Stand as One Ministry

2016 Annual Report

Our work

Look what we accomplished together 

We served soy milk!



cups filled with much needed protein were consumed by vulnerable children, hospital patients, and nursing mothers.



20 Jobs

This aspect of the soy program is equally exciting, joyful and true! These women eagerly deliver soy milk to the hospital. The patients are all smiles as they anticipate their arrival, and the doctors and nurses are hugely appreciative of the health improvements it all brings.  We love this.

Kalulu Village

Look at the evidence of the "Foundations for Farming" success. Our friend here has used natural resources and techniques from our program, which are cheaper and more sustainable.  Her crops are healthy, ample, and growing at the same rate or better than those wary of change.

Talandria Harvest Centre

Our purchase of 15.5 acres of land has been greeted with enthusiasm and help from those who have taken our farming program.  We will continue to develop our training centre which will enable many more, whether literate or not, to benefit and learn.

Meet our Malawi Director

We are blessed to have a Director who is always on the ground, as we are not.  Karin van Meeuwen is our more than capable partner. She oversees the Farming Program, the Equip to Serve Program and supervises our Malawi staff.  We are so thankful for these skills, plus her eyes and heart as God leads her.



Adam is one of his students.  He is 13 and has had 3 months of our training.  His mother gave him a small piece of land to try out his new sustainable techniques.  His success will eventually convince her and many others that this is a change worth making.

Agriculture Training

 Daniel is our man to run local training and education programs.  


Family Feeding

We work hard with communities stuck in poverty to help families build stronger livelihoods.  They need to cultivate and grow the nutritious food their children need.  However, creating a self-sustaining community takes time; if children don't receive proper nutrition in the developmental years, the damage cannot be reversed later in life. In order to address this issue, we support families by providing nutrient packed porridge and formula for the children and farming education for the families.


At so many levels these gifts are crucial!  Our villagers could never afford to pay for any of these items.

Now Tandama has 2 goats.  She immediately benefits from goat milk, natural fertilizer for her crops, and offspring to sell, all crucial improvements for her family and life.



Through your support  we sponsor 29 children at Ebenezer Christian School in Nkhoma, Malawi.


Meet Mellisa.  

It is true that the sponsors provide funds for her fees, uniform and supplies, but the way this has touched her life involves so much more.



Our work in India is funded by Alpha Foundation. 

We partner with Mass Welfare Society, and Changing Lives Society, in Kolkata and Chennai.

Our target is to work in the slums, offering ways to increase education, training, health and nutrition, which results in positive change and hope.



This work is funded by Alpha Foundation.  There are over 700 children whose lives are improved through our involvement in their Childrens Homes.  We purchase Alpha Nutri Soup from Fedwell Foods that provides their nutrition, plus provide funds for tutoring, school uniforms and supplies, and health check ups.


We purchase the amazing Alpha Nutri Soup from Fedwell Foods, and sadly, have no trouble finding crisis situations in which to distribute it. Refugees in Northern Myanmar, residents of Seikkyi Island and other remote villages, and thousands of flood victims were all hungry, and we fed them.

Building Hope

We built 2 homes in Mexico, for the Martinez and Suarez families. We were a group of 17, all had endless energy, and a few had the skills. After 5 1/2 days there were solid homes, and lots of smiles, friendships and fun.

Ride for Refuge Ft.Langley

We fundraised, we wore lycra, we rode, we smiled for the camera, we finished the course, we ate chili, and as united group we raised $40,328.16!  

Ride forRefuge


Groups also rode in Smithers, Richmond, and Victoria, all contributing to the amazing result.


Give 100%

Feel 100%

Every penny you donate to Stand as One goes straight to our projects.

Thank You

We are so thankful that it isn't just the two of us Standing As One, but that we are so many!  We want to Thank You for your support, and thank God for His faithfulness, guidance and strength. Looking forward to another great year!

Dan and Irene Schat