Over the last two weeks teachers have been testing students to determine where they are
working at against the NZ Curriculum. The curriculum is broken up into levels:
Once a child has been at school two years they are expected to be working at the end of Level 1,
After 4 years at the end of level 2 and on their final year at the end of Level 3. What you see in
the diagram is that it is not an exact measurement. Students do move between levels. Past
governments have tried with testing (National Standards) to get an exact measurement. This
provided huge anxiety and was based on the theory that we all progress at the same rate, that
we all are the same. Not a great idea which was binned. Schools use lots of evidence to figure
out where a child is working (Beginning Level, At Level, Achieved Level). This information will
then be passed onto the students and whanau during 3 Way Conferences. The most important
aspect of this process is the conversation we have about the learning and the next steps that
will need to be taken. As students get older these conversations become more detailed as they
gain a better understanding of the levels and stages in their learning. We try to build their voice
as they work through the school so they take ownership of their learning.
It is really important that as we have these discussions over learning we remember Reading,
Writing and Maths are extremely important but also being able to manage yourself, be kind,
work with others, have resilience and be a good friend are as important. This will also be a part
of our korero.
Next Monday the school will remain open for 3 Way Conferences. In the past we have closed
the school but thought this would provide an opportunity for our whanau to come into school,
see their child in class as well as have a conversation with their child’s teacher. Teachers have
been busy testing and writing reports so they have lots of information to share with you.
One of our big school-wide targets this year is Basic Facts. At each ‘Stage’ there are clear
expectations of what students need to learn. Stages 0-3 deal with groupings around 10 and as
they progress to Stage 8 number knowledge becomes more demanding. It is work that can
easily be practised at home. This link https://nzmaths.co.nz/number-facts-activities has lots of
ideas around what you could do. Just talking about numbers with your children brings in a whole
lot of concepts. Every Yr3-Yr6 child has been tested to see where they are working at and all
their classrooms will be making extra time every day to practice during term 3 and 4.
I always get so much out of spending time teaching in a classroom. Last week I spent three
days in the Kowhai classroom. Breakah was learning about Worm Farming and had lots of great
ideas to share when we read through the text. He stepped out of his comfort zone, backed
himself and his thinking. He is a very talented young guy. Eden has just arrived from the deep
South and is an amazing student to teach. She focuses on every word and then puts it to
practice. She always puts 100% effort into her mahi. Haere mai, nau mai, welcome to Mangonui
School. Danica won the principal award for kindness. We had a new student visiting our Pukeko
classroom and Danica made a special effort to look after her. Totally took the anxiety of visiting a
new school away for her. It was ‘pure natural’ kindness. Mangonui School has great students!!
Have a great weekend.
Nga Mihi
Dave Sedcole
Awards Term 2 2020
Weeks 10-11
Principal’s Awards: Danica Eruera - Kind and Caring
to Others Breakah Lloyd-Stipich - Kind and Caring to
Self, Eden Ballard - Kind and Caring of Self
The Kaitiaki awards went to Fern Tracey for her awesome effort she put into Steps Web
and Cody MacDonald for working so hard with his learning. Our Duffy awards went to
Brock Muller for his effort and enthusiasm in the Rangikapiti group and Taniora
Pike-Venner because we are always catching him being good. He is a superstar. Our
learning awards went to Kuirau Edwards for his very impressive maths skills and
Thomas Russell for making big improvements in Managing himself with our classroom
programme - well done Thomas.
The Kaitiaki awards went to Frances Edmonds for being ‘Kaitiaki of Herself by always
doing her best and to TeAhere Henderson for being a great Pukeko mentor. The Duffy
Awards went to Lucy Heighway for having such a positive attitude and to Mil’e
Matamua for having great leadership skills. The Ka Rawe awards went to Tane
MacDonald for being a great mentor buddy in Tuatara class and Anthony Tepania for
planning a great advert last week.
The Kaitiaki award went to Luka Owen-Natoealofa for being Kaitiaki of himself by
focusing on his work and getting it done.The Duffy award went to Jimmy Heighway for
being actively involved in classroom discussions. The Awesome award went to Hoani
Pike-Venner for being focused on his work and completing it ontime.
The Kaitiaki awards went to Carl Timmermans for working really hard with writing and
Kyle Gore-Easton for being Kaitiaki of self being responsible for his learning.The Duffy
awards went to Kea-Wairua Tomars for making a great start in Taonga class and
Eastern Heighway for always being a hard worker and being so kind to others. The
Awesome awards went to Holly Naicovi for making amazing progress in reading and
working really hard with all her mahi and Kingston Tai for being responsible for his
reading and making great improvements.
Nga Ringa Awhina
The Kaitiaki awards went to Ashlyn Thomas for showing kindness towards others and
to Ruby Chuck for her help getting Nga Ringa Awhina ready each morning for the
learning ahead. The Duffy Awards went to Hone Oppert for his growing confidence and
participation in class activities and to Indica Baker for her perseverance with writing. The
Ka Rawe awards went to Ash Ballard for fabulous questioning and giving detailed
explanations and Halo Stacey for showing confidence in maths.
The Kaitiaki Awards went to Lara Laybourn for her amazing writing; using her letter
sounds so well to write words, and Te Wiroa Henare-Leech for always being kind and
having an enthusiastic attitude towards sharing his ideas and trying hard in his learning.
The Duffy Awards went to Te-Kuru-O-Te-Marama Luke-Tyler for being an enthusiastic
class member, always willing to share his ideas, Danica Eureua, Hope Erstich, Saskia
Kelly , Flynn Ashby and Jett Tracey all for making a wonderful start to school in Pukeko
Class, we are so excited to have you join us!
The Star Student Awards went to Jacob Harrison for awesome participation and
enthusiasm during Ko Mamaru Te Waka and karakia each morning, Gabriel Oien for
amazing maths skills and knowledge which he shares with others, Sydney Greaves for
planning and constructing amazing creations during Purposeful Play investigation time
and Marley Fisher for using her letter sounds so well to help her read and write.
Reading Awards:
Monday 29th June, all through the day.
Classes will run as usual with reliever teachers.
We are using the School Interviews website from now on. You will be
emailed the link to book your interviews online. If you do not receive
the link you can visit: https://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/
Select ‘MAKE A BOOKING’, then enter code: tucgf
If you do not have online access, please feel free to contact
Angela in the Office, or your student’s teacher/s as we can
also book these in for you.
Whanau in Need?
We have a single bed, double blankets and some
cushions we want to pass on to a whanau in need.
Please contact the school office or Mr. Sedcole if
you are interested.
Term 2 Wed 15th Apr Fri 3rd Jul
Week 12
Mon 29th Jun - Parent Teacher Conferences - Classes as Usual
Fri 3rd Jul - LAST DAY OF TERM 2
School Photos POSTPONED til Term 3
Term 3 Mon 20th Jul Fri 25th Sep
Any questions please contact the office: 406 0182 or 021 544 702
Please remember to inform the office about any student absences.
Taonga Class News
Taonga class have
been busy learners
over the last few
weeks! We have
been doing lots of
maths and learning
how to make sure we
write our stories in
the right order.
Kotuku News
Over the last 2 weeks we have been very creative. We are writing adverts to persuade,
inform or entertain. We have chosen the best way to share our adverts, some are
making movies, creating animations and even making skits. In Maths we are making
our own board games to help us learn our basic facts.
Our Year 6 students are loving cooking our Monday lunches for our school community.
Thanks again to everyone who is supporting us with this.
PE Lesson - Throwing and Catching
Maths Focus - Basic Facts
Word of the Week - great examples of our mahi
Nga Ringa Awhina News
Kowhai Class News
Pukeko Class News
Pukeko class have been busy exploring, observing,
problem solving, questioning, creating and learning!
We are loving having snails in our class and have
been amazed at how interesting these little creatures
are! We have even been using snails to help us learn
about ordering numbers and the patterns to 10!
Exploring physics as the
boys make ramps to
make the monster trucks
go faster!
Making our eyes strong
and clever and
developing hand eye
coordination with our
NEW launch boards.
Designing and building a
garage that will fit a
monster truck.
Noticing what the snails
eat and seeing how fast
they can escape!.
Noticing what the snails
feel like on our skin.
Being gentle as we
carefully pick up the
Snail art.
Snail maths.
Puppet shows!
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