Kia Ora
It has been a very busy couple of weeks for the students. We have been really lucky with our
learning opportunities. We had Kelly Talton’s visit our school to talk to the students about
releasing a turtle that they had saved. The same sad story of eating plastic and becoming
sick. It was one of their worst cases and took since late 2018 to be fit enough to be released
back to sea. Following this the students made wax sandwich wrappers to replace glad wrap.
Single use plastic is one of the worst offenders of pollution and unfortunately there was been
no change in the way many products are sold. It is bizzare when you look at our students kai boxes
how much single use plastic is in them and the only place that it ends up is in the ground at the
landfill - one use!! We hope that all our school whanau will jump on board and use wax wrappers
rather than plastic wrap. Our aim is to become a zero waste. Some of the actions we are doing:
Making wax wrappers
Making bamboo straws
Monitoring power in our classrooms
Worm Farming
Making compost
Pig Bucket - takes the rest
Recycling monitors in each class to separate waste from recyclable
Lots of education around looking after Papatuanuku.
If students bring plastic to school then we ask them ‘Don’t moan take it home’. We do not want to offend
anyone but we simply do not see it as our waste. At the same time we want to really encourage our
whanau to think about their use of single use plastic. Having your child bring their plastic wrappers
home hopefully will increase motivation to cut down purchasing single use plastic wrappers. It is
amazing what you can achieve through putting more consideration into what you purchase. The big
companies are totally irresponsible so the responsibility falls onto us to look after our earth. On a
positive note….our seniors went to Rangiputa to see the release of the Turtle that had been learning
about. An amazing experience!
One of the messages we hear from our parents and caregivers is how to manage digital devices. These
come in all shapes and sizes and our children love them! Here are some ideas from Netsafe NZ that
you could consider:
1. Understand: Read about the potential online risks, challenges and sometimes illegal behaviour
young people face to understand what may happen
2. Learn: Ask your child about what they do, how they use devices and who they talk to learn about
their activities. Check in regularly to see what has changed
3. Explore: Take the time yourself to explore the sites, apps and technologies your child uses to
improve your knowledge and understand their experience
4. Agree: Create a family code with your child to agree on what they can do online including sites
to visit, appropriate behaviours, privacy settings and limits
5. Start: Recognise each child has unique needs, but some online safety concepts are universal.
Start by teaching yours the Five tips to help your child thrive
6. Model: Be a good example to your child. Make sure you role model the sort of behaviours you
want to see your child use online and offline
7. Plan: Make a plan so everybody knows what to do if something goes wrong and where you will
be able to get advice and support in challenging times
Nate MacDonald won the Principal award this week. He is a very kind and caring student who looks out
for others and lends a hand when needed. A really talented young guy who is comfortable with who he
is. You are a great role model to others.
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
Awards Term 1 2020
Weeks 3 and 4
Our Superstar award went to Thomas Russell for becoming more independent with his mahi.
Our Duffy award went to Chelsea Hoult for her creativity while making her GIF. The Kaitiaki
award went to Marley Matia for managing his time well and completing his mahi at a high
Our Superstar award went to Cooper Hibbard for never giving up when doing his mahi. Our
Duffy award went to Marlon Leger for trying his best in everything he does - both inside and
outside the classroom. The Kaitiaki award went to Peyton Shaw for being kaitiaki of others by
always being patient and kind..
The I’m a star among stars award went to Ccri Carson for displaying a high degree of interest
in class lessons.
The Caught Being Good award went to Shiloh Chapman for volunteering every morning by
setting up the class environment for her classmates.
The Ka Pai award went to Hoani Pike-Venner Setting the pace in Kowhai class with his work
The WOW award went to Rata Smith for being the confident, quiet achiever of week 5.
The Duffy Awards went to Alyssa Makiha-Soundy for being absolutely amazing in camp and at
school and Bonnie Van Kesteren for making an amazing start at Mangonui School and in
Taonga Class. The Kaitiaki Awards went to Kingston Shepherd-Kimi for being kaitiaki to
others and looking after new students in our class and Gene Wright-Peterson for always
putting her best effort into all her work. The Awesome Awards went to Attalia Rarere for her
amazing piece of writing about her trip to Kai Iwi lakes and Liam Brame for always having a
positive attitude towards everything we do.
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Duffy Awards went to Blake Ivey for completing his whakapapa book to a high standard,
and to Ashlyn Thomas for being a responsible role-model for others.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Indica Baker for supporting others with their ukulele chords and
Mckenzie Ritchie being a kind and caring friend.
The student of the week awards went to Khaiyah Imani Brass for all her help and fantastic
reading before school each morning and Ryder Roxburgh for creating an outstanding avatar.
The Duffy Caught Being Good Award went to Flynn Irwin for using the first letter of words to
help solve with tricky words when reading.
The Kaitiaki Award went to Marley Fisher for being an enthusiastic learner.
The Awesome Award went to Luke Yates-Tomars for creating impressive objects, pictures and
structures from the blocks, what an imagination for shape!
25 nights reading awards: Flynn Irwn, Lara Laybourn, Jacob Harrison, Sydney Greaves.
Term 1 dates: Mon 3rd Feb - Thu 9th Apr
Week 6
12 - 13 Mar Pukeko & Nga Ringa Camp
Week 10
Thu 9 Apr Last day of Term 1
Term 2 dates: Tue 28th Apr - Fri 3rd Jun
Any questions please contact the office: 406 0182 or 021 544 702
Taonga Class News
Another fantastic week for
Taonga class. We have
been super busy learning
how to be Kaitiaki to
Papatūānuku. We have
been to the taipa sand
dunes learning about what
we can do to help!
Tuatara & Kotuku Camp
Nga Ringa Awhina News
Five of our
classmates spent
their spare time
practicing a play
called ‘The invisible
house’. 
As an audience we
showed them lots of
respect as we know
it can be hard to get
up in front of our
peers. We
thoroughly enjoyed
the show.
Ka Pai team! 
Kowhai Class News
Pukeko Class News
Pukeko class had a wonderful morning at the Taipa Sand
Dunes on Tuesday along with the Junior Syndicate learning
about dune based plants and animals as well as pests and
predators and how we can help to look after and be kaitiaki of
these things.  
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