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My Life like Elly's


When I went to kindergarten, I remember I had lots of coloring home work. I was always the last one to get my work done. I was always the last one to get to play. I did not like being the last one for everything. I liked when I got to play, even when I wasn't suppose to. My teacher was Mrs.Pantzlaff. I went to a kindergarten like Elly did on that day.

My Home Town

My home town is Reedsville, Wisconsin. It is a small village. I live on Sunset Drive. I live by a baseball field. I also live by a school, but I don't go there. I like to go to a tennis court and play tennis in the summer. I also like to go to the park in summer. My Gandma and Grandpa Bubolz live right outside of Reedsville on a farm. I enjoy going to their farm.


When I was about 2 years old I got  my favorite toy. It's an International 706. It's my favorite because my dad has one just like it on our farm. I pretend that my 706 is strong enough to pull anything.When I was little I put stickers all over it, and my dad was angry. I also broke the smoke stack and my dad tried to fix it. I learned to be more careful with my toy tractors.

My Favorite Toy

Last summer I played baseball. One of my friends was on the team with me. We had practices at the baseball diamond behind my house. For a while I struggled hitting the ball. I would swing too early or too late. With lots of practice, I got better at hitting the ball. I struggled at baseball like Elly struggled at dancing.


One day, when I was in 1st grade, there was a hail storm. It was dark outside and the clouds were black.  The storm was after lunch. We had to have 2nd recess in the gym that day. It only hailed for a few minutes. I like storms as long as I'm safe. I'm glad that I don't have to go to school, on ice, like Elly did.

A Stormy Day

I have 3 sisters. My 3 sisters are Helen, Anna, and Evelyn. Anna is 1, Helen is 3, and Evelyn is 7. Helen is in 3K, and Evelyn is in 1st grade. Evelyn shares a room with me. Anna was born in 2015, Helen was born in 2013, and Evelyn was born in 2009. I like to play video games with Evelyn, build blocks with Anna, and Helen likes to play with my toys. I love my little sisters. I am glad that God gave me sisters like God gave Elly a brother.

My 3 Sisters 

When I was in 2nd grade, in Decrmber, there was a blizzard. It snowed all night and part of the day. In the morning my dad's truck was still out side, on the driveway, coved in snow. Then we got our snow stuff on, and played out side for a little bit. This was kind like the storm that came apon  Elly.

A Storm

I play Skylanders Trap Team and Skylanders Swop-Force. Skylanders is were you have to get were the bad giyes are and kill them, and get stuff from them. You also have to save the villigers from them. Skylanders is like what happened to Elly, the bad giyes are the Hungarian, the villigers are Elly, and the Skylanders are the one's that saved them.



One day Evelyn, my sister, accused me. She thought that I had took her tablet. She thought she put it on the kitchen counter to charge. But actually Helen took it from the counter, and put it in the bedroom. Evelyn said “Why did you take my tablet?” I said “I didn’t take it”. Then, I saw it in the bedroom, and I said “It’s right there”! It’s no fun being accused.

Being Accused

My dad lived Kellnersville on a farm. He has 1 sister and 3 brothers. His brothers name's are Neal, Jason, and Jim. His sister's name is Cathy. His name is Nick. He was marreid to my mom on Apirl 28, 2007. He has 1 son, me, and 3 dauters. His son's name is Jonathan,me. His dauters, my sisters, name's are Evelyn, Helen, and Anna. I love my dad very much.

My Dad

There was one time a kid at school took my things. I saw the person using my things, and when I asked for them back the kid said “I don’t have them.” The kid took my markers, scissors, and a glue stick. The kid that was mean to me is like the person that was mean to Elly.

You Were Mean

When I was 4 years old, my Uncle Jim got married. I got to stand up in the wedding. I walked down the aisle with my cousin, Addy. My mom and dad also stood up in the wedding. After we were done with church and pictures, we went to Cobblestone for dinner. After dinner we did some dancing. I had a lot of fun at the wedding.

My Uncle's Wedding


Just last week somebody died in my family. It is a her and her name is Heather. She is also my  sister, Helen’s, Godmother. Her funeral was last Friday and Saturday. My family was very sad like Elly was very sad.

You Died

When I hear music it makes me feel happy. Sometimes I want to dance along or sing along to the music. Music is fun and exciting to hear.  I like to use music to praise God. Elly liked the music that she heard, but it was not at fun place.


I love to eat. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are my favorite  parts of the day. In between them I’m very hungry. A snack can not fill me up, but a meal can. I do not hunger like Elly did.



One night I was at my grandma and grandpa Bubolz’s farm. My grandma and mom were getting the cows in the barn. The first cow that came in the parlor slipped and fell. I yelled for my mom a couple times before she heard me. When my mom got back to the barn she saved the cow. My mom saved the cow like Mira saved Elly.


My teacher does lunch count in the morning. I have to say if I’m hot or cold lunch when he calls my name. On Mondays, he also asks me if I went to church or not. My teacher does a roll call like they did to Elly.

Roll Call

Once a door hit my nose. It hurt a lot! I also cried a lot and I thought that my nose was broken. I can’t imagine how Elly felt when she got hit in the face by the soldier.


I have foods that I don’t like. They are casserole, hamburger helper, soup, noodles, and other food. These foods that I don’t like are still better than the food that Elly had to eat. I am glad that I don’t have to eat the foods that Elly had to eat.

Bad Food

 I am very rich because I have Jesus in my life and my heart. I was rich from when I was baptised, even if I didn’t have any money I am still rich. God has blessed me with a healthy body, clothes, and food.  I am not poor like the poor Jews in Elly's story.

I am not Poor

 Sometimes, at Christmas time or when I sing in church, I feel like I’m going to faint. That is because I am afraid of singing on Christmas Eve.  I'm afraid that I might mess up or that I'll get sick and have to walk out in front of all the people.  I might faint like some people did at roll call.


When I take a shower, and I have to get naked to do that. I have to close off so I don’t get them wet, and I have to take my watch off too. One time I forgot to take my watch off, good thing it can go in 100 ft. of water. I don’t like to take a shower, but I would take one one than going through what Elly did.