
8345 Green Best F1 No1, will produce only in hot conditions (Lady nger) 37.80 100.80 168.00 230.00
approx 210 seeds per gram, all onion untreated 50g 100g 500g 1kilo
8385 Early Californian Red type sweet for salad item AS untreated seed 57.37 76.50 256.55 340.00
8390 Pukekohe Long keeper AS selection Brown skin Spanish AS select untreated seed 57.37 76.50 256.55 340.00
25g 100g 500g 1kilo
8435 Tokyo Long White 105 AS, Spring Onion year round growing with care 23.90 70.80 262.20. 388.00 NEW
strong leaf, grow to 40cm white x 2.5cm in diameter mound up ground. Germ 95% in 6 days tested 10/2/21
8441 White Lisbon, slightly bulbous, year round growing better taste 21.06 56.16 187.20 249.50
8437 White Spear F1, all season strong against wind and disease AS selection 23.90 70.80 262.00 388.00 NEW
72hrs germination 94% 12/2/21. very long white length, nice green leaves.
8436 Tokyo Long White 101 perfect OP strong and productive (Aug new crop) 22.60 60.27 200.92 267.90 NEW
8452 Red Beard improved red type Spring Onion sow Spring to Autumn 50.20 113.87 446.25 NEW
Correct cultivation is for mounding up each row will give you with care very long white saleable item.
Quality Spring Onion Seed Lines
Brassica japonica untreated seed
Melon rock
Cucumis melo approx 35 seeds per gram (special tests required for these imported seed lines to enter NZ) (m=1000 seeds)
Brassica juncea (Gai Choy)** approx 300-550 seeds per gram untreated seed
Allium cepa , long day type
Okra Hibiscus mutabilis approx 5-6 seeds per gram untreated seed
Allium stulosum approx 390 seeds per gram untreated seed
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
25g 100g 500g 1 kilo
8495 Baby Pak Choy dark green white stem 10cm very useful cooking item 10.40 26.73 89.10 118.80
8518 Baby White Stem F1 10cm quick growing dk green spring to autumn 49.44 131.85 439.50 586.00
8522 Baby White stem F1 15-20cm v good eating quality autumn to spring 49.44 131.85 439.50 586.00
8505 Brisk Green Shanghai F1 (improved Mei Qing Choi type) seed count
is 1.7grams =1000 seeds specialty seed line extra quality Compact and
most desirable item. SHANGHAI (500grams = 302,000 seeds approx) 44.30 118.12 393.75 525.00
8505A BG Shanghai F1 similar to above Brisk Green but darker foilage colour
worth trying ,compare to 8505: 40.10 106.88 356.25 475.00
8506 Green Sassy F1 nice compact Pak Choy easy to grow 15-33deg MB514 40.10 106.88 356.25 475.00
8523 Big Green F1 large size easy to grow from 15-30deg C. new breeding 40.10 106.88 356.25 475.00
nice deep green shinny leaf. MB507
8524 Green F1 easy harvest compact growth quick cropper MB508 40.10 106.88 356.25 475.00
8513 Winter Shanghai F1, for cold growing, thick, slender, medium length
petioles, tender,tasty, compact upright. Suitable for Autumn and Winter
planting. 500grams is approx 300,000 seeds. Only one for Winter 48.00 136.92 489.00 698.88 simply the best
7055 Pai Tsai Fun-Jen F1, light green yellow leaf popular(Taiwan Pak Choi ) 16.00 40.60 135.45 180.60
JOY CHOI m=1000 seeds 1m 5m 10m 25m
untreated and treated seeds available...
8520 Joy Choi F1 white stem (359 sds/g approx) (T) & untreated seeds 44.70 165.60 245.37 454.40
genuine the best Joy Choi in the world unbeatable quality. Genuine
Pak Choi F1, Shanghai new breeders lines.
25g 100g 500g 1 kilo
8502 Pak Choi F1 No7 nice green Spring to Autumn 25.00 66.60 222.00 296.00 NEW
8503 Pak Choi F1 No8 dark green “ v good 25.00 66.60 222.00 296.00 NEW
8504 Pak Choi F1 No9 nice green 25.00 66.60 222.00 296.00 NEW
8510 Pak Choi F1 PGC017 experimental “ Japanese 51.00 136.40 454.00 605.00 NEW
8511 Pak Choi F1 Daigom experimental “ Japanese 40.10 106.88 356.25 475.00 NEW
Pak Choy
Brassica campestris SHANGHAI untreated seed
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Paw Paw
Carica Papaya
100sds 500sds 1m
8530 Red Lady type No718 F1 Red Flesh fruits weigh 1.5-2kg 110.00 360.00 486.00 NEW
8532 Red Lady type No709 F1 Orange Flesh, fruits weigh 1.5-2kg 110.00 360.00 486.00 NEW
8535 Tainung 703 F1 No 1 fruit weight 1kg+ 110.00 360.00 486.00 NEW
25g 50g 100g 500g
8560 Italian plain leaf, at cut leaf popular for all food preparation 26.50 39.30 58.20 215.40
8568 Paramount Darki triple curled great for bunching very popular item 33.53 44.20 59.61 198.70
25g 100g 500g 1kilo
8611 Hollow Crown..standard commercial variety 27.70 82.00 303.75 450.00
25g 100g 500g
8695 Shiso Red, typical Japanese leaf production great summer crop 30.30 80.80 268.60
8700 Shiso Green, same as above but green leaf 30.30 80.80 268.60
8697 Shiso Bicolour red underside and green top side of leaf 30.30 80.80 268.60
Garden Pea 1kilo 5kilo 25kilo
8742 Massey 1st early commercial pea excellent export quality, untreated seed. 18.00 67.20 249.00
8745 Pea Onward main to later cropper heavy yield export quality untreated seed. 18.00 67.20 249.00
Snow Pea untreated seeds Snow Pea (100 kg $899.00 freight paid North Island to City)
Untreated Snow Peas suitable for organic use
8751 Melting Oregon Mammoth Snow Pea pod 98-110cm deep green, at edible pods high
yielding early uniform, powdery mildew resistance. Around 10 pods per plant, pods are
excellent for stir fry, steaming or fresh, white ower, plant height 75cm (The Best Snow Pea) 27.50 91.74 305.80
8750 Oregon II Snow Pea, pod 95-103cm, Vein height 75cm vigorous, Hollando. 27.50 91.74 305.80
resistant to powdery mildew
8752 Pea Shoot item for Chinese speciality POPULAR (Dou Miao) 27.50 91.74 305.80
untreated seed available for organic use.
Perilla Perilla crispa approx 500 sds per gram
Pea Sugar (edible, snow/sugar pea)
Pisum sativum approx 3-4 seeds per gram (all Pea seed is untreated)
Pastinaca sativa approx 186 seeds per gram untreated seed
Petroselinum crispum untreated seed
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Bell Peppers 1g 5g 10g 25g
8800 Wonder Bell F1, 220-255g(9019) green to red, early, for outdoor or indoor
good thick esh, 3-4 lobes, very productive nice commercial. 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
8839 Bell 5133 blocky mid early thick wall 230-260g high yield good disease resistance 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
nice big size blocky Bell Pepper
8825 Neptunes (039)F1 Lamoya type long Bell 16.5 x 7, 230 grams big size, green to red 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
8812 Yellow Bell 200 - 250 grams thick esh, Green to Yellow productive good size 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
8816 Dark Green to Orange F1 180-200g 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
8831 Bell Pepper F1 No9019. Green-Red shiny 9.5 x 9.5cm.280-350g good fruit setting 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
8832 Bell Pepper F1 No 039 Green-Red 300-350g Lamoya type Fruit length 17cm Quality 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.00
8833 Bell Pepper F1 No036 Green-Yellow, 9 x 9cm, vigorous high quality 220-260grams 58.32 194.40 259.20 432.20
Chili Hot/Pungent Bird type and regular Chili F1 hybrids 1g 5g 10g 25g
8910 Red Noble Premium F1 No2, upright cluster fruit 6.8cm length,1cm diameter, 3.6-4g
Hot- pungent fruit SUPER Chili. Super hot Bird Chili.(excellent item) 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
8908 Red Noble F1 No5, upright heavy yield 4.6cm long x 2.8-3g HOT, wide adability 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
short hot fruit is very popular with many Asian Countries protable line
8903 Red Noble F1 404, 14-16cm L x 1.8-2.1cmW, 22-24 grams, good disease res 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
8904 Red Noble F1 405 g/disease res,24-28g, 16-18cm green to red, very pungent 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
by far the most popular prolic cropper a must to try.
8930 Perfect Long F1 107, 16-17cm length, 18-22g weight, high pungency early and 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
very high yield.
8931 Perfect Long F1308, early maturity, continuous fsetting20cm15-20g high pungency 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
8834 Great Wall F1 5400 Deep Green mid early 23-28cmL x5cm x 100-120g good tolerance
to low temperature in early green house or outdoor production not pungent 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
8913 Great Wall No2 F1 Deep Green Bull Horn type early 18-22cm 110g good disease res 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
8926 Great Wall No3 F1 Lime Green Bull Horn tearly 18-22 x 110g good disease, pungent 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
8932 KIMCHI type Chili BN3424 use for Kimchi paste for Korean taste 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
Hot Larger size Chili
8917 Green Cloud F1No5 Hot, early setting cold tolerance, nice deep green 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
22-26 x 3.3cm
8918 BN2701 early maturity, good taste, 25-28cmL x 90-110gram continuious 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
fruiting high yielding variety. Good pungency
8919 BN6100, good tolerance to low temperature. 25-28cm x 4.3-5cm x 110-130 g 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
winter greenhouse production and outdoor mild to hot areas good pungency.
8912 Great Wall No10 deep green B/ horn type extra early,12-14cmLx50-60g high 41.44 138.15 184.20 307.00
pungency given the right conditions.
Peppers (hot pepper chille) F1 Hybrid
Capsicum annum (eld planing idea 12” between plants and 36” between rows. average 3400sds/25g or approx 130 seeds/g chili)
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
50g 100g 500g 1 kilo
8985 Golden Hubbard reselected line, old favourite 30.62 40.83 136.12 181.50
9000 Whangaporoa Crown OP AS selected for keeping heavy cropper 50.60 67.50 225.00 300.00
8974 Queensland Blue,AS lge at fruit,thick esh,ribbed, deep orange interior
grey blue outer skin colour good keeper around 5 kg each. 30.62 40.83 136.12 181.50
8952 Butternut F1 hyb No1768 great size, uniform cropping ripening
yield production for taste interior colour fruit try it(1.5kg) 114.00 190.00 253.50 338.00
9003 Tetsukabuto Elite F1 (AS) Supermarket Pumpkin (Great size 3-3.5 kg) 50.60 67.50 225.00 300.00
9005 Iron Cap F1 nutty avour add pollinator, 3-6 kg best long keeper 50.60 67.50 225.00 300.00
9004 Supermarket F1 (AS) breeders material buy direct, most popular
long keeping supermarket. Tolerant to most common diseases.
Also used for root stock for watermelons and cucumber to prevent
soil born diseases.(add pollinator) (Great size 3-3.5 kg) 200g/1m sds 50.60 67.50 225.00 300.00
9031 Delica Supreme (AS) F1Buttercup large fruit, export breeders seed
dark green with pale stripes.Flesh is deep yellow dry and nutty
very sweet. Export item, Japanese.4sds/g 1.8 to 2 kg (165g/1msds) 50.60 67.50 225.00 300.00
9039 Kuri Red AS F1, Buttercup type nice taste, popular newer item bush. 50.60 67.50 225.00 300.00
Cucurbita ...... all Pumpkin/squash seed is untreated 1m = 1000
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
White Daikon 25g 100g 500g kilo
9181 Early Spring giant F1 nice uniform Radish White 30cm excellent try it 53.40 158.20 585.98 868.00
suitable for year round growing, slow bolting one of the biggest selling Daikon
due to its wide adapability test it in your location, very slow to pith. pure white. U
9192 Premium White 101 F1, late bolting good white 32-36cm 1.2-1.6kg most popular 53.40 158.20 585.98 868.00
year round growing possible in mild regions, must to try. U
9100 Premium White 201 F1, 30-34cm, try year round growing. U 53.40 158.20 585.98 868.00
Suitable for hot and cold growing conditions, slow bolting. Try it. U
9135 Mino Supreme Spring Summer F1, 1.6kg pure white long 44cm-48cm U 12.80 37.70 139.70 207.00
Green Neck Daikon
9185 Majime 502 F1 Autumn to Spring sowing, white with green neck 35cm 7-9cm T 53.40 158.20 585.98 868.00
9182 Green Excel 707 F1 hyb Autumn to Spring 38cm 7-10cm T very good variety for NZ 53.40 158.20 585.98 868.00
9156 Green Misato F1 uniform crop special line perfect for soup far superior to below 53.40 158.20 585.98 868.00 NEW
9155 Green Misato, Autumn sowing,crispy sweet dark green neck, green esh.
20-25cm x 6-8cm. for pickling, salad and cooking. Variable OP. U 24.30 64.80 216.00 288.00
Round Red Radish
9188 Large Red very popular in the Asian community try it (best in Autumn to Spring) 33.40 89.10 297.00 396.00
9220 Red Silk F1, slow to pith, suitable for growing all year round nice round
red uniformity easy to grow resistant to pithing, tolerant to fusarium
yellow and black rot commercial grower approved T 45.80 122.20 407.25 543.00
9225 Glory F1, Round Red harvest young with year round production with
protection an aordale crop to grow with a good quick return. harvest young. 40.75 108.70 362.25 483.00
9250 Champion Red nice shape, some o types, harvest small for best result U 12.00 29.40 97.50 130.00
9265 French Breakfast bright scarlet with white tip U 12.00 29.40 97.50 130.00
9255 White Icicle U 12.00 29.40 97.50 130.00
9264 Red Candle ( for winter cold tolerant) U 12.00 29.40 97.50 130.00
9260 Fire Candle U 12.00 29.40 97.50 130.00
9256 Black Spanish U 12.00 29.40 97.50 130.00
Radish/Daikon (Daikon/Radish information given is approximate given the many variable growing conditions)
Raphanus sativus approx 68 seeds per gram. T/U treated and untreated
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
100g 500g 1kilo
9390 Chivas F1, smooth leaf cropping time Autumn, Winter, Spring. Downy mildew
resistant, very upright, dark green, productive, excellent yield and colour U 44.32 147.75 197.00
9340 TSX-605 F1, for Winter excellent resistance, dark green smooth leaf, upright
habit easy harvest resistant 1-8, suitable for Winter to Spring production U 44.32 147.75 197.00
9372 Joker F1 085, Summer production, Downy mildew resistant, thick dark green
leaves, slow bolting. Upright habit. 140 seeds per gram T 44.32 147.75 197.00
9407 Pirus, F1 dark green smooth leaf, Spring to Summer cropping, great line. T 44.32 147.75 197.00
9396 Yaming F1, lovely dark green upright Spring to Autumn,Winter high yield. T 39.80 132.60 176.00 NEW
ideal growing temperature 15-28 deg. try at your place. All year
round growing possible very cold growth slows. lovely Dark Green.
9397 Mai Teng F1 hyb No1 same as above but thicker leaves all year growing T 39.80 132.60 176.00 NEW
Malabar Spinach (Basella alba) (AS) San Choi 250g 500g 1kilo
9330 Malabar Green, glossy waxy green, excellent, sow late spring warm growing. 127.48 169.98 226.60
Requires warm conditions to grow sow in spring for good continuous growth.
Excellent lines, hard seeded, best to soak seed rst, wonderful germination.
Perpetual spinach
6125 Perpetual Spinach, green cross between spinach and silverbeet 96.75 129.00 171.98
can grow year round in mild area, untreated seed.
Sweet Corn
Many climatic, soil and conditions beyond our control can eect any seed crop outcome. It is most important to understand for best
result in quality to not allow any cross pollination from other Sweet Corn or Maize during owering time. Ist Early a must for the early
market proven early grower bicolour grow early for the high prices using ground that has grown soybean the previous season can
enhance your yield.
TENDERSWEET (The best development in sweetcorn genetics since Supersweet)
A new revolution in eating quality. New mid-maturity hybrid with excellent husk coverage and tip ll. Good seedling emergence and
early growth allows for early season sowing. Girthy 19cm cobs with 16-18 kernel rows with unparalleled eating quality This hybrid will
maintain eating quality and ear appearance over an extended harvest window.
100g 250g 500g 1kilo
9316 Tendersweet F1, bi-colour 2474 ( treated ) (6,650 seeds per kilo approx) T 67.40 124.75 184.80 273.80
we have selected the best Sweet Corn for commercial reliability, treated for extra
protection for the grower. 19cm cobs with 16-18 kernel rows, excellent eating quality
above average sweetness, early and uniform.
9300 Sweet corn Sweetie Chieftan F1 untreated for the Organic Growers. Super Yellow 67.40 124.75 184.80 273.80
good cropper 85 day, 16-18 row count, (8000 seeds per kilo approx.)
Spinach - spinach prefer normal weather patterns than big variations for continious regular growth
Spinacia oleracea approx 4 seeds per gram T= treated U= untreated
Sweet Corn - (all sweet corn are best sown with minimum 12 deg soil temp)
Zea mays;
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Tomato seed will see changes to import rules and supply of good seed will be under rst come basis.
DWARF type untreated seed 100sds 250sds 500sds 1m
9501 Tai Ping F1, vigorous dwarf outdoor early production large 200-250g for
pick your own. Widely adapted in NZ smooth fruit with excellent cover & 114.26 190.44 253.95 338.60
good meaty avour like they used to be. Great pick-your-own item, try it.
Popular staked varieties the best Tomatos to grow 100sds 250sds 500sds 1m
9566 Super Beefsteak F1 AS, deep globe shape, large fruit 300g+ Deep Red
rm fruit thick wall, mid to short internodes, good storage ability.
Good balanced fruit avour, best beefsteak. 114.26 190.44 253.95 338.00
9535 Early Money AS F1, fruit 140-180g, staked, earliest slicer + avour 114.26 190.44 253.95 338.00
9540 Bragger AS F1, large Beefsteak 270g+,staked, best disease resistance + avour 114.26 190.44 253.95 338.00
CHERRY F1 hyb type staked/tall growing 100sds 500sds 1m
9570 Million tomato F1 superior line plenty of 10g grams fruits good avour and res 114.26 253.95 338.00
9545 Sweet one million F1, new good disease res, 350 fruit per plant. Red semi round fruit
10-12g, 7.5% sugar, tall good yielder plant good productive line 114.26 253.95 338.00
9547 Sweetie Cherry F1, very nice taste, sweet easy to eat cherry tomato really worth trying 114.26 253.95 338.00
10g 25g 50g 100g
9490 Tomato Money Maker old OP type 114.75 191.25 255.00 340.00
Brassica rapa untreated seeds
Solanum Lycopersicum; approx 250 seeds per gram Fact = No Tomato is Acid Free, Acid Less or low is ok m=1000 seeds
Tatsoi/Pai-Tsai (Chinese Green)
Brassica campestris
100g 500g 1kilo
8650 Tatsoi No1 Flat dark green excellent for salad mix or cut whole plant 19.35 64.50 86.00
7055 Pai Tsai Fun-Jen F1, light green yellow leaf vegetable popular(Taiwan Pak Choi ) 40.60 135.45 180.60
10g 25g 100g 500g
9598 Yap F1, club root resistant globe shape uniform nice size. Root can be harvested
from small to medium size, grow for autumn,Winter and spring harvest. 26.40 44.00 117.00 390.00
9596 Jima F1, year round growing very late bolting strong in Heat & strong in Cold.
slow to pith or crack, tender & juicy. Glossy White award winner item 26.40 44.00 117.00 390.00
9601 Tokyo Cross F1, very late in pithiness, grow year round, good item 45.33 83.94 248.73 921.25
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
10g 25g 100g
Sugar Baby Watermelon
9645 Sugarbelle F1,149 Sugar Baby + stripe popular commercial item 5-8kg.13% brix. 42.00 70.00 186.50
9643 Sugarbell F1 1182 Sugar Baby 8-10kg strong disease res, 12% Brix good shipper. 42.00 70.00 186.50
ICE Box Watermelon
9694 Zaojia 8424, F1 very famous item 3-6kg few seeds beautiful round green stripped
attractive nice sweet bright red interior a must to try welcome all comments 42.42 70.70 188.50
48 grams per 1000 seeds.
9696 Sweetie F1 1150, Oval, 3-5kg, Ice Box Red esh 13% brix. Beautiful shape. 42.42 70.70 188.50
9656 Ice F1, 1206, tolerant to low temperature and low light, Oval shape green rind
with dark green stripes. 3-4kg. Flesh bright Red superior taste, jucy 13-14% brix. 71.55 119.25 318.00
9674 Orchid F1 1133 ,4 kg very sweet, good fruit set green stripped, yellow 71.55 119.25 318.00
Flesh Ice Box type ver popular line. Oblong shape 13% brix.
9680 Queen F1, 151, is bright orange yellow esh 12% brix sweet globe shaped
light green stripes most active fruit ideal for supermarket around 4 kg 71.55 119.25 318.00
SEEDLESS Watermelon 10g 25g 100g
9697 Prime F1, 1164 short oval to tall globe shaped light green skin dark stripes.
Seedless Red Flesh 8-10kg, 12% brix. Good taste strong disease res good shipper 101.40 169.00 450.00
9698 Perfect F1 1136, short oval shape 6-7kg stripe Red Flesh seedless strong disease
tolerance with high yield. 12 brix. Great for market and Hotel trade 101.40 169.00 450.00
25g 50g 100g 500g 1kilo
9745 Eclipse F1 5sds/g most productive Zucchini dark green 52.00 77.06 114.08 422.55 626.00
one of the most productive producers in the world, high yield excellent
1m= 1000 seeds 250sds 500sds 1000sds
9761 Golden Serb F1, yellow zucchini, straight type 9sds/g 86.20 127.60 189.00
9770 Yellow Scollipini F1 /m 80.44 107.25 143.00
Citrullus lanatus approx 22 seeds per gram untreaed seeds
Cucurbita pepo
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
Sowing Guide Seeds Kilo per between within
per gram Hectare rows cm rows cm
Amaranth Amaranthus tricolor 900 3
Bean snake Vigna sesquipedalis 2.5 8 90 12
Bean Dwarf Phaseolus vulgaris 3 80-100 80 8
Bean climber Phaseolus vulgaris 3 60-90 95 12
Bean Broad/ Faba Vicia faba 1 100 80 15
Beet Red Beta vulgaris 40-60 10 30 8
Beet Silver/ Chard Beta vulgaris 40-60 6 45 25
Broccoli Brassica oleracea 160-320 1 60-90 30-60
Cabbage Brassica oleracea 250-320 1 60-90 30-60
Cabbage Chinese Brassica rapa 400-750 0.6 60-80 30-50
Cauliower Brassica oleracea 200-230 1 60-90 30-70
Carrot Daucus carota 450-850 3 25-40 5-10
Celery Apium graveolens 2000 0.4 30-40 20-40
Chives Garlic Allium tuberosum 200-350 1 40 40
Coriander Coriander sativum 80-100 - 30-50 20-45
Corn sweet Zea mays 4-6 12-15 70-100 15-30
Cucumber Cucumber sativus 28-40 2 120-180 30-60
Eggplant Solanum melongena 150-300 0.3 60-90 60
Gourd wax Benicasa hispida 5 0.5 120-150 30-50
Gourd sponge Lua acutangule 7 0.5 60-90 30-50
Kale/ Kailaan Brassica oleracea 180-250 2
Kohlrabi Brassica oleracea 350 2 30-40 25
Leek Allium porrum 300-350 3 40-50 15
Lettuce Lactuca sativa 800-900 2 30-50 20-30
Melon Bitter Momordica charantia 25-35 0 0 0
Melon / Cantaloupe Cucumis melo 30-40 1.5 150-200 30-60
Mustard chinese Brassica juncea 400-800 0.3
Okra Hibiscus moscheutos 4 4
Onion bunching Allium cepa 280-300 12 10-30 2
Onion Allium cepa 280-300 3 25-40 5-8
Pai-Tsai / Tatsoi Brassica campestris 300-700 3
Papaya/ pawpaw Carica papaya 60-90 -
Parsnip Pastinaca sativa 250 3 25-40 2-5
Parsley Brassica campestris 550-600 3 30-40 45
Pea Snow Pisum sativum 4 30 20-60 40
Pepper / Chile Capsicum annum 110-250 2
Pepper sweet Capsicum annum 115-210 0.4 60-90 30-60
Pumpkin Cucurbita pepo 3 0.5 200-300 50-150
Lua Lua acutangula 7 0.5
Radish Chinese/ daikon Raphanus sativus 50-60 8
Spinach Basella 70-90 30
Tomato Solanum Lycopersicum 212-350 1 100-125 30-90
Kang Kong / Ong Choi Ipomea aquatica 15-30 40
Water Melon red Citrullus lanatus 19-33 1
Watermelon seedless Citrullus lanatus 17-30 -
Watermelon yellow Citrullus lanatus 30-40 0.8
Zucchini Cucurbita pepo 7 3 150-250 50-100
Prompt payment discounts are noted on each Invoice, bulk quotes available anytime.
“Seed quality before price”
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