The new adventures of the Gruffalo across Europe


icelandic part including french items

Once upon a time the Gruffalo was in the snow in Iceland in the rainboots-park near the sea.


The Gruffalo saw a             in the snow and looked at it and changed immetiately into a princess.



Then came a               that changed the Gruffalo back to himself with its mouth.


Then came some                     and they flew to the Gruffalo and they also met a                            .



The                     and the                      began to jump and bounce out in the field.


But the Gruffalo went up to a big hill and there he found              .

The Gruffalo put them on and changed into a moon.

The moon went straight up into space but the                     in the                  


helped by bouncing up and dance and took the moon down. The moon faced to the               again and changed into the Gruffalo.


And the Gruffalo went to the playschool Holt and played with the children.

POlish part including icelandic items

On top of the volcano, which was nearby Holt playschool, Gruffalo discovered a strange big             .



He entered the plane and its doors closed immediately. The airplane  went up and then suddenly heard little „Bees“ – children from Poland, playing hide and seek in the garden. Then Gruffalo decided to fly to Poland, and Bees helped him to find a way. When Gruffalo was flying above the Ocean he noticed big waves and two                  on waves in their life belts.

When Gruffalo landed in the garden there came a           !


Gruffalo got soaked but incidentally he had his airplane washed so well that it shimmered in the sun as gold. In the company of children Gruffalo slided inside the coalmine, deeply under the ground. He met Skarbnik (Treasureman) – a good ghost of the mine, who gave Gruffalo a set of unique                     . Grufallo was very happy. In one of mine corridors he found a                       .


With his                    Gruffalo climb the                      straight to his friends from Slovenia…

slovenian part including polish items

Gruffalo looked around and he was very surprised, he had no idea where he was. He stood in front of a big building and he heard laughing, singing…


He opened the            and suddenly he was standing in the room full of kids.


There were kids from Slovenia, little Ladybugs. They were all eating chocolate pancakes and it smelled so good that Gruffalo wanted one too. Kids prepared one for him and it was very special one             .


Gruffalo took a bite , and suddenly there was smelling so strange that all kids ran out…

On the playgroud grew big tree. Gruffalo didn’t know that it was very special one             

                and he started to climb on a tree.


But the tree disappeared and Gruffalo was lying on the ground and suddenly he heard laugh and an apple hit him in the head.

Kids took Gruffalo on a trip to the seaside. They were swimming and there was octopus hiding…  It was an             tickling with her tentaclesand Gruffalo was laughing and laughing…



 Luckily             flew by and took Gruffalo to his friends in Spain.

Spanish part including slovenian items

The ten wings butterfly and the Gruffalo were flying over La Rioja in Spain when they suddenly heard a             and they landed there to listen to the beautiful songs nearer...

They felt asleep. The children from Herce, eleven little lightning bugs, found them on the floor and they awake them with their light. What a beatiful surprise for the Gruffalo! He was so happy to meet new friends! As it was night time, the lightning bugs from C.R.A. Alto Cidacos, guided the Gruffalo to the village of Enciso, where they met a            .


They ate so many sweets that they had a super stomach ache and felt asleep. When they woke up they were a little bit daisy and they slipped and fell into the river Cidacos. The river took them to Arnedillo, right to the hot springs. They had a bath in the springs and they saw a little shinning thing that was a       .

The Gruffalo put it on one of his toes and suddenly all of them had no more a stomach ache and they all were teletransported to the village of Préjano. It started raining   

            .     .

That was so funny, but the gruffalo was getting wet and turning into different colours. Mary Poppins was in Préjano and the Gruffalo took her              that took him directly to our neighbours from France.

French  part including spanish items

The Gruffalo landed on the playground while the French children where having a break. He wanted to play as well and climbed on top of the slide. But the slide collapsed ! The children started crying. But one of them called Eliott pretended to be some magician and suggested to play leapfrog all together with his magic         . They all hanged to Eliott and had fun jumping and jumping again !

The next day, children had planned to go to the circus and the Gruffalo joined them. They were watching to the tigers’show but Gruffalo couldn’t help playing with these big kittens ¡ He caught one of the tigers’ tail. The tail became longer, longer, longer…


So long that the               made a spinning top out of it and threw the Gruffalo and the children out to the field nearby.

The Gruffalo fell on a sunflower breaking all its petals. The          began to cry.


But while the tears were flowing into big sorrow                   , they were watering the flower again. And what happened was magic ! New rainbowed petals appearred !

Not far away was a little wood edging the seaside. They decided to go this way.

In the wood, they found a hut. They looked inside. On the floor was a blanket.


They took it but suddenly disappeared under it. And the          began to fly carrying away the invisible Gruffalo and the invisible children who were laughing. When they landed, they were in a magical land they recognised immediatly. There was a great bay with stilted houses, a coal mine, mountains and forests, a castle and a small river ! No doubt ! This was Lalaland, the magical land they created with their European friends ! And you know what ? All their friends from Iceland, Poland, Slovenia and Spain were there, waiting for them !!

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