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Elmore County Schools: Academic Guide

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Elmore County Public Schools | Academic Guide2020-2021

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Elmore County Public Schools | MapWETUMPKA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL510 Micanopy Street | Wetumpka, AL 36092WETUMPKA MIDDLE SCHOOL1251 Coosa River Parkway | Wetumpka, AL 36092 WETUMPKA HIGH SCHOOL1251 Coosa River Parkway | Wetumpka, AL 36092REDLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL495 Scholars Drive | Wetumpka, Alabama 360932134COOSADA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL5260 Airport Road | Millbrook, AL 360545AIRPORT ROAD INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 384 Blackmon Farm Lane | Coosada, AL. 360206MILLBROOK MIDDLE SCHOOL4228 Chapman Road #2517 | Millbrook, AL 360547STANHOPE ELMORE HIGH SCHOOL4300 Main Street | Millbrook, AL 360548ECLECTIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL35 Harden Street | Eclectic, Alabama 360249ECLECTIC MIDDLE SCHOOL170 South Ann Street | Eclectic, Alabama 36024ELMORE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 155 N College Avenue | Eclectic, AL 36024HOLTVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 287 Whatley Road | Deatsville, AL 36022101112HOLTVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL655 Bulldog Lane | Deatsville, AL 3602213HOLTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL10425 Holtville Road | Deatsville, AL 3602214ELMORE COUNTY TECHNICAL CENTER800 Kelly Fitzpatrick Drive | Wetumpka, AL 36092 15ELMORE COUNTY CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM100 HH Robison Drive | Wetumpka, Alabama 3609216ELMORE COUNTY ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS124 Chapel Road | Wetumpka, AL 3609217COUNTY LINE ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||The EDGE - Elmore County Virtual School517 Micanopy Street | Wetumpka, Alabama 3609318

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Thank you for your interest in Elmore County Public Schools! We believe that our role is to empower students for success by providing a variety of high-quality programs and services which is reected in our belief statement: Every Student Empowered ~ Every Student Succeeds.The Elmore County Public School System currently has fteen schools and continues to expand programs to challenge and engage students to prepare them for their future endeavors. The system strives to provide a safe environment to support students’ mental and physical well-being, and we continually strive to grow and develop academic programs in all areas. The expansion of co-curricular and extracurricular programs and facilities is a priority to meet the needs of the local schools and the passions of the students participating.School culture begins with the mental and physical wellbeing of students and the way each school provides a safe and supportive environment. All traditional schools provide breakfast, lunch, and supper to all students that choose to participate, and virtual students also can receive meal services at assigned distribution sites. A system mental health coordinator works with each school to address concerns and provide additional support as needed. Each Elmore County school actively builds its own culture to provide a positive foundation for every student.Elmore County students’ academic development is a continuous focus and this process has continued to result in system gains each year. The school system oers all traditional curriculums to include Advanced Placement (AP), dual enrollment, advanced curriculum, career-technical education programs, and numerous ne art and athletic courses. Students can pursue these programs at their local base school, The EDGE – Elmore County’s virtual school, and the Elmore County Technical Center. Each student receives a Chromebook to use for the school year in class and at home. This allows each school to use a blended virtual/face-to-face curriculum to better engage students whether they are at school, at home, or traveling.Extracurricular activities are the true passion of many students, and Elmore County continues to expand and develop these opportunities. Athletics and ne arts are vital components of school life, and we enjoy strong community support for these activities. Coordinated eorts with municipalities, the Elmore County Commission, and other Elmore County organizations have allowed schools to plan and use new facilities in all communities. Students’ passions are most evident in the extracurricular activities they choose, and we are committed to fostering opportunities for students to explore their interests and potentially discover their life-long passions.Elmore County Schools strives to provide a high-quality academic program accompanied by a wide variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities and supported by resources and services to meet the physical and emotional needs of each student. We hope you will visit our school system or our district and school websites to learn more about our programs and services. In Elmore County, our belief is Every Student Empowered, Every Student Succeeds.Richard E. DennisSuperintendentElmore County Public Schools

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Welcome to Elmore County!The Elmore County Public School System is the 11th largest school system in the state with a student enrollment of approximately 11,180 students. The demographics of our school system include 69.11% White, 26.69% Black or African American, 2.67% Two or More Races, .86% Asian, .56% American Indian/Alaska Native, .11% Native Hawaiian/Pacic Islander, and 2.02% Hispanic/Latino. Male students comprise 53.36% of our enrollment, and females comprise 46.64%. Our 2019 overall graduation rate is 90.3% and 82.2% of graduates achieved a College & Career Readiness Indicator.

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Elmore County is in the east central portion of Alabama and borders Montgomery County, Autauga County, Chilton County, Tallapoosa County, Macon County, and Coosa County. The current population is approximately 81,887: 74.9% White, 21.43% Black or African American, 1.98% Two or More Races, .95% Some Other Race, .48% Asian, and .26% American Indian and Alaskan Native. The overall poverty rate is 12.34%. The median income per household is $59,347.EVERY STUDENT EMPOWERED. EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS.Elmore County is ranked 9th of 67 counties in Alabama in Alabama Kids Count Data Book, a research project by VOICES for Alabama’s Children. This ranking is based on the following indicators:• Low birth weight• Births to teens aged 15-17• Children participating in First Class Pre-K• Fourth grade reading prociency• Teens not in school and not working• Children in poverty• Medicaid paid births• Child food insecurity• Unemployment rateWe employ approximately 1,200 certied and support sta located on 14 school campuses, the Elmore County Technical Center, the Elmore County Alternative Program, and the EDGE (Elmore County’s Diverse Gateway to Education) Virtual School, as well as eleven departments within the Central Oce:Human Resources Susanne Goodin, DirectorFinance Jason Mann, Chief School Financial OcerAdministrative Services Andre’ Jackson, DirectorFederal Programs Celeste Tilley, DirectorElementary Education Steve McKenzie, DirectorMiddle School Education Ayena Jackson, DirectorSecondary Education Jamey McGowin, DirectorSpecial Education/Compliance Temeyra McElrath, DirectorTransportation Ray Mullino, DirectorInformation Technology Services Barbara Burchard, DirectorProfessional Learning and Assessment Amy Harrison, DirectorChild Nutrition Cacyce Davis, DirectorOf our certified staff, 44% hold a master’s degree, and 8% hold a six-year degree or higher.

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Principal | Georgette Hankins | georgette.hankins@elmoreco.comWetumpka Elementary SchoolA Cognia accredited school, WetumpkaElementary School is proud to foster thefoundational skills needed during the rst six yearsof public school education for students in theWetumpka community. Through a diverse, inclusivelearning community, we oer students in Pre-Kthrough fourth grade a rst-rate, student-focusedlearning experience. We believe that creating lastingrelationships among students and sta allowsstudents to excel in a wide variety of domains anddevelop students’ strengths. The facility itself is listedon the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritageand that proud legacy of excellence continues today.With the goal of empowering every student to exploreand reach their greatest potential, they are equippedto face the challenges of an ever-changing world. Ourdoors are always open to parents and our communityto visit our school, have lunch with us, or participatewith us in school events. We would love to show youwhat we are learning!Distinguishing Characteristics:•  Four 1st Class Funded Pre-K (4yr old) Classrooms•  Elmore County Young Engineers STEM Club•  Clown Troupe Performing Arts Group•  PrimeTime Family Reading Program•  Outdoor Classroom with Environmental Activity Centers•  School-wide Free Breakfast in the Classroom Program•  Play-Based Kindergarten Program•  Art Under the Stars•  First Fridays – Cultural Enrichment•  School-wide Music Program•  1:1 Student Technology RatioWETUMPKA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL510 Micanopy StreetWetumpka, AL 36092(334)

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Wetumpka Middle SchoolWetumpka Middle School is an academically sound institution that progressively meets and/or exceeds state standards. The academic program is organized on a pod system for grades5-6 and on a six-period day for grades 7-8. All students take four core classes (Mathematics, Science,History, and English Language Arts) and a Physical Education class. Fifth and sixth grades are oeredenrichment classes including music, library, and visual arts. Seventh and eighth grade students getto choose from additional electives including, but not limited to, band, broadcast, art, drama, creativewriting, marketing, computer science and robotics.Wetumpka Middle School is the second largest middle school in the Elmore County Public Schools.Our faculty and sta are a group of caring, compassionate, and dedicated individuals that worktowards maximizing students’ potential. Not only do we oer several academic, service-based, andcompetitive extracurricular opportunities, but we also strive to provide the best possible learningenvironment for the best possible outcome.WETUMPKA MIDDLE SCHOOL1000 Micanopy StreetWetumpka, AL 36092(334) 567-1413wetumpkamiddleelmoreal.schoolinsites.comDistinguishing Characteristics:•  1:1 Technology•  21st Century After School Enrichment•  Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM) Initiatives•  Award-winning Band and Beta Club programs   
Principal | Loukisha Brooks |

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Wetumpka High SchoolWetumpka High School is a 6A school with approximately 1,195 students in grades 9-12. Our schooloers a great faculty and sta, talented students, and a supportive community. We strive to educatechildren and prepare them for a competitive future. Our vision is Every Student Empowered, Every Student Succeeds.Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available that prepare students for furthereducation. We currently oer ten AP courses, and twenty-ve advanced courses, not including theoerings provided through ACCESS Distance Learning. Students also have the opportunity to choosefrom thirteen dierent career pathways at The Elmore County Technical Center.Wetumpka High School oers a wide variety of programs. Courses available to students include STEMEngineering, Agriscience, Business Management and Administration, Food and Wellness, Marketing,Management, Television Production, Health Science, JROTC, Visual and Performing Arts, and ForeignLanguage. These courses provide valuable opportunities for students to explore their interests, gainexposure, and strengthen their education. Other programs oered include a variety of Sports, Robotics,Yearbook, Cooperative Education, Journalism, CyberPatriot, Rocketry, and Green Power Electric Car.WETUMPKA HIGH SCHOOL1251 Coosa River ParkwayWetumpka, AL 36092(334) 567-5158gowhs.comPrincipal | Dr. Robbie Slater |

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Redland Elementary SchoolRedland Elementary School embraces the ECBOE mission statement, “Every Student Empowered,Every Student Succeeds.” Academic lessons are presented daily by highly qualied teacherswho present research based instructional programs that infuse rigor across the curriculum. Teachersuse technology to assist them in presenting meaningful engaging lessons that help students stretchintellectually. Some of the primary programs used by faculty and sta to support student learninginclude Reading Horizons, Accelerated Reader, IXL and Go Math. Students are also given opportunitiesto develop socially and emotionally by caring teachers in an environment that is conducive tostrengthening the whole child.RES oers many unique and engaging opportunities for students to learn not only on our campus, butalso beyond the classroom. This is possible due, in part, to the strong partnership that exists betweenthe school and community. Families, local businesses, and other area entities oer assistance witha variety of events and experiences made available to our students. Engaging and rigorous lessonsdelivered by caring teachers, strong community partnerships, and a heightened degree of parentinvolvement are all an important part of our plan to ensure that our students are prepared for success.Distinguishing Characteristics:•  RES Nature Trail—over half a mile long and includes two outdoor classrooms; maintainedand improved by local volunteers, includingEagle Scouts.•  RES STEAM Family Fun Night—an evening of hands-on activities for students and parentsto do together; made possible by communitypartners such as ADEM, Civil Air Patrol, ECTC,and Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood.•  RES Track—recently installed thanks to a grant from ADEM and funds raised by local familiesand businesses.•  Enrichment Classes—art, music, and Spanish taught to all students.REDLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL495  Scholars  Drive      Wetumpka, Alabama 36093(334) 567-1248redlandelemelmoreal.schoolinsites.comPrincipal | Chad Walls |•  Eagle Camp—fall “retreat” fostering leadership skills and community involvement in 6th graders.•  RES Choir—available to every student K through 6th. •  WRES News—Student produced and directed weekly news show.•  Jr. BETA Club—overnight trips to the Sea Lab at Dauphin Island (5th) and Space Camp in Huntsville(6th).•  Book Buddies—program allowing community mentors to help struggling readers.

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Principal | Janice Darty | janice.darty@elmoreco.comCoosada Elementary SchoolThe purpose of Coosada Elementary School is EveryStudent Empowered, Every Student Succeeds. Ourstudents live in Millbrook, Deatsville, Coosada, Prattville andElmore. We develop a foundation for learning by providing asafe environment where students are guided and challengedto reach their greatest potential. Education is a team eortamong sta, students, parents, and community to provideappropriate opportunities for learning. All students aretreated with dignity, respect, and are nurtured so that theyfeel a sense of belonging.Our teachers use a variety of performance assessments andstrategies to maximize opportunities for successful learning.Numerous programs and services support and enablestudents to achieve high student performance. Studentshave access to daily reading intervention services, EnglishLanguage Learners (ELL) services, STAR EL/Reading/Math monitoring, special education services, and PositiveBehavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to promotepositive behavior. We encourage community involvementthrough our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). Math andReading Family Nights are held annually to encourage familyinvolvement. Annually, CES hosts Winterfest which buildsrelationships between faculty and families.Distinguishing Characteristics:•  Daily reading intervention services •  English Language Learners (ELL) services •  STAR EL/Reading/Math monitoring•  Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) •  Math and Reading Family Nights •  Prime Time Reading grant (through Alabama Humanities Foundation)•  Mustang Chat & Chew Student Advocacy Program•  WinterfestCOOSADA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL5260 Airport RoadMillbrook, AL 36054(334)

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Airport Road Intermediate SchoolAirport Road Intermediate School has a reputation of excellence with a dedicated teamof educational professionals who focus on student learning and are committed to highexpectations. Airport Road Intermediate has always been a champion when it comes to improvingstudent achievement. Our story is purpose driven, utilizing our needs as a basis for makingintentional choices which provide high quality educational experiences that stimulate a student’ssocial, physical, and intellectual abilities through participation in activities with their peers. Weprovide a “World Class” educational experience. Our school is representative of a combination ofexcellent teachers and sta working together to do what’s best for all students.AIRPORT ROADINTERMEDIATE SCHOOL384 Blackmon Farm LaneCoosada, AL 36020(334) -285-2115airportroadinterelmoreal.schoolinsites.comDistinguishing Characteristics:•  Dierentiated instruction to support each student’s learning style•  Expeditionary Learning Experiences •  Award-winning extracurricular activities    Principal | Marcia Stephens |

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Principal | Sean Kreauter | sean.kreauter@elmoreco.comMillbrook Middle SchoolMILLBROOK MIDDLE SCHOOL4228 Chapman Road #2517Millbrook, AL 36054(334) 285-2100millbrookmiddleelmoreal.schoolinsites.comMillbrook Middle School embodies the Elmore County Schools mission of Every Student Empowered,Every Student Succeeds. “The family-like atmosphere contributes to the school’s main priority,educating the whole child.” Whether it is through our second to none honors programs or throughour plethora of STEM oerings, the students at Millbrook Middle School are challenged with real-lifeconnections that are sure to prepare them to be college- and/ or career -ready.Over the past few years, Millbrook Middle School has emerged to become one of the highest performingschools in the county. Our ve-period day, increase in technology, and complete stakeholder buy-in hasmade it easy to rise to the top. The Mustang Nation has embraced the chance to explore their passionsthrough the student-centered, project-based opportunities they are granted in their classrooms.The Mustangs of Millbrook Middle School are always striving for the top and are proud of all the pride andhonor that goes along with being a part of the Mustang Nation!Distinguishing Characteristics:•  Lead the county in growth over the past 3 years.•  Flexible 5 period day. •  Project Lead the Way gateway courses.•  1:1 Technology. •  Spanish I course oered for High School credit. 

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Stanhope Elmore High SchoolSTANHOPE ELMORE HIGH SCHOOL4300 Main StreetMillbrook, AL 36054(334) 285-4263mysehs.comPrincipal | Ewell Fuller | ewell.fuller@elmoreco.comStanhope Elmore High School is a 6A public high school located in Millbrook with over 1,100 studentsand 90+ faculty, sta and administrators. Our campus, which has recently undergone and continues toundergo many campus improvements, is situated in an established neighborhood providing a safe and quietlocation.At SEHS, we consider ourselves a family rather than a campus of students and teachers. We oer an array ofopportunities, overseen by our talented and devoted sta to meet the academic, athletic and extracurricularneeds of the entire student body. Among the groups available to our students to make meaningfulconnections and develop skills and interests that will carry them into adulthood are listed below:Distinguishing Characteristics:•  Academics: a variety of preAP, AP, and dual enrollment courses, academic FLEX tutoring, an array of career tech courses, class oerings through ECTC, ACT/WorkKeys preparation and remediation•  Fine Arts: chorus, band, Mustang Players Theatre, award winning Trumbauer performances•  Sports: football, cheerleading, volleyball, bowling, wrestling, basketball, swimming, soccer, softball, baseball, golf, tennis, and track- Many of our teams and individual athletes represent SE well into post season play earning recognition on theregional, state and national levels•  Extracurriculars: numerous nationally and internationally recognized social, academic, and community service clubs such as BETA Club, NHS, Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Family and ConsumerSciences, DECA, Junior Civitan, Future Teachers of Alabama many of which are actively involved on campus andthroughout the communityRecent Recognition:•  Career Tech (FBLA, FACS, & DECA) sponsored Reach and Teach ConcertçVelcro Pygmies•  Coach Bradford – 2019 Elmore County Coach of the Year•  Junior Civitan Club – 2019 International Honor Club•  Basketball – 2019 Montgomery Academy Tournament Winner•  Wrestling – 2020 Hornet Slam6 Tournament Winner•  Bowling – 2020 Regional Champs & Girls’ 3rd Place State

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Eclectic Elementary SchoolEclectic Elementary School is a Kindergarten through fourth grade school that currently servesover 500 students. We foster an environment where students feel safe and supported, and webelieve all students can excel academically and in life skills. Our curriculum is designed to challengestudents with the use of technology, peer collaboration, and hands-on learning opportunities.Teachers engage in best practice strategies to accommodate various learning styles as well asstudents’ needs and interests in compliance with the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. We encourage parental and community engagement which includes an active Parent TeacherOrganization and volunteer program. EES is a great little place to learn!ECLECTIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL35 Harden StreetEclectic,  Alabama  36024(334) 541-2291eclecticelemelmoreal.schoolinsites.comDistinguishing Characteristics:•  Earned an “A” on the 2018-2019 Alabama State Department of Education Report Card•  Eclectic Child Development Program and First Class Pre-K Program based on our campus•  Outdoor classroom•  Student advocacy program
Principal | Timothy C. Turley |

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Eclectic Middle SchoolEclectic Middle School (EMS) is located in Eclectic, Alabama, in the east central part of ElmoreCounty. EMS is home to approximately 500 students and 50 faculty and sta members. Built in2001, EMS is the newest of the school facilities in the Eclectic community. Eclectic Middle is one ofthe four middle schools in the Elmore County Public School System. The school colors are maroon andwhite. The school mascot is the Panther.
Our school operates with one purpose – Every Student Empowered, Every Student Succeeds. Weempower students though several facets, none more important than academics. In the classroom, ourfaculty employs innovative strategies, technological resources, and engaging methods to empower ourstudents to succeed by preparing them for a life of rigorous learning. Our faculty members are highlyqualied in their content area and continually pursue professional development opportunities to bettertheir craft.
The facility includes a full-size competition gymnasium, two science labs, a cafeteria, oce complex,and library media center. Outdoor facilities include a softball eld, recreation eld, and an outdoorclassroom. Eclectic Middle School oers extracurricularactivities for its students. These activities include band,cheerleading, football, volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer,wrestling, track and eld, golf, and basketball. Students mayalso participate in Jr. Beta Club and Student Council.
Currently, the school boasts the DREAM program, which is anextended day enrichment program for our students. Studentsare provided a nutritious meal, have physical activities, getassistance with homework assignments, and are engaged inacademic and enrichment activities.Distinguishing Characteristics:•  1:1 Chromebooks•  Students read approximately 20,000 books annually•  7th grade content area teachers are certied eMints instructors•  Free breakfast in the classroom for all students•  Evolving robotics programECLECTIC MIDDLE SCHOOL170 South Ann StreetEclectic, Alabama 36024(334) | Mark McGhee |

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Elmore County High SchoolLocated in Eclectic, Alabama, Elmore County High School (ECHS) serves students in central eastern ElmoreCounty. ECHS strongly believes in its purpose statement: Every Student Empowered ~ Every StudentSucceeds. To facilitate and encourage student success, the caring and committed faculty and sta provide avariety of educational and extra-curricular activities. Although ECHS is the smallest high school in the county, weare still able to oer many rigorous educational opportunities found at larger institutions. Advanced and standardlevel classes are instructed by our highly qualied faculty in all content areas. Advanced Placement (AP) coursesare oered on campus and delivered digitally through our successful ACCESS program. The ACCESS programalso allows us to expand our elective oerings with classes such as Forensic Science, Latin, and Marine Science.Furthermore, our students may choose to enroll in courses at the Elmore County Technical Center to pursuecertications in a wide-variety of technical areas or to take dual enrollment college-level courses. We believea student-centered approach is the key to increasing motivation and achievement; therefore, teachers utilizetechnology, collaborative assignments, hands-on experiences, gamication, and other engaging strategies tomeet the needs of our students and propel them to success.
While academic growth is of utmost importance, we also recognize that emotional, physical, and socialdevelopment is essential to shaping students into well-rounded, productive members of society. Our PantherAdvisory program fosters a personalized and supportive school culture; essentially, the advisory structure isstudent empowerment at its best. In addition to advisory, our athletic program allows our sta to mentor anddevelop students through our many sports. ECHS athletic programs are about more than competition; in additionto building muscle, honing athletic skills, and increasing knowledge of the “game,” we aspire to develop workethic, character, and collegiality. Moreover, our students nd a sense of belonging and shared interests throughour many clubs and organizations.
Our ultimate goal at ECHS is to empower students to graduate college and/or career ready. After graduation, weshift from our purpose statement to this revered saying: Once a Panther, Always a Panther! We enjoy hearing frompast students and celebrating the successes of our graduates. Quite often, alumni return to ECHS to speak tostudents, intern, teach, or coach because they want to give back to a communitythat gives so much. In other words, there’s no place like home! #panthernation
Distinguishing Characteristics:•  Located in a close-knit community anchored by its schools with a family-like atmosphere•  Panther Advisory program connects each student with a faculty mentor•  Active sports and extra-curricular organizations encourage student participation and growth beyond the classroom walls•  Rigorous curriculum includes AP classes, online learning and opportunities to earn college credit•  Committed faculty dedicated to nurturing the emotional, academic, social and physical needs of each studentELMORE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL155 N College AvenueEclectic, AL 36024(334) 541-3662elmorecountyhighelmoreal.schoolinsites.comPrincipal | Wes Rogers |

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Holtville Elementary SchoolBuilt in 1980, Holtville Elementary has transitioned from teaching students from Kindergartenthrough 6th grade to currently Pre-K through 4th Grade. The teachers of Holtville Elementary arededicated to providing students with rich opportunities for intellectual, emotional, and social growth.HES provides a fun, stimulating environment that is both challenging and supportive. Holtville Elementaryis very community oriented with activities and fundraising eorts throughout the school year. The HESStudent Council raises money to help support the local Holtville/Slapout Volunteer Fire Departmentand Elmore County Humane Shelter. Holtville Elementary hosts annual events such as the HarvestFestival and STEM night that welcomes the entire community to attend. HES has also seen a sharp risein enrollment with an increase in Kindergarten through 4th Grade by nearly twenty percent over the pasteight years. The faculty and administration of Holtville Elementary strive to provide the best educationpossible by following the Elmore County Purpose Statement of “Every Student Empowered, Every StudentSucceeds”.HOLTVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL287 Whatley RoadDeatsville, AL 36022(334) 569-2925www.holtvillebulldogs.comDistinguishing Characteristics:•  Setting the bar with academics by scoring the highest in Elmore County on the Alabama State Report Card for the 2017-2018 school year with a score of 89/B and tying with ascore of 92/A for the 2018-2019 school year•  82% of students scored procient in Math for the 2018-2019 school year•  1:1 student technology ratio•  Interactive projectors installed in every classroom•  Library Media Specialist provides weekly engaging lessons that include monthly STEM activities, Civil Air Patrol lessons, and Storytime/Studies WeeklyPrincipal | Chris Holley |

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Principal | Lee Jackson | lee.jackson@elmoreco.comHoltville Middle SchoolIn the Holtville School Community, HoltvilleMiddle School is an essential component inthe education of our students. We build upon thefoundation from the elementary school to prepare our5th -8th grade students for the high school and beyond.Middle school is a transformative time, and we striveto foster an encouraging and academically challengingenvironment that is student centered. We have caringand experienced teachers who use student data tocraft engaging lessons. Teachers work with individualstudents to create learning goals that are obtainable,yet rigorous. Our goal is to educate students andempower them to realize their full potential.In addition to academics, we oer students a varietyof extracurricular activities, such as clubs andathletics. Finding a place for students to feel a sense ofbelonging is easy because of the options we provide.Holtville Middle desires to provide the best educationalenvironment for all students. We desire for everystudent to feel challenged, encouraged, and excited bytheir time at Holtville Middle School.Distinguishing Characteristics:•  According to state testing, the number one middle school in Elmore County•  1:1 learning environment with an emphasis on STEM-based projects•  Award-winning robotics program•  Highest number of students to win at regional Science Fair and place at state Science Fair•  Varied extracurricular activities, including Robotics, Scholars’ Bowl, Beta Club, band,chorus, theater, yearbook, and athleticsHOLTVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL655 Bulldog LaneDeatsville, AL 36022(334)

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Holtville High SchoolHoltville High School exists to help students develop a love of learning that will lead to success nowand continue into a lifetime of learning. Holtville High School is in a small rural community locatedin Deatsville, Alabama, about 10 miles from the Elmore County Board of Education. We have just over 500students and enrollment is expected to steadily increase over the next 3 years with larger numbers comingup from Holtville Middle School. HHS oers Advanced Placement courses in Math, Science, and English,as well as opportunities for Dual Enrollment courses in History and English. Electives currently oered areagriculture, marketing, athletic training, business technology, computer science, culinary, band/music theory,art, physical education, health, Spanish, Yearbook, and driver’s education. Students can also take classesvia ACCESS in the Distance Learning Lab that include even more course options. Holtville High Schoolstudents can compete in 12 dierent AHSAA sanctioned sports programs in Class 5A, as well as participatein cheerleading, marching band, and shing.HOLTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL10425 Holtville RoadDeatsville, AL 36022(334) Characteristics:•  A unique schedule that consists of four 90-minute block classes with a 25-minute breakfast period and a 50-minute ex period in the middle of the day called Bulldog Period during which students choose how tospend their time. During this time, students can participate in a wide range of activities and clubs, haveaccess to tutoring, eat lunch, participate in standards and skills remediation, and/or rest, socialize, andcollect their thoughts. Students also meet with an academic advisor once per week during this time.•  Meaningful, weekly meetings with a faculty advisor as a means of developing interpersonal and relationship skills, as well as academic support and accountability.•  Named a National Blue-Ribbon School in September 2013.•  Featured in a lm documentary by Time magazine in 1940 known as “The Holtville Story.” Principal | Kyle Futral |

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Elmore County Technical CenterThe Elmore County Technical Center (ECTC) oers 12 Career and Technical Educational (CTE)programs on the ECTC campus in Wetumpka. Students from all four Elmore County PublicSchools high schools attend ECTC including Elmore County High, Holtville High, Stanhope ElmoreHigh, and Wetumpka High. The Elmore County Technical Center’s mission is to prepare all studentswith the skills and work experience necessary for successful employment and continuing education.At ECTC, students may take high school CTE courses in the following programs: AutomotiveService Technology, Aviation Technology, Computer Technology (IT), Construction Technology,Electrical Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, HVAC, Medical Sciences, Plumbing & Pipetting, Pre-Engineering, Drafting, & Design, Public Safety & Law, and Welding Technology.
Through the courses oered, students not only receive instruction in their chosen eld of study, butalso are trained in interview skills, public speaking, and problem solving, as well as many other softskills that are needed to be successful in today’s economy. Students also gain nationally recognizedcertications and industry credentials that oer them internships and employment opportunitiesduring and after high school. Each program oers a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO)such as Skills USA, FCCLA, and HOSA through which students participate in skills competitions,community service, and leadership development.
In addition to the high school courses, ECTC oers a variety of technical and academic dualenrollment courses through Central Alabama Community College (CACC) where students earncollege credits toward their career aspirations. Dual Enrollment Courses through CACC areoered in Manufacturing Technology, Welding Technology, English, Math, US History, Government,Economics, and Psychology.ELMORE COUNTYTECHNICAL CENTER800 Kelly Fitzpatrick DriveWetumpka, AL 36092(334) 567-1218elmorecountytechelmoreal.schoolinsites.comDirector | Emilie Johnson |

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Elmore County Virtual School – The EDGEThe EDGE is a FREE Cognia accredited, diverse school encompassing virtual, blended, dual-enrollment, Advanced Placement, career tech, athletics, and a variety of elective course optionsfor 3rd–12th grade Alabama state residents who are willing to travel to Elmore County for requiredexams and mandatory state testing.Edgenuity Instructional Services, the online platform used for middle and high school students, oerscourses monitored and supervised by highly qualied, Alabama-certied onsite instructors. Edgenuityprovides exible online and blended learning solutions aligned to the Alabama College & CareerReady Standards that promote student success and give educators the tools they need to deliver moreeective instruction. Odysseyware, our online platform for grades 3-5, oers courses in Mathematics,English Language Arts, Science, and History/Social Sciences aligned to the Alabama Course of Study.The exibility of EDGE allows students to do their daily work anywhere and anytime internet is available.Students also get individual attention with certied Alabama teachers available for daily virtual and in-person tutoring. Students who qualify can still participate in clubs, athletics, cheer, dance, band, etc. and“on-campus” electives and Career Technical Education courses. We are a unique and growing schoolof over 300 students with a dedicated sta and teachers with over 100 years of combined experience ineducation. Education is changing, and Elmore County is on the cutting EDGE!THE EDGE517 Micanopy StreetWetumpka, Alabama 36093(334) | Cindy Hines | cindy.hines@elmoreco.comDo you reside inElmore County?Yes, we are zonedfor Elmore CountyPublic SchoolNo, we are not zonedfor Elmore CountyPublic School, butwe live in AlabamaThere are three options for Elmore County Virtual Students*All students may participate in sports/band/all schoolactivities in their school zone.There are two options for students who do NOT reside inElmore County. *All students may be eligible to participate in sports once eligibility is met. The Elmore County PublicSchool System will select school.Math, english,science, history+ 2 electives*all 6 classes onlineMath, english,science, history+ 1 elective +athletic/bandelective at school*5 classes online + 1 athletic/band classat base schoolMath, english, science, history + 1 careertech class at Elmore County TechnicalCenter (ECTC)*4 classes online + 1 career tech class-studentsare responsible for transportation to/from ECTC.1 career tech class = 2 creditsMath, english, science, history + 1 careertech class at Elmore County TechnicalCenter (ECTC)*4 classes online + 1 career tech class-studentsare responsible for transportation to/from ECTC.1 career tech class = 2 creditsMath, english, science, history +2 electives*all classes online

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Elmore County Alternative ProgramsECPS is proud to be home to Elmore County Alternative Programs. Centrally located inWetumpka, our Alternative Programs serve all Elmore County schools. In addition to programsdedicated to discipline, ECAP is the home of iCare and the Marshall Anderson Challenge Course.iCare serves students in grades two through twelve with identied behavioral, emotional, or mentalhealth needs. Smaller classes, additional paraprofessionals, and targeted instruction work togetherto meet students’ academic needs. iCare has a full-time mental health counselor who works with ourstudents, providing group and individual counseling on a regular basis. We also partner with outsideagencies committed to meeting the needs of our students.The Marshall Anderson Challenge Course, named for a beloved, retired Elmore County educator, isa ropes course with both high and low challenges. This course, created to build self-condence andteamwork, serves every sixth grader in the district on an annual basis, and we also host a variety ofgroups from throughout the River Region. Each group that visits MACC is conducted through thechallenges by knowledgeable sta who provide participants with a safe and rewarding experience.ELMORE COUNTYALTERNATIVE PROGRAM124 Chapel RoadWetumpka, AL 36092(334) 567-1298Director | Dr. Blair Andress |

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At Elmore County Public Schools, we believe  good nutrion is essenal for our students to achieve their full academic potenal. Properly nourished students are beer learners, and our Child Nutrion team isdedicated to providing nutrious, well-balanced meals to support the academic achievement of our studentsand to promote life-long, healthy eang habits. We know that good nutrion and learning go hand in handand take pride in “fueling” the minds of the future. Our team strives to serve appealing and nutrious foodchoices with excellent customer service. Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are basedon the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Menus are provided monthly and can be found on the Elmore County Public Schools website under the Child Nutrion tab. Every school in Elmore County serves breakfast and luncheach operang day. Students who qualify may receive free or reduced-price meals. Parents/Guardians maycomplete the Free and Reduced Meal Benet Applicaon at any me during the school year. New applicaons must be submied each school year and are available in the school oce, Child NutrionProgram Oce, or online at . 

Director: Cacyce Davis MPH, RD 
Elmore County Child Nutrion Program 100 HH Robison Drive Wetumpka, Alabama 36092 (334) 567-1222 Elmore County Child Nutrition Program“Feeding kids...fueling the future!” Each year, the Elmore CountyChild Nutrion Programserves more than: •845,000 breakfast meals •1.1 million lunch meals •95,000 supper meals •122,000 summer meals Child Nutrition ProgramAt Elmore County Public Schools, we believe good nutrition is essential for our students to achievetheir full academic potential. Properly nourished students are better learners, and our Child Nutritionteam is dedicated to providing nutritious, well-balanced meals to support the academic achievement ofour students and to promote life-long, healthy eating habits. We know that good nutrition and learning gohand in hand and we take pride in “fueling” the minds of the future. Our team strives to serve appealing andnutritious food choices with excellent customer service.Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are basedon the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Menus are provided monthly and can be found on the Elmore County PublicSchools website under the Child Nutrition tab. Every school in Elmore County serves breakfast and luncheach operating day. Students who qualify may receive free or reduced-price meals. Parents/Guardians maycomplete the Free and Reduced Meal Benefit Application at any time during the school year.New applications must be submitted each school year and are available in the school oce,Child Nutrition Program Oce, or online at At Elmore County Public Schools, we believe  good nutrion is essenal for our students to achieve their full academic potenal. Properly nourished students are beer learners, and our Child Nutrion team isdedicated to providing nutrious, well-balanced meals to support the academic achievement of our studentsand to promote life-long, healthy eang habits. We know that good nutrion and learning go hand in handand take pride in “fueling” the minds of the future. Our team strives to serve appealing and nutrious foodchoices with excellent customer service. Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are basedon the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Menus are provided monthly and can be found on the Elmore County Public Schools website under the Child Nutrion tab. Every school in Elmore County serves breakfast and luncheach operang day. Students who qualify may receive free or reduced-price meals. Parents/Guardians maycomplete the Free and Reduced Meal Benet Applicaon at any me during the school year. New applicaons must be submied each school year and are available in the school oce, Child NutrionProgram Oce, or online at . 

Director: Cacyce Davis MPH, RD 
Elmore County Child Nutrion Program 100 HH Robison Drive Wetumpka, Alabama 36092 (334) 567-1222 Elmore County Child Nutrition Program“Feeding kids...fueling the future!” Each year, the Elmore CountyChild Nutrion Programserves more than: •  845,000 breakfast meals •  1.1 million lunch meals •  95,000 supper meals •  122,000 summer meals ELMORE COUNTY CHILDNUTRITION PROGRAM100 HH Robison DriveWetumpka, Alabama 36092(334) 567-1222Each year. the Elmore County Child Nutrition Program serves more than:•  845,000 breakfast meals•  1.1 million lunch meals•  95,000 supper meals•  122,000 summer mealsDirector | Cacyce Davis MPH, RD |“Feeding kids...fueling the future!”

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