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Invest in the growth of your business by "duplicating yourself" with the inclusion of me as your
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I honor your VERY busy schedule, by setting up routine meeting times, short 15 min touch base
times or 60 min working sessions. As I learn your business the working sessions may not be
I'll help you define repeatable processes that work consistently every time, taking the "what did I
do last time" out of your business processes, giving you time to focus on customers needs and
CREATIVE focus to develop products and services, and regain BALANCE in your life.
Click the link below, answer a few questions and schedule an appointment with me to determine
how I can best benefit you and your business.
Get ready to ROCK 2020!!
Let's DO this!!
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Email Series
Purpose: Introduce a
New Service
to existing clients
Just like the new ways to “tune in” the last decade revealed distractions to finding
and using your inner power. The outer “noise” of social media, the opinions of
those who influence you, marketing ads TELLING you what to believe about
yourself all keep you distracted from focusing on your inner power. The inner
“noise” of your past experiences, doubts, and fears rob you of the confidence to
achieve your destiny.
Your conflict is between your inner power [your ability to DO and HAVE more
from life] and the relentless inner and outer chatter trying to convince you of
what you CAN’T have and do.
You can control the outer and inner chatter. Controlling the chatter will open the
opportunity to tap into your inner power.
You have the power to decide. Decide to spend time getting your environment
and mind quiet. Turn off the inner chatter that can run amok with every situation
and challenge. Turn off the outer chatter by making decisions.
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Monthly Blog Post to existing
Purpose: Encouragement
Hey [first name],
I LOVE December!!! The cooler temperatures are crisp and exciting and in general people seem to
be nicer!!
This year there is even more activity as we count down to Dec 31…we are also wrapping up the
DECADE! WOW! Has it been 10 years already since the dreaded Y2K!!! LOL!
The Good, The Bad and the Forgettable
My words for this past year are exhilarating!, opportunistic, challenging, unpredictable, exciting!,
fun!, scary, worrisome. So many ups and downs so often this year that sometimes you wondered if
getting back up again is really worth it, since you were right back down there again. But we
prevailed and I've learned getting back up is DEFINATELY the answer!
I feel more confident with the wisdom I learned from previous years challenges  and how they
impact my wisdom for the future. Despite the challenges I had achievements too and I'm thrilled
to share them with you.
I completed my new Mentoring program. [Client Name] mentoring has already created a huge
‘buzz’ of excitement , so, I’m opening a special PRE-Launch just for you! 
As I wrap up this year, I want to share a few tips as you prepare to “Adjust your Crown” for 2020.
Three Tips to leave 2019 and enter 2020
 TIP 1: 
 TIP 2: 
 TIP 3: 
No matter how you end this decade and start the new one, I wish you Peace and Prosperity!
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Monthly Article
Magazine Client
Purpose: Holiday Message, Reflection

Ghost Writer
Monthly Email Series
Towing Service Client
Topic: We’re Still Open
Hey [insert name],
This is a difficult time for us all but if you're an essential
worker, you NEED your vehicle!
Everything is shutting down but we're still open!
If you have car trouble, you can depend on [Client Name]
to transport your vehicle, quickly, safely and at existing
prices. Call us to tow your vehicle with the assurance that
we will protect your vehicle as we transport to a repair
facility or your home.
[Client Name] is still open. Call us xxx-xxx-xxxx
To protect you and us, [Client Name] has suspended
transporting riders in the tow trucks until further notice.
Ghost Writer:
Monthly Email Series
Towing Service Client
Purpose: Staying Connected
Hey [insert name]
I hope you're finding your new normal as we move forward through this challenge. We've
come a long way, but we've still got a ways to go. Keep the faith.
As much as I enjoy talking with you [my clients], I'm sure the need to tow your vehicle is
NOT on your "happy" list. To help keep your vehicle "off the hook", I'm sharing a few
prevention tips with you:
Keep your windshield fluid tank FULL to keep your windshield view clear
Rotate your tires regularly and inspect them for signs of wear or damage that might
lead to a flat tire.
Follow your vehicles oil change schedule to keep your engine lubricated. Most oil
changes include a check of belts, hoses and fluids, like the windshield washer fluid
To protect you from air-born irritants, have your vehicle's cabin filters changed
during service checks to keep you safe in your car. Think of your cabin filters as
masks for your car.
As always, if you find yourself in need of a tow, we're here for you! Call us xxx-xxx-xxxx.
From the [Client Name] family to your family, we wish you safety, peace and faith that we
will emerge from this stronger than we started.
Ghost Writer
Online Community Client
Topic: Returning to Normal
from Corona Virus
The “cabin fever blues” have gotten to me too!  I’m tired of being in the house and I’m really, really, ready to
have the flexibility to move around again. I guess, its true that “You don’t truly appreciate what you have
until it’s…restricted”.
I'm hearing rumors of restrictions being lifted. That sounds both good but...
The road forward is gonna be mixed with as much excitement as it will bring unsettling feelings. We don't
know what the conditions will be when we shift down from DEFCON 4. it's just plain good sense to be
cautious. Nothing that has this type of an affect on people around the world will just disappear in one day.
We need to consider what we WILL do going forward. How will you approach a business greeting...shake
hand? What about standing in line at the grocery store with the person behind you coughing without
covering the mouth or nose? Humm. I want to hope that you and I will be SMART about moving forward
without being paranoid. If we use the wisdom from our past, “good manners” when engaging others and
from the present, "taking reasonable precautions", we can develop more healthy habits.

COVID Lessons
Science and Medicine has taught me to be more AWARE of my surroundings. Burying our heads in my cell phone in public places keeps me unaware of what's right
in front of me. There were “signs” that we needed to be more cautious. Wiping surfaces is not new to any of us. Wiping surfaces is not insulting to the person
who was there before me but instead it's highly recommended to keep me and the people I go home to are safe. After all, COVID showed me that the person
before me may be a carrier without even knowing it. If you're a member of a gym, it's common practice to wipe down a surface before using equipment, so
why not be as careful in other public spaces?
Science has reminded us that viruses and germs mimic one another. The symptoms of a common cold "feel" like the symptoms of a lot of other things including
Corona virus in the beginning. Corona virus has taught me that self-care is important, not just to me but to others. While I'm taking care of others, it's to their
advantage and mine to take care of me too. But we don't alwasy take care of each other. Because someone is concerned about me does not mean their choice
and decisions won't have negative consequences to me. In the last few months, people were concerned about me, but still bought ALL the toilet tissue in the
store and didn't leave any for me. Sorry, the toilet tissue "thing" still leaves me scratching my head.

In the coming months, we'll need to adjust our "sensitivities".
What doesn't worry me may be really, worrisome to the person sitting next to me. THAT'S OK and IT'S NOT A NEGATIVE AGAINST ME. It's just the way THEY feel.
If they "scoot" away from me...it just means, there’s more room for me :-).

Monthly Magazine Article
Purpose: Balance
Self Esteem Empowerment
for Women Co-Author
Overcoming the
Superwomen Syndrome - Co-Author
Pamela Burks, the author, is a brilliant writer. As I was reading, I felt like I was being cheered on by
a likable cheerleader. Burks suggests that we capture golden moments of success by keeping a
journal that outlines your “pat on the back” or “things that made you smile or laugh” that day. Burks
hit home on a lot of issues that both women and men must deal with on a regular basis.
Coaching Program developed from
my book contribution.
The “Ps” to Success
Purpose: Developing Success Habits
Thank You!
Pamela Burks