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“Where others see
an obstacle, I think:
bring it on!”
Eline Hausel
Owner YES - Young Expat Services

Eline Hausel
Owner YES - Young Expat School
“Where others see an obstacle, I think: bring it on!”
Eline is super movated to do the best for her clients within her own business, Young Expat school. She makes good
use of all her qualies, such as her enterprising and strong communicaon skills, in her everyday work. In addion to
this, her colleagues and clients also commend her warm, social side. Eline’s great strength is that she is a go-geer.
In fact being outside her comfort zone, only serves to push her further.
Through The Young Expat School, Eline dedicates herself to helping foreign families who have established themsel-
ves in the Netherlands due to their work. She helps parents to nd the right school for their child, organises langu-
age lessons and helps with general integraon in to Dutch culture. Aer all, parents are only truly happy in a new
country if their children are as well.
Everything came together for Eline with the seng up of The Expat School: For example, her experience abroad as a
child and later when she moved with her own family to Hamburg aided her greatly and as a result she knows like no
other how parents and children in expat families feel aer a move. Her qualicaons in
Communicaons Science have also been invaluable in helping her establish her own business and
further developing it abroad and she uses her extensive experience in educaon both in the
Netherlands and further aeld in her own work with children. In addion, her rst taste of
entrepreneurship with her previous venture, De Taalfabriek (The Language Factory) has also
made her hungry for more challenges.
Enterprising and Social Her enterprising nature was obvious from a young age, in fact it was inslled
in her through her upbringing. Her brother, Eran has his own property business. Her mother Rita Hausel, owner of
an estate agents in the Gooi tells a lile about Eline’s childhood: ‘’As a child Eline was never bored, she always had
something new on the go. From a young age she had extra jobs and babysing addresses, the children were crazy
about her. She is very creave and social”. Her colleagues at The Young Expat School also describe Eline as a very
enterprising person. Anita Henson: “I always say: lets sleep on it. But before you know it, Eline has already sorted
it out. She is very well organised and good at using her iniave, she strives to get the best out of, and also for, her
clients. Elisabeth Ceulen adds: “Eline is super quick, enterprising, creave and soluon driven. With her it really is:
acons speak louder than words.” Both colleagues emphasize that along with her business side, Eline is above all
a social and warm person. She is very caring and does everything she can to ensure that people are given the right
guidance. This also means that she will confront a person if, for example, choosing the right school is taking too long.
She helps people make decisions. However her enterprising nature can also somemes take its toll. Eline: “Its
dicult that everything must come from you and that is somemes frustrang. I can also act a lile too quickly and
then once in a while mistakes can happen. Luckily, Anita and Elisabeth are there to oer a balanced perspecve.
Rita Hausel agrees that as a child her daughter was already very
aenve and social. “ If someone needs something, she helps them.
That is sll the case.” Elisabeth and Anita enjoy their collaboraon: “It is always great to bounce ideas back and
forth with Eline. She always comes up with creave ideas or has a book covering the right topic already waing for
you. Her communicaon skills are very strong, not just with her clients but also with us. She gives compliments and
shows her appreciaon”, says Elisabeth. Anita adds: ”Eline has hugely strong communicaon skills. She’s not afraid
of facing up to dicult conversaons. She really sets an example for me and I oen think how would she approach
this parcular situaon? It always comes down to the children with her, she searches unl she has found the best
soluon for them.
In depth At school, Eline was very contenous and diligent. She always had to work hard. “I learnt early on
from my upbringing how to go about tackling things”. Aer HAVO, she completed her HBO and then she went on
to study Communcaons Science at the University of Amsterdam. A university educaon was certainly not a given
in her family, her parents were scared that she would always be striving to keep up. “That just made me think, I’m
going to show you that I can do this.” Above all though it is her experience living abroad as a child that has shaped
her. From 9 unl 11 years old she lived in America due to her fathers work. Eline didn’t speak the language and
went to the local school. “I can sll see myself sing there at the back of the class in a dress while everyone else
was wearing trying trousers. I had no idea what they were talking about and felt like a real outsider.” Eline was really
thrown in at the deep end and can therefore empathise with her clients whose children go to a Dutch school. “You
need to persevere, the beginning is always tough, but aerwards it becomes an informave and enjoyable
“I am not easily defeated, instead I think:
this is going to succeed”
Strong communicaon skills
Applicaon Aer her Communicaons Science study at the University of Amsterdam, Eline worked as a
trainee for a market reasearch company. “That was nothing for me, that hard, corporate world where people fought
to get ahead of each other.” She then went to work for Codename Future in The Hague, 4 days a week, and on the
5th she visited a girlfriend who taught. “That was it, I had always wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up and
that feeling immediately came back again. It gave me the push: I needed to go and study for PABO.” In those days it
was a prey hey decision to turn your back on the business world and choose a career in educaon.
The teaching profession demanded less respect, but I felt at home in this world. I could be myself.” Eline worked
evenings in Markeng to fund her own studies. Aer a year and a half she completed the fast track training. Above
all, it was the Montessori system that appealed to her. She could recognise herself in the vision ‘ Teach me to do it
myself”: It taught children to be independent. Eline had 4 enjoyable years in the classroom, before working in
remedial teaching and internal aairs at the Larense Montessorischool.
Eline found working with ‘problem’ children the most rewarding. “I concentrated more
deeply on those children and saw them as a challenge. Oen these children can do
nothing about the fact that they respond in a dicult way. The most important thing you can do is to show these
children that everything will be okay.” Due to nocing that there was too lile me during school hours to guide
children suciently she decided in 2006 with two others, to set up The Taalfabriek. (The language factory), where
children could be assessed and oered extra tuion. In those days it was a very progressive iniave, it also received
coverage in Jan magazine. “There was a real need for one on one instrucon for children with learning problems. We
looked at how they could learn in a dierent way. With some visualisaon worked the best, with others they learned
beer through listening or movement. Eline describes how good learning pracces begin with a child feeling secure
within themselves. “At school there is never enough me for this but rst and foremost I begin by talking to the child
and then only aerwards do we make a start. My view is that your brain is a sponge , and if it is already full with
worries then there is no room for anything else. If your headspace is empty only then can you start learning. There is
no point beginning immediately with spelling rules. First take the me to clear your head.” Eline found it upliing to
be free from the constraints of the ‘meeng culture’ and strict rules that control a school. The whole undertaking of
the venture also appealed to her, from the development of a website through to the actual acquision.
View on learning
Goal Eline has never and sll doesn’t choose the easiest path, “If you leave your comfort zone, it can be very
rewarding.” Also years later when she moved with her own family (4 kids) to Hamburg for her husband’s work, the
rst year was denitely the hardest. “I missed my work and was completely unhappy. I am, just as before,
someone who can come up with her own ideas so I went and got involved in sales for the Dutch shoe brand, Koel
voor Kids. At her children’s school, she saw a call to acon for people to take part in the Hamburg marathon.
“I needed a goal so I signed up.” During group training, she got to know the Director of the Internaonal School.
Finally she found herself a job at the school that had her name all over it; special needs teacher. “It doesn’t just fall
in your lap, you need to do something about it yourself.“ This school had a great work environment.
There were lots of inspiring people
working there, all from dierent
cultures and everyone respected
everybody else’s dierences. I funcon
much beer in such an environment
where you can completely be yourself.
She learned a huge amount, for
example she had to support an ausc
child. “I had no experience, but I threw
myself into reading and watched lms
on the subject as well. I am not
insecure about whether I can do it, but
I just think: “I’m going to immerse myself. Where others see an obstacle, I just think: go for it!
“It doesn’t just fall into your lap,
you actually have to do something for it
Upon returning home, aer 3 years
in Hamburg, Eline had to start afresh.
During a Christmas dinner with her cousin who lived in
Istanbul, they came up with The Expatkamp. (Expat Camp).
“What do you miss if you live abroad with your children?”
You want to give them that Dutch feeling and the chance to
learn the language in a safe and fun environment. That ‘s
how we came up with the idea for a camp where
learning and sports go hand in hand. Much later I cycled
past a billboard for de Naonale Sportkampen and thought
I had to work with them. They are strong in the sports side
of things and I could focus on giving the lessons. The Expat
Camp has proved to be a great success and fullls a need for
Dutch parents that live abroad. This summer sees the 5th
edion with children coming from America, Curacao, France,
Singapore, Spain, Italy, Turkey, India, Quatar, Bahrain,
Romania, and Israel. This has resulted in the Young Expat
School (YES) with, amongst others, as an
important client. As a result, Young Expat School has become
Bookings rst supplier. All new employees with children are
helped by YES in nding a school and integrang into the
Dutch culture. Along side this, YES also gives presentaons
about the Dutch educaon system at
Bookings oce.
A new start
High expectaons Eline places high expectaons on herself, lots of things were new for her as an
entrepreneur. For example, giving power point presentaons in oces, which she had never done in teaching
before. She had to learn everything from scratch. “The rst me I was very nervous, every me there were new
obstacles to overcome. If I have learnt anything it is that daring to sck your neck out can really pay o. It is all well
and good to have an idea but you need to follow it up.” If Eline hadn’t started Expatkamp then Young Expat School
would never have existed. She admits that she is condent, but also that she is able to make the most out of other
people’s experse at the right moment. “If you want to become good, you shouldn’t develop your own logo or
create your own site. That you should outsource and invest your money in so that you have more me to do what
you yourself are good at.
Eline is only able to work so hard through making sure she looks aer herself. “That
has to be the case with your own business, caring for 4 children and having a husband
who also works long days. I have a babysier, exercise in the evenings and go to bed on me.
” She has always been into sports, such as jogging, with a denite high point being the Hamburg marathon. She
takes part in boot camp lessons and plays tennis compevely and in the winter can be found weekly on the ice
skang rink. In Sweden she took part in a demanding ice skang tour, skang from cabin to cabin. Playing sport and
going on me to bed necessitates discipline. “My mother and brother are just like me but we also know how to let
our hair down occasionally! My father is actually very calm and somemes we drive him crazy.” Eline also makes
sure that 3 aernoons a week she is at the school playground for her younger 2 children. “They grow up too quickly
so I want to be around”.
The future The future of her company Young Expat School is looking rosy. “We are hoping for another couple
of big clients and a couple more people to come and work for me. I am also always keeping busy with new
developments.” Sing sll is certainly nothing for Eline.
“Daring to sck your neck out, oen pay o
Contact Eline Hausel
Mobile: + 31 6 14 36 66 27
Work-life balance