Greetings from Timanous!
I am excited to share with you our first ever Annual Report, which represents an impressive
milestone in the next chapter of our beloved Camp Timanous. Here we capture the “state of our
camp” and recognize all who financially helped to ensure a smooth and strong passing of the
baton from Dave and Lindas leadership to that of the nonprofit Timanous Foundation and my first
year as camps Director.
Our good financial health is a sure indicator of our well-established program. This strength is
rooted in our enduring traditions, a dedicated alumni base, and a camp experience that is as
relevant to the development of body, mind and spirit today as it was in 1917. We benefit from
a standard of excellence in leadership, from the Gulicks to the Suitors to our current Board of
Trustees who support me and provide strong governance for our organization. Our finance and
development committees work closely with me to raise needed funds, craft budgeting and
investment priorities, and monitor our financial position on a regular basis. Were using our dollars
wisely, investing in the long-term future of Timanous, and creating greater access for deserving
boys to the Timanous experience.
As I write this letter for our first Annual Report in the depths of a mid-winter cold snap, I find
myself looking back on those warm summer days on the shores of Panther Pond. I am reminded
of the many joys of a Timanous summer: campers learning and improving their swimming,
Council Fire commendations, Twilight League games, and morning dips before Flag Raising,
among countless other moments. While a summer at camp can go by in a flash, the
impact of Timanous is lasting. Thanks to all of your support, our impact will continue long into
the future. I look forward with great enthusiasm to the next stages of our journey together.
Garth Altenburg, Director
Director’s Letter
Chair’s Letter
Dear Timanous Family,
This first Annual Report of Camp Timanous as an operating nonprofit organization
confirms that we are thriving in every respect.
We are certainly and uniquely blessed by the incredible loyalty and continuity of our counseling
staff and campers who year after year create the summertime magic that is the Timanous
experience. Our camp continues to provide a supportive environment for boys and young men
to live and learn together, unencumbered by the complications of technology, school and the
greater world. I know of no other camp that rivals Timanous in this amazing alchemy of
community and place.
As a new nonprofit, Timanous is maturing into a broader and deeper organization—one which
values diversity, equity and inclusion; which seeks to engage its alumni for purposes of
strengthening our camp family as well as our financial resources; and which thoughtfully plans
for the next 100 years of camping on Panther Pond.
Measured by these standards, we are well poised for a successful 103rd season and beyond. Our
campership program will continue to expand with the help of the Sandy Tattersall Fund and our
Annual Fund for Camperships. Our relationships with alumni have never been stronger, as
evidenced by regular gatherings, both formal and informal, of campers and staff throughout the
year. And as the enclosed financial summary attests, we are a very healthy organization overall.
One more word about resources – a huge thank you to our generous donors, who enabled camps
official transition to a nonprofit in 2018 and now are building the financial capacity to ensure
Timanous enjoys a successful Second Century.
For all these things, we give thanks,
Craig MacDonnell, Board Chair
Kelly Dietel Dave McElhinny Dave Suitor
Vinny Dotoli Tim Morningstar Linda Suitor
Fred Hollister Brooks Motley Kara Van Norden
Bill Leece Michael Prior Alan Washington
Craig MacDonnell
Board of Trustees
Report of Donors
This Annual Report reflects all donors who
have given to the Timanous Foundation
and the Second Century Campaign to
date. It serves as a celebration of our
community coming together to get
Timanous to this point in its history.
We are very grateful for your support.
Alejandro Aguerrevere
Richard Allen
Garth and Heather Altenburg
The Alvarez Hibbs Family
The Alwang Family
Michael Andrews and Julie Chrisco
Kate Angelo and Francois Mobasser
Judy Hart Angelo
Katelyn Pascucci Anglea
Richard Arms
Jon Arnold
Justine Arnold
Douglas Arnstein
Richard Austin
Matthew Bacco
Sid Baker
Donald Baltus
Ned Barclay
Alex and Jeff Beall
Michael Beam
Dale and Liz Bell
Andrew Bell
John Berk
Diane Staley Bernard
Kent Black
Will Bladt
Mercer Blanchard
Steve Bloom and Calli Towne
Geoffrey Blum
Terry Bohonnon,
in memory of Steve Mathews
Cindy and Tom Bonafair
John Booth
Walter “Skip” Bopp
Peter Bopp
Roland Bourque
Dick Boyden,
in memory of Skipper and Lee Boyden
Austin and Sarah Bramwell
Heather and Philip Brandes
John Branson
Susan and Bill Breidenstine
Greg Brendel
Doug and Bebe Broadwater
Mark Broadwater
Bill Brokaw
Tim Brokaw
Ben Bruce
Alex Bryan
Grant Burgess and Casey Near
Ben Burke
Brendan Burke
Earle Cadwell
John Calder
John Carenbauer
Jeff Carpenter
John and Liz Carroll
Alan Carroll
Bruce Carroll
Dan Carroll
Will Carroll
Erik and Anna Caspersen
Janet Chan
Chris Chandler
Clark Chandler
Sharon and Sam Chaplin
Marilyn Charlot
David “Chids” Chidsey
Phil Cimbak
Chris Clarke
Edith Cleaves,
in memory of Emory Cleaves
Seth Coburn
Livy Coe
Tip Coffin
Mike Colleran
Charlie and Samantha Congleton
Jake and Sally Congleton
Mike “Congo-Boogie” Congleton
Peter Congleton
Will Cook
Jake Cooley
Charlie Cooperman
John Costango and Smith Galtney
Timothy and Susan Cross
Roberta Crump-Burbank
Elizabeth Culbertson,
in memory of Jack Culbertson
Jake Culbertson,
in memory of Jack Culbertson
Kate Culbertson,
in memory of Jack Culbertson
Kirby Culbertson,
in memory of Jack Culbertson
Linda Cullen
Jack Cutler
Jeremy Cutler
Report of Donors, cont.
Sally Cutler
Tucker Cutler
Taylor Dance
Matthew Dapas
Cornelius Darcy
Mr. and Mrs. S. Duane Darienzo
Dewey Dellay
Brian Dempsey
Edward Diao and Theresa Bradley
Kelly and Rob Dietel
Mark Diker
John Dolman
Digger Donahue
Peter Donovan
Traci and Vinny Dotoli
Archie Douglas
Peter Downey, in memory of
Gridley Weatherbee Tarbell II
Priscilla Driscoll
Bruce Droz
Dvorozniak/Barber Family
Lili Dyer and Nick Benson
Don and Sally Edwards,
in honor of David Edwards
Don Endrizzi and Peggy Pennoyer
Mark Endrizzi
Peter Engel
Steve Engel
Peter Fales
Vessenes Family,
in honor of Theo Prentice
Zeke Faux
John and Lisa Figge
Daniel and Ann Fisher
Flemming Frandsen
Hunter Freeman
Eleanor and Nicholas Friedman,
in honor of Garth Altenburg
Kathleen Fulton and Jim Banta
Tony Gaeta
Chip Gamber
Rebecca and Marc Gamble
Luis Garcia
Francis Gaul
Laurie Geiger
Lloyd H. Gerry
Jim Gettys
Martha Tattersall Giancola and
Paul Giancola
Dave Giancola
Edward Goddard
John and Blake Golden
Jack Gomez
Teresa Gomez
Jeffrey and Emily Goodwin
Mike Goodwin
Porter Goss
David Graham
Ben and Sue Gray
Benson Gray
Jean Gray
Scott Gredler
John Green
Charlie Griffith
Erik Grissom
Jim Grover
Bob Gulick
Will Hagaman
Sarah Hamilton
Cathy and Jody Hansen
John “Sticks” Harthorne
Warren Harthorne
Christopher and Jacqueline Hasty
Chippy and Nancy Hatch
Norma Haug-Pavlak and Doug Pavlak
John O Hauptfleisch
Kevin and Ellen Hayes
Michael Hazard
Frank Hedges
David Heires
Merrit Heminway,
in honor of Lee Sawyer
Dave Henahan
Michael Henahan
Doug Henry
Michael Hettich
Melissa Ho and Scott Day,
in memory of Paul Polak
David Hobbs
John Hoffman,
in honor of Craig MacDonnell
Katharine Holden
Doug Hollett,
in honor of Reed Hollett
Rob Hollis
Fred Hollister and Carol Gray
Douglas Honnold
Bob Horsburgh and Brita Lundberg
Fred Houston
Report of Donors, cont.
Dick and Susan Howlett
Stu and Kathleen Howlett
Albert Howlett
Dan Hubbard
Dave Hubbard
George Hubbard
Rollin Ives
George Jackson
Sam Jaffe
Amy Jarratt
Edward R. Johnson
John Johnson
Drew Jones
Terry Keith
Robert Keller
Hunter and Courtney Kellogg
Peter and Marne Kellogg
Heather Kelly and Nick Ross
Chris and Vonda Kelsey
Margaret Kennerly
Tom Klein
John Klein
Andrew and Julie Klingenstein,
in honor of Tom Klingenstein
John and Patricia Klingenstein,
in honor of Tom Klingenstein
Sally Klingenstein,
in honor of Tom Klingenstein
Tom Klingenstein
Craig Kronman
Heinz Krueger
Martha Land and Laurence Greenberg
Thomas Land
Margaret Langford
Wilson Laprade
Casey Larkin,
in memory of Sandy Larkin
Ben Lavely
Ted and Vicky Leavitt
Tripp Leavitt
Bill Leece and Kate Higgins
Alice and Bill Lehmann
Fred and Erin Lehmann
Bing Leverich
Brendan Levine
Nick Leyden and Ana Dias
Jake Leyden
Chris Lindau
Eric Lindau
Jeffrey Lohmeyer
Mark and Lisa Lonnegren
Carter Lovejoy
Kirsten Lundberg and Alex Beam
Holland and K.C. Lynch
Craig and Lisa MacDonnell
Patrick and Deborah Madden
Nancy Mains
Stephen and Marie Maloney
Betsey, Ned, Mollie, and Ned Mandel
Ben Mandel
Steve Mandel
Tom Mandel
Cia and Bob Marakovits
John and Candace Marsellus
Brian Martin
Peter Martin
Sandy Martin
Ben and Nan Mason
Luis Massiani
Will and Mary Mayer
Katherine Mayer
Thomas Mayer
Katie Mayer
Robert and Kris McCooey
Deirdre McDonald
April and Dave McElhinny
Edward McElhinny
Wilson McElhinny
Cody McElhinny
Taylor McElhinny
Terry McGuire
John McInnes
Bob McLean
Fred Meine
Dustin Michel
Bill and Carolyn Miller
Malcolm and Tina Miller
Charlie Miller
Dan Miller
Jill and Michael Millis
Charlie and Toby Milner
Vaughan Moore
Brett Morgan
Brooks Moriarty
Faith and Richard Morningstar
Tim Morningstar
Pete Morningstar
Edward Morris
Casey Morton
Brooks and Kristin Motley
Poppy and George Motley
Ben Motley
Jessica Nagle
Marina Niceta and Gustavo Palazzi
Norman and Eleanor Nicholson
Jeff Nicholson
Sally and Gary Noteware
Report of Donors, cont.
Heidi Ogletree
Ed Ohlin
David Ornstein and Christine Surette
Jacquie Ott
Garril Goss Page
Kitty Paiste
Cynthia Palmer
Foxhall Parker
Bill Pennoyer
Grant Pennoyer
Sandy Plickert
Thomas M. Poor,
in honor of the friendship
between the Poor and Suitor families
Hillary Potter
Reid Potter
Charlie Potts,
in memory of John and Marti Suitor
George Potts
Tanner Powers
Katie (Culbertson) Prentice,
in memory of Jack Culbertson
Michael and Lauren Prior
Sandra Pierson Prior
David Pye
Peter Ranney
Edie and Charlie Rathbone
Tucker Reeks
David Reid
Diana and Roland Reynolds
Emily and Mike Ricard
Steve Richardson
Paul “Cheekybritt” Robertson
Tom and Laura Robinson
Dana L. Robinson
J. Reece Roth
Lew Rumford
Al Ryter
The Sawyers Family
Will Schoder
Jill Scott
Tom Scott
Barbara Wynne Secor,
in honor of Dr. Joseph Secor
Debra and Christopher Seiter
Roman Sejnoha and Family
Ashley Share and Greg Jakubowsky
David B “Deeb” Sharpe,
in honor of David J. Sharpe
David J. Sharpe
Ashley Shaw
Dan Shepard
Patricia Shepherd
Ben Shestakofsky
Susan and Sandy Sierck
Alex Sierck and Elizabeth Adams
Bob Simmons
Nancy Simpkins,
in honor of Tom Klingenstein
Walter Simson
William Smith and Robin Travers
Rick “Spaldo” Spalding
Ned Sperry
Dan Stanfill
Tamar and Andrew Stanley
Andrew P. Stifel
William and Sara Gray Stockwell
Carl Stockwell
Quentin Stockwell
Leslie and John Stonestreet
Rick Strachan,
in honor of Jake Congleton
Steve Strachan
Jamie Streator
Alison Strong
Dave and Linda Suitor
Kasey Suitor
Hans Sydow
Klaus Sydow
Peter Szuch and Molly Howes
Whit Talcott
Peg and Stowe Tattersall
Edie Tattersall
Nora Taylor and Jon Oakey
Peter Taylor
Joe Tessler and Sophia Shah
Miles and Molly Tolbert,
in honor of Calvin and John Tolbert
Donald and Donna Tomb
Roger and James Trafford
Karin Travers and Vlad Sejnoha
Martha and Alexander von Uckermann
Tom and Deanne Urmy
Charles Urstadt
Report of Donors, cont.
Louise Van Order Hodson,
in honor of Alan Van Order
Bill “BVO” and Lill Van Order
Davis and Louise Van Winkle
Kara and Tad Van Norden
Mark and Quincy Van Winkle
Alan Van Order
John Victor
Donald Vieira and Deneen Howell
Susan Walcott
Anne Walker
Mary “Polly” Wall
Ash Wall
Jennie and Jamie Walsh
Robert B Warfield
Robert Warner
Win Warren
Alan Washington
Cory Waters
David Waters-Honcu
Frederick Watkins
Alec Waugh
Max von Wening
David and Trudy Wheeler
Kate Wheeler and Andrew Snell
Maynard Wheeler
Harry and Marion Whelpley
Ryan Whelpley
Justin White
Karin Whittemore
Ben and Izzy Williams
Barbara Williams
Tim Williams
Bruce and Laurie Wimberly
Jim Winninghoff
World of Change, Matt Hoidal
Nick Young
Peter and Jo Zeising
Will Ziesing
Margaret and Andy Zuccotti
F. Anthony Zunino
The following members of the Timanous family have informed us of having
made provision for Timanous in their estate plans:
Fred Hollister and Carol Gray Craig and Lisa MacDonnell
Bill Leece and Kate Higgins April and Dave McElhinny
Old Chief Timanous Society
Second Century Campaign
The Second Century Campaign was created with the purpose of preserving Timanous as we know it and love it for future generations. After successfully raising
$2.5M for the acquisition of camp, we are well on our way towards completing the overall $5M goal.
CURRENT STATUS: $4.25M | 85% of $5M goal
Sandy Tattersall Fund
Timanous is committed to increasing the diversity of
our community. The income from the permanently-endowed
Tattersall Fund will provide a solid foundation for each years
campership commitments.
CURRENT STATUS: $1.1M in donations + pledges |
67% of $1.5M goal
Timanous Fund
This unrestricted fund for capital projects and the financial
security of camp will help ensure that Timanous continues to
thrive for its next 100 years.
CURRENT STATUS: $650,000 in donations +
pledges | 65% of $1M goal
Treasurer’s Letter
I’m happy to say that Camp Timanous remains in a very strong financial position, thanks in large
part to the generosity of our very loyal camp families and the expertise and dedication of our strong
leadership team.
Since the purchase of camp in September of 2018, the Timanous Foundation has been able to establish
sound financial policies and internal controls. Thanks to our donors, we were able to purchase camp for
cash. We have no debt, cash flow is solid and nothing has been drawn on our letter of credit.
On the operating side, camp was full, revenues were strong and expenses were under budget, resulting in
an impressive operating surplus. On the advice of the Finance Committee, the Foundation Board gave its
approval to have an independent audit performed by the accounting firm of Baker Newman & Noyes, LLC.
As a first year nonprofit, it was necessary to provide a high level of assurance that our financial statements
were free from material misstatements. We felt it was important to demonstrate credibility and a willing-
ness to submit to independent scrutiny. I’m happy to report that the audit was successfully completed in
the fall of 2019.
Our two investment accounts are the Sandy Tattersall Fund, a permanent endowment for camperships,
and the Timanous Fund, an unrestricted fund for capital projects and contingencies. These funds are
currently being managed by Brenton Point Wealth Advisors in Madison, Connecticut. With the stock and
bond markets selling at extremely high levels, we have decided to take a very conservative investment
approach. We currently have an allocation of 50% equities and 50% fixed income favoring a very diverse
mix of low cost mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.
Finally, the Foundation is well aware of the very competitive nature of the camping business. We
will continue to practice conservative financial management, ever mindful of our commitment to
the financially stable operation of Camp Timanous so that we can continue the legacy established by
the Gulick and Suitor families.
Bill Leece, Treasurer
Timanous Foundation
Statement of Activities
Audited Financial Statements
Year Ending August 31, 2019
Program Income
Tuition, net 1,328,798
Other 21,017
Total Program Income 1,349,815
Program expenses 799,535
Management and Administration 253,716
Fundraising expenses 117,815
Total Expenses 1,171,066
Operating Income 178,749
Other Income (expenses)
Donations 1,566,441
Miscellaneous income, net 22,842
Total Other income (expenses) 1,589,283
Change in Net Assets 1,768,032
Timanous Foundation
Statement of Financial Position
Audited Financial Statements
August 31, 2019
Cash and Investments 1,255,037
Accounts Receivable and Prepaid Expenses 13,394
Pledges Receivable 230,400
Fixed Assets, net of accumulated depreciation 2,955,397
Total Assets 4,454,228
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses 123,270
Deferred Revenue 1,000
Total Liabilities 124,270
Net Assets
Without donor restrictions 3,528,220
Board restricted endowment 181,661
With donor restrictions 620,077
Total Net Assets 4,329,958
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 4,454,228
The Timanous Foundation—DBA Camp Timanous—is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Casco Days Road
Race finishers
swim levels
p assed
staff service
medals earned
ears of corn made
for Point Cookout
camping trips
sent out
foreign countries
ever culture day
We are incredibly grateful
for the support from
across the Timanous
community in our first
year as a nonprofit.
Thank You!
PO Box 2886
South Portland, ME 04116