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I Teach Dance

I Teach Dance Members


  • Love  the art of dance and teaching children.
  • Are committed to offer the very best in dance education. 
  • Understand the value good dance training offers their students.
  • Strive to build a studio of excellence.
  • Deserve to be fairly compensated for their hard work.
  • Dance IS an art, running a successful dance studio is a BUSINESS.


Dance IS an ART, running a successful dance studio IS a BUSINESS !

  • help their students reach higher goals
  • provide online makeup classes
  • provide practice sessions with their own teachers
  • offer archived online only classes (year round)
  • offer special online summer classes
  • offer the many benefits of dance to gymnasts, cheerleaders, soccer players
  • offer online classes for busy adults
  • offer summer improvement classes for aspiring company dancers


Our I Teach Dance Members

 are using today's technology to:





Your Studio's Online Extension 

  1. adds actual and perceived value 
  2. expands your influence
  3. accelerates acheivement
  4. helps add  revenue   



Making Your Studio

the GO TO Place for

Cultural Enrichment! 

Enrichment  Ideas!

Instrumental Music Classes

Voice Lessons

Family Yoga Classes.

 Ideal for homeschoolers!

Art Classes

Tutoring students!

 Advanced Academic Subjects

Welcome Cheerleaders, Soccer Players, Gymnasts, Ice Skaters, and other young atheletes to the benefits of your dance classes.

Everyone wins when a little girl like this soccer player discovers not only that your dance class helps improve her game but she develops a life long love for dance.


What about an online summer language class?


 A mother and child studying a French Class offered by your studio.  

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