A collection of thoughts,
A collection of thoughts,
inspiration and creativity
inspiration and creativity
The name was chosen by our volunteers to reflect our aim of providing a collection of
thoughts, inspiration and creativity from the KindaKafe community which can be
treasured. We hope this magazine will help everyone to keep in touch and feel
connected despite us not being able to be together due to lockdown.
Hopefully, it wont be too much longer before we can welcome everyone back to
KindaKafe. In the meantime we welcome your suggestions and contributions for the
magazine so please email us at team@kindakafe.org or write to
KindaKafe, 21-23 Castle Meadow, Norwich, NR1 3DH.
A big thank you to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and
The National Lottery Community Fund for supporting the first two issues of this
magazine through The Local Connections Fund. Wed also like to say a special thank
you to our volunteers, Red Imlah who kindly designed this issue and Sarah Heale for
editing it.
Keepsake Editorial Team
Love a good doodle? Why not illustrate your lockdown life? Send us your
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I struggle with sleep, I have for years. Doctors have told me that if I exercised it would probably improve. I got
really fed up with hearing this over and over so I decided to attempt the Couch to 5K program. For those of
you  who  are  not  familiar  with  Couch  to  5K,  it’s  a  running  plan  recommended  by  the  NHS,  designed  for
beginners.  It  gradually  works  up  to  running  five  kilometres  over  the  course  of  three  runs  a  week,  for  nine

During the first week of the program, it was a struggle for me to run for the 60-second intervals. Thereafter, I
was lucky to be able to enlist the help of my parents, especially my dad who is a fantastic runner, to come
with  me  on  my  runs  which  helped  loads.  The  hardest  run  was  on  week  five  when  I  first  ran  for  20  minutes
straight. I ran very slowly and I powered through and was so proud of myself when I completed it.

Just before Christmas, I ran my first ever 5K, with no stopping and no walking. Recently I even pushed myself
to run 7K. I still cannot believe I have gone from barely being able to run for a minute to regularly running for
over an hour now.

Through all of this, the biggest achievement for me was my ability to remain consistent and motivated enough
to keep going. Although my sleep has not yet improved, I find that I have more energy which is very welcome.
Whenever I need to get out of my own head for a bit, a run is the perfect thing to give me peace of mind and
help me relax.
I’m outside on my own I love making plans. When I’m at my Mum’s community garden I love the tea, and snacks
and chatting. Gardening has helped me by teaching me new skills and improving my health. I can choose to be
on my own to clear my head or I can be with company having a cup of tea which helps if I feel lonely. I also
enjoy cake and biscuits with my tea.
I  love  gardening  for  many
reasons.  Apart  from  the  fresh
air and hearing the birds sing,
it’s  great  exercise  and  it’s
really helped  my  skin. I like to
pick  my  own  food  and
appreciate all  the  hard  work I
do  throughout  the  year.  My
own  veggies  taste  much  nicer
and sweeter than shop ones.

I  really  love  browsing  through
the seed catalogues and when
Have you got a green thumb? We'd love to hear about your garden! Get
in touch with us at team@kindakafe.org and send us your submissions.
Been using lockdown to get fit? Get in touch and tell us about it at

I find having a
purpose helps me
when I am out
because it makes
me notice things
more. Even when I
am not planning
on taking a photo,
I am looking
around for
interesting things.
I am also making
more general
observations. I
knew the first
three photos had
been taken on
very dull days, so
for photo four, I
was waiting for a
sunny day. I have
seen patterns in
walls and on bark,
as well as shoots
of new plants beginning to poke through and these are giving
me plenty of ideas for other things to take photos of.
It’s exciting to wonder about what I will see on my next walk
and whether it’ll grab my attention enough to be
photographed. Could it be the raindrops making patterns in
the puddles, or the stained glass window in a local door, or
the flooded fields by the river or...?
I really must get ready to go on my next excursion!
January 1st 2021 - A brand new year and a day for thinking
about goals for the year. However, we are in the middle of a
pandemic and most of the messages were, “Don’t do this,
don’t do that, stay at home, wash hands, keep away from
others”, and so forth. So I decided to think of something I
could do and one of those things was to go for a walk, and for
a bit of added interest, I thought I would record the year by
taking one photo a week. As my walks will all be local, I will
also be recording the changes in my village over the year.
Feel like showing off your eye for photography? Send your snaps to
We are all living in a really weird world at the moment with all the not being allowed out stuff. So maybe like
me, you are looking towards your pets as a source of love and affection a lot more these days.
I would love to say “Hi” to all the pets out there! I’ve met
fellow KindaKafe volunteers, Phoebe’s dog Ralph and
Isobel’s groovy ferrets in person (hello girls!), who are lovely.
Fifteen years ago after much humming and hawing, I was
chosen by a little tabby kitten. Let me set the scene, there
were two kittens; one a long-haired tabby who didn’t seem
to like my flat. Then, a small tabby who immediately started
mucking about and making himself at home. So I thought
you are the one!! We had chosen each other!!
“Hey there steady, you are a little herbert aren’t you,” I said
to him. Two days later I called him Herbert, Herby for short!
Herby loves cat-nip, belly rubs, extreme heat, and eating my
house-plants - but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think
pets don’t know they are in lockdown, they just love us
being at home more.
If you'd like us to showcase your furry friends, get in touch with us at
team@kindakafe.org and send us your submissions.
crocheted before!
Like many of us I imagine, I have spent a large amount of time
watching TV during lockdown, so I enjoyed feeling more productive as I
combined my TV viewing with creating a mismatched set of crochet
I am now the proud owner of a slightly odd cardigan made with four
different types of wool, all of which were too chunky for the small
crochet hook I found in a bag in the back of my Mum’s wardrobe.
Nonetheless, I feel a huge sense of achievement with my creation and I
plan to continue using the time I watch TV to make more! Who knows
what I may end up with next!
During lockdown, I came across a video online about crochet. The woman in the video claimed it is possible to
make a full-size cardigan using only crochet rectangles so I decided to give it a go, even though I have never
If Nicole's creation has inspired you, why not give crocheting a go yourself? You can find a
fantastic video tutorial on by
on Youtube, or get in touch with us for a step by step guide at team@kindakafe.org.
If you've made a successful granny square, we’d love to join everyone’s squares together once
we reopen, making a large blanket to celebrate us being able to be together again.
How to Crochet a Granny Square for Absolute Beginners Hooked By
Well, not. There have been at least twelve Saints called Valentine, whose feast days range from
January 7th (Valentine of Raeta) to November 3rd (Valentine of Viterbo) by way of a woman (Saint
Valentine of Palestine, July 25th) and an obscure Pope Valentine who held office for only 40 days in
the ninth century. This is not surprising, as Valentinus / Valentina - meaning “worthy” - were popular
Latin names. All the saints of that name were monks, nuns, or bishops, and therefore officially
unmarried and celibate.
The one whose feast day on
February 14th has caught
on is Valentine of Rome, the
patron saint of beekeepers
and epilepsy. He is
supposed to have been
beheaded around 270, and
his skull, decorated with
flowers, is still sometimes
displayed in Rome. Instead
of hearts and flowers this
Valentine’s Day, how about
a Valentine’s card of skulls
and flowers?
It was English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, in the 1370’s, who gives the earliest known reference connecting
St Valentine’s Day with romantic love, as mid-February was supposedly the time “when the birds get
married”. Ah, many happy returns to all those birds who have recently tied the knot.
So whos responsible for all the romance?
So whos responsible for all the romance?
Explore local history and share your memories, at the brand new
monthly Memories Club. Join local historian Sarah Walker on Zoom on
February 23rd at 3.00 pm to chat about memories, and to build some
new ones.
Email team@kindakafe.org for your Zoom link. Everyone welcome.
Are you fascinated by the past?
Are you fascinated by the past?
Can you remember your first day at school? Your last day
Can you remember your first day at school? Your last day
there, or a particular teacher or friend you had?
there, or a particular teacher or friend you had?
Saint Valentine: was he the patron saint of chocolates, scentless roses, gangster
Saint Valentine: was he the patron saint of chocolates, scentless roses, gangster
massacres, and embarrassment? Or...not?
massacres, and embarrassment? Or...not?
If you feel inspired and want to let your imagination out to play, try this poetry exercise from
Hilary, the facilitator of our Bridges Creative Writing Group.
Choose an emotion which you have felt recently or in the past (e.g. love, hate, jealousy, fear,
desire, anger, greed, happiness, boredom) then answer these questions:
It makes a noise, what does it sound like?
If it could speak, what do you think it would say?
Who else apart from you can hear it?
If you reach out and touch it, what does it feel like?
If you lean over and sniff it, what does it smell like?
If you lick it or nibble at it, what does it taste like?
What colour (or colours) is it?
When the emotion has left you, where does it go to?
It looks strong and has yellow eyes.
Its footsteps don’t hit the ground but float
centimeters above it.
It sounds like every song that makes you want to
have a dance party in the middle of
the night, but whispered quietly.
It says, “You’re going to be more than ok”.
Only I can hear it, but there is a unique version for
each of us.
I reach out and touch it.
It feels like putting your hand on a loudspeaker. In
the rhythm of a beating heart.
It smells like vanilla and rain.
It tastes like morning air.
It's yellow, silver, gold and light blue in colour.
When I don’t feel it, it shrinks into the shadows and
waits patiently until I'm ready again.
Once more a dreary wretched day,
To soggy leaves and steeping mud.
With hat and gloves, I am away,
Churning the ground with heavy plod.
The blackbird echos through the Dell,
A lonely bird but still it sings,
And in my dismal heart as well,
A bloom renewed for weary wing.
Plants arise from tangled root,
The earth turned dark and sodden too.
A robin watches small and bright,
And begs me raise my spade anew.
Bare winter is a dismal sight,
As days and weeks stretch overlong,
To hear the lark call in the night,
And wait for summer's gentle song.
To help us ‘build back better’ after the challenges of COVID-19 and
ensure everyone we support can not only survive in this new world
but thrive we are relaunching KindaKafe as a community hub
available for use by registered members.
Much of what you have come to love and expect from KindaKafe will
remain. You can always look forward to a warm welcome, a friendly
smile, a cracking cuppa and so much more. We’ll be launching our
new membership scheme as soon as we’re allowed to reopen, so
watch this space for updates.
The decision to not reopen the cafe was a difficult one but we would
like to thank everyone who has supported KindaKafe over the years and we hope to see you again
soon as we launch the community hub.
In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring you new and exciting projects like this community magazine
which promotes well-being and enables our community to keep in touch from the comfort of their
homes. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.
Join local historian Sarah Walker on
Zoom to chat about memories, and
build some new ones, every last
Tuesday of the month.
Meet us for a cuppa and a chat,
at our weekly Zoom coffee
morning and start the week with a
Creative writing group for people who
have had, or are experiencing mental
health problems. Join us on Zoom and
bring along any sort of writing to share
and discuss. Take part in lively discussion
and energetic writing exercises
Fun, friendly and relaxed creative
writing group where you can laugh,
share and enjoy creative writing on
Zoom. Forget your worries, all you
need is a little imagination. Everyone
is welcome.
Visit www.kindakafe.org or follow us on Facebook for
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