Tena Koutou te Whanau
What a great term this has been with so much happening in and outside of the classrooms. Having
so much going on means that we can develop a curriculum that suits all our students. It has been
awesome watching our tamariki prosper and learn in this diverse environment. At times it felt
overwhelming but when you stop and reflect you realise that providing multiple learning opportunities
for our tamariki allows everybody to enjoy success..we are not a ‘one size fits all’ school.
We are planning for next term. Lots of exciting learning themes and opportunities. The senior school
will be learning about Rockets. They have signed up to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering
and Maths) wonder course which looks amazing. The Middle School will be investigating healthy
eating to go alongside the fabulous ‘Ka Ora, Ka Ako’ initiative that will deliver free healthy
lunches to all our students each day. The Junior School are looking at Bugs and Bees with the
intention of making our school more bug friendly...love it!!
So many exciting things going on!! Ka Ora, Ka Ako is an amazing opportunity for our students
and whanau. The emphasis is on ‘healthy’ and providing daily opportunities to practice healthy
eating. This initiative started as ‘providing food for hungry students’ but has moved to ‘providing
healthy food’. We see lots of lunch boxes full of unhealthy kai. We understand that the cheap
processed, sugary kai is cheap and affordable. This will set an even playing ground for
everyone as all our children will get a beautiful kai each day. The government has confirmed
that they will continue to support this until at least 2023. Thanks Jacinda!
Mangonui School is part of the Te Kahui Tai Kura o te Hiku. The Kahui is a connection and
partnership between Far North Schools, Iwi and Whanau focusing on our shared interest to
improve educational outcomes for Far North students. It has taken time to gain an
understanding of each other and grow relationships but now it is at a point where a big shift is
taking place. Iwi have spent considerable time developing their vision, needs and desires for
tamariki and fed this into a strategic document. It is not just about coming up with ideas but also
ways in which we can make these aspirations work. It is a really interesting time, it is an
essential step and we feel privileged to be part of this. All of the Eastern Schools are part of the
Kahui and are focused on two goals - Te Tangata Ora - The physical, mental, spiritual and
whanau well-being of akonga (students) are protected and matured . Te Marama Ora - Akonga
are inspired to learn and engaged in quality learning experiences that are rich in culture,
environment and heritage of Te Hiku O Te Ika. Both statements have been broken down of
which many we already feel confident happen in our school on a day to day basis. However
there are some good challenges that will only improve what we do at Mangonui School. We are
thrilled as this is the voice of the Far North speaking and not some bureaucrat from lala land.
This term we have seen our seniors grow into their leadership positions. We were challenged
two years ago by whanau to make more of our student leadership and we are confident that this
promise has been fulfilled. Our Kapa Haka, Jump Jam, Kaitiaki, Mentors, Library, Admin,
Assembly leaders have really stepped up and blown us away with their maturity and sense of
purpose. They are proud, planned and professional. Watching our senior students organise and
then manage Tabloids was evidence of this. Anna and Janet have worked really hard and given
it special status within their syndicate, Nga Rangatira mo Apopo - Leaders of Tomorrow is not
just a statement but a real living breathing entity within our school.
Thank you to all the team at Mangonui School. Thank you to all our amazing supporters and
whanau that have supported us to have a great term.
Next week is the start of the school holidays. Please stay safe!! Remember to sanitize and trace
your visits. We look forward to seeing you all back for our new adventures in Term 2.
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
Our Duffy award went to Shiloh McCarthy for going with the flow and being a team player. The Kaitiaki
award went to Amber Clark for having a brilliant attitude towards school and learning. The Awesome
award went to Tohe Tatai for being a team player and showing amazing leadership on the ki o rahi field.
Principal award 
Nga Ringa 
Awards Term 1, 2021
Weeks 7-8
Our Duffy award went to Alyssa-Jane Soundy for always working hard and trying her best. The Kaitiaki
award went to Jahn Foster for being kaitiaki of himself by working independently to create an awesome
animation. The Awesome award went to Breakah Lloyd-Stipich for learning to use your leadership
skills in a positive way.
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Oasis Oppert for being kaitiaki of herself by making good decisions about
who she will work well with and Liam Brame for being a super star helper by teaching others how to
blog posts.
Our Duffy awards went to Cordez Baker for contributing great ideas during reading and Connor Steed
for being a great help in the classroom.
Our Awesome awards went to Rangitamoe Maika Paget for always being kind and caring towards
others in the classroom and Carl Timmermans for not giving up on his art when making a mistake,
instead he found ways to fix it.
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Bentley Hopkins for working hard with his learning and asking for help
when he needs it. Kingston Tai for helping others with their devices and teaching them a new skill.
Our Duffy awards went to Ash Ballard for having great knowledge at our sea week event and Lexis
Hall for always having a positive attitude towards her learning.
Our Awesome awards went to Eastern Heighway for making great improvements in his reading and
writing and Kaitlin Roberts-Tanginuna for working hard to focus on her learning.
Our Kaitiaki award went to Marley Fisher for always being helpful and showing responsibility. Our Duffy
award went to Hohepa Diaz-Goodwin for putting extra effort into his learning and asking to do some
more writing. Our Awesome award went to Gabriel Oien for listening well and working so hard during
our digital lessons with Whaea Donna.
Nga Ringa Awhina
Kaitiaki Awards went to Finn Bridson for his outside the box thinking in maths and to Hunter Simpson
for taking pride in his writing. Duffy Awards went to Keupa Nikora for being a great kapahaka leader
and to Saskia Kelly for being a wonderful class leader. Ka Rawe Awards went to Danica Eruera for her
determination in word puzzle building, Shelby Wilton for having a positive attitude and to Jett Tracey
for sharing your amazing ideas in maths.
Our Kaitiaki awards went to Indie-Rose Shaw for being a kind and caring friend and being more
confident in sharing her ideas, Ivy Clifford for being a kind and caring friend and Ziggy Holdaway for
sharing his knowledge and ideas about papatuanuku confidently with others.
Our Duffy award went to Sydney-Rose Strongman for making a great start to school in Pukeko Class.
Our Awesome awards went to Aria Burns for being a great buddy to Sydney-Rose and helping her to
settle into school and Leah Winiata for working very carefully to add her designs to her fish with Mrs
Kotuku News
Term 1
What a wonderful way to end Term 1. Our year 6 leaders ran the tabloids day on
Monday. On Tuesday our carvers worked with Billy on the school pou while the rest of
the class learnt all about ANZAC. Kotuku and Tuatara went to Kaitaia on Wednesday to
watch a special screening of Peter Rabbit at the movies. On Thursday we competed
against Oruaiti school in ki o rahi then had a lovely swim in their pool. Tomorrow we will
be packing up the classroom and winding down in preparation for our two week
holiday. WOAH, what a busy last week we have had! We hope everyone has a delightful
holiday break. We will see you down at the Mangonui wharf for the ANZAC parade on
the 25th. 
Tuatara News
Tuatara have been enjoying the last two weeks of Term 1. Our senior
tamariki got to take part in art rotation activities (pastel, paint or digital art).
They created some awesome masterpieces. We also had an enjoyable
tabloids day that our Y6 seniors ran - what a fun day! And… last but not
least, as a reward for great leadership, Tuatara and Kotuku got to enjoy a
great day out - we went to the movies! What a great way to end off the term!
Taonga Class News
Term 1 has been a blast! To finish off the term we have been doing
some learning about ANZAC day and why it is an important day.
We loved tabloid sports and the duffy assembly on Monday too! We
are excited to come back refreshed and ready to learn after the
holidays! 
Nga Ringa Awhina News
This week, Nga Ringa Awhina class has been busy learning about ANZAC day, baking
ANZAC biscuits and making poppy art. We also had a lot of fun at tabloid sports and
joining Pukeko class for our purposeful play.
Kowhai Class News
The last two weeks, Kowhai class have been
enjoying spending time with the two senior classes learning new art
techniques, along with learning about ANZAC day and why we
celebrate this special day - we were also able to integrate it into our
Pukeko Class News
Pukeko class really enjoyed the tabloid activities run by the
seniors on Monday. Everyone tried all the activities. There was
lots of smiles, laughter and encouragement of each other.
Thank you tuakana for organising these activities!