Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 1
Tenant Handbook
This document is intended to provide our tenants with an abbreviated view of the various
aspects of leasing a home with The Brown Blankfeld Group. Changes can arise out of
statutory changes or simple policy changes within our company. We will attempt to notify
you of any such changes. If at any time you are not certain about any of the information
provided, please don’t hesitate to ask your property manager.
None of these explanations or abbreviations are intended to alter the terms of the lease.
The lease and Nevada Law always takes precedence.
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1. Rents
a. Due on the 1
of every month. Late on the 2nd. Late fees apply. Online
payments cannot be accepted after the 1
and must be hand delivered,
certified funds.
b. The security deposit will never be applied to rent. Your last month’s rent is
due and you cannot utilize the security deposit in lieu of that rent.
c. We encourage our tenants to utilize our free online service to pay rents and
report any issues.
d. If you are ever late on rents, we may insist that you bring certified funds to our
office to avoid any further delays.
e. Utilities
i. All utilities that you are responsible for in the lease must be put in your
name. You should have this done prior to move in. There is no grace
2. Lease
a. If you ever have a question about policies, the answers can be found in your
lease with few exceptions.
b. Once signed, you are committed to the full term of the lease. We have no
early termination clause or process. (No buyout)
i. If you must move, you will remain responsible for the rents, utilities and
care of the home until either a new tenant is found, or your lease
expires, and proper notice is given. We will ask that you pay for
marketing to find you a replacement tenant. That new tenant is subject
to approval by management and landlord.
ii. All other terms of the lease remain in force until proper separation is
iii. Military transfers orders will need to be provided to invoke the military
c. All residents over the age of 21 need to be on the lease as tenants. All tenants
are responsible for the terms of the lease collectively and separately.
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3. Lease Signing
a. We want you to be comfortable with all of the terms of the lease. Please ask
any questions you may have and know that we understand you don’t sign
leases every day. Harvey has made a video explaining it you can see it at
b. Feel free to enlist the services of a trusted advisor to help you. (attorney,
Realtor, parent, etc)
c. Very often the signing is done via some electronic method, but don’t be
reluctant to ask that it be signed in person and therefore you can ask a lot of
questions while you are signing.
4. Keys
a. Once keys are provided, if you change the locks, you will need to provide us
with a copy of the new key.
b. The keys provided to you along with any remotes and other keys will all need
to be returned at the end of your occupancy. Anything not returned will be
subject to a deduction from your deposits.
5. Pets
a. You may only have pets that have been approved by the landlord in the home.
If it’s discovered during your tenancy that you have had any unauthorized pets,
you will be considered in breach of the lease and subject to major penalties.
b. Upon move-out any damage your pets cause can be charged against both the
pet deposit and security deposit.
c. Service animals are subject to the same scrutiny as pets.
6. Guests
a. The only people permitted to live in the home are the tenants and anyone else
noted on the lease (children, etc.)
b. Anyone else discovered to be occupying the home for more than a short visit
must be approved by the management company and/or landlord.
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 4
7. Renters Insurance
a. We insist that all of our tenants carry renter’s insurance. You will need to
provide us with proof of coverage and list us as “A person of Interest” on your
policy so we will be notified in case of any lapses.
b. This insurance is not for the home, but for your belongings, personal property
that will be in the home.
8. Check In
a. Please be thorough and take photos for your own records.
b. After you have completed your check in, we will review with you which items
need be addressed by the landlord and which items you are willing to accept
but wish to have noted.
9. Repairs while you are in the home
a. Our lease contains what we call a “Non Frivolity” Clause. It means that the
tenant is responsible for the first $XX of any repairs. (see your lease for amt)
b. This is in place to encourage our tenants to handle any minor issues that arise,
but does not mean that any issue that arises should not be reported to
d. If something minor arises, simply report it to us in your tenant portal.
e. If something that requires professional service arises, report it in the tenant
portal and call us immediately to arrange the needed service.
f. Don’t order service yourself, we need to use our approved contractors only.
g. If you wish to make any changes to the property, you must get permission from
us in advance.
h. Invoices that need to be reimbursed must be presented within 90 days or they
will not be addressed.
i. You must accommodate the vendors with access to the home. We can
sometimes make special arrangements, but we count on you to accommodate
the vendor’s schedules.
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 5
10. Associations
a. By living within an association, you the tenant, agree to abide by all the
association rules & regulations.
b. If the association sends notice of any violations to the tenant, you must inform
the management company.
c. The tenant is responsible for any fines or fees assessed while they occupy the
11. Check Out
a. When you are ready to move out, please give the proper notice (usually 30
b. The security deposit will never be applied to rent. Your last month’s rent is
due and you cannot utilize the security deposit in lieu of that rent.
c. When professional services are asked to be used, you may do the work
yourself, but it will be scrutinized to professional standards. (If you clean the
windows yourself management may have to hire professionals and deduct the
charge against your deposit.)
d. Please utilize the Move Out Checklist to assure you will get the maximum
refund of your deposit(s).
e. Be mindful of terms “Ordinary Wear & Tear (landlord) vs “Damage” (tenant).
f. You will be asked to drop off the keys/remotes at our office prior to your lease
end date. We will conduct our inspection shortly after that and update you
about the results. Your security deposit will be refunded within 30 days of
lease end minus any appropriate, documented deductions.
g. We really enjoy returning the full amount of your security deposits and we do
return the full amounts in most cases.
12. Nevada Landlord Tenant Statutes
We want all our tenants to be happy. If you ever feel you are not getting the attention you
need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope your experience with us will lead you to
recommend us to your friends and family.
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 6
Our contact information:
All of us 702-315-7591
Jazmin Penaloza 702-580-5446
Jenna Jabara 702-305-3879
Harvey Blankfeld 702-203-1165
Karlee Ames 702-315-7591
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 7
Lease Addendum
Property Address: ____________________________________
Emergencies: Any issues with the home need to be reported to Brown, Blankfeld Property Management
IMMEDIATELY! If there is any leaks, water damage etc please let us know as soon as it is discovered.
Access: Tenant shall grant access to Brown Blankfeld for the purpose of periodic home inspections.
Time intervals to be at Brown Blankfeld’s discretion. 24 hour notice required.
Carpet: An owner is responsible for the normal wear and tear of carpet. The tenant is responsible for the cleaning
of the carpet. If there is excessive wear or stains on the carpet then it will be documented and the tenant will be
charged for the replacement or the cleaning of the carpet.
Painting: The normal wear and tear is the owner’s responsibility. If there is excessive damage then the
tenant is responsible. If there have been holes (more than nails for picture hooks) put in the walls that
need patching and painting then the tenant will be charged for the repairs and/or painting.
Plumbing: Any major plumbing problems that could not be the fault of the tenant the owner is responsible for.
Any drain problems the tenant is responsible for.
Mold/Mildew: The Owner must clean up any reported mold immediately due to the possibility of a health risk
or a lawsuit. If a tenant reports mold, the property must be tested. The cause of the water damage must be
detected. Homeowners insurance may not cover the damage. A letter should be sent to the tenant disclosing the
finding because habitability could become an issue. The assignment of costs to be determined by the cause
Pest Control: The landlord will be responsible for the initial service within the first 30 days of tenant occupancy.
The tenant then becomes responsible for pest control for the balance of the lease.
Checkout: The Tenant is responsible for the following items upon vacating the property. If these things are not
completed, it will be taken out of the security deposit to get it back to move-in condition. Normal wear and tear on
the property is expected and the tenant not responsible for.
Return ALL keys and remotes that were given to you at move-in.
Make sure that all of the utilities are paid in full till the proper date.
Have the carpets professionally cleaned.
Have windows professionally cleaned.
Remove ALL personal items
Tenant: __________________________________ Date: _____________
Tenant: __________________________________ Date: _____________
Owner: __________________________________ Date: _____________
Owner: __________________________________ Date: ____________
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 8
Tenant Move-Out Checklist
The property should be returned in clean, move-in condition. Any damages above normal
wear and tear that are tenants’ responsibility will be deducted from the deposits or charged
to the tenants.
Items that must be completed by tenant prior to move-out inspection:
1. The home needs to be professionally cleaned and left with no personal belongings or
2. Tenants are responsible for the professional cleaning of carpets and other flooring.
3. The windows are to be professionally cleaned inside and out.
4. A/C Filters to be replaced.
5. Wipe down and clean all wall surfaces. Holes created for pictures are OK, but larger
holes would be considered damage. Painting of the home may be deducted if the
walls are so damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
6. Plumbing issues that are discovered at walk through that were never reported will be
the responsibility of the tenant. Other major issues apply as well.
7. Landscaping should be clean and orderly with all the plants trimmed and healthy.
8. Tenants are responsible for any broken windows, screens, or doors.
9. Tenants are responsible for broken or damaged window coverings.
10. All appliances should be thoroughly cleaned; both inside and out.
11. Bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned, including shower glass and windows. All
personal belongings, including shower curtains and liners, old toilet brushes and
plungers should be removed from the home.
12. Cupboards should be wiped clean and pantry shelves and drawers free of debris and
personal items. If shelf liner has been placed at the home during occupancy; it should
be removed.
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 9
13. Clean ceiling fans, blinds, light fixtures, vents, baseboards, and pot shelves.
14. Change batteries in the smoke detectors if green light is not on.
15. Tenants are responsible for the re-hanging of any closet or room doors that may have
been removed during occupancy, and the replacement of all window screens that may
have been removed or stored.
16. Tenants should replace all burned out light bulbs with original type; including, but not
limited to chandeliers, kitchen can lights, bathroom vanity bulbs, bedroom ceiling
lamps, garage lights, outdoor flood lights, porch lights, etc.
17. Garage areas should be free of tenants’ personal belongings. Including sprays, paints,
and cleaning products. Any grease or oil spills which occurred in the garage or any of
the driveway or sidewalks during tenants’ occupancy should be removed.
18. All trash service receptacles belonging to Republic Services should be emptied and
remain with the home behind a fence or in the garage. All trash receptacles belonging
to the tenants should be removed from the property.
19. Keys and Remote Controllers: As applicable; all house keys, pool area keys, mailbox
keys, sprinkler box keys, gate padlock keys, garage remotes, subdivision entry
remotes, etc. that were provided upon move-in should be available for release upon
completion of the home’s move-out inspection.
Brown Blankfeld Property Management 10-20 Page 10
Per your agreement, you are required to provide our management
company with one of two things…
If you are a tenant, you need to have “Renters Insurance” and you
need to make “Brown Blankfeld Property Management” a “Person of
Interest” on your policy.
If you are a landlord, you need to make “Brown Blankfeld Property
Management” an “Additionally Insured” party on your policy.
Please complete the form below so we may confirm or arrange the required
Name of Insured:__________________ _____________________
Property Address: _______________________________________
Insurance Agent Name: ________________________________
Insurance Company: _______________________________
Contact Phone Number: __________ Email: ____________________
Insurance Policy Number: _____________________________
I give permission to my Insurance Agent/Company to provide whatever documentation is
required by Brown Blankfeld Property Management.
Tenant: __________________________________ Date: _______________
Tenant: __________________________________ Date: _______________