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Elly Me

Chapter 1

I went to Kindergarten

My first day of kindergarten I didn't know anyone and felt lonely when my mom left.

Chapter 2

My home town 

My town is small. Its good for biking and taking walks. Everyone is very nice. Almost everyone has a dog, but we didn't have one. There is nature trail in town that I have been on it's a good nature experiance. 

Chapter 3

My only Doll 

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My favorite toy is my big lego set. I asked my mom if I could have it and they said they would talk about it. So one morning I went their bedroom and asked, again. They said yes. So I went down stairs and ordered one with my parents help and supervision. When I got it, it has hard to build and the instructions were hard to read, but I managed and it's done.

Chapter 4

My first dance class

My third year in Lake to Lake soccer was a nightmare. I remember winner applesutly zero games. Hardly anyone knew how to drible a ball, some kids were forst  to play by their parents, and some of them just haited it. I also remember it being very hot during practice.

Chapter 5

Cold and icy day

One day, we had a soccer game. It was cold, very cold. We had lost the game. When the game was over it started to hail, to make things worse.

Chapter 6

My only brother


I got my only bible on mother' sday. It got me by superise; besides the fact that it was mother's day, and on mother's you give your mother all the attention. Then, I put my name on it and put it in my backpack. The day when school started I thought I lost it and then I remember where I had put it.

Chapter 7

The Storm That Struck Europe 

When I lived in Stoddard Wi. there was a big storm. We lived about five blocks away from the Mississippi River. We were in our basement waiting for the tornado to pass. When the storm was over, everything was scatered about.

Chapter 8

Hungarian Invation 

Once one of my siblings asked me for something. So I gave it to him/her. Then, someone asked me again and again and again and as many times as I can remember. So I told them that they were going to make me poor.

Chapter 9

The tenant accused me

Julian accused of taking something that he owned, but I didn't. I told him at night once, but he said he was going to kill me. Then, he forgot.

Chapter 10

My dear daddy

My dear daddy is nice. He likes to build stuff out of wood, maybe to much. He loves his family very much. He also is a christian.

Chapter 11

Miss, did a Star Fall on You?

Jonny and Nicholas always call me names. They call me names for no reason at all. Like Gabrielle Cinderella, Gabrielle, and much more I just fogot what they were. I absolutley HATE  it.

Chapter 12

The knife with a mother-of-pearl handle

God is always there whenever we need him. He will help you and bless you. He will answer our prayer, and forgive our sins. I he even sent his own son to our sin away even.

Chapter 13 & 14 

I miss my great grandmother. She was a very sweet lady. She lived in an apartment. Her husban died before her and she still had his hearing aid stuff. She loved to keep stuff.

Chapter 15 & 16

I am conforted when I go to bed because I know that Jesus will watch over me. But a thing that is not conforting is when Julian plays music at bedtime.

Chapter 17

First Food in Seven Days

One of the many times that I was hungry. I had forgotten my snack at home. When recess was over I was so hungry. Then about 2 hours laters the lunch bell rang. I had nearly forgot that I was famished for 2 hours.

Chapter 18 

When we lived in La Crosse(Stoddard) we had our friends come from Appleton  to sleep over. That evening my cousin Joshua, my friend, and me all went on a skootering and we went down a steep hill, at the bottom of the hill my skooter slipped and I fell. They saw that I fell and helped me up.

Chapter 19

I told Ava that she could sleep in my bed. She said yes. We had a lot of stuff planned. At night it was so warm plus I was scrunch againsy the wall and the end of the bed. So I desided to sleep on the floor.

Chapter 20

Wrong Place Wong Time

When my dad and I went to the Brewer game.We were sitting in the almost the middle  of the stands. We weren't geting any balls coming to us. So we went to the section below us. The baseball went up where we were the first time. We were shocked  

Chapter 21

At home our dad made/convinced us to eat homade pizza at school. I didn't wan't to eat it because I had here'd at school that school food was gross. When I started to eat it I knew it was discusting. I knew it wasn't good. 

Chapter 22


Last year my great grandma died. We went to the funeral in a tiny church. When was over I was hungry and felt like I was going to cry. Then we went to the burial grounds. When that service was over I was glad to be leaving.

Chapter 23

When we were having our Christmas Service. We were about halfway through, when Rosalynn pastout. Then she started to cry. So my dad got her to put her outside. On the way Rosalynn throw-up. So Rosalynn went home.

Chapter 24


In social studies, we were studying for a test. When it was my turn to answer a. When  I was done with my answer everyone started to laugh. I had no cloo what was so funny. They laughed until lunch.