Helping Calgarians nd Home
First Issue 2021
Know What You
Need in a Home
Family First
Helping you
nd your
First Home
Veronica and Michael Palin
Helping Calgarians nd Home
Veronica and Michael Palin love
helping people nd the place to
call home. They provide new
buyers in the South Calgary area
the extra care and attention to en-
sure they buy the right home in
the neighbourhood best suited to
them and their families.
New to the Calgary area?
Buying your rst home?
Want extra care and attention?



what You
Need in a
The rst step to buying
a home is to dream about
what you want and plan for
what you need. Unless you are
building your custom dream
home on the perfect piece of
land, you will not nd every-
thing you want in a home, so
it’s important to understand
what you need, what you will
compromise on, and what
you can’t live without. If you
don’t know what you need in a
home, you can end up buying
the wrong home.
Start by looking around
your home, what do you love
about the space? What frus-
trates you? How do you inter-
act with the space, what parts
do you use every day, which
parts do you rarely use?
Take inventory of your be-
longings, which ones are pre-
cious to you? Which items can
be sold, sent to thrift stores,
or tossed out? Your new space
won’t work if your prized hand-
bag collection has no place to
The next step is to un-
derstand you, your habits,
and your lifestyle. If you don’t
workout, your won’t suddenly
start because you move into
a new space beside a fancy
gym. You are who you are, and
you need what you need for
how you live your life, so nd
the home that suits you best.
Once you’ve taken inven-
tory of your current situation,
your lifestyle, and yourself,
you can start to dream about
the perfect house. Start a Pin-
terest board of images show-
casing the things you’d like in
your home. Dream big, but,
understand you won’t nd ev-
erything you dream about in
one already built package.
Now bring it all togeth-
er by listing out everything
you’ve come up with and ask
yourself, “What can I live with-
out? What can I easily change?
And what must absolutely be
in the space?” Take this list
with you as you look at homes
to help you compare one
home to the next because af-
ter a few, all the details start to
There is a lot to consid-
er when looking for the right
home and having a clear pic-
ture of what you need will help
to ensure you save time and
purchase the right home.
A career in real estate for
the Palins is a legacy because
Veronica’s father was a builder
and her son, Michael, works
as a Realtor
with her. At the
core of everything they do is
the their care for their clients,
which makes it easy to go the
extra mile to help them.
home, Veronica discovered
The thing which frustrated her
was the lack of support and
service she’d receive from
Realtors as a new home buy-
right agent to work with her, so
she found her home by mak-
ing the appointments to view
homes and then buying the
home through the listing agent,
which is not an ideal situa-
needs someone in their corner
protecting their interests.
Due to her experience,
she saw a gap in the market
to educate buyers who don’t
understand the ins and outs
of buying a home in Calgary,
Alberta Canada. Which is why
she enjoys working with wom-
en, immigrants, and seniors,
who may take more patience,
education, and resources to
help make the best decision for
When Veronica started out
partnering with someone who
had 30 years of experience
as a Realtor. By working with
someone with lots of experi-
ence in the industry she was
better prepared to provide ser-
vice to her clients and in turn,
help mentor new Realtors like
Veronica and Michael
Palin Realtors
Michael when he became
a Realtor.
After completing his
schooling, Michael decided
what they were looking for in a
after all, he’d watched Veron-
ica help people, so he knew
wanted to do with his life, help
By working together, they
give their clients two different
viewpoints to help them in their
decision-making process. Ve-
ronica sees the world from an
X-Gen woman’s perspective,
while Michael brings the more
youthful Millennial approach to
home buying.
Veronica is a talker and
points out the features a client
may have missed during show-
ings. Michael observes, listens
to the client interacting with Ve-
ronica, and then asks thought-
ful questions to help the client
assess the home or see some-
thing about it differently. They
are able to support each other
and continue to work closely
because they value what each
of them brings to the table.
The main reason they are
able to work so well together
is, at the core, they both value
the same thing when working
with clients – helping their cli-
ents get the right home, sup-
porting them throughout the
process, and ensuring the cli-
ent’s interests are protected.
These core values are
rooted in the Palin family, and
it shows in the relationship of
all three generations. Whether
they are cooking meals togeth-
er to share for the week, help-
ing each other run errands,
or running a business they do
it together. They take care of
each other, which makes it
natural for them to care about
their clients and give them the
same helping hand.
Each client has their own
unique needs, and the Palins
are not opposed to rolling up
their sleeves and helping their
clients with the work of moving
vices to make the process less
stressful. Helping others and
being neighbourly is a way of
life for them.
They both grew up in the
Calgary and love the entre-
preneurial get it done attitude
of those who choose to call
the area home. There is so
much to love about the area,
the proximity to the mountains,
the big sunny skies, the trails
throughout the city, the peo-
ple, and the ease of getting
around. One of the best things
about the city is its affordabil-
ity, which is why it remains a
young city as those starting out
in life come to take advantage
of work opportunities, to get
ahead, and have a quality life-
style. It’s a place where young
families can grow, where you
know your neighbours, and
help each other out. There re-
ally is no better place to call
Veronica and Michael Palin
Helping Calgarians nd Home

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