May 2017
Millennium Falcon
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A yearbook
costs $25
with an
activity card
and $28
without one.
They are
going fast
and there is
a limited
quantity. So
get your
Liberty Colcord
Joshua Freeman
Belle Jenkins
Jazmyn Killian
Mia Ledesma
Alanis Morrow
Trinity Poole
Winter Rossmoine
Brodie Sayer
Alyssa Thomas
Kendra Wagner
The 9th grade Science
teacher, Mr. Plew, has
worked at Fairmont
Junior High since 1984,
which is 33 years! We
decided to interview this
mad scientist and learn
more about him.
What made you
decide to become a science
teacher? “I kinda fell into it.
I’ve always liked science and I
started coaching and teaching
and learned I liked teaching
more than coaching.” He was
a basketball, football, track,
and volleyball coach before he
learned that he enjoyed
teaching more. His volleyball
team won the State
If you had to choose
a different career, what
would it be? “I thought about
being a Geologist, I like rocks.”
If you are one of Mr.Plews
students, you will notice rocks
in random places, so that is
not very surprising.
The Mad Scientist of Fairmont
Are YOU ready? Ready for time in the SUN?
By: Winter Rossmoine
During the month of May, the Parent Teacher Organization hosts a day for students to play
in the sun. All the eighth and ninth graders always look forward to this day. It is always super fun,
there are always bouncy houses and drinks and food. In the process of having fun and hangout with
your friends, you get your yearbook and have people sign it. There will be more than just food and
bouncy houses there are many different activities you can do while in this process such as, playing
basketball, volleyball, soccer, and many other games that you can think of. From 12:00 to 2:30, you
can just enjoy yourself and just plain out have fun.
MAY 19
Who are your heroes? “Is a
NBA basketball player a
hero? Not to me. Or a
football star, or a musician,
or a movie star, those people
are not heroes to me but
heroes in my life are people
that I thought were hugely
important to have a positive
impact on my life, the main
ones, grandparents, now
later on in my life I learned
that my parents were
What are your strengths
and weakness? “Oh, that’s
an embarrassing question,
uh, I think I’m pretty sensitive
to people and I think I read
people pretty well and treat
people pretty well... My
weaknesses, uh I tend to be
a little impatient so I have
had to work on that.”
Do you regret anything in
your life? “Yes, of course I
do, we all do” He then went
on to tell a story where he
could have hit a man when
he was in high school and
how that was life changing
for him. We all want to thank
this remarkable teacher for
everything he has done. He
has taught around 5,000 kids
just being here, at Fairmont
Junior High.
Millennium Falcon
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Mr. Hall Leadership? Is it for you?
By: Kendra Wagner
On Tuesday, April 4th, I
interviewed Mr. Hall to
get to know him more.
Here are some of his
interesting answers.
When I asked who Mr.
Hall’s favorite hero was,
he replied “Spiderman.
Don’t tell me he isn’t real.”
One thing that Mr. Hall
regretted in his life was
eating a street hot dog on
the spring vacation to New
York City, But it was also
a life goal of his. “Got that
Mr. Hall & Spiderman
By: Isabelle Jenkins
Leadership is offered for
8th and 9th graders. It’s
a unique class that is a
great way for students
to express their
creativity in a positive
environment. “It’s a
platform where you have
the opportunity to leave
your mark at Fairmont.
It’s a group of us that want
to make a difference in the
environment we spend our
time at and the experience
that we create. Leadership
is challenging, fun, and
makes a positive impact
on our school.” said
Ms.Tipton, the leadership
We do a lot in Leadership!
It sounds like a lot of work
but it’s a lot of fun. Things
we do in leadership are:
plan assemblies and
dances, we do staff
appreciation, and we take
out the recycling every
checked off my bucket
Something he hopes to
achieve by being a
teacher is to make kids
cry. “My goal is to get a
kid to cry every year, and
then I am good. Ha-ha Of
course if you know who
Mr. Hall is you know that
he can be pretty sarcastic.
He loves to joke and have
fun with his students.
When I asked Mr. Hall
what career he would
choose if he was not a
teacher he replied, “I
would go back to
construction, because you
make a lot more money
and there is more
freedom. I don’t have to
be school appropriate all
the time.” In the end, I
learned that Mr. Hall
LOVES Spiderman and
LOVES to teach his
Ms. Tipton said, “One of the
biggest positive outcomes is
having a class that feels like a
family. We get to be a part of
something bigger than
ourselves to ultimately make
our everyday environment a
more positive place where
students want to come to
school versus having to come
to school.” We are working
very hard to help every
student at Fairmont want to
come to school because they
know it’s a safe and fun
environment away from home.
There is a process for getting
into leadership though. “The
process is to fill out an
application that requires a
parent signature, get 3 teacher
recommendations, and then
wait to hear if you get in :)
Students are selected based
on their attitude, work ethic,
and willingness to be a
positive role model and
demonstrate the Falcon
Values. “
The deadline for the
application was Friday
May 5th. Hope to see
yours there!
Ms. Tipton
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Two Fairmont cafeteria ladies
were asked about questions that
needed to be answered. These
ladies were questioned by a
local Fairmont student who just
had to know the answers. Will
the cafeteria ladies fess up?
Let’s find out!
The first question asked was
about the responsibilities of the
cafeteria ladies. Janet and
Marie said, “Preparing all meals
for the day, getting breakfast
ready, baking items for break,
cleaning and sanitizing areas,
and preparing food for the
following day.” Next, people
wanted to know what time these
hard working ladies get to the
cafeteria to start preparing for
the day. Janet again answered
by telling us, “Some start at 6:00
in the morning, some start at
7:30, and some start at 9:30 in
the morning.” The third most
important question to be
answered was if kids are nice to
Cafeteria Ladies Questioned
By Brodie Sayre
On April 3, 2017, 9th
graders at Fairmont Jr
High tried out for the
tennis team. Mr. Remaly,
the tennis coach, has
been recruiting for the
team. Around 20 people
showed up that day and
everyone got on the team.
In tennis, you work on
serving techniques and
game plans. Tennis works
the forearm, triceps,
quads, glutes, wrist flexors
and pectorals. This sport
also increases your
oxygen intake while
playing, increasing your
heart rate and helping
your blood deliver oxygen.
9th Grade Tennis! BOYS BASKETBALL
By: Alanis Morrow By: Liberty Colcord
The team worked hard this
season and did their very
best. Big thanks to all the
boys who participated in
the 2017 Basketball
season for Fairmont.
Thanks for showing
you school spirit!
you, do you serve them extra
food, and that question was
simply answered with, “Not
allowed,” replied Marie.
Janet and Marie were both
asked, ”How do you prepare for
the day?”, “Check menu, sanitize
and clean areas, make sure to
have hairnets and aprons on,
and hands clean. Finally, the
last question to be answered
was, What is your favorite recipe
to make, and Janet was hesitant
at first, but then she did answer
with, “ Cinnamon Rolls.”
The student reporter traveled
around the school asking
students questions as well, ”Do
you appreciate what the
cafeteria ladies do for the school,
and what it is specifically they
appreciate most!.
Eighth grader, Noah Fellows,
was asked and he responded
with, “Yes, I do appreciate what
they do, and what I appreciate
the most is their service overall.”
What changes could the
cafeteria do to make it a better
place for everyone? Three
students, Destiny Knapp, Alexis
M., and Hannah Stone said, , “If
students need better table
manners, stop throwing food,
stop sharing their music through
speakers, and newer tables.”
Finally, the student reporter
asked if there was a meal that
the cooks could bring back next
year. Hannah Benner would like
to see their chicken and rice
Fairmont’s basketball team
players were all winners this
year! Here is what some to
them had to say.
Cadin Brackley #23
What do you think is an
important skill a basketball
player needs?
You need coordination with the
boys on the team.
Jacob Olsen #23
How do you think you
contributed to the team?
By shooting the ball.
Brennan Gaffney #25
Who was the most challenging
school to play against?
People who are on the
tennis team this year, say
that they love it! They say
that they are all so close
and love being around
each other, and they love
the sport too!
Fairmont Choir
performs at Idaho
State House
Team Day was held
at Big Al’s for all 7
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By: Winter Rossmoine
Homework clinically causes stress
Nearly nine hours of your day is spent staring at a screen
You need about nine hours of sleep as a growing teenager
“Facebook Addiction Disorder” is a mental disorder identified by psychologist
Cherophobia is the fear of fun
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20): Kills time by watching cat videos.
Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19): Binge watching on Netflix.
Pisces (Feb 20-March 20): “It’s so hot, I am dying, help.
Aries (March 21-April 20): Eats whole box of popsicles “oops”.
Taurus (April 21-May 21): Waits until the last day of summer to start some
Gemini (May 22-June 21): “If only I had friends this would be fun.”
Cancer (June 22-July 22): Stays in the pool all day and comes out like a
Leo (July 23-August 22): Sits in front of a fan all day while on their phones.
Virgo (August 23-Sep 23): Does not get up out of bed for 3 days straight.
Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23): Road trip across U.S.
Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22): Parties all day everyday
Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21): breaks their arm from falling down the stairs.
The Zodiac Signs for Summer Vacation
By Isabelle Jenkins & Mia Ledesma
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Builders Club is much more
than a club. It is a place where
you can help other people and
have fun. Builders Club is
something that people should
try if they are on the fence
about. Builders Club is a
service club at held only in
Junior High. Key Club is held
in High School. Fairmont’s
Builders Club also extends
into Key Club at Capital High
school. The Kiwanis Club
sponsors both of these
programs. Builders Club was
kicked off at Fairmont last
year (2015 - 2016).
Mr Wiesenhahn &
Mr Remaly are the “Bosses”
of Builders Club so if you have
any questions after this little
explanation of this club then
you can ask either one of
them for more information just
go to Room 41 (Remaly’s
room) or 40 (Wiesenhahn’s
Builders Club
By. Joshua Freeman
The Boise schools
district passed a bond
this year. This bond was
for funding of multiple
schools and big building
projects within the
district that will be
happening over the
course of the next few
years. To pass a bond
in the Boise school
district they need over
60% of election votes.
This bond passed with
an astonishing 86% of
the election votes.
Cafeteria? Gym? Renovations?
By: Jazmyn Killian
room). They are both in the
portables outside. The good
thing about Builders Club/Key
Club is that being part of
these clubs can get you
COLLEGE. Malea Freeman is
part of Key Club at Capital
she said. “At key club we do
fundraisers to raise money for
different organizations. We
also volunteer in the
community, and you have to
earn a 24 hours a year to stay
a member”.
At Capital, they had an event
during Christmas called
Candy Grams. (We have this
also at Fairmont). They got
the candy canes, made all the
little tags, and then sold them
to people who wanted to give
them to someone. The thing is
about Builders Club, even
though you are still like 3 or 5
years away from graduating
from high school you can still
get ready for’s really
crazy. Later maybe when you
are a senior in High school
applying for college the person
who is interviewing you may
ask if you were part of a school
related Club. If you say YES,
you could get lots of money for
college. Moreover, many
people like money, especially
free money. If you are not part
of builders club, you can still
join. Students can join Builders
Club by going to Mr. Remaly’s
Room on Tuesday at lunch.
This is an excellent opportunity
to get a head start on money for
college & have fun & help
people at that same time!
With the bond money,
our school will be
receiving a few
renovations. One is a
new gym, with more
space. Another is a
quite large renovation is
a new cafeteria. We are
also currently hoping for
more classroom space.
All the teachers are very
excited for these
renovations to take
Fairmont is not at the
top of the list for
renovations, we are
currently scheduled for
the 2nd phase. In about
2 years, the renovations
will take place. This 1st
year an architect will
come and make plans
with the administration,
in the second year the
school will begin to
break ground.
Art AVID band
Basketball choir cheerleading
Chessclub blue english
Dungeonsanddragons eighth football
Fairmont falcon golf
Foreign language gold math
History jazzband science
Nineth orchestra teamwork
Respect responsibility passion
Scienceolympiad seventh
Track wrestling