Kia Ora Whanau
We had a great day at the Athletics with many of our tamariki making it to the Far North
Athletics at Kaitaia Intermediate on the 15th of November. Once again our students gave
their very best competing against the other schools. Was great to see our younger
students competing for the first time and tasting success. It was also pleasing to see how
well behaved our students were representing our school with great pride. They all ‘stood
out’ for the right reasons. Well done to all our students who went on Monday. A big thanks
to Mr A who supported Mangonui School organising this day for the Eastern Zone.
Last Wednesday we held a meeting with whanau of Year 3 students to talk about the
direction of our Manaiakalani initiative. This is a school-wide programme that Mangonui
School and six other Far North schools are working on. It stems from solid research that
a group of schools in South Auckland have gathered with Auckland University since
2007. They have achieved amazing results and now share this with more than 50
schools and over 10,000 students around NZ. It is based around ‘Learn Create Share’.
We are already seeing changes in the way we approach learning. Making it more visible,
connected and empowering for our learners. One of the key tools is the digital device
(chromebook). As a school we are moving away from purchasing digital devices and
encouraging whanau to purchase their own. Having a chromebook that can be used at
school and home allows for learning to take place 24/7. It also means they can carry it
through to their next school. Most schools around us are Manaiakalani Schools. The
Manaiakalani Trust have a team of people who test chromebooks to ensure that we get
the best device. They also negotiate with suppliers and because of the huge amount of
students get the best deal for Manaiakalani schools. The Far North Te Hiku Manaiakalani
Outreach has created their own Trust so whanau can purchase these devices through
the Trust meaning that your credit history is not a barrier. They can be purchased outright
or over a 1-3 year time period. The deal includes chromebook, insurance, warranty, carry
bag for $465.00 which is extremely good considering the warranty and insurance terms,
in fact it is unbeatable and this is why we support this initiative. We want to start off with
offering this to our Year 3 students and then open it up to everyone next year. There are
many arguments for and against chromebooks. Anyone involved in education will agree
that it is a ‘must’, it is the day and age we live in, it is how our children learn. We will be
connecting all whanau of Year 3 students before the end of year.
Managing our students on their digital devices at home is quite challenging. I hear it from
many parents. We have three boys and I would admit that our main arguments with the
older boys are about digital devices. They learn on them at school and then they play on
them at home. We want them to be balanced, enjoy the outdoors, read and connect with
us AND also do their digital thing. We have to respect that this is how they meet with
their mates. They are constantly talking, laughing and hanging out with their friends
online. I definitely do not have the answer but negotiating is a method that works for us
MOST of the time. Sitting down and agreeing to set times and then sticking to them. We
re-negionate from time to time and also turn off the WIFI should they break our
agreement. We also talk about other things they could do in their time as sometimes
young people seem to get lost without a digital device. It is an ever changing world and
we cannot live it like we did as kids. Sitting back and allowing the digital device to take
over or not managing it is a very bad idea.
Last week I had Wiki Waddington down helping me the school gardens. You only have to
show Wiki once how to do things. He is a great helper and fun person to work with. He
has lots of ideas and has a good connection with Papatuanuku. Thanks Wiki for your
help. Tyson another Pukeko won the Principal's award for helping his Granddad do some
mahi around the school. A great helper!
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
Awards Term 4 2019
Weeks 3-4
The Kaitiaki award went to Niko Huriwaka for the hard mahi he put into his writing this
week, keep it up Niko. Our Duffy award was for Kendra Thompson-Harris for taking the
lead with our photo board, she showed real initiative. The Awesome award went to
Harmony Broadhurst for always giving 100% with athletics and the hard work paid off as
she made it through to Eastern Zones and the Far North.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Jasper Broughton for using his WITS in difficult situations and Rapatpu
Peterson for being such a caring member of Tuatara.
The Duffy Caught Being Good Award went to Unique Smith for helping others and being a great role
model and Lucas Baker for his great leadership skills - watch his dance moves and singing talent ! The
Super Student awards went to Paige Swift for writing awesome blog posts and Angel Keogh for a very
enthusiastic writer! Well done, Tuatara!
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Amber Clark and Josie Millichamp for being such amazing drivers of their
own learning. They are able to independently take a task, make a plan, ask questions and clarify with
the teacher before moving ahead with their plan. Watch out for these superstars in the future!
The Duffy Caught Being Good Award went to Kiarnah Scott-Erihe for being a great buddy mentor and
role model.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Molly Matia for being Kaitiaki of Papatuanuku by picking up rubbish at
lunch time and Delic Larkin-Daniels for always looking after others and making sure everyone has a
The Duffy Caught Being Good awards went to Jahn Foster for being very creative and having a great
imagination when writing and Brody Masters for always being helpful in class and being a fantastic role
model to others in our class.
The Awesome Awards went to Breeze Broadhurst for having an amazing attitude in reading and
making some great improvements and Ariya Dowman for always having a positive attitude to all her
work and always giving everything a go!
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Heath Renata for being a great tuakana to others and
supporting them with their reading and Oakley Kelly for always being there to give others a
helping hand. The Duffy Awards went to Oasis Oppert for displaying a positive attitude,
enthusiasm and working hard to complete tasks to a high standard and to Moss Bridson for
his consistent enthusiasm and inquiring mind. The Super Student awards went to Aurora
Green for her creative writing, Kingston Chapman for great progress in reading and
Kingston Shepherd-Kimi for his dedication in Quick60.
Te kura o te Marama Maika Paget, Shiralee Tatai, Irie Thomas and Iroam Rogers have started in
Pukeko class. They all received a cerficate for seling in well to our class and trying everything.
Term 4 (Mon 14th Oct - Fri 20th Dec)
Week 5
Thu 14 Nov Celebration Assembly
Week 7
Sat 30 Nov Christmas in The Park!
Week 10
Wed 18 Dec Prizegiving - 9.30am
Fri 20 Dec Last day of school
No School Lunch Orders on Mondays
Reminder that there are no school lunch orders on
Mondays. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Mangonui School Staff
Parking Outside School
Please do not park in the bus bay before 9.30am
and after 2.30pm. The drivers are finding it difficult
to manoeuvre between vehicles and we all need to
be vigilant in preventing potential damage.
- Mangonui School Staff
Absent Students
It’s important that if your child is absent that you let us know as soon as possible please.
When an explanation is not received the absence shows up as a ‘?’ which then turns into
a ‘T’ for ‘Truant’ after two days.
Of course we do not want our wonderful tamariki having truancy in their attendance, so
just let us know reasons for any absence as quick as you can by one of the following
Phone the office: 406 0182 (leave voice message if unanswered)
Text or call the office mobile: 021 544 702
Email the office:
Fill in form on our website:
If you have any questions about your child’s attendance record, please contact Angela in
the office on the above phone numbers or email address.
Changes to Bus Arrangements
Please ensure to let the office know by 2pm if your students arrangements
are different each day. Each day’s classroom messages are sent out at this
time and it is the best way to guarantee your child is directed to the correct
bus line or pickup area.
Please also let the office know if you are picking up a student who is usually
on the bus. This saves a lot of running around at the end of the day trying to
find students who are on the bus lists but have already gone.
Lost Property
Every fortnight we are taking the lost property to the Mangonui OP shop. If
your children are missing any clothing please pop in and have a look.
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Juicies for sale
Every Friday
Give your money to your teacher in
the morning
Collect your Juicie on the Kowhai
deck at lunch time
Help Kotuku class fundraise for their end of year camp
We have been learning about the Rugby World Cup.
Congratulations South Africa!!
We followed the structure of the RWC and played in our own competition however, we
did make a few changes to the rules. We were playing coin rugby instead.
Congratulations to our teams that made it to the quarters, semis and finals!
GEORGIA (Izaiah) took home the win!
Taonga Class
In Taonga we have been
enjoying the amazing weather
and getting outdoors. We had
an amazing day singing with
Tups and dancing at the
Tuatara Class
We started the week by
having an awesome
Mangonui Athletics day on
We have also been working
on writing and creating cool
sites to help us share our
Casey’s Introduction: Great
Barrier Reef
Nga Ringa Awhina News
Nga Ringa have really enjoyed getting outside to participate in athletics over the last few
weeks. Thanks to everyone who came to support us on Monday!
Kowhai Class News
Brought to you by Leah, Samuel, Thomas &
We have been learning
about the Rugby World Cup
and the 20 teams. Did you
know the first ever Rugby
World Cup was in 1987 and
the winners were New
We've also planted some
vegetable seeds we will tell
you some of their names-
Sweet pea, Lettuce,
Sweet corn, courgette.
We have been doing
athletics at school. Three
people out of every
challenge were chosen to
go to Taipa to compete
against other schools, the
rest of us stayed at school
for athletics day and had
LOTS of fun.
Next week we will be busy measuring and baking to get ready to sell cupcake
and ice-blocks to fundraise for our end of year class trip. Did you see the
poster about this earlier in the newsletter?
Pukeko Class made some Gingerbread Men.
We followed the recipe and smelt some yummy cinnamon and vanilla. We had to take turns mixing,
rolling and pressing out a gingerbread man. Then we cooked it, let it cool and then iced it.
They were so yummy! We made enough to share with all the teacher too.