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Email Strategies for Follow Up Success

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www.BabyGotBotCourses.comTwo strategies for emailfollow-up success. WARMING EMAIL SCRIPTS

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You’ve probably been in this situation before. You send out anemail to a potential client or customer, and you wait for them torespond. Days go by without hearing anything back from them,so you decide that they are not interested. The next time you see your list of emails to follow up on, theone with their name just has a line through it because they neverresponded after all. It doesn’t have to be this way though! Withthese tips for writing an effective follow-up sequence, you canget responses back even if people don’t respond right away thefirst time around.The most important part of writing a follow-up sequence is to besure that you are targeting the right people. If you send out ageneric email to a large group of people, it’s likely that only asmall number will respond. However, if you target your email toa specific group of people who match your ideal customeravatar, it’s more likely you will receive a response. This is wherehaving a list built from a free offer or lead magnet is helpful. Youentice your Ideal Customer Avatar with the perfect lead magnetoffer, then you follow up with them in a series of emails.Finally, you have to be patient when it comes to following up!Don’t expect a response from your first email. Instead, try tofollow up with people two or three times before moving them toa long-term drip. If your contact is a good fit for the product orservice you are offering but they just haven’t gotten around toresponding yet, a few well-timed follow-up emails will make allthe difference.Email Warming

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There are many formulas for follow up and it really comes downto your end goal. Let's explore a few ideas.Strategy 1: Basic warmingStrategy 2: One Time Offer SaleWhen your only goal is to build your email list with targetedaudiences and build rapport but not necessarily sell themanything the basic warming strategy is for you. This is a threeemail strategy.Email 1: Deliver the lead magnet and set the toneEmail 2: Connect furtherEmail 3: Get to know them betterWhen your goal is to get the lead to move quickly intopurchasing another product or service you might try these 5email strategy to warm them up and make a one-time offer.Email 1: Deliver the lead magnet and set the toneEmail 2: Connect further by inviting to the private community ordoing a free callEmail 3: Make the offerEmail 4: Testimonials for offerEmail 5: Final reminderThen send them into your ongoing long-term drip campaigns.In the following pages, you will get some sample email templatesyou can adapt to your own strategy. Just make sure you makethem your own!Email Warming

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Sent out Immediately after signing up. Welcomes your new subscriberand delivers the free offer or lead magnet that they signed up for. Thisemail also sets the tone for how you will be reaching out to them overthe next couple of days & moving forward.EMAI L ON E SA MP LE S CRIPTEmail Sample ScriptsBabyGotBotCourses.comBasic Warming EmailsThank you for your interest in [your offer]!You will receive two more emails from us over the next sevendays, and then you can expect to hear from us on a[frequency] basis with [general content of your on-goingemails].You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at thebottom of every email we send.[Your offer will likely be one of the following. Choose the ONEthat works for you.]Here is your [coupon/download].Here is our [provide something your new contact should knowabout. For example, link to a schedule, menu, or some otherhelpful information].Visit us at [website/physical location].

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Email two goes out 2 days after email one. This email is a way for you toask your new subscriber to connect with you further. In this email yousimply ask them to follow you on social media or join a specific Facebookgroup and highlight the benefit to them.Try one of the following scripts:EM AI L TW O SA MP LE S CR IPTBabyGotBotCourses.comLet's get social! Connect with us so you can be among the firstto hear about new updates and so you can engage with us andour other [fans/followers/members of the community].Follow us on social: [Links to social channels]—Most new contacts want to know about [topic] so we’remaking it easy to get the information you need.Visit [page] on our website—We’d love to hear from you! Give us a [call/email] so we can[benefit to calling. For example, answer your specificquestions, provide a free consultation, something else youoffer].Get in touch with us at [phone number and/or contact email].

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This email goes out 7 days after email two. In this email your goal is to get to know your subscriber a little bit better. This will allow you to not only segment them correctly, but also deliver them personalized content that is the most relevant to them.Try one of the following scripts:EM AI L TH RE E SA MP LE SCRIPTBabyGotBotCourses.comWe’d love to learn a little more about you so we can deliveryou a special gift on your birthday.When is your birthday? [Link to update profile form or singlequestion survey]—We’d love to learn a little more about you so we can tailor theemails we send to your specific interests.What are you interested in? [single question survey]—We’d love to learn a little more about you so we can givecredit where credit is due.How did you hear about us? [single questions survey]

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Sent out Immediately after signing up. Welcomes your new subscriberand delivers the free offer or lead magnet that they signed up for.although we are selling something we might not want to go directly infor the sale. Consider giving an additional connected resource to helpbuild a bit more trust. EM AI L ON E SA MP LE S CRIPTEmail Sample ScriptsBabyGotBotCourses.comQuick Turnaround Sales Emails[item 1][item 2][item 3]Hello again [FNAME]thank you for your interest in [Lead magnet]. Below is theaccess link. In this [Lead magnet] you will learn:Enjoy the resource and don't hesitate to reach out if you havequestions. [SIGN OFF],[YOUR NAME]P.S. if you love this [lead magnet] you may also like this [Freeungated resource like a blog or youtube video]

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This email goes out the next day after email one. This is when we startto warm the lead up a bit. We are not going to do a sale here but insteadinvite them to join a community or schedule a complimentary call. Atthis point we want to them to 'raise their hand' again and move to thenext step in your customer journey funnel.EM AI L TW O SA MP LE S CR IPTEmail Sample ScriptsBabyGotBotCourses.comQuick Turnaround Sales EmailsHello again [FNAME]By now you should have received [OFFER]. We hope you havefound this [TYPE OF OFFER] helpful. We find that manypeople who take advantage of this [OFFER] have additionalquestions. This is why we would like to invite you to join ourfree community at [COMMUNITY LINK]. Additionally we also offer free discovery calls that might helpyou get the quick answers you need and even point you in thedirection of other beneficial resources. Feel free to schedulethis complimentary call at [SCHEDULING LINK]Have a wonderful day and don't hesitate to reach out if youneed anything.[SIGN OFF],[YOUR NAME]

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Email three goes out 2 days after email two. We will now be making anoffer for what we want the lead to ultimately do. Try the following script:EM AI L TH RE E SA MP LE SCRIPTBabyGotBotCourses.comDear Potential Lead,I hope you've been able to find the [LEAD MAGNET] usefuland have had a chance to join the community.Because you were interested in [Lead Magnet], I wanted tosend you a special offer for a resource I believe you will findbeneficial.It's called the _____ and it offers valuable tips that can help youimprove your [Life/Business] by [REASONS IT WILL HELP]I would like to offer this [RESOURCE] to you for only [SPECIALPRICE]. The resource is only available for a limited time and the offerends [END DATE for SPECIAL], so I encourage you to takeadvantage of this offer today.Sincerely,[Your Name]

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Email four goes out 2 days after email three. We want to remind the leadof the special one time offer and give more insights and on why theyshould take it.Try the following script:EM AI L FO UR S AM PL E SCRIPTBabyGotBotCourses.comHi [FNAME],I hope you're doing well and finding the resources we haveshared so far helpful. As mentioned in my previous email, Iwant to offer you a special one-time offer of [SPECIALOFFER].Here are some of the things other customers/clients havebeen saying about [THING YOU ARE SELLING][Testimonial 1][Testimonial 2]So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offertoday and improve your life/business. This offer expires todayso be sure to click here now and take advantage.I hope that you will find this resource valuable and lookforward to hearing from you soon about how it has helpedyou. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with in themeantime!Sincerely,[Your Name]

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This is the final reminder and should be sent out either the day before orthe day of the expiration of the one-time offer. Try the following script:EM AI L FI VE S AM PL E[Win 1][Win 2][win 3]Hello [FIRST NAME],The last day to take advantage of this offer is tomorrow! Iknow that this [THING YOU ARE SELLING] is going to helpyou immensely and I don't want you to miss out on youropportunity to get [PRODUCT/SERVICE] for [special price].Here are some of the wins our clients are having because of[THING YOU ARE SELLING]:So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offertoday and improve your life/business. This offer expirestomorrow so be sure to click here now and take advantage.Sincerely,[Your Name]