Kia Ora Koutou Whanau
The end of term is speeding towards us! It is very hard to believe that Christmas is only
a stone throw away….where did the year go? It certainly has been a different year with
COVID changing our world around us. Who would have thought 12 months ago that
2020 was going to be like what we had!!! It is a good time however to reflect on the
year and work towards making our school even better.
We have made a number of changes to the way we approach learning and life at
Mangonui School. This year we introduced ‘Learning Through Play’ in the Pukeko and
Nga Ringa classrooms. This is timetabled for an hour each day. It has been a fantastic
move and we have seen so many benefits from choosing this direction. Play is how
children like to learn! Guess What? They are ALL awesome at it! The anxiety of starting
school is replaced with ‘I can do this and this is fun’. Learning in the junior classrooms
needs to focus on the foundations of learning. Building our children so they are ready for
reading, writing and maths. We see many children who struggle to work with others,
accept different points of view, be a team member, communicate when they are angry
and play allows them to practice and become better at these ‘key’ skills. Play encourages
students to plan, think and concentrate on a task. Next year my boy starts Mangonui
School and I cannot think of a better way for him to start his schooling. He is great at
Another area where there has been lots of evidence of success is in our senior
classrooms. These students supported by their teachers have really stepped up to taking
up leadership roles across the school. The digital aspect of their learning has also been
amazing. Seeing students dive deep into their learning, using several sources of
information and forming opinions on what they have learnt has been a highlight. Now we
are gathering achievement data we are seeing that our students are benefiting from this
approach Janet and Anna have taken in the Kotuku and Tuatara curriculum.
Manaiakalani has been a big driving force and we are very grateful to be part of this
initiative. Three more Far North Schools join our Te Hiku cluster next year. I hope all Far
North schools will eventually join for the benefit of their students.
We have also made some big steps into Mana Potential where students are given
strategies to manage their emotions. There are a lot of challenges facing our young
people, way more than what I had when I was their age. The huge impact of social
media, what is cool, what is not. The rising wave of violence in our schools and society...
the anti social behaviours. Yet they are no more able to deal, comprehend and sort the
information that comes at them in huge volumes than I could. The digital world does not
grow their ability to cope, it just gives them a lot more to think about. Strategies like Mana
Potential are essential elements to modern curriculum.
Last week I taught in the Kowhai classroom. Ella is an artist!! She listened carefully, took
her time and produced an amazing piece of pastel art. Well done Ella. Rata also won the
Principal Award for being a top student. He listens, thinks and then gets to work. He is
kind to everyone and everyone respects him. Rata always produces excellent work.
Keep it up!
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
The duffy award went to Brock Muller for his awesome attitude and Necia Rudolf for
always trying her best. The Kaitiaki awards went to Te Ohu Broughton and Mia
Millichamp for being kaitiaki to themselves and pushing themselves when they
represented Mangonui School at the Eastern Zone and the Far North athletics. The
learning awards went to Jordan Thoreson for his great writing and Alyssa Duval for
learning a new high jump technique.
The duffy award went to Peyton Shaw for her awesome attitude and Ratapu Peterson
for being a great leader at Kapa Haka. The Kaitiaki awards went to TeAhere Henderson
for being kaitiaki of others by being such a caring member of Tuatara class and Cooper
Hibbard for being kaitiaki to papatuanuku by keeping Rangikapiti Pa pest free. The
learning awards went to Ratapu Peterson for showing great improvement in reading and
Ayrton Tamaiparea for doing a fantastic job during our school athletics.
The duffy award went to Richy Hita for showing that he is listening to instructions and
ready to learn and Eden Ballard for always making the right choices in class and being
helpful to others after she completes her own work. The Kaitiaki awards went to Hoani
Pike-Venner for being eager and excited to complete his work and taking time to do it
properly and Bahlee Ellis for always being kaitiaki of others and constantly kind and
caring for her peers . The Super Effort award went to Bentlee Tuhou-Marron for sharing
great ideas during discussions and in his work Brody Masters for making great progress
in his maths.
The Duffy Awards went to Carl Timmermans for working really hard to make the right
choices and Ariya Dowman for making amazing progress in basic facts. The Kaitiaki
Awards went to Breeze Broadhurst for putting in 100% effort at athletics and
Rangitamoe Maika-Paget for working really hard in reading. The Awesome Awards
went to Gene Wright-Peterson for being a passionate writer and writing some amazing
stories and Cordez Baker for always being a great leader in our class.
The Kaitiaki award went to Pania Tatai for her hard work and awesome attitude at
Athletics. The Caught Being Good award went to Ash Ballard for being an awesome
listener and paying attention to instructions. The Awesome award went to Halo Stacey
for always putting great effort into her learning.
Awards Term 4, 2020
Weeks 5-6
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Duffy Caught Being Good Awards went to J acob Harrison for his amazing
leadership and participation in kapa haka and Kaya-Shepherd Kimi for putting in 100%
effort to make sure his mahi is the best it can be.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Skyla Rarere , for taking her time to add extra detail to her
artwork and Toby Wakeling, for his growing independence with writing and Luke
Yates-Tomars for helping others with the scooters at tabloid sports.
The Star Student Awards went to Tyson Broadhurst, for showing ongoing enthusiasm
for his learning and Brooklyn Ireland-Parkes for consistently being a kaitiaki of the
The Duffy Caught Being Good Awards went to Arya Collins for working so hard on her letter
sounds and reading and Mere Leef for being a kind, caring and helpful class member.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Leo Bridson for continuing his learning from school at home and
making amazing creations and Saskia Kelly for having a wonderful attitude towards learning,
and always being ready to learn.
The Star Student Awards went to Jett Tracey for having an awesome attitude at athletics and
tabloid sports day. Blake Masters and Finn Bridson received awards for supporting each
other and making amazing progress on Fast Phonics.
Reading Nights Awards: 25 Nights - Sofia Greaves, Blake Masters , 50 Nights - Keupa Nikora ,
75 Nights - Mere Leef, Danica Eruera.
Term 4 Mon 12th Oct Tue 15th Dec
Week 7
Sat 28th Nov - Whanau in the Park
Week 8
Mon 30th Nov - Fri 4th Dec - Year 6 Camp
Week 9
Fri 11th Dec - Prizegiving
Week 10
Tue 15th Dec - Last Day of Term 4
Term 1 Tue 2nd Feb Fri 16th April
Week 1
Tue 2nd Feb - Term 1 Starts
Any questions please contact the office: 406 0182 or 021 544 702
Please remember to inform the office about any student absences.
The Government is currently introducing a free, healthy, daily school lunch in some
schools for all students.
We are really excited to let you know that our school will be joining the free lunch
programme from Term 1, 2021.
All parents want to provide their children with a lunch every day. But, as you will know,
there are many reasons parents can struggle, often through no fault of their own. We
know that some of you will have been particularly affected by the economic impact of
the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering a lunch for all our children who need it will go some
way to helping families and whānau to support their children and tamariki. This is why
we have decided to take part in this programme.
Lunches will cater for the diet, health and cultural needs of our students, and we will
work with suppliers and the Ministry of Education to make sure they are healthy and
nutritious. All suppliers will be required to meet New Zealand food safety standards.
The lunches will be available for all our students. While we know there are hungry
children in every community, we do not always know who they are. Providing a lunch to
every child means we do not need to single-out those who need it more than others.
However, lunches are not compulsory, and you can continue to provide your child’s
own lunch if you wish.
Right now, we are working with the Ministry of Education on the best way to meet our
school’s needs. For us this means working out our supplier for the lunches.
The programme will run until the end of 2021 and will be evaluated whilst it is running.
This will include feedback from schools, students and suppliers about what the lunches
are like, how they are delivered, and if they have an impact on students’ learning and
achievement. This information will help to decide whether to continue beyond 2021,
and what an ongoing programme might look like.
You can find out more about the
programme at:
If you have any further questions, please
contact our office, or the Ministry at
Taonga Class News
What a busy two weeks we have had in Taonga class! We are loving our
garden because we finally have some carrots and courgettes to eat!
We had a fabulous day fishing with our whanau at the boardwalk and
were very excited to catch a few fish too! 
Koru Class News
We have been learning about recycling, collecting and sorting rubbish. We
had a rubbish collection around school last week for our EOTC activity. We
also had an awesome time yesterday when we went fishing at the Mangonui
Boardwalk. We have also been preparing for our performance at Whanau in
the Park. We have had lots of fun lately! 
Kotuku News
Term 3 Week 8 2020
The weather is getting warmer! Kotuku Class are getting excited about the
end of term! We have so many things to do before we say “Merry Christmas”
in a months time! Last week we went surfing at Taupo Bay and this week we
joined with Kowhai and Tuatara and spent the day at Matai Bay. It was one
of the best days of the year so far. We are busy learning our waiata for
Whanau in the Park, creating a 2020 yearbook, sharing our passion
projects and learning how to play softball. 
The Y5 tamariki have been creating movies to show
everyone what their jobs/responsibilities are within
Mangonui School.
We enjoyed our EOCT
trip to Matai Bay. We had
a range of beach and
swimming activities.
Tuatara have been practising hitting a ball with an instrument. We’ve been
focusing on softball.
Nga Ringa Awhina News
We have been really enjoying making the most of getting outside the classroom. We
loved our trip to Matthew’s Vintage, where we got to feed farm animals, go on a tractor
ride and try out some of the vintage vehicles at the museum. We have also been
exploring our new outside play space during purposeful play, where we can build forts
in the piggy track, do woodwork and water play.
Kowhai Class News
Composting, composting, composting… with seaweed. Kowhai
class is continuing to focus on helping our gardens grow by
using the sustainable product of seaweed in dierent ways!
(Just have to bear the smell)
Pukeko Class News
This week Pukeko class have created recycled flower gardens
using donated strawberry containers to act as mini glass houses.
The students were able to choose which flower seeds they
wanted in their own garden. We will water them and watch them
sprout before sending them home at the end of the year for the
flowers to be enjoyed over the holidays.