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My Emancipation Proclamation
By Pamela McGee; aka: Mama McGee/the Matriarch
On the first day of January, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and
fifteen, a proclamation was written that declares all females, all women,
held captive by virtue of just loving someone unconditionally, and having
being victimized by cultural, spiritual, emotional, or physical abuse shall
be thenceforth be emancipated. Through this declaration they shall be
liberated: through prayer: by the renewing of the mind, self-love, self-
respect, and education, with the support of her sisters…shall be free. It is
Upon this declaration all peoples, including those of male gender shall
recognize and maintain the freedom of such women, ladies, sisters,
mothers, as queens in their rightful place of leadership and reverence. No
one will act or create cultural mores of repression to degrade, defile, or
disrespect such persons who have accepted this new freedom. It is
This executive order will on this first day of January aforesaid, by
proclamation, designate the Black, Latino, Islamic, Caucasian
communities, the community of African decent, the ghettos, the barrios
the suburbs of America, the deserts of Arab nations, will maintain and
uphold this declaration in good faith, represented by tenements of our
Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Now therefore, by the Word of God, worshippers called by God, the
disciples of this new revelation, shall enforce and in accordance with the
purpose of creating strong families, strong communities, a stronger nation,
do so to publicly proclaim that they are free, and delivered from such
On this first day of January 2015, I do declare by virtue of the power of our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I do order and declare that all women held
captive within the aforesaid community are henceforward shall be free.
These Emancipated Executives of our families, churches, and communities
are commissioned to remain prayerful, and uphold this declaration. We
call on the power and faith of our ancestors, our fore-fathers, the
sacrificed, and the cloud of witnesses to lead us to our promise lands
here on earth in this United States and abroad.
This declaration shall be shared with our husbands, our children, our sons,
our pastors, and our villages, that we are declared a free people. It is
further declared in upholding these principles, we call this spiritual warfare
and will use any means necessary to maintain and uphold our liberties. We
sincerely believe that this to be an act of justice, and our unalienable right
to be free from violence, disrespect, and degradation. This is our
declaration that we are emancipated individuals in pursuit of our happiness,
self-love, and self-respect. We are indeed declared FREE: FREE INDEED!