Kia Ora Koutou Whanau
Wow what an exciting week the children had at Lonsdale Park last week. Full on adventure and play
both at Lonsdale and at Matauri Bay. It was awesome seeing so many parents on camp getting to
know other parents and also the team we have at Mangonui School. It had a great feel, positive, fun
and happy which is the way it should be! I did talk to the students on Monday assembly to remind
them that we are very lucky to have a school that does get outside the school gate and connect with
the local environment and not to take it for granted. We have built this foundation for our school over
the years and it has become the way we roll. It is great to see our students mastering paddleboards and skillfully
using a kayak...learning to interact and play safety in their local environment.
Let us hope schools will always be able to represent their community and make decisions that suit their locality
and people. There are some major changes on the horizon that we should all be aware of and my thinking is that
many New Zealanders may be aware their is a review but know little of what the outcomes could be. At this
moment in time we have Board of Trustees that are voted in every 3 years. This group of people set a strategic
direction for the school in consultation with their community and monitor the implementation of this. When we
consulted with our community we found out that parents wanted their children to be:
creative, literate and numerate
grounded in their culture language and identity and confident in both Maori and Pakeha
confident in engaging safely with and in our local environment. They are committed to
sustainability and protection of the environment (Kaitiakitanga) 
active leaders, participants and contributing community members within and outside the
fit, happy and healthy
respectful of all people and socially adept (Kaitiaki of Self and Others)
agents of their own learning, design, plan, carry out and review their learning
positive and confident in sharing ideas and opinions, believe in themselves and their
capabilities and are responsible for personal and social choices
resilient, can manage change, have a growth-mindset and persevere when challenged
able to participate, compete, enjoy and demonstrate sportsmanship in sporting and cultural
able to safely use a range of digital tools and resources to access, use, validate and present
new learning
This has a very Mangonui feel to it. It gives us license to say that learning about the world of Maori is important,
that interacting with our local environment is an important part of education. These 11 statements came from our
community and give us direction. I wonder what it would look like it if came out of a ‘Education Hub’ run by
ministerial appointments based in Whangarei? The idea of developing a model where one size fits all?
Last week I went on camp with the Taonga class and the lovely Miss Seymour. What a great group of students,
parents and caregivers. These guys are Year 2 and 3 students (6 and 7 year olds). That is a big call staying the
night away from Mum and Dad in an unfamiliar location. Ccri Carson was amazing. He managed himself, making
his bed, packing his bag up, cleaning his teeth etc. He was kind and funny…. just a nice person to be around.
Well done Ccri you are Kaitiaki of yourself and others!!
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
Awards Term 1 2019
Weeks 5-6
Duffy awards - Max Harley for his superb team work. Tai Smith for his effort and skill on the confidence
course at camp. Kaitiaki awards - Legion-Dre Tomars for helping his peers with computer problems.
Hori Phillips-Allen for being kind to others on camp. Star awards - Jonta Leger for his fantastic
leadership skills in the water. Chelsea Hoult for being AWESOME.
The Duffy Awards - Keylee Byford for her focussed mahi when uploading her work to her blog. Marlon
Ledger for being helpful when creating our raft. The Kaitiaki Awards - Unique Smith for being helpful
and taking care of our Chromebooks. Glen Bradbury for helping Tuatara create our raft and support us
in the raft competition. The Star Student awards - William Fox for being focussed on his learning.
Lucas Baker, Brendon Dowman, Millan Bradbury and Cody MacDonald for their awesome
teamwork during the Whangaroa Raft Race.
The Duffy Award went to Katie George for giving everything on camp a go with a fun filled and positive
attitude! The Kaitiaki Award went to Samuel Russell for creating great Kahoots for the class about
Maths in his own time! The Star Student award went to Mil’e Matamua for making thoughtful
comments on our shared reading Google Doc.
The Duffy Awards- Ashton Chuck for looking after others, staying on task and learning new skills on
the chromebooks. Bentlee Tuhou-Marron learning from his mistakes and having a go at everything on
camp! The Kaitiaki awards- Ccri Carson for always looking after others and being thoughtful in Taonga
class and around the school. Levi Gruebner for giving clear instructions to his buddy while on camp
and looking after him and for giving everything a go and putting 100% effort in!
The Awesome awards- Molly Matia for trying really hard during our Manaiakalani time and mastering
new skills on the chromebooks. Titan Broughton for being courageous and enthusiastic during camp.
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Kaitiaki Award went to Attallia Rarere for her ongoing commitment to her learning and being a
fabulous role model in the classroom.The Duffy Award went to Gene Wright-Peterson for her
enthusiasm and perseverance in completing her maths mahi. Graysen McCarten received an award
for showing dedication in reading and making great progress in learning his letter sounds.
Kaitlin Roberts-Roberts: Trying hard to write your letters the right way. Ka Pai. Rose Bradbury:
Caught being good. Doing really well with reading and sounding out her words. Ka Pai Rose. Hone
Oppert: Caught being good: Exploring different things when playing with our electricity set. Ka Pai!
Kingston Tai: Kaitaiki of self: Taking turns with others when playing with the electricity set. Ka pai.
Reading 25 nights: Brooklyn Ireland Parkes, Ante Albert, Jessica Neho, Mckenzie Ritchie .
Term 1 (Mon 4th Feb - Fri 12th Apr)
Week 6
Thu 14th Mar Juniors: Taipa Sand Dune Protection Day
Week 7
Mon 18th Mar Junior Swimming Sports - 1.15pm - 2.30pm
Week 8
Mon 25th Mar to Pukeko & Nga Ringa Class Camp
Tue 26th Mar
Week 10
Tue 9th Apr Pukeko & Nga Ringa Tabloid Sports Day in Kaingaroa
Term 2 (Mon 29th Apr - Fri 5th July)
Term 3 (Mon 22nd July - Fri 27th Sep)
Term 4 (Mon 14th Oct - Wed 18th Dec)
Parking Outside School
Please do not park in the bus bay before 9.30am and after
2.30pm. The drivers are finding it difficult to manoeuvre
between vehicles and we all need to be vigilant in
preventing potential damage.
Mangonui School Staff
Changes to Bus Arrangements
Please ensure to let the office know by 2pm if your students arrangements are different
each day. Each day’s classroom messages are sent out at this time and it is the best way
to guarantee your child is directed to the correct bus line or pickup area.
Please also let the office know if you are picking up a student who is usually on the bus.
This saves a lot of running around at the end of the day trying to find students who are
on the bus lists but have already gone.
Absent Students
It’s important that if your child is absent that you let us know as soon as possible please.
When an explanation is not received the absence shows up as a ‘?’ which then turns into
a ‘T’ for ‘Truant’ after two days.
Of course we do not want our wonderful tamariki having truancy in their attendance, so
just let us know reasons for any absence as quick as you can by one of the following
Phone the office: 406 0182 (leave voice message if
Text or call the office mobile: 021 544 702
Email the office:
Fill in form on our website:
If you have any questions about your child’s attendance record, please contact Angela in
the office on the above phone numbers or email address.
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Nga Ringa Awhina
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