Tena Koutou te whanau o Mangonui
Welcome to all our new students - Leo, Finn, Hunter, Charlie, Arya, Bailey-Rose, Keupa, Jett,
Santana, Necia-Jade. We know that you will have a great time at Mangonui School! Great to
have you part of the whanau. We look forward to seeing you grow at our special
kura...Mangonui School.
It was great to have a rest after a very challenging term. I think everyone was a little jaded
towards the end! The break must have been good as everyone has returned with full
boosters packed with energy and enthusiasm. Our awesome students have settled quickly,
reconnected and are ready to learn. Welcome back everyone!!!
Our school roll has jumped which is a good indicator that whanau want their child to be part of our
special school. The junior classrooms are amazing!! A great place to start the school years. The Board
of Trustees are 100% behind Purposeful Play and gave $5000 for more resources. Lots of cool stuff to
play and explore with. We welcome any perspective parent to come and have a look. To organise a visit
just contact the school office and Angela will sort out a suitable time. We also have our new classroom
‘Koru’ led by Miss Jessie Maihi and supported by Kai Mahi Sue Greaves functioning and full of excited
and happy junior students. This has reduced our classroom sizes in our junior school which makes a big
We know that these are economically tough times and this places additional stress on the bottom line
especially around affording kai. This term we are doing hot lunches for any student who does not have
enough kai. Teachers check lunchboxes and if students do not have enough kai they let Whaea Linda
know. Whaea Linda runs the lunch club each day. If your child needs some kai let us know. We want
every child to be successful. Having a full tummy is number one. Do not be whakama, we have the
resources and love helping out our whanau!
This year our senior students have taken on a whole range of new leadership roles across the school.
They are an amazing group of students who have really stepped up to the challenge and made our
school a better place for it. One of the roles is mentoring new students as they enter school making the
transition to school easier for our young ones. These students spend time each day with their student.
Each day they visit them in the classroom spending time reading or doing maths and then visit them in
the playground. They make sure that they are happy and supported as they start their journey through
primary school. This is kaitiakitanga in motion, it is humanity in action. Well done to all our seniors who
have stepped up and made our school a better place to live and learn.
Next Tuesday (weather dependent) we are having a Papatuanuku Planting Day for our whole school.
We would like to plant seedlings (that we have grown at school) at Rangikapiti Pa. We do this for a
number of reasons. We have a commitment to our community to be good citizens and give back where
we can. Our students are the leaders of tomorrow - ‘Nga Rangatira mo Apopo’ to be a great leader you
need to be kaitiaki of others. We teach our students to be kind to Papatuanuku, treat your whenua as
though it is your whanau. Also we want Mangonui School students to know how to plant a plant
properly. Some of our senior students will lead the day. These leaders have been up at Rangikapiti Pa
this week preparing the planting site. Everyone is very welcome to come along.
On August the 4th between 5pm and 6pm we are running a programme for our parents and caregivers.
We have heard from many our whanau that they want to know more about using digital devices and l
We have some seriously amazing students at our school. Our senior students read with the Junior
students each day. It is part of our senior leadership programme. I watched Cody MacDonald working
with a student who was really struggling with his book. He was so kind and patient (he did not know I
was looking) he persisted and made the young students feel really good about his efforts. What a
wonderful experience to witness, so authentic, so kind. I suggested to Cody that he might want to be a
teacher. With a big smile he politely said ‘no’. A special young man, well done Cody. I have a group that
I take for Basic Facts each day. PJ has committed himself each day, 100% focused and enthusiastic. As
a result he is getting faster and faster with most correct. You are a pleasure to teach PJ. Keep up the
Nga Mihi, Dave Sedcole
Awards Term 3 2020
Weeks 1-2
Principal’s Awards:
This week our Kaitiaki award went to Thomas Russell for managing himself and his learning so
well in the classroom. The Duffy award went to Unique Smith for working so hard with her learning
in all areas of the curriculum. The Awesome award went to Harmony Broadhurst because her
maths skills are out of this world, she has made massive improvements in this area this year.
The Kaitiaki Award went to Olive Lloyd for being kaitiaki of herself by working independently and
managing herself well. The Duffy Award went to Paige Swift for her great maths mahi last week.
The Great Job Award went to Jasper Broughton for taking his Year 6 role and responsibility within
Mangonui School very seriously.
The Kaitiaki Award went to Eden Ballard for taking time to help others get up to speed with their
learning. The Duffy Award went to PJ Reid for staying focused and putting in a great amount of
effort into his work. The Great Job Award went to Ayla Tiatoa for being engaged and asking great
questions during our seed experiment.
The Kaitiaki Award went to Holly Naicovi for working really hard with reading at school. The Duffy
Award went to Santana Udy-Robson for making a great start at Mangonui School this term. The
Awesome Award went to Cordez Baker for always having a positive attitude and bright smile.
The Kaitiaki award went to Elise Baker for being an awesome leader in our class. The Duffy award
went to Oakley Kelly being a respectful and caring member of our class. The Awesome award
went to Ashlyn Thomas for sharing lots of wonderful ideas in class.
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Kaitiaki Award went to Khaiyah Imani Brass for her ongoing dedication to learning, beginning
her mahi each day before the school day starts. The Duffy Award went to Brooklyn Ireland-Parkes
for showing a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards her learning. The Ka Rawe Award went to Eva
Foster for approaching her learning with so much confidence and participating fully in class korero.
The Kaitiaki Award went to Tohu Thompson for working well with others and helping other people
to join in by sharing equipment and activities.
The Duffy Awards went to Charlie Clark, Leo Bridson, Finn Bridson and Keupa Nikora all for
making a great start to school in Pukeko class and having a wonderful first week at school.
The Star Student Award went to Jacob Harrison for applying your letter sound knowledge to your
reading and writing. Ka pai.
25 Nights Reading - Danica Eruera and Flynn Ashby.
Term 3 Mon 20th Jul Fri 25th Sep
Week 6
Tue 25th Aug - Eastern Zone Cross Country
(Whole school attends at Peria School - postponement date 26th Aug)
Fri 28th Aug - Far North Zone Cross Country
(Selected students attend at Peria School - postponement date 31st Aug)
School Photos TBC
Term 4 Mon 12th Oct TBC in Dec
Any questions please contact the office: 406 0182 or 021 544 702
Please remember to inform the office about any student absences.
Taonga Class News
Wow! This term is flying by
already and we are very
excited to be back. Taonga
class have started the term
with some firewise learning,
cross country practise, lots
of writing and positive
attitudes! We can’t wait for
you to see the awesome
mahi we do this term.
Koru Class News
Kotuku News
Each week a few of us from Kotuku and Tuatara are getting art lessons from
Mrs Subritzky. We are making large wooden 3d murals to represent the
atua of each Mana potential colour. It is so much fun and we are learning
so much.  
We are all out cross country training everyday! We are trying to get our
fitness up so our cross country run at Peria this year is a breeze. Some of
us go to the reserve twice a week to do hill training. 
Film Study
Te Reo Maori Language Study
Nga Ringa Awhina News
Kowhai Class News
Pukeko Class News
Pukeko class has had a wonderful start to Term 3.
We have welcomed new students and have been busy
with our exploring and learning. 
We have started the term by learning about being
Firewise and are looking forward to the Firesafety
Office visiting our class on Friday.
We have been learning
about ‘teen’ numbers and
have been making bundles
of ten to help us make and
understand ‘teen’ numbers.
We have been learning the
letters of the alphabet and
focussing on the sound that
each letter makes. We
learn a new letter sound
most days and practise
hearing it, saying it and
writing it.
We know that matches and
lighters are tools for adults
and not toys.
If we hear a smoke alarm
we know to Get Down, Get
Low and Get Out FAST!