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 My True Story of Events

           By: David

When I was in Kindergarten, we had special duties. One of the duties was turning off the lights. That was my favorite duty ever!!! I wish I could stay in Kindergarten -or have that duty- forever! Until next time, 





Journal 1

 I have had three hometowns, but my favorite town will always be Reedsville. Why? Because I had a best friend named David, like me. Another reason is because I got to have my Grandpa as a bus driver. A third reason is because I always got to spend time with my friends. Even though I've had many hometowns, Reedsville will be my favorite. Talk to you later,


             My           Hometown

Journal 2

My favorite toy is a green Hoverball; I got it for Christamas a few years ago and I could not stop playing with it. Whenever I didn't put it away though, it started getting little bite marks from my dog. Even though it's a little chewed up, it is still my favorite toy! I will type more next time, 


My Favorite Toy

Journal 3

     For my 10th birthday, I got a shooting bench, a K'nex roller coaster, a hat that has the US seal, and more. We also played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." after the party, my oldest sister and her boyfriend took Livia and I to the Manitowoc County Fair. We had a blast! We went to a game where you had to throw darts at as many balloons as you could. At that game, I won a devil emoji pillow! Before we went home, we went to a fun-house where you had to find your way to the top. It was the best birthday ever! I'll write more later,                                    

               ~ David~

My 10th Birthday Party

Journal 4

One day, we had off of school because it was so icy. The first thing I did was make myself breakfast. Next, I rushed to get on my clothes for going outsside. Out there, I made snow angels, made a snowman, and went sledding. When I came inside, I made some hot cocoa and snuggled in a blanket. That was the most fun I ever had in winter. See you real soon, 


A Cold and Icy Day

Journal 5

I have one brother. His name is Luke. He and I are very alike. We both have brown hair, we are almost the same height, and we both like to play basketball. Even though we are very alike, we are also very different. One way we are different is he has more friends than me. My favorite thing that I can remember doing with him is playing Horse. Even though we are different and alike, we are still brothers; that is all that matters.


                      Journal 6

   My Only Brother

       A Huge Hurricane

    On August 25, 1979, Hurricane David was born near Cape Verde off the African coast in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. It would go on to demolish hte island of Dominica and then the Dominican Republic. 

      Next month, on September 1st, Hurricane David reached the Bahamas and, two days later, caused $60 million in damages on Florida. From there it skipped to Charleston, SC and gave a heavy hit. So heavy, flooding went from VA to NY. trees and powerlines came down in many states. Finally, on September 7th -my birthday- Hurricane David dissapated.



                    Journal 7

                              Journal 8

Before 8:00 a.m. on December 7th, 1941, hundreds of Japanese fighter planes attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor near Honolulu, Hawaii. The barrage lasted just two hours, but it was devastating: The Japanese were able to destroy almost 20 American naval ships and planes, including 8 huge battleships, and more than 300 airpanes. Over 2,000 American soldiers/sailors died, and 1,000 were wounded. The next day, President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan; Congress approved with 1 dissenting vote. Three days later, Japanese allies Germany and Italy also declared war on the US, again, Congress approved. More than 2 years into the argument, America had joined W.W. II

         Pearl Harbor

     My Brother Accused Me

One fine summer afternoon, my brother and I were playing chess. All was fine, until all of a sudden, he accused me of cheating. So I said, "No I didn't" with a little chuckle. But he insisted taht I was cheating. So we brought in Dad and each told him our side of the story because we knew he was the best at playing. So he settled it and said I did not cheat. Even though he was depressed, we kept on playing and I won.

                    Journal 9

                     Journal 10

    My daddy is Lucas Behnke. He is strict, but caring. He can be full of anger or love, but if we listen to him, he will love us even more. If we don't listen to him, then we will be punished. He is about 6'3", wears glasses, has blue eyes, and has a beautiful smile. My daddy is always ready for church, basketball, wrestling, and anywhere else that we need to be. One year we were playing a game, and he won a lot of trophies doing so. My daddy has never had surgery, but has been hurt a lot. My daddy is the best daddy in the world. 


        My Daddy

Are You Going To Tag Me?

                Journal 11

Whenever  played ball-tag, everyone would always laugh at me or someone else and say, "Hey, when are you going to tag me?" with a laugh because they knew I or that other person could not tag them. And after every recess, even though we knew, they would tell us that what person is it next recess. So one day, I got so angry that I went away and cried in a corner. After that, I never played again; until I came to St. John-St. James.

 A Wedding Anniversary

 In 2014, my parents had their 14th wedding anniversary. We had to get dressed up in a fancy church suit. It wasn't all that interesting until after the party. When we got back from the anniversary, we took pictures; then the fun began. I got dressed into normal clothes, took out my BB gun and started shooting at cans, bottles, and apples. Then, we had dinner and played, and once everyone left, we went to bed.

                 Journal 12

How Did My Great-Grandpa Die?  

One night, my family and I went to see my great-grandpa because we knew he was soon going to die. So we talked with him for a while. Then, when we left, my grandma gave us a call and said that he had died. I was sad, but at the same time I was happy. I was sad because he had been separated from me. I was happy because he went to heaven. about a week later we had a funeral, then we had lunch at a restaurant that I had been to before, and continued the day.

                  Journal 13

  One Saturday morning, I woke up at 8:00; no one else was awake, so I quietly crept down the creaky stairs and made some french toast. When I was done making it I watched TV and ate. I was watching "The price is right." It wasn't the best, but it was better than nothing. Pretty soon, my brother woke up, then it became noisy once again. It was nice to have a peaceful morning.


  A Peaceful Morning

     Journal 14 

The First food in 7 hours

   I just woke up from my nap. It was a seven- hour nap. I came down to smell an amazing aroma. It was chicken dumpling soup. I grabbed a bowl and started eating. I was so hungry I went up for 2nds, and 3rds. I had never been this hungry before.


      Journal 15

Roll Call for a Wrestling Tournament

  It was an early Saturday morning; my wrestling coach gave a roll call to find out if everyone was there. I was running late, but luckily, I made it. Everyone else was there so we headed off for Hilbert so we could go wrestle. 

Journal 16

   "We are going to be late for the party!" Mom screamed. We had to go to a very special party for "Dungeons and Dragons." Quickly we got out of the house and started driving. We were running late. We had five minutes to get there, but we hadn't even been driving three minutes! When we got there, no one else was there, we were late, and we did not know where we were. Just then Mom remembered that the party was yesterday. It was too bad that we were late. 


 Wrong Place, Wrong Time

P. S. This is made up.

 Journal 17

When I was 5, I hated one food: sauerkraut. It was the most horrible, worst tasting, most terrible looking food ever. I took one bite and almost spit it out instantly. I whined, "Dad, this tastes disgusting, can I please be done?" He said, "Sure, as long as you eat the rest of your food." So I finished my food and went off and played some more. Sauerkraut was the worst food ever!


A Terrible Food.

Journal 19

    There was a rich man who was dressed in fine clothing and a beggar named Lazarus who, every day, begged for scraps from the table. Even the rich man's dogs had it better than Lazarus because the dogs got scraps and Lazarus did not. When the time came where the two men died, Lazarus went to heaven while the other went to hell. The rich man called to Abraham and said, "Send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water to cool my tounge.

 But Abraham said, "You had everything on earth and Lazarus had nothing. Now he is in comfort while you are in agony." 

  The man replied, "Then I beg you, send Lazarus down and tell my brothers to turn to you, so they ma be in heaven.

  But Abraham answered, "IF they do not listen to the prophets, they will not be convinced by a dead man."

                        Journal 19

   P.S. This is one of Jesus' parables

A Drop of Water

   Once, I went to Czechoslovakia and saw some Jews. They looked poor, hungry, thirsty, and skinny. I offered them some of my food and they thanked me. -All I gave them was a fry or two- When it came Sunday I invited them to come to church with me. They did. After the service they tahnked me for showing them that Jesus had died and risen. Then I went home.

           Journal 20

        P.S. This is made up


One evening, I was cleaning my room, while Luke was watching TV, my dog broke some plates and bowls, but Luke did not care and kept watching TV. I came down to use the loo, but then Dad came out and Luke told himit was me who wasn't watching the dog. So Dad blamed me for not wactching her. Next, I got a spanking even though I did not do anything. Then he told me to clean up the mess. I can't believe my little brother would blame it on me! 


I Was Spanked

Journal 21