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MAY 2021
Headteacher’s Letter
Dear parents and carers
Welcome to our end of half term magazine. I hope you
find the information interesting and share my enjoyment of
seeing just how much our children have been doing since
the Easter break. Both our staff and students never fail
to amaze me with their enthusiasm and dedication to the
school. I have been fortunate to see firsthand so many of
the activities happening. Last night I watched the school's
dance show at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill. Despite
the challenges of rehearsing with COVID restrictions and
lessons taught online during the lockdown, Mrs. Hastings-
Holland directed a show which enabled all the students
to perform with confidence and passion. Each and every
performance was outstanding.
Our Year 11 and 13 cohorts met the demands of the
assessments with focus and maturity and I have been
hugely impressed with the way all our students have
worked since returning in March. Amongst other year
groups the students have continued to be impressive, whilst
still taking on board the high expectations we have of them.
With very best wishes
Mrs Trimnell
The Priory Press
Upcoming Dates
Wednesday, 9 June INSET DAY
Wed 15 & Thurs 16 June Year 7 Box Hill Trip
Thursday, 17 June Year 10 Virtual Parents’ Evening
Mon 21 June - Fri 2 July Year 10 & 12 Mock Exams
Wednesday, 30 June Year 10 visit to East Surrey College
Friday, 9 July Year 10 visit to Reigate College
Thursday, 15 July Year 11 Prom
Wednesday, 21 July End of term 1pm
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
It’s wonderful to see
our students back
in the workshops
making products,
expanding on
their making skills
/ knowledge and
learning new
Year 7 have been
working on their
Metal Candle
Holders and Year 9
have been working
on their individually
designed Metal
Photo Frames,
focusing on a brief
and a client.
Mrs Lowe
The Priory Press
Hiya I’m Lola Card. I’m 12 years old and I’m in 7A1.
My older brother, Ollie Card was in Year 9 when he
sadly passed away on October 22nd 2020 with a
DIPG brain tumour. He was the most enthusiastic
boy I have ever met, and the best sibling I could
ever ask for. Ollie was diagnosed with DIPG in
October 2019. It is a terminal brain tumour & he
was put on palliative care which only consists of
radiotherapy to help with symptoms. Throughout
Ollie’s journey my family tried to find alternative
therapies & there is a clinical trial in the USA which
sounded very hopeful but we would’ve had to raise
a lot of money to get Ollie there. My original idea
was to shave my hair to help raise funds to go
towards this. Due to COVID, the trials were put on
hold & unfortunately Ollie passed away before they
opened up again.
I want to support children with DIPG & also give
a little back to those who give unconditionally.
Being the sister of a cancer patient has shown me
so much. This year I would like to raise money
for Taylor Made Dreams, a charity which created
brilliant experiences for Ollie and myself. They
make dreams come true to children with life limiting
illnesses. I also want to raise money for Abbies
Army, a charity that spreads awareness for DIPG
and funds research into finding a cure. I want to
stand with children who have Cancer & in memory
of Ollie I plan on shaving my hair!!!
I would appreciate any support you can give so
please take a look at my GoFundMe page:
Please click here for Lola’s GoFundMe page
In Loving Memory of Ollie
Congratulations to
Eleanor, Freya and
Nelly. Your artwork
has been chosen
for the new school
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
On Thursday 29th
April seventy good
nominated from Years
7 and 8 sat the Junior
Maths Challenge. This
is a 60 minute problem
solving multiple-choice
challenge. Sitting at a
desk in the hall can be
a daunting experience
but everyone quickly
became involved with
the Maths. We are
currently awaiting the
results. I would like to
thank all the pupils who
took part (and it is the
taking part that counts).
Mrs Thomas
When we did the junior maths challenge back in April it was very different to
other tests that we normally do. The challenge was through the rst period so a
group of students (including Callum and I) went to the hall. We were both very
nervous as we didn't really know what to expect. When we sat down we had
a pencil and ruler and we started the challenge a couple of minutes later. The
challenge was multiple choice so there were times where we worked out the
answer but realised that it wasn't one of the answers which it gave us. Overall it
was interesting and was a lot of fun.
Callum and Kieran Brennand 7A1
The Junior Maths Challenge was a huge learning experience. We got
to participate in many tasks we would experience in the future. The nal
assessment, after a few weeks of practice, was treated like a real exam showing
us what it would be like taking our GCSEs.
Krystyna Howe 8a2
The Priory Press
I was one of the many year 7 and 8 students who took part in the Junior
Maths Challenge. The challenge is like a big maths test except the questions
really challenge you to think. In class and at home we all did some revision on
previous maths challenges from other years. The whole process of everything
was quite overwhelming but at the same time it was quite exciting doing
something new. When we did the actual 2021 paper it was proper exam
conditions, not something I was used to. We had an hour to complete the paper
and it was pretty challenging, but lots of us managed to get through it.
Ruby Golliker 7b1
The Priory Press
Year 7
Abbott, Finley (7A2)
Bailey, Nathan (7B1)
Bleach, Alvina (7A2)
Brennand, Callum (7A1)
Brennand, Kieran (7A1)
Card, Lola (7A1)
Cata, Florin (7B1)
Clements, Sarah (7A2)
Deloford, Max (7A1)
Edser, Hollie (7A2)
Foster, Darcey (7A2)
Golliker, Ruby (7B1)
Green, Sam (7B2)
Green, Tamsin (7B2)
Haynes, Jamie (7B1)
Howard, Olivia (7A1)
Kempster, Holly (7A1)
London, Peter (7B2)
MacLeod, Ewan (7B1)
Matthews, Izzy (7A2)
Merton, Alex (7A2)
Naing, Samuel (7B1)
Pople, Reece (7A2)
Ransome, Millie (7A2)
Reed, Lewis (7A2)
Reynolds, Connor (7B1)
Stanley, Harry (7B1)
Stewart-Smith, Mia (7B1)
Tate, Lily (7A1)
Wakefield, Aiyana (7B1)
Wong, Maisie (7A1)
Wyatt, Andrew (7A1)
Year 8
Alexander, George (8B1)
Amy, Lilly (8A1)
Bibby, Sophie (8B1)
Boon, Daniel (8B1)
Brett, Amy (8B2)
Burchell, Liam (8B1)
Crisp, Archie (8A2)
Farthing, Maria (8B1)
Ford, Logan (8B2)
Gladysz, Axton (8A2)
Glennon, James (8A1)
Glover, Shay (8B1)
Harrington, Benjamin (8A1)
Harris, Ewan (8B1)
Hart, James (8B2)
Howe, Krystyna (8A2)
Jakens, Oscar (8A1)
Jhugroo, Noah (8A1)
Kempshall, Noah (8A2)
Manton, Frankie (8B1)
Maull, Blake (8A2)
Mazewski, Luca (8A2)
Millett, Brooke (8B2)
Nair, Shruthi (8A2)
Neale, Joscelyn (8B2)
Palmer, Kitty (8A2)
Perrin, Joseph (8B1)
Petervari, Mia (8A1)
Pirani Manco, Gerta (8B1)
Powell, Jack (8B1)
Shah, Vihaan (8B1)
Smith, Connor (8B2)
Sparks, Elizabeth (8B2)
Thalagala, Ama (8A2)
Thoukydides, Christos
Torrie, Katie (8A2)
Venn, Abbie (8A2)
Worsfold, Rhys (8B2)
The following pupils were entered for the Junior Maths Challenge:
Here are some questions from the Maths Challenge:
Answers 5. E 10. C 15. D 20. E
Junior Maths Challenge contd...
East Surrey College Website
Taster day link
or scan the QR CodE
Year 10 start their Post 16
journey with a visit from
Reigate and East Surrey
Earlier this month, Year 10 had
their rst full year group assembly
since we returned from the most
recent lock down. With the imminent
possibility of the closure of Priory6
from 2022, we have been working
hard behind the scenes to ensure
our students are supported to access
the best opportunities locally for their
Post 16 courses.
To this end, Tom Barnes from East
Surrey College and Sam Davey from
Reigate College came in to speak
with our students about the courses
that their colleges can offer. While
there is some crossover between the
two colleges in terms of vocational
qualications such as BTECs, East
Surrey tends to focus more on the
vocational and apprenticeship routes
whereas Reigate offers a more
traditional academic route through
the combination of A levels and BTEC
qualications. Along with outlining
their various courses and routes, Tom
and Sam also gave our students the
details of their exclusive ‘taster days’
to be held at the two colleges in late
June and early July. Year 10 Priory
students have the option to visit one
or both of the colleges and get a taste
of the sort of courses they might wish
to apply for in the Autumn. These
taster days are exclusive to our
Priory students and we encourage
parents and students to have a look
on the websites of each college and
decide which one(s) they would like
to attend. Students need to ensure
they have registered for the taster
days before Friday 28 May to ensure
they get a place. Below is the link
to each of the colleges websites so
students can research courses and
also the links to register for the two
taster days.
Needless to say, our Year 10
students were brilliantly behaved
in assembly and Tom and Sam
remarked on how well they listened
to each presentation. Staff have
commented on the ‘buzz’ of
conversation generated by the visit.
Tom and Sam will be back again in
the Autumn to ensure our students
know when the college open days
are for parents and to explain the
application process to students.
Mr Harrison
Reigate College
Visit from Reigate and
East Surrey College
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
What the students learnt
Our Year 7 students made
Spaghetti bolognaise and
were in charge of cutting
onions and garlic for the
practical.For some of the
students this was the rst
time they had used a knife
and were taught how to hold
a knife safely whilst using
the bridge and claw method
.Students were also taught the
importance of handling high
risk foods.
In Year 7 and 8 Food
Technology sessions
concentrate on the
fundamental basic
kitchen skills that all
students need and are
often referred to as key
life skills. In addition
to this we install the
knowledge of healthy
eating and often make
references to the
Eatwell guide which is
a government guideline
requisite to be taught
in schools.This covers
the main principles
of what Macro and
Micronutrients are and
what they do for us in
our diet.
Quite often students
begin to enjoy their
cooking and realise that
by Year 9 there are the
options to study Food
Technology further
by taking the WJEC
Catering and Hospitality
course over two years.
This course will include
a more in depth insight
into food and nutrition
and the catering and
hospitality industry.
Mr Taylor
Our Year 9 students made
bread using the french
technique of kneading bread
which can sometimes be
very noisy.The students were
then allowed to make any
shapes of bread they wanted
during the lesson with some
interesting results.
The Priory Press
After the disruption of the last year it has been
wonderful to resume our eld trips. GCSE
students enjoyed a visit to Portsmouth to study
the city centre and to compare the area with the
newer development at Gunwharf Quays. The
following day we went to Dorset to study the
impact of coastal management on the beaches
at Avon Beach and Barton on Sea. It was by far
the windiest trip we have ever undertaken, but
the students were fantastic and we managed
to collect most of the information we needed,
despite the challenging weather. Staff and
students enjoyed some great takeaway food
from The Noisy Lobster Cafe, the hot drinks and
sh and chips keeping us sustained in the blowy
Mr Harrington
& Miss Buckland
GCSE trips to
Portsmouth and Christchurch
The Priory Press

The Priory Press
The Priory Press
Dry Ice!
Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide
(CO2). At atmospheric pressure it exists as
a solid at -79ºC. Dry changes from a solid
to a gas without passing through a liquid
phase, this phenomenon is called
The lack of liquid phase (at atmospheric
pressure) combined with the cold
temperature is why it is called ‘dry’ ice -
it has nothing in common with ordinary
‘water ice.
The Priory Press
For one of the Science week
investigations, some of our
classes in Year 7 to Year 13
got to use some solid carbon
dioxide (‘dry ice’). They
examined it subliming and we
talked about pollution and its
acid properties.
The students had a lot of fun
during these experiements!
Mr Dennis
The Priory Press
We worked hard, in challenging times, to get our
show together to celebrate our fabulous dancers
at The Priory. We performed at The Harlequin on
May 27th to a sold out socially distanced audience.
Thank you to every single audience member, both
parents and staff, for supporting us and helping us
with all our cheering and applause!
Due to Covid we have missed a show so this one
was truly a fabulous occasion. The content was
taught during lockdown on Zoom and during live
lessons, when we were allowed. It gave us all a
chance to forget about where we have been and
celebrate our accomplishments over the last 2
years. Being on a stage, in a theatre, really made
life feel “normal” and was a lovely experience.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Year
11 and Year 13 students all the love and luck in
the world for their next move either onto further
education or into work. It has been an absolute
pleasure to teach you and I hope we see each other
again in the future.
To my Year 10 and 12 students, I am looking
forward to continuing our journey for the next year –
keep doing what you are doing!
If you have any queries or questions on the course
please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mrs S Hastings-Holland
Head of Vocational Studies and Dance
The Priory Press
Our Dance club that runs every Friday lunchtime
has been on hold for a while because of mixing
bubbles but we are looking to launch this again
soon. The club gives students the opportunity to
take exams in Street Dance via the Amareece
School of Dance which is my private dance school.
We haven’t been able to enter exams since
last March but we are hoping to start again in
We worked hard, in challenging times, to get our
show together to celebrate our fabulous dancers
at The Priory. We performed at The Harlequin on
May 27th to a sold out socially distanced audience.
Thank you to every single audience member, both
parents and staff, for supporting us and helping us
with all our cheering and applause!
Due to Covid we have missed a show so this one
was truly a fabulous occasion. The content was
taught during lockdown on Zoom and during live
lessons, when we were allowed. It gave us all a
chance to forget about where we have been and
celebrate our accomplishments over the last 2
years. Being on a stage, in a theatre, really made
life feel “normal” and was a lovely experience.
The students did an amazing job and showed their
resilience and strength and I am extremely proud of
all of them. The show was extra evidence to add to
the portfolio of evidence our dancers have already
built both practically and theoretically.
During the first lockdown Rhiannon Thomas,
now Year 13, won the Mole Valley Youth Awards:
a Dance award for her natural dance ability,
creative complexity, and passion whilst being able
to confidently but sensitively lead her peers. I am
amazingly proud of her. Well done Rhiannon!
“Life isn’t about waiting for
the storm to pass. It’s about
learning to dance in the rain.”
Dance Club
Exciting times are gradually
returning to DofE expedition
activities at The Priory!
At the beginning of May, our
Bronze Y9 students were
preparing for their expeditions.
Training took place on the
1st May, on the school
site. Students learnt about
navigation, map reading,
rst aid, campcraft and route
planning. With a very quick
turnaround, they went on a
local two-day expedition, where
they returned home to sleep.
On Friday, groups walked to
Leith Hill and were supported
by an amazing team of
volunteers and school staff.
Back at school they made their
hot meal on a trangia. All were
happy and hungry.
Saturday was cold and wet,
but this did not dampen spirits,
and all completed a route
following the Greensand Way
to Broadmoor, then onto Friday
Street, Wotton, crossing the
A25 round the back of Westcott
and then via Milton Heath to
Here are some pictures of their
Mrs Tanton
The Priory Press
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
The Priory Press

Year 9 Bronze are now preparing for their Assessed
expedition, Sunday 13th to Monday 14th June with
an overnight camp. They will need to use their 65L
backpacks, take their tents, sleeping bags and food.
This will make them self-sufcient for the 2 days! Their
supervisors will monitor each group and their assessor
will check they meet the ’20 conditions’ of a Bronze
DofE expedition. Students need to ensure that their
eDofE accounts are up to date, with assessors reports
for their other 3 sections, physical, volunteering and
Year 11 Silver (assessed expedition) Year 10 Silver
(practice expedition) Year 12/13 Gold (practice
expedition) will hopefully all be heading to the Peak
District in July. We have made detailed plans to comply
with the latest Government Guidance and chosen our
routes and campsites very carefully. Year 11 Silver
successfully completed their practice in October 2019
in the New Forest. It seems like an age away, but we
are hopeful that they will get back into ‘expedition
mode’ to take on this challenge. All have completed the
other 3 sections, so this nal expedition will complete
their Silver Award. Year 10 Silver recently completed
their Bronze expedition, locally to school. The Peaks
will be a real step up and an adventure. We will again
be supported by volunteer adults and school staff.
Year 12/13 Gold will undertake their practice in the
Dark Peak area. There will be a period of training and
Y9 Bronze Assessed
Sunday 13th –
Monday 14th June 2021
Y10 and Y11 Silver
Sunday 11th July –
Wednesday 14th July 2021
(White Peak)
Y12 and Y13 Gold
Practice expedition
Sunday 11th July –
Friday 16th July 2021
(Dark Peak)
Y12 and Y13 Gold
Assessed expedition
Wednesday 18th -
Monday 23rd August 2021
(Yorkshire Dales)
All students currently registered on the Award,
must aim to get their sections underway. Once
a section is completed, students need to speak
to their assessor, to review their progress. The
assessor then needs the students’ ID numbers and
then log onto and complete
their report. It would be fantastic to have Y9, Y10
Bronzes and Y11 Silvers ready for presentation at
the end of term.
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
Year 9 students have been considering the
importance of building design in earthquake prone
areas. To drive this concept home, students were
given the challenge of building a spaghetti and
marshmallow tower which was then shaken for 30
seconds. Well done to students who completed the
task successfully, some towers that survived were
over 40cm tall.
Mr Harrington, Miss Buckland and Miss Cozens
Earthquake Building Challenge
On Wednesday
5th May, we were
all super excited to
have our rst xture
for over a year, with
the Year 9 rounders
team playing against
The girls got off to
a ying start and
quickly remembered
and executed all the
correct tactics when
elding, with Lily,
who was playing
backstop, and Evie,
on 1st post, getting
a number of batters
out if they missed
the ball. After the rst
innings The Priory
was winning 5.5
rounders to 4.5.
Onto the second
innings and the girls
continued to perform
brilliantly in the eld
and successfully
stopped a number of
batters from scoring
as well as getting
some of their batters
out. The Priory team
restricted Boxhill to
only 3 rounders in
the second innings.
In our nal batting
innings the girls
scored an impressive
6 rounders including
2 fantastic rounders
from our 2 debutants;
Amy and Holly.
The nal score was
The Priory 11.5 to
Boxhill’s 7.5. An
amazing win for the
team! Boxhill voted
Lily-Kay as Most
Valuable Player.
Congratulations Lily!
Mrs Harrison
The Priory Press
Ella, Evie, Tilly, Millie, Amy
Emma, Jess, Lily-Kay, Maria, Holly
The Priory Press
Year 10 Rounders
On Wednesday 12th
May, the Year 10
rounders team played
against Boxhill at home.
The girls were looking
forward to playing
their rst match in over
a year and played
really well. The team
changed around the
elding positions and
Elise took on the role
of bowler brilliantly for
the rst time for the
school team. She did a
fantastic job the whole
way through the match.
Macy as backstop,
backed up Poppy on
4th post and got a
number of the Boxhill
players out. Emma
and Anna scored some
huge and impressive
rounders. Unfortunately
the team lost the
match, however they
all enjoyed themselves
and demonstrated both
kindness and excellent
sportsmanship the whole
way through the game.
Boxhill voted Emma
as the Most Valuable
Player of the match.
Congratulations Emma,
thoroughly deserved!
Mrs Harrison
The Priory Press
Despite COVID and the cancellation of all
inter-sport fixtures before Easter we did
manage to get a year 7 in-house football
match. The game was played in good spirits
and produced some excellent performances
from all the students involved.
Since returning from Easter we have had
rounders and cricket clubs running for all
year groups after school. We have had trial
rounders matches with Boxhill which have
been very successful. After half term we
have Cricket fixtures booked in for most year
groups against St Andrew’s School so we
can resume some normality with inter-school
Students who wish to be included within these
matchday squads (both boys and girls) must
attend the after-school clubs on the following
Tuesday – Year 7 and 8
Thursday – Year 9 and 10
With school sport having been affected
drastically due to COVID it is great to see the
students so keen to represent the school and
put on the great emerald green kit (or whites).
We plan to continue to provide all students
with the opportunities to enhance their skills
through the extra-curricular timetable.
Mr McEvoy
Chloe, Macy, Anna, Poppy, Laura
Elise, Jess, Emma, Scarlett
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
Canterbury Coventry Guildford Westminster
Year 7 Kiaran Brennand Ale Turner Jemimah Taylor Holly Kempster
Year 8 Amy Brett Leila Bartlett Robert Caldwell Chloe Turner
Year 9 Daniella Kent Reuben Pilbeam Scarlett West Anna Bareld
Year 10 Robin Haycock Faith Harding Ben Abbott Oliver Wentworth
Year 11 Alice Harper Hannah Margetts Adam Brewer
Naomi Chilling-
Current totals as of 13th May. Well done to Westminster who have climbed into second place.
(For a fortnightly update of house points visit
news/ or scan the QR code)
House Update
Since the return from lockdown
there has been plenty to
celebrate and plenty for the
students to take part in to
represent their house. Students
have received a massive
number of house points. The
following students received
the most house points within
their year since returning from
remote learning (students in
green scored highest overall in
each house).
Congratulations to all.
Special mention to Jemimah
Taylor who achieved the
highest house points in the
The Priory Press
Newly Appointed
House Captains
Canterbury Coventry Guildford Westminster
Year 7
Olivia Howard
Keiran Brennand
Andrew Wyatt
Lola Card
Madison Barrett
Lewis Reed
Holly Kempster
Xander Selling
Year 8
Jack Powell
Amy Brett
Samantha Fletcher
Vihaan Shah
Krystyna Howe
Lucas Winstone
Shruthi Nair
Caiden Chappell
Year 9
Tom Harper
Philippa Green
Holly Young
Reuben Pilbeam
Benji Clarke
Keeley Christmas-Baxell
Ruby Barrett
Cameron Snook
Hannah Flashman
Robin Haycock
Mary Nevins
Anna Lewis
Oliver Foskett
The Priory Sports Day
Monday, 19th July 2021

Farewell to our Year 13s
Please read Trixie and Sophie’s accounts on their time at The Priory on the
next page.
The Priory Press
Throughout our time at the Priory,
we have both experienced many
enjoyable aspects of being a
secondary school student. At the
start of Year 7, like any normal
eleven year olds, we experienced
apprehension at what Secondary
school life would be like. Unlike
some, we already knew some
of the other students in our year
group, but that didn’t stop us from
making friends with new people.
Quite quickly friendship groups were
formed and we gradually began
to become acquainted with our
teachers. As the generation that
grew up with High School Musical,
I’m pretty sure that most were
convinced we were going to walk
onto something resembling a High
School Musical set, where large
lockers were impatiently waiting to be
decorated, and well choreographed
musical numbers would spring
forth from every dramatic incident.
Alas this expectation sadly did not
manifest in reality, as the closest
we would get would come from
occasionally listening to music during
Tutor Time!
Year 8 and Year 9 started to become
increasingly more interesting. In Year
8 we were able to enjoy the school
year with relatively few pressures,
because we were no longer the
youngest in the school and there
were no important things to be
thinking about or working towards.
However in Year 9, this began to
change. About halfway through,
I remember that teachers started
to talk about our GCSE options,
although to balance the potential
stress of this, we also
had the joy of being at
the top of lower school
and the excitement
of a couple of school
trips. In January,
we got to enjoy the
Westfield trip run by
the Geography
Although this
trip is run
with the aim
of collecting
data to
be used for a project into that area
of London, many of us thought of
this trip as an excellent opportunity
to empty our bank accounts! It is
quite easy to think of a few people
that really did take this opportunity
to spend too much money! Not
long after this we got to go on the
Battlefields trip run by the History
Department, during which we visited
the town of Ypres. This again was
an amazing trip, that included the
opportunity to explore real trenches
preserved for posterity and to explore
the historic World War 1 museum.
Later on in this trip, we also visited
a Belgian chocolate shop, which
arguably, was the real highlight of the
trip for many of our year group.
Year 10 saw the start of our dreaded
GCSEs. Despite the daunting
prospect of our real exams being two
years away, we were encouraged to
begin revision as soon as possible,
however many of the year group did
not heed this advice, as is typical
nearly every year! The reality of
just how difficult exams are was
not realised until the mocks took
place in the summer, and again,
throughout the course of this
year, several subject specific trips
were run including the two days of
Geography field trips to Portsmouth
and Christchurch Bay and a DT trip
to the BMW Mini Factory. Moving
on to Year 11, it was naturally our
busiest year with the highly important
task of sitting our GCSEs. On top
of this we had to start making our
decisions for after the completion
of our GCSEs; apprenticeships and
vocational courses were on offer to
us as well as the option of A-Levels.
Additionally, throughout the year
there was a team of students working
tirelessly to plan Prom and organise
the yearbook and hoodies, this was
no easy task but each person that
helped executed their role really
well. The Prom night itself began
with spectacular grand entrances
on anything from vintage cars and
horses to bikes and even tractors!
This night was the official end to
most people's time at the Priory and
as such there were many tears.
Following the seemingly never
ending summer that follows the end
of Year 11, we returned to school
ready to start our A-levels. Now
being in the 6th Form, it meant that
we could enjoy not having to wear
our school uniform, although for
some, the choice of what to wear
was at times a seemingly life or death
situation! The beginning part of Year
12 saw us getting used to our new
courses. Along with this, as a part of
the Sixth Form committee, we also
played a hand in planning various
events, like the school sponsored
walk movie and organising our
Priory6 Christmas Dinner. Of course,
in March 2020, we hit the pandemic
which put a semi-permanent stop
to our plans. Year 13 saw the start
of making decisions about subject
choices for university degrees and
apprenticeship applications. Due
to limitations, some plans were
replanned and some were cancelled
but we were able to organise and
carry out a Macmillan Coffee Morning
as well as another very successful
and much enjoyed Christmas Dinner.
On returning to school after the
second lockdown, much of our focus
was being put into mock exams and
ensuring that we had the best grades
as possible for our evidence base,
which was an experience we would
say was disliked by teachers and
students alike!
Now, after seven long and enjoyable
years, we have reached the end
of our time at secondary school. It
would be a lie to say that it was all
plain sailing but we will thoroughly
miss our time here and especially
the teachers that helped
us along the way.
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
Year 8 have been taking part in
Eco-Week starting on the 24th
May. Bird seed and wildflower
seeds have been ordered....! And
the Eco Group have been sticking
up energy saving light switch
signs designed by Beth Flanders
in Year 11 and plans are afoot for
tidying up the pond area!
Miss Bailey
Since returning from lockdown
in March, our School Council
Reps have continued to meet
in their year groups, where they
have discussed various topics.
Due to the restrictions, we have
been quite limited in what we
have been able to do; however,
there has still been quite a bit
going on: School Council Reps
have linked with our Eco Group
and are planning to tidy up the
area around the school pond.
They have also assisted staff in
running a travel survey in their
tutor groups and have continued
to run the stationery stall for
their year groups. Some reps
have also had the opportunity
to meet with Mrs Trimnell in
order to discuss those issues
close to their heart, and with
a member of the canteen staff
to give feedback. The Year 8
School Council team deserves
a special mention as they
have been working especially
hard on improving our school
Mrs C Derrick and Mrs G Rose
Eco Week
The Priory Press
“On Friday 19th March, the
cyber rst girls competition 2021
went live. During lockdown,
we competed in the qualiers,
where we went against other
schools in the region, and a bit
of healthy competition between
each other. The Java Girls made
it through, coming second in
the region. Throughout the day
Shruthi, Mia and I, not forgetting
our team mascot Samantha went
off the usual time table, where
we spent the day working on the
competition, along with a welcome
at the start of the day and a
goodbye at the end of the day, as
well as having lots of laughs and
The day started with Mr Francis
giving us 4 puzzles to get our
brains warmed up - we had a
balancing puzzle (where we
had to balance the ball into the
holes and this took up a lot of our
patience), a ball puzzle (where
we took apart the ball, then had to
reattach it together), my personal
favourite puzzle (which involved
having different coloured tiles,
and you had to attach it with the
colours touching each other and
maintaining the same colour on
the border on a perfect square.
The competition consists of 4
categories: Logic and Coding,
Networking, Cyber Security and
Cryptography. When we worked,
we started off by working on a
mixture of different categories, so
we could work with our strengths
on all of them. We had challenges
such as having to nd the
location of where a picture was
taken, decrypting codes, tracking
messages, etc.
After lunch, we changed up our
team tactics, and we were each
allocated different slots - Mia
worked on logic and coding, I
worked on networking, Shruthi
worked on cybersecurity and we
each shared cryptography. Once
the competition ended, we had
the goodbye send off and found
out our results, as well as getting
certicates and badges for our
We are proud of ourselves and
had a great day altogether, with
some long-lasting memories.”
Gerta, Year 8 Student
CyberFirst Girls Competion
Four of our Y8s also
known as the ‘Java
Girls’, reached the
Regional semi-nals
of the CyberFirst Girls
Competition 2021.
This national schools competition is
now in its 4th year. It targets Year
8 Girls in an attempt to address
the gender imbalance that is in
Cybersecurity and IT, by challenging
them and having fun doing so, in
the hope that more girls will take
up options at GCSE and follow up
with careers in those sectors where
females are under-represented.
Just to get to the Regional semi-
nals, the girls were in the top 4% of
students entered in the competition.
Their journey ended there but they
competed well and had a taxing, yet
enjoyable time doing so.
We should be very proud of them.
In normal times they would be going
to an ofcial location to compete
but with Covid, this had to be online
for the day. It was run under strict
rules lasting rom 10 am - 2:15
pm with an introduction and close
from the Director of the National
Cybersecurity Agency.
Mr Francis
The Priory Press
Manga Club
Year 7 Students meet Wednesdays break time in the LRC.
During club sessions students share books and drawings. Recently students created a drawing from
a photo to create a cake topper. Students are now working on a school cartoon strip.
New club members are always welcome. Mrs Hall
Artwork by Alvina Bleach
The Priory Press
The race season started on
Sunday 25th April with a
successful event at Bedford
Autodrome. Our team is made
up of Year 7 and 8 students. The
day began with a 6am start at
school and a 2 hour drive to the
event. This was the first race day
for the new Year 7 team “Hunter”.
We arrived at a sunny, but very
windy and cold circuit.The teams
adjusted well to the weather and
were soon working on the cars,
getting them ready to race.
Both practice sessions went
off without any problems with
everybody managing to get
track time and gain experience.
After lunch there were four
twenty minute sprint races and
throughout it was nip and tuck
between us and our good friends
and rivals Town Close School
with them only just finishing
ahead of us in first place. We
came home with a second place
trophy and medals for all the
team. The results are based on
the combined mileage of all four
Our second race was held at the
Goodwood Motor Circuit. The
format was the same but the
journey was shorter, therefore
we could have a lay-in!! The
Hunter and Raptor teams left
school 7am. The practices went
smoothly and the races went well
too. Overall, Raptor came 2nd
and Hunter came 7th so we came
home with another trophy.
We can’t wait until our next race
in July at the Lotus Test track in
Greenpower Team
Greenpower Priory
Racing Team
Year 7 sent over 150 Lovely
Letters to elderly residents
throughout the community.
We have had many wonderful
Miss Bailey
As part of The Priory School’s community cohesion
ethic, we have invited the local primary schools,
Powell Corderoy, Surrey Hills, St Martin’s and St
Paul’s, to use our fantastic pool facilities, free of
charge, so they can catch up with the national
curriculum for all students leaving Year 6, to be able
to swim 25 metres unaided. This will be continued
into future years. We have also tied up with a
charitable netball group, who will be using our 3
courts for a skills catch-up course over June and
July. These facilities have also been kindly given
free of charge by our Headteacher. Mr Mills
The Priory Press
Community Update
The Food Technology
Department urgently needs
plastic containers with lids
for the students to take their
cooking home in. If you have
spares could you please send
them to Mrs Rawlinson.
School emails are sent from
a central email account called
PARS (PARS@priorycofe.
com). This account is not
monitored so please do not
reply to these emails, but
send a response directly to
the teacher mentioned in the
email correspondence.
Free School Meals
Have your circumstances changed and you now believe you are
entitled to claim Free School Meals? Please send an email to
Mrs Weeden will be able to send you a form to complete and we
will apply to Surrey County Council. In order to qualify for free
school meals, you must be in receipt of one of the following:
Income Support
Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance
Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act
Child Tax Credit, provided that you are not entitled to
Working Tax Credit and that your annual
income is less than the current threshold of £16,190
The ‘Guarantee’ element of State Pension Credit
Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
Universal credit
Even if you do not want to take the Free School Meals, the school
gets funding, so please apply if you are eligible.
Remembering Frank Vilkauskas
To those people who knew Frank Vilkauskas either as a work colleague, as a teacher or a fellow
student you might like to join us on the school playground Saturday July 17th at 2pm (afterwards in
The Falkland Arms). Our aim is to celebrate Frank's life and all that he did for both the school and
that of the wider community. To that end there is a fundraising page if you would like to donate. We
aim to buy something splendid for the school grounds to honour his life. Please feel free to share this
with people you know would like to come.
Statutory notices for The Priory Church of England (Aided) School
Statutory Notices
The Priory Press
& Important Information
Good attendance and engagement is vital for students to be successful and to reach their potential.
Research has shown that this needs to be 96% so this is our school target.
Do you have 96% attendance?
Not sure - ask your tutor
The graph below shows each year group’s attendance percentage for this year since September. The
period of lockdown did not affect attendance.
Is there anything that the school
can do to help you improve your
If so, please do contact us.
Congratulations - Fantastic Attendance
Congratulations to the following students for having 100% attendance since the year began. (If you have
self-isolated, this has not impacted your attendance.)
Barrett, Madison 7A1 Petervari, Mia 8A1 Bernal, Phoebe 10B1 Simons, James 10A2
Birch, Luke 7A2 Pirani Manco, Gerta 8B1 Booth, Cameron 10A3 Speirs, Megan 10A2
Brennand, Kieran 7A1 Rosendale, Oscar 8B2 Collins, Joseph 10A1 Tracy, Zachary 10A1
Cata, Florin 7B1 Simas, Elliott 8A2 Conway, Lewis 10A2 Watkins, Samuel 10B1
Clements, Sarah 7A2 Turner, Chloe 8A1 Cornelius, Ruben 10B1 Barfield, Marcus 11B2
Deloford, Max 7A1 Campbell-Burchett, Eliot 9B1 Cullinan, Ellie 10A2 Brewer, Adam 11A3
Howard, Olivia 7A1 Dale, Caitlin 9A3 Dixon, Daisy 10A1 Carvell, Emily 11B1
London, Peter 7B2 Eglinton, Joeb 9A3
Flashman, Hannah
10A2 Francis, Scarlett 11A1
Naing, Samuel 7B1 Gibbons, Archie 9B1 Flashman, Ryan 10A3 Harper, Alice 11B1
Pople, Reece 7A2 Hinton, Amy 9A3 Fletcher, Chloe 10B2 Hunt, Fabién 11A1
Stratford, Roxie 7B2 Hoather, Lily-Kay 9A3 Friday, Brad 10A3 Johnson, Hal 11B2
Stubbs, Melissa 7A2 Kuras, Harvey 9A2 Gibbs, Grace 10A1 Lawrence, Jem 11B1
Wyatt, Andrew 7A1 Perry, Felix 9B1 Glover, Scarlett 10B2 Murch, Jake 11A1
Amy, Lilly 8A1 Reed, Finlay 9A2 Griffin, Bryn 10A1 Nel, Kayla 11B2
Bartlett, Ray 8A2 Roberts, Emma 9A3 Harris, Joshua 10A3 Perrin, Amelia 11B1
Bibby, Sophie 8B1 Robertshaw, Leona 9B1 Hollis, Elise 10A3 Sparkes, Oliver 11B1
Bowers, Lily-Rae 8A1 Taylor, Lucy 9B2 Livey, Daisy 10A2 Stanley, Jack 11B1
Dowling, Annabel 8A2 Walsh-Edwards, Ethan 9B1 Mason, Madeline 10A3 Tracy, Josh 11B1
Fletcher, Samantha 8A2 Walsh-Edwards, Evie 9B2 Riley, Joshua 10A2 Wilkinson, Kieran 11A1
Goodman, Susie 8A1 Weller, Oliver 9A2 Robinson, Poppy 10A3 Woods, Ben 11A3
Luck, Alex 8A2 Bailey, Rowan 10A1 Sexton, Daniel 10B1 Woods, Kate 11A1
The Priory Press
Ashman, Leila 7B2 Deacon, Connor 7B2 Johnson, Bailey 7B1
Southworth-Turner, Esme
Ashton-Rees, William 7B1 Drake, Ruby 7A1 Lopes, Leanna 7A1 Staples, Preston 7B2
Back, Courtney 7B1 Fernandez, Izabella 7A1 Matcham, Oliver 7B2 Steele, Emily 7A2
Bailey, Nathan 7B1 Flashman, Beth 7B2 Matthews, Izzy 7A2 Stewart-Smith, Mia 7B1
Barker, Megan 7B1 Foster, Darcey 7A2
Mcginnis-Ralph, Mia
7B1 Tate, Lily 7A1
Bates, Alfie 7B2 Gargar, Mary 7B1 Merton, Alex 7A2 Taylor, Jemimah 7B1
Bates, Douglas 7B2 Golliker, Ruby 7B1 Minarcik, Danny 7B1 Turner, Alfie 7A1
Bates, Max 7B2 Green, Tamsin 7B2 Muckle, Phoebe 7A2 Underwood, Morgan 7A2
Bleach, Alvina 7A2 Haines, Will 7A1 Ransome, Millie 7A2 Waterton, Archie 7A1
Brennand, Callum 7A1 Harris, Aaron 7B2 Reed, Lewis 7A2 Watkins, Bethan 7A2
Burnett, Harry 7B1 Haynes, Jamie 7B1 Rees-Davies, Will 7B1 Wheaton, Oliver 7B2
Chillingworth, Eliza 7B2 Henry, Xanda 7A1 Reynolds, Connor 7B1 Winstone, Sam 7B2
Coppard, Katie 7B2 Howarth, Teddie 7B2 Sellings, Xander 7A1
Well Done - Strong Attendance
Year 7 – The following students have an attendance of between 96% and 100% and therefore are
achieving the school target.
Year 8 – The following students have an attendance of between 96% and 100% and therefore are
achieving the school target. If you are absent, please make sure you catch up on missed work.
Abid, Reem 8A1 Gladysz, Axton 8A2 Jhugroo, Noah 8A1 Sparks, Elizabeth 8B2
Bartlett, Leila 8A2 Glover, Shay 8B1 Kempshall, Noah 8A2 Teixeira, Alicia 8B2
Bibby, Georgina 8B2 Guenigault, Millie 8B2
Leadbetter, Robyne
8B1 Thalagala, Ama 8A2
Blair, Daniel 8B2 Hale, Brandon 8B1 Manton, Frankie 8B1 Thoukydides, Christos 8A1
Boon, Daniel 8B1 Harrington, Benjamin 8A1 Maull, Blake 8A2 Torrie, Katie 8A2
Booth, Scott 8B1 Harris, Ewan 8B1 Mazewski, Luca 8A2 Venn, Abbie 8A2
Buttle, Emily 8A1 Hart, James 8B2 Palmer, Kitty 8A2 Wheeler, Skye 8A1
Buttle, Jessica 8B1 Hoad, Rebecca 8A1 Perrin, Joseph 8B1 Williams, Charlie 8A2
Caires, Joseph 8A1 Hubbard, Joshua 8B2 Powell, Jack 8B1 Winstone, Lucas 8A1
Caldwell, Robert 8A1 Ivey, Tilly 8B1 Shah, Vihaan 8B1 Worsfold, Rhys 8B2
Ford, Logan 8B2 Jakens, Oscar 8A1 Smith, Connor 8B2
Angus, Alex 9B2 Currier, Callum 9B2 Johnson, Nelly 9A2 Spencer, Ben 9B2
Arjones, Maisy 9B1 Dawes, Jimmy 9A2 Kent, Daniella 9A1 Steere, Phoebe 9A2
Attridge, Rory 9B1 Deloford, Millie 9B1
Knight, Charlie
9A2 Stephens, Samuel 9B1
Bailey, Maxwell 9A1 Dixon, Jemima 9A2 Long, Benjamin 9A2 Stratford, Rocco 9A1
Baker, Bella 9A3 Duerden, Alfie 9A3 Macleod, Joey 9A2 Thomas-Free, Jess 9B1
Banton, Mathilda 9A1 Edgington, Emily 9B1 Miller, Joseph 9B1 Turner, Evie 9B1
Barfield, Anna 9A2 Essom, Lily 9A1
Moore-Dominguez, Ruby
9A2 Tyrrell, Maisie 9A3
Barrett, Ruby 9A1 Fitzgerald, Brennan 9B2 Newman, Daniel 9B1 Virdee, Gya 9B2
Beckett, Thomas 9A1 Ford, Ryan 9A3 Newman, Vaughan 9B2 West, Scarlet 9A2
Bradstock, Oz 9A3 Franks, Oli 9A2 Oliver, Mia 9A1 White, Reece 9A2
Brown, Emily 9B1 Green, Philippa 9A2 Peskett, Maria 9A3 Whitehead, Finlay 9B2
Castle, Isobel 9B2 Gregg, Kayla 9A1 Pilbeam, Reuben 9A3 Whitehead, Sebastian 9A1
Christmas-Baxell, Keeley 9A3 Guenigault, Joss 9B1 Rawlinson, Toby 9A3 Williams, Grace 9B2
Clements, Alfie 9A1 Hagan, Matt 9A3 Rhodes, Amelia 9A2 Willis, Gracie 9A1
Cojocaru, Alex 9A3 Harford, Lucy 9B2 Rogers, Amy 9B2 Wooding, Finn 9A1
Coles, Arthur 9B1 Harper, Tom 9A3 Russell, Megan 9A2 Wooding, Robyn 9B2
Coram, Isaac 9B2 Hill, Marcus 9B2 Sharpe, Jamie 9A1 Wright, Dylan 9A1
Cornwell, Evan 9B1 Hitchcock, Annabelle 9A1 Smith, Maisie 9B1 Young, Holly 9A3
Cowling, Daniel 9B1 Johnson, George 9A1 Snook, Cam 9A2
Year 9 – Have the most students in this category of having an attendance of between 96% and 100%
and therefore are achieving the school target.
The Priory Press
Abbott, Ben 10B1 Crocker, William 10A1 Ludlow, Maddilyn 10B2 Pohlman, Anna 10B2
Anderssen, Joshua 10A1 Edgington, Henry 10B1 Manton, Billy 10A2 Pusey, Laura 10A3
Badderly-Watts, Lola 10A1 Foster, Phoebe 10A2 Matcham, Ashleigh 10A2 Rennles, Mary 10B2
Balendran, Santhoss 10B2 Goodfellow, Olivia 10B1 Medhurst, Owen 10A3 Robert-Shaw, Alexander 10A2
Bambridge, Esther 10B1 Hagan, Michael 10B1 Meek, Rosie-Lena 10A3 Smeeton, Marley 10B1
Beckett, Jessica 10A2 Harrington, Jessica 10A3 Milner, Jack 10A2 Street, Jack 10A3
Bernal, Emmy 10B1 Haycock, Robin 10A3 Monaghan, Amy 10A1 Sumner, Megan 10A3
Blythe, Edie 10B1 Ivey, Reggie 10B2 Moore, Tommy-Jay 10B2 Taverner, Fred 10A1
Bond, Rohan 10A1 James, Tyger 10B2 Nevins, Mary 10A3 Tillett, Stanley 10A3
Callicott, Poppy 10B2 Jamieson, Reid 10B1 Norton, Sean 10A3 Treble-Hunt, Joshua 10A2
Chelminski, Oscar 10B2 Jolly, Noah 10B1 Overington, Luke 10B1 Wentworth, Oliver 10A1
Ciolac, Maia 10A1 Jones, Kayleigh 10B1 Palacios, Abbie 10B1
Coles, Emma 10A3 Leadbetter, Elisha 10B1 Palmer, Molly 10A3
Cooper, Mia 10A2 Lewis, Anna 10B1 Parker, Macy 10B2
Year 10 – As you move into studying your GCSEs, attendance becomes so important and if you are
absent it is vital that the work is caught up on. The following students have an attendance of between 96%
and 100% and therefore are achieving the school target.
There will be a raffle at the end of the school year where anybody with an
attendance percentage which is above the school target will be entered
into.The prize is a laptop. Students have a few weeks to improve their
attendance to book a raffle ticket.
If there are any parents or companies who would like to donate a raffle
prize we would be very grateful. Please contact Ms Taylor on We would like to run this competition more regularly
as an incentive, as we recognize the importance of high attendance in
enabling students to achieve their best.
Do you fancy winning a
If you fall into the category of being persistently absent, then you will receive a letter, be asked to attend
a meeting and possibly be referred to the Surrey Inclusion officer to help support you to improve your
The Priory Press
Attendance contd...
The Priory Press
The Priory School
Extra-Curricular Timetable
April - July 2021
Day Time Club Year Run By Location Department
Monday Lunch time Young Carers (Week B only) Year 10 Miss Roach 2:9 Young Carers
Monday 3:30-4:30 Drama revision sessions Year 10 Mr Sherringham Drama Studio Drama
Monday 3:30-4:30 Art GCSE catch up Year 11 Miss Lawson G7 Art
Monday 3:30-4:30 Business Studies catch up Year 10 & 11 Miss Crow H6 Business
Monday 3:30-4:30 Computer Club Year 7 Mr Francis G5 Computing
Monday 3.30-4.30 Theory Catch up Year 10 Mrs Lowe / Mrs Brundish G1 DT
Monday 3:30-4:30 Learning Resource Centre Year 7 - 11 Ms Hall Library LRC
Monday 3:30-4:30 Food coursework Drop in Session Year 10 Mr Taylor G9 Food
Tuesday Lunchtime Art GCSE catch up Year 10 Mrs Flanders G6 Art
Tuesday Lunchtime REmotion film club Year 7-Week A Miss Evans R1 RE
Tuesday Breaktime Young Carers (Week B Only) Year 7 Miss Roach 2:9 Young Carers
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Computer Club & catch-up Year 10 Mr Francis G5 Computing
Tuesday 3:30-5:00 Green Power Racing Team Year 7/8 Mrs Brundish DT rooms DT
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Geography catch-up & support Year 10 & 11
Mr Harrington/ Miss Buckland
or Miss Cozens H1 or H2 Geography
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Learning Resource Centre Year 7 - 11 Ms Hall Library LRC
Tuesday 3:30-4:30
Music exam technique/composing
sessions Year 11 Mr Pohlman Music Music
Tuesday 3:30-4:30
Music individual or duet rehearsal
rooms available Years 7-10 Mr Pohlman Music rooms Music
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Cricket Year 7 Mr Ranger Field PE
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Cricket Year 8 Mr McEvoy Field PE
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Rounders Year 9 Mrs Bullen Field PE
Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Rounders Year 10 Mrs Harrison Field PE
Tuesday 3.30-4.30 GCSE PE dropin session Year 10 & 11 Mr Currie E2 PE
Wednesday Lunch time School Council Week A only Year 8 Mrs Rose/Mrs Derrick H7 School Council
Wednesdsay 3:30-4:30 Art GCSE catch up Year 10 Miss Lawson G7 Art
Wednesdsay 3:30-4:30 Art A level Year 12 Mrs Flanders G6 Art
Wednesdsay 3:30-4:30 Computer Club Year 8 Mr Francis G5 Computing
Wednesday 3:30-4:30 Cooking club (requires sign up) Year 9 Mr Taylor G9 Food
Wednesday 3.30-4.30 Coursework Catch up Year 11 Mrs Lowe / Mrs Brundish G1 DT
Wednesdsay 3:30-4:30 History Drop in & support Year 10 & 11 Mr Tattershall or Miss Bailey H3 or H4 History
Wednesdsay 3:30-4:30 Learning Resource Centre Ms Hall Library LRC
Thursday Breaktime Young Carers (Week B only) Year 8 Miss Roach 2:9 Young Carers
Thursday Lunchtime Art GCSE catch up Year 11 Mrs Flanders G6 Art
Thursday Lunchtime
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award drop
in Year 9 Miss Crow G14 D of E
Thursday Lunchtime REmotion film club Year 8-Week B Mrs L’Grindi R2 RE
Thursday Lunch time School Council Week A only Year 10 Mrs Rose/Mrs Derrick 2:8 School Council
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Computer Club & catch-up Year 11 Mr Francis G5 Computing
Thursday 3:30-4:30
Drama practical rehearsal + revision
sessions Year 11 Mr Sherringham Drama studio Drama
Thursday 3:30-4:30 English book club Year 10 Miss Choolun 2:6 English
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Health & Social Care revision/drop in Year 11 Miss Crow G14 Health and Social
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Learning Resource Centre Year 7 - 11 Ms Hall Library LRC
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Languages -French & Spanish revision Year 11 Language teachers 2:7 & 2:8 ML
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Music exam technique/composing Year 10 Mr Pohlman Music Music
Thursday 3:30-4:30
Music individual or duet rehearsal
rooms available Years 7-10 Mr Pohlman Music rooms Music
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Cricket Year 9 Mr Ranger Field PE
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Cricket Year 10 Mr McEvoy Field PE
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Rounders Year 7 Mrs Harrison Field PE
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Rounders Year 8 Mrs Harrison Field PE
Thursday 3:30-4:30 Science GCSE drop in Year 10 & 11 Science teachers 3:4 & 3:6 Science
Friday Breaktime Textiles Year 7 Miss Lawson G10 Art
Friday Breaktime Young Carers (Week B Only) Year 9 Miss Roach 2:9 Young Carers
Friday Lunch time School Council Week A only Year 7 Mrs Rose/Mrs Derrick H7 School Council
Friday Lunch time School Council Week A only Year 9 Mrs Rose/Mrs Derrick 2:8 School Council
Friday 3.30-4.30 Computer Club Year 9 Mr Francis G5 Computing
Friday 3.30-4.30 Science Club Year 7 Mr Lambert 3:6 Science
The Priory Press
Driving children to school is seen as the
most convenient choice for parents and
carers with busy lives. Many parents/carers
take the view that driving children to school
keeps them safe. Yet the combination of
each individual decision means an increase
in vehicle traffic and congestion particularly
at the entrance to our school.
Many children now miss the opportunity
to develop vital road safety skills with their
parents on the way to school. They fail to
build up confidence and do not build up the
ability to manage risk walking in the local
community and along roads.
Walking improves health and overall fitness
levels in all of us. It is an inexpensive and
low impact way to exercise. Being active in
our daily lives can have a big positive impact
on physical and mental health.
What can you do to keep everyone safe
around the school gates?
Encourage your child to walk the last section
of the journey by dropping them at the top
of the Nower, Milton Heath Car park or the
bottom of the struggle.
If you do need to bring your child closer
please drop off at the ‘triangle’ to avoid
congestion at the school gate.
Block the road – emergency vehicles and
other traffic may need access
Park on the pavement, across dropped
kerbs or residents driveways
Park opposite or within 10 meters of a
Park where you will cause inconvenience
to other road users
Leave your vehicle while your engine is
Stop in the middle of the road to drop off
your child, even for a few seconds
Wait for your child with your engine
These changes will make a real difference
to the congestion and pollution around the
school’s main entrance, making the school
run less stressful and safer for everyone.
Research has shown that children who walk
or cycle to school are more receptive to
learning at the start of the school day than
those who travel by car.
Mrs B Godwin
Business Manager
Safer for our students at the
school gates
The Priory Press
The aim of this map is to
encourage more secondary
school pupils to actively
travel to school, reducing
their carbon footprint, while
creating a cleaner, greener
route to school.
To nd out more about
what’s happening in
your area visit:
AROUND 40,000
NHS Medical Director Professor
Stephen Powis, 2020
Schools across Surrey are
completing Active Travel plans
using Modeshift STARS.
The Safer Travel Team oers
schools a range of cycle
training and pedestrian
awareness programmes to
help schools achieve their
travel plan targets.
we are one step closer
to achieving a cleaner,
greener Surrey.
Follow the guidance from
Find out at:
School Travel Map
in Partnership with:
Public Health England, 2019
1 / 2
2 / 2
Stars of the Week
Izabella Fernadez 7A1 For being a delight and excellent work across all subjects
Daisy Alexander 7A2 For saving the tutor plant
Nathan Bailey 7B1
Katie Coppard 7B2 For setting up a manga club
Callum Brennard 7A1 Greenpower
Nathan Cullinan 7A2 Picking up litter without being asked
Courtney Back 7B1 Lots of housepoints and really lovely and polite in tutor time
Beth Flashman 7B2 Always modelling perfect behaviour in tutor time.
Kieran Brennard 7A1 For 2 acts of Random Kindness toward 2 different member of 7A1 and going out of his
way to help them
Darcey Foster 7A2 A lovely member of the tutor group
Ewan MacLeod 7B1 Great contributions to discussions in tutor time.
Connor Deacon 7B2 Mature reflection conversation on progress
Alfie Turner 7A1 For always being smiley in tutor time amd working hard in all lessons
Alex Merton 7A2 Excellent work across his subjects with over 100 house points
Will Rees-Davies 7B1 A really improved week - great focus!
Sam Green 7B2 House points and politeness
Billy Dudley 7A1 For kindness to others and for working well in all lessons
Lewis Reed 7A2 Approaching 100 house points and for being a lovely member of the tutor group
Danny Minarcik 7B1 Constant hard work and excellence
Aaron Harris 7B2 For being the unsung member of the tutor group
Leanna Lopes 7A1 For her number of house points this week and effort in lessons.
Reece Pople 7A2 For having 100 house points
Harry Stanley 7B1 For being the unsung member of the tutor group
Roxie Stratford 7B2 Excellent attitude to learning
Lucas Winstone 8A1 For his work with the school council, being a good friend to others and increasing the
amount of house points being earned.
Shruthi Nair 8A2 For achieving a high number of house points during the week and also for her
continued hard work
Eden Beggs 8B1 For her continued improvement in attainment in lessons.
Hemrosh Vinothan 8B2 For his consistent effort in lessons and achieving a steady flow of house points each
Emily Buttle 8A1 For an amazing 10 house points one week alone and her excellent support during tutor
Axton Gladysz 8A2 A quiet but hard-working and excellent student
Liliana Doughty 8B1 For her continued improvement in attainment
Connor Harris 8B2 For his excellent contribution during science lessons
Oscar Jakens 8A1 Excellent improvement in gaining house points
Katie Torrie 8A2 Excellent student who has shown great community spirit by supporting another student
in the tutor group.
Ewan Harris 8B1 Positive report from another teacher
Ben Carvell 8B2 Good effort in lessons and always good in tutor time
The Priory Press
Stars of the Term
Owen Gibb 10A2 A positive start with an improved effort
Jack Street 10A3 Good start to the new term and continued progress and effort ‘under the radar’
Daniel Sexton 10B1 Good start to the new term
Daniel Powell 10B2 Positive attitude in Maths, he is hardworking, very capable and keen to help others
Maia Ciolac 10A1 A great start to the term and in lessons, she has made active contributions to the class
Mia Cooper 10A2 A really positive week, working hard in lessons
Mary Nevins 10A3 A positive member of the community
Esther Bambridge 10B1 Excellent attitude to her work and 3 house points in one day
Honey Hope 10B2 Excellent effort and doing so well in Science
Bryn Griffin 10A1 Worked well especially in Maths
Billy Manton 10A2 He saved a man’s life. He was issued an award for community service from the
Lieutenant of Surrey
Alicja Wysokinska 10A3 Uptake in house points from various subjects
Sam Watkins 10B1 Excelled himself by achieving 6 house points for the week.
Poppy Callicott 10B2 Did really well in the rounders game against Box Hill School
Albert Miles 10A1 Teachers reported great things about how Albert has been engaging with his work
Oliver Sayers 10A2 Consistently good across the board
Poppy Robinson 10A3 Has had a really great half term
Luke Overington 10B1 Has had a really great half term
Oscar Chelminski 10B2 Helped improve books in Science
Connor Tregarthen-Riley 11A1
Hannah Amissah 11A3
Charlie Atkinson 11B2
Tom Bailey 11A2
Issy Venn 11B1
Isaac Bullock 11B2
Ben Woods 11A3
Chloe Ginty 11B1
Hannah Margetts 11A1
Pip Fisseha 11A2
Gracie Willis 9A1 Highest number of House Points and for all her work in the school community
Reece White 9A2 For his continued improvement
Bella Baker 9A3 For her continued maturity and care within the community
Erica Fanlo Doane 9B1 For all her work she has
Brennan Fitzgerald 9B2 Contribution to tutor time
The Priory Press

Thinking of a career change? What about
Teaching is an immensely rewarding career that gives you the opportunity to
make a real impact on the lives of others. Teaching is fast-paced and
stimulating; every day is different and every day you are engaging with,
motivating and developing the generations of the future. It offers lifelong
learning, progression into leadership, daily challenges and rewards and a huge
sense of achievement.
As a school, we are proud to be part of the i2i Teaching Partnership SCITT - an
alliance of successful secondary schools across Surrey and Hampshire delivering
a highly supportive school based initial teacher training programme. To find out
more about becoming a teacher and training with i2i, please visit or contact Krissy Taylor on 01252 725052 or
The Priory Press
Give back to your local community teach!
Krissy Taylor, Recruitment & Marketing Lead at the i2i Teaching Partnership SCITT reflects on the
past eighteen months and the incredible work our teachers do.
No-one could have predicted the devastating consequences of the Covid-19 virus, and as I look back
on the past year and a half I am so humbled by the way communities pulled together and in
particular the amazing work of the NHS and our teachers. Working within the education sector I
witness first hand the incredible strain on teachers, and the phenomenal way they have reacted with
speed, compassion and drive to the ever-changing challenges thrown their way. The number one
priority was, and continues to be, to ensure the ongoing education of our young children, shaping the
lives of the next generation and indeed the communities in which they live.
Our local area is fortunate to be home to so many great schools. There are, however, no great
schools without great teachers, and no other profession is as important to the fate of the next
generation, or as uniquely rewarding as teaching.
The COVID pandemic has, without a doubt, raised the profile and importance of our teachers, and
has created an opportunity for many to reflect upon and reassess their ‘purpose’. For those looking
for a more rewarding career, a greater sense of purpose, and the opportunity to give something back
to the community, teaching represents an attractive option.
I am immensely proud to be part of the dedicated and passionate team at the i2i Teaching
Partnership SCITT. i2i is an alliance of secondary schools across Surrey and Hampshire delivering a
school based initial teacher training programme. With training hubs at Weydon School in Farnham
and Reigate School in Reigate, we are well placed to offer local teacher training opportunities to our
community and privileged to play a part in shaping the lives of our young children.
To find out more about training to become a teacher, please visit our website at or email me directly at
The Priory Press
The Priory Press
We have introduced a new range of meal deals including both hot and cold offers for just £2.40
£2.40 £2.40 £2.40
Dear Parents/Carers/Pupils
Firstly, thank you for your support over the past year in what has been strange times. It will be
great to see everyone back for the Summer term enjoying great food.
We are comitted to ensuring a safe environment for all pupils and staff members.
We would like to introduce our New ‘Executive Chef’ Will Peck, a local chef with many years’ experience
producing ne foods in many local restaurants (he also came to the Priory C of E school as a boy). Will is
joined by our new ‘Assistant Cook & Baker’ together they will continue to produce amazing fresh food to
wow the senses. We are always looking for your feedback and new ideas, these can be shared through your
school councillors who we will be meeting regularly.
Thank you for reading the Priory Press.