Report to Our
A Year in Keeping
Families Strong
Letter from the Executive Director
Dear Friends,
Grateful for Your Generosity
While the needs are great in our community, the compassion, care and commitment that we have to each other is even stronger.
The Laura Richardson Houghton Youth Center provided 19,625 meals and snacks in 2017, an increase in almost 4,000 meals and snacks
from the previous year. In fact, the number has grown significantly the last three years in a row. It is only through the kindness of so
many that we are able to serve the hearty, healthy food children need to thrive.
Your generosity is what makes it possible for Family Service Society to provide a broad array of children and family counseling and
community services. We are thankful to local grant making agencies like United Way, foundations like Fund for Women and the
Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes. We are also thankful for the numerous sponsors and participants who
support our annual fund raisers, The Myron and Anne Crispino Chips Fore Children Memorial Golf Tournament and Bowl for Kids’ Sake that
raise money for the youth center and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Thank you too for those who respond so generously to our annual appeal
letter and through donations made throughout the year.
Volunteerism is also key. We are so appreciative of all those who volunteer their time to mentor youth, do the unglamorous work
of cleaning up at the youth center and provide a hand during our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. You, together with our
Board, Big Brothers Big Sisters Committee and hardworking staff make it all happen! Thank you.
Improving Access: A Strategic Priority
Greater access to services was a strategic priority in 2017. We improved access in several important ways. We started by
purchasing property in downtown Bath near public transportation and within close proximity to other services many of our clients use in
order to provide more convenient, accessible services. Our new building is warm and welcoming letting our clients know how much we
value them. While purchasing the property, rather than renting, reflects our longstanding commitment to meet community needs in
Bath and the surrounding area.
We also expanded insurance coverage to include Fidelis in our counseling services. Fidelis is the largest Managed Medicaid
provider for people living in poverty in Steuben County. By accepting this coverage, we are able to offer quality mental health services to
many more people in need.
We restructured our substance use prevention program this year as well, and as a result, were able to provide comprehensive,
school based prevention education services to over 350 additional children in 2017-18 school year without any additional funding.
We updated our website making it more attractive and easier to navigate for people to gain access to our services. Our website
provides linkages to other community services as well to assist people in finding other programs that could be of benefit to them. We
established a bi-monthly newsletter to begin this February to better communicate the programs and services we offer, and agency
leadership is involved in numerous local initiatives to better connect what we do with the work of others in our community. One
initiative we are proud to be a part of is the Enough Abuse Campaign that provides education to the public on how each of us can help
prevent child sexual abuse.
Our Professional Training Institute reached 546 mental health professionals in our region this year, offering licensure approved
continuing education on a variety of clinical topics delivered by nationally and internationally renowned presenters. The Institute expanded
in 2017 as well to provide greater access to quality training opportunities for local professionals. The new “Coffee and Continuing
Education” series provides training in an abbreviated two hour format. The program was developed in response to feedback from agencies
that employees often cannot get away for an entire day of training. This new model offers flexibility to meet the staff development needs of
many human service workers unable to attend our traditional program.
The Professional Training Institute also provides trainings on site to local businesses, community agencies and schools. This year,
Family Service Society was able to partner with the Corning Painted Post School District to provide suicide prevention training to over 700
school employees as well as support parents in better understanding how to recognize the signs of suicide and how to respond. Offering
high quality, local training both deepens clinical expertise leading to better care and provides the community with the tools they need to
more effectively respond to life challenges.
Building Resilience to Meet Community Needs in 2018
There is a strong correlation between trauma and poor outcomes across the lifespan. Many agencies in Steuben County are
adopting a trauma informed lens as evidence mounts on the crucial role ACES or Adverse Childhood Experiences play later on in our adult
lives. ACES, like being abused as a child or growing up with a parent who struggles with substance use, are related to greater risk in
developing numerous health conditions, poor educational outcomes and financial instability in adulthood.
Increased risk however is only part of the story. The programs we provide help children and families develop the resilience they
need to overcome life adversity. Mentorship programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters that ensure every child has at least one caring adult in
their life, a parenting education program like Family Focus, that helps parents develop healthy and safe discipline strategies, professional
counseling to address the impact of sexual abuse and other trauma like the Choice Program and a youth center and afterschool program
that provide safe, educational and nurturing environments while parents are at work are all ways we contribute to building resilience for the
We will continue to develop our clinical skills in the treatment of complex trauma and improve the integration of our services with
others in the community to better support families in crisis. We will explore additional ways to increase access to care like providing
services right in family homes whenever possible and work to expand evidence based programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters that have a long
history of promoting resilience in children.
Thank you for helping make 2017 a successful year in serving our community. We look forward to the year ahead in our partnership
together as we support those most in need to develop the resilience necessary to overcome life challenges.
Harmony Ayers-Friedlander, MPA, MA, LMHC
Who We Are
Our Purpose
To be the leader of professional counseling and community services.
Our Focus
Those we serve will be the focus of all we do and the heart of every decision made.
Our Culture
Our environment will be one of cooperation, respect, trust, creativity and commitment.
Our Goal
Provide services that empower individuals and families to deal more effectively with
their challenges enhancing the quality of their lives.
Click here for Family Service Society, Inc.’s mission, vision, and values.
What We Do
Big Brothers Big
Laura Richardson
Houghton Youth
Advantage After
School Program
Substance Use
Prevention Services
Bath PD Program
Parent Education Program
General Counseling
providing family and
children’s therapy to the
Choice Counseling
providing child sexual
abuse treatment for victims
and their families with
separate specialized
treatment for offenders
Meeting the training needs of mental health
professionals in the region.
Where We Are Going:
Our Strategic Priorities
By further developing
niche services for high
needs families
By ensuring access to
quality family and
children’s counseling
and community
Where clients receive
coordinated services
that meet their most
pressing needs in order
to make lasting positive
Fighting Hunger at the
Laura Richardson
Houghton Youth Center
Food insecurity is related to
absenteeism, smaller gains in math and
reading, reduced rates of graduation.
Children have increased health
problems including asthma and a
greater risk of developing anxiety,
depression and other mental health
conditions (American Youth Policy
Forum, Food for Thought: How Food
Insecurity Affects a Child’s Education).
The Youth Center is serving more meals
and snacks today than at any other
time in the last decade. Healthy meals
combined with learning opportunities
give local kids a better chance at
success in the future.
0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000
Increase in Meals & Snacks Served
The Youth Center Robotics Club
Creating Learning Opportunities
in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
86% of Littles report having a strong or very strong relationship with their mentor
79% have positive attitudes about avoiding risky behaviors
88% expect to finish college
84% have improved in at least one core subject in school or maintained a B
average or better.
74% showed an improved sense of social acceptance by peers
63% of Littles showed improvement in school attendance
82% of Bigs reported they feel their Little has made improvements since they
started meeting
79% improved in parental trust
72% showed an improved confidence in academic abilities
Corning Youth
242 Children
Advantage After
School, 191
Big Brothers Big
Sisters, 67
Substance Use
Prevention, 266
Youth Services: Meeting the social-emotional and
recreational needs of 766 children in our community
Family Focus - Helping families
under stress who are experiencing
problems including child abuse and
Choice Counseling - Providing child
sexual abuse counseling and separate
specialized services for offenders
General Counseling - Offering low
cost treatment for general counseling
needs and free counseling for victims
of domestic violence
Parents &
Adults & Children
156 Children
Preventing Child Abuse and Improving Mental Health in our Community
Expanding Access to Services in 2017
Updated Website
Purchase of Bath Property
Expanding Access to Services in 2017
Accepting Fidelis Medicaid
Managed Care, Child Health
Plus and other Insurance
products in Counseling
Expansion of Professional
Training Institute to include
local trainings like the New
Coffee and Continuing
Education Series and School-
Based Suicide Prevention
Expanded Prevention
Education Classes in local
school districts with 17 more
classes in 2017-18.
Implementing Teen Intervene
Early Intervention in 2018. An
early intervention program for
teens using alcohol or drugs.
Member of Steuben
County Substance
Abuse Prevention
Recognizing Excellence: Choice Counseling
Providing quality services to families impacted by sexual abuse
Clinical Staff have Certificate in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral
Receiving Trauma Informed Care & Counseling Certificate through the
University of Buffalo
93% of the 87 children
receiving sexual abuse
counseling demonstrated
Member of Steuben County Enough Abuse
Campaign Community Education to Prevent
Child Sexual Abuse
Recognizing Excellence: Family Focus
Family Focus is a parenting education program that supports
parents reducing the risk of child abuse
94% of parents actively engage in
activities that support positive
development in their children and
93% of parents practice appropriate,
effective and non abusive parenting
methods as a result or program
Based on United Way Annual Reporting July 2016-June 2017
Based on Audited Financial Statements for 2016
Support and Revenue
School Programs $ 115,405
Family Focus 531,337
Choice 372,444
Employee Assistance Program 51,680
Counseling Services 269,688
Youth Service Prevention Program 128,623
Laura Houghton Youth Center 220,576
Domestic Violence Program for Men 21,091
Big Brother/Big Sister 84,513
Parkway Elderly Housing 8,385
Professional Training Institute 71,095
Other Program Services 178,301
Interest Income 1,276
Unrealized gain (loss) on investments 2,196
Miscellaneous Agency Donations 73,048
Total Support and Revenue $ 2,129,658
General Counseling $ 272,635
Choice 370,899
Family Focus 531,513
Youth Service Prevention Program 129,057
Laura Houghton Youth Center 214,950
Big Brother/Big Sister 83,925
All other Agency Programs 422,355
Total Program Services $ 2,025,334
Our Financials
Celebrating A Century of Service
1918 to 2018
Our Focus in the Year Ahead
Continue to develop counseling services to better meet the
needs of children and families
Expand Youth Services in communities with limited access
to programs
Deepen collaboration with community partners
“100 Years of Inspiring Better Tomorrows”