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Sunnybrook elementary




Ms. Judkins


kindergarten class




December Newsletter:

This month we are talking about the holidays.  We will explore many holiday traditions as well as visit an environmental center to learn about different parts of December.  We will be going on this field trip of December 10.  I will be sending home a permission slip for you to fill out for your student.  If you wish to join as a parent volunteer, please specify so we can group the children.  I am excited to go on this exciting adventure!


Ms. Judkins

Class newsletter:


This month our class will be discovering the wonderful season of winter.  We will explore many aspects utilizing the core.  We will be measuring the snowfall, testing different color changes in the snow, as well as learn many songs and read many books to learn about the subject!  Your child will need to be prepared for this cold unit.  Please send them in the appropriate attire to participate in this learning adventure!


Ms. Judkins