November 2020
Published by Ciel Ellis | Artist
Ciel is passionate about bringing
beauty into your sacred spaces
through her artwork.
Her delicate touch and sensitivity to
each bloom captures the
uniqueness that nature has to offer
Ciel paints full time in her White
Rock, BC studio, producing her own
work and instructing others in her
technique. Her work is
internationally collected.
|Protected Centre | 14 x 18"; Oil on Canvas;©Ciel Ellis
$1867 Framed
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| Unfolding Ruffles |16 x 20"; Oil on Canvas; ©Ciel Ellis
Radiance. When the light filters through the delicate
petals reminding you of the fragility and magnificence of
these flowers.
And there is an unfolding of beauty that transforms from
early bud to full opening. It is very much like our human
These two flowers inspire me to keep unfolding. Keep
building my understanding of radiance. If you are on the
journey of unfolding in your magnificence then perhaps
this piece is meant for you.
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|Focused Chorus |6 x 12"; Oil on
Canvas Board;©Ciel Ellis
$525 Framed
As if they were all focused
and listening to me as I came
in close to observe their
beauty. Each one holding the
beauty of yet to unfold for
the day.
|Parrot Tulip Down | 8 x 10";
Oil on Canvas; ©Ciel Ellis
$965 Framed
The beauty of this parrot
tulip unfolding reminds us
that the sumptuous
unknown enfolds and wraps
us in pleasure and delight.
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|What's Yet to Come| 6 x 8";
Oil on Canvas; ©Ciel Ellis
As you approach, you feel
the sun on your cheek and
smell the rich lemony
fragrance of this beautiful
flower. What's yet to come
refers to the bud that is yet
to open. The beauty that is
promised. The joy that is
on its way.
The delicate pink petals,
lightly touched by the
drops of rain, remind you
of the delicate nature of
life itself. The beauty and
fragility, strength and
|Life Blossoming| 6x8";
Oil on Canvas; © Ciel Ellis
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