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In 1949 at the University of California in Berkeley, California, an element named Berkelium was discovered by Albert Ghiorso and others. Berkelium is a metal like substance which is highly radioactive. After the scientists were done naming the element and taking observations they went out to celebrate. When they were partying a piece of the berkelium was transferred onto Albert’s hands from his lab coat. When he was partying he passed out; his lab assistants took Albert to the hospital. The doctor told his lab assistants that Albert was in a coma. 

63 Years later Albert woke up from his coma. Albert didn't know where he was he started exploring, but he bumped into the nurse who was taking care of his room. She asked Albert to go back to his room he wanted to know where his wife and children were he wanted to know where he was. The nurse kept on telling Albert to go back to his room. She eventually called security as the security came they tried pushing Albert to his room. He pushed the security off him and they flew a couple of feet away. Once he noticed how strong he was he punched through the wall of the hospital and jumped out of the building and ran away.


Albert spent a year exploring this new world seeing its wonders. He visited the statue of liberty, the grand canyon, and the great wall of china. When he was visiting he got shot by a sleeping dart. He woke up surrounded by people dressed in masks and locked in a cage. Albert broke out of the cage and tried to beat up everybody, but they hit all of his pressure he was paralyzed. Then a dark figure emerged from the darkness and he greeted Albert he said "You're here in a temple hidden in the Mount Wutaiin  Xinzhou, China we have kept a close eye on you since you escaped that hospital. We won't keep you here for long we will train you in combat ,once we believe you are ready we will let you go out of these walls." as he stops he picks up Albert and keeps on talking,"And do our bidding." As he starts laughing maniacally. After he is finished laughing he tells Albert,"You can call me Bo Chang."

6 months later Albert has been trained. he defeats everybody at the temple in combat from classmates to the sensei. As promised Bo chang sent out Albert to complete a mission to assassinate Kim jong un because he was investigating the temple Albert went and he tried to escape but he noticed some guys from the temple started following him to make sure he didn't try to escape. Once he sneaked into Kim jong's room he almost assassinated Kim jong but Albert didn't have the guts to do it so he knocked him out. Albert came back to Bo Chang. Once Bo Chang heard Albert didn't  complete the mission he was furious he sent 6 dozen of his best warriors to capture Albert. Albert got jumped as he was walking through the garden of the temple. Albert defeated at least 60 warriors ,but the other 12 defeated Albert and paralyzed him. once he was brought to Bo chang he said," You have failed me , Albert, now I will control your actions." as he started speaking to him in a different language and Albert suddenly stopped the urge to resist.Bo Chang said go jump off the mountain and come back to me," whenever Bo Chang said those words Albert did exactly as he said without wanting to. Once Albert came back to Bo Chang the effects of the mind control wore off  Albert tried to punch Bo Chang but he blocked it. Albert was surprised then Bo Chang knocked Albert out with a punch.

When Albert woke up he found himself in a cage made out of berkelium. He could recognize it was berkelium because of the properties. Bo Chang came into the room.  Bo Chang said,"I heard you didn't complete the mission.You have betrayed me now I will control you will obey,"  Bo Chang started talking in the strange language. As  Bo Chang started chanting the language Albert tried breaking out of the cage but he couldn't break free he tried punching the cage harder but it wouldn't budge he tried breaking out again and this time, the cage budged a little  bit. Albert tried it one more time but this time, he finally broke out of it but he was too late he was already in this mind control. Bo Chang said now go assassinate Kim jong un ,but as soon as Albert walked in front of  Bo Chang Albert grabbed  Bo Chang face and threw him against the wall knocking him out, then he started punching  Bo Chang until he realized he could escape without anyone stopping him. Albert started running towards the exit when suddenly all of the warriors and the masters. Albert rushed the warriors head on and he ran as fast as he can he jumped over most of them and when he landed on the ground he punched the ground so hard Albert created a minor earthquake and knocked out most of the warriors. Albert fought the rest of the warriors throwing punches left and right. Once he beat everybody up  Bo Chang shows up walking very slowly towards Albert.  Bo Chang said, " If you leave we will follow you and try to bring you back."Albert said," Good I hope you do so I can keep on beating yall up into a bloody pulp. Bo Chang shook with fear when Albert said this. Albert started walking away but he looked back and started running towards  Bo Chang and Albert kicked him like he was a football and  Bo Chang went flying off the mountain and Albert went back home to California and got his old  job back as a scientist working in the same lab  he worked in 67 years ago.