Kia Ora Koutou
It has been a fantastic year at our kura. As a school we continue to grow and make changes
to the way we do things to better support our tamariki to navigate the world they will grow up
in. ‘Well Being’ has become a big factor. The changes to how we transition our new entrants
from Early Childhood to School has been a big one. We have learnt so much from Early
Childhood in particular Learning Through Play. The quote that ‘play is the work of children’
makes a lot of sense and is very true. Mana Potential is another area that we have focused
on. Teaching our tamariki how to deal with their emotions. We ‘ALL learn from this initiative.
How to recognise and build strategies to deal with our emotions. One of the great benefits for
our students is that all the schools in our area are part of this. It will be a common
language. Mindfulness is another initiative that we have implemented this year. Allowing our
tamariki to refocus and settle before learning through these simple and fun strategies. We all
need to lighten the load of information we have swirling around in our heads! The new sensory
room supports this where our tamariki have a place to go when they need an alternative. This
will be built upon in 2021. Our senior student leadership model has also been a major area of
growth. We see it in our seniors, their sense of responsibility and ownership of their school.
These are the small steps they take to eventually be the leaders of the future….. Nga Rangatira
During the year we were also involved with Lesson Study where we studied (in groups) each
teacher's lessons, observing and interviewing students. This strengthened our teaching practice
and also further nurtured collaboration amongst our team of teachers. It was extremely
intensive but we all agreed it was worthwhile. We will be continuing with this next year.
Next year we have taken on a Maths contract with Cognition Education. We want to investigate
new thinking around the teaching of maths. Using a problem solving approach with mixed ability
grouping. We also will be part of the Te Hiku Manaiakalani roopu following through with our
Learn Create Share approach using a mix of digital and traditional strategies. When we look at
the standard of how our students are learning and sharing their thinking we know this is the
right path to take. We also want to strengthen our ability to korero Māori. We have a partnership
with and responsibility to the Treaty of Waitangi. There are more online opportunities for
teachers to learn so now is the time to take advantage of this and learn te reo. At the same time
we will continue with lots of EOTC experiences connecting with our unique environment that
surrounds our school. Kaitiakitanga will always be the soul of our school, the whenua as our
whanau, doing our bit to look after Papatūānuku.
Exciting times with loads of challenges!!! That is the way it should be and the way we like it.
None of this is achievable without the tremendous support we get from so many people. Thank
you to each and every whanau member who has helped out with class trips this year. Without
your support learning would withdrawal back into the classroom. Thank you to the Lions
members who come every day and read with our students. What an amazing positive group of
people. Their awhi and aroha to our young readers is a wonderful thing. Thanks to our
Kotahitanga group who organised Whanau in the Park. A great day we had showcasing our
young people. Thanks to Ange B in the office who coached our wonderful cheerleaders. Thanks
to all the groups that supported this event (Taipa Area School for the use of your sound
equipment). A big thanks to Shirley who comes in every day to support our tamariki in the Nga
Ringa and Taonga classroom. You are a very kind and generous person, we are extremely
lucky to have you at our school. Thanks to our amazing team at Mangonui School. We are a
very collaborative bunch with an immense skill set. It has been one of the best years yet. Our
tamariki are very lucky to have the ‘Team’ at Mangonui School supporting them in their learning
Lastly I would like to recognise Mr A who has decided to hang up his teachers hat. Steve has a
huge enthusiasm and passion for learning that is still fully lit. He teaches 5 year olds to 11 year
olds and has an amazing ability to connect with all of them. We will miss your skill set, sense of
humour, loyalty and friendship. Thanks for your service to our school and community. You
deserve a break! Enjoy your next journey!
Lastly our staff at Mangonui School wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday full of
laughter, fun and kindness. See you next year.
Nga Mihii
Dave Sedcole
Term 4 Mon 12th Oct Tue 15th Dec
Week 9
Fri 11th Dec - Prizegiving
Week 10
Tue 15th Dec - Last Day of Term 4
Term 1 Tue 2nd Feb Fri 16th April
Week 1
Tue 2nd Feb - Term 1 Starts
Week 2
Mon 8th Feb - Waitangi Day Observed - SCHOOL CLOSED
Week 9
Fri 2nd Apr - Good Friday - SCHOOL CLOSED
Week 10
Mon 5th Apr - Easter Monday - SCHOOL CLOSED
Tue 6th Apr - Easter Tuesday - SCHOOL CLOSED
Week 11
Fri 16th Apr - Last Day of Term 1
Any questions please contact the office: 406 0182 or 021 544 702
Please remember to inform the office about any student absences.
The Duffy Awards went to Shem Bruce for helping out around the classroom without having to be
asked and Ccri Carson for being a tidy kiwi in our class by tidying up before being asked.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Ayla Tiatoa for coming to school with an excellent attitude everyday and
showing kindness to others and Tyler Ashby for being kaitiaki of others by lending a helping hand to
those struggling to cast their lines.
The Fantastic Awards went to Cole Tracey for putting effort and pride into his Whanau in the Park
performance and Titan Broughton for having a positive supportive attitude towards others during
The Duffy Awards went to Eastern Heighway for being so settled and conscientious at school, Heath
Renata and Liam Brame for being super brave and performing at whanau at the park and Kyle
Gore-Easton for trying everything at Lake Ngatu and having a great time.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Alyssa Makiha-Soundy for being a team player in class, Breeze
Broadhurst for doing gymnastics amazingly even with her broken arm and Natasha McQuoid for
listening to all the instructions at water safety when we were at Lake Ngatu.
The Awesome Awards went to Cordez Baker for playing FLY with STYLE, Kingston Chapman for
always sharing his ideas with others and Holly Naicovi for using her new learning in class and working
really hard with her learning.
The Kaitiaki awards went to Ryder Roxburgh for putting so much effort into learning our Whanau in the
Park song and actions,
Tyson Duval for being so helpful and picking up lots of rubbish at Rangikapiti Pa.
The Duffy awards went to Ashlyn Thomas for showing care and kindness when her friends are sad.
Alessa Giorgetti for thinking so hard in reading and sharing lots of wonderful ideas.
The Awesome awards went to Kaitlin Roberts-Tangihuna for working hard to make good choices in
class and at break times, Kaitlin Roberts-Tangihuna for giving everything a go at Lake Ngatu.
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Duffy Caught Being Good Awards went to Hone Oppert for his positive, can-do attitude towards
kayaking and Irie Thomas for having a great attitude and trying hard at his Quick60 mahi.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Mika Macdonald for her focus and hard work in reading and phonics and
to Ruby Chuck for her speedy recognition of patterns in maths.
Star of the Week Awards went to Flynn Irwin for his creative and imaginative writing skills and to Leo
Clark for taking his time with his art mahi, and showing great attention to detail.
The Duffy Caught Being Good Awards went to Arya Collins for being so keen to practise and show off
her learning and Hope Erstich for working hard in all areas.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Keupa Nikora for being kaitiaki towards others by always being willing to
let others join in and Sweety Matthews-Mohetuki for trying her very best in all learning activities and
being a kind and caring class member.
Star of the Week Awards went to Jda Tukariri for always being willing to help and being so enthusiastic
about learning and Shelby Wilton for using letter sounds so well in her reading and writing.
Awards Term 4, 2020
Weeks 7-9
The Government is currently introducing a free, healthy, daily school lunch in some
schools for all students.
We are really excited to let you know that our school will be joining the free lunch
programme from Term 1, 2021.
All parents want to provide their children with a lunch every day. But, as you will know,
there are many reasons parents can struggle, often through no fault of their own. We
know that some of you will have been particularly affected by the economic impact of
the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering a lunch for all our children who need it will go some
way to helping families and whānau to support their children and tamariki. This is why
we have decided to take part in this programme.
Lunches will cater for the diet, health and cultural needs of our students, and we will
work with suppliers and the Ministry of Education to make sure they are healthy and
nutritious. All suppliers will be required to meet New Zealand food safety standards.
The lunches will be available for all our students. While we know there are hungry
children in every community, we do not always know who they are. Providing a lunch to
every child means we do not need to single-out those who need it more than others.
However, lunches are not compulsory, and you can continue to provide your child’s
own lunch if you wish.
Right now, we are working with the Ministry of Education on the best way to meet our
school’s needs. For us this means working out our supplier for the lunches.
The programme will run until the end of 2021 and will be evaluated whilst it is running.
This will include feedback from schools, students and suppliers about what the lunches
are like, how they are delivered, and if they have an impact on students’ learning and
achievement. This information will help to decide whether to continue beyond 2021,
and what an ongoing programme might look like.
You can find out more about the
programme at:
If you have any further questions, please
contact our office, or the Ministry at
Taonga Class News
WOW what a year we have had! Taonga’s highlight would have to be
our class garden which is in full production at the moment. We have
been able to make sandwiches using our veggies, we have cooked
some courgettes and snacked on peas. We have had such a great year
and have had lots of fun! We are ready to enjoy the summer holidays
and come back refreshed for next year. 
Koru Class News
Terms 3 and 4 have flown by in Koru class. We have done so many exciting
things in the time we have had together. We have all worked really hard in
our learning as well. Lately, we have enjoyed our fishing day at the Mangonui
boardwalk, our rubbish collection at Rangikapiti Pa and our end of year trip to
Lake Ngatu with all of the Junior classes. What a great way to end our year
together! Now it’s time to enjoy our holidays, and get ready for next year. 
Year 6 News
We had the best camp ever! We spent the first 2 and a half days at The
Farm in Whangaruru where we rode horses and motorbikes, trudged
through mud, went kayaking, cooked our own kai on an open fire that we
made ourselves, built rafts, went on a survival run through the dense forest
and played wolf pack’ until 11.30 at night. THEN we went to Whanagarei and
went swimming, rode monster scooters, went ten pin bowling and played
laser tag, watched a movie in a private cinema, jumped high at flip out and
concurred the sky high challenges at Adventure forest. We received so
many compliments on our beautiful manners and our outstanding
behaviour. Everyone was incredibly tired after 5 days of fun and adventure. 
Year 5 News
The Y5 students spend a week with Mr A. They did a range of fun-filled activities.
They went on an amazing walk, went fishing, enjoyed swimming in the school
pool and even went to work on their golf skills at the driving range.
Nga Ringa Awhina News
Last week, we enjoyed celebrating our year together at Lake Ngatu, where we had a
go at kayaking, paddle boarding, water safety lessons and swimming. In class, we
have been busy getting crafty and creative, making some beautiful cards and
Kowhai Class News
Kowhai Class had a great time doing some mindfulness art to
begin the wind down for 2020. We have had a great year and look
forward to moving further up into the school for 2021! 
Pukeko Class News
Pukeko class have been learning about rubbish in the ocean and
creating ocean themed art. We have been to Lake Ngatu with the
junior school where we learnt about water safety and went
swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding and we have been
loving getting in the school pool in the afternoons.  
We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!